March 23, 2153

It was a beautiful day in Scotland. There was still snow on the ground, but the sun was out and it was warm, only -1 Celsius. Unusual for this time of the year. Almost as if nature wanted to give the two old men in the office one last good day together.

They both sat in over stuffed chairs facing one another, with a table in between. On the table were piles of parchment, some of them ancient, while others looked brand new. Each had a drink in their hands, single malt Scotch. This was something the older of the two tried in honor of his former Professor, and liked the drink so much, for the rest remainder of his life, he never drank anything else.

"Well, that's the last of it," he said putting down a scroll. "Now all I can hope is that it works."

"Are you sure you want to do this? There's still time you know. We can destroy all the notes and nobody will ever know." He pleaded. "You know the moment you start this ritual, the Ministry will know and be on you within minutes. Not even your fame and influence will save you."

"I know, but I'll have enough time to finish it. That's all I need. After they take me all I have to do is stall them for 30 minutes, and I think I still have enough 'fame and influence' as you put it to still do that." he said with small smile. "The Ministry will want to find out just what I've done and why, and by the time they get around to giving me veritaserum, it will hopefully be too late for them to do anything. I'll be gone"

"But what if it doesn't work? You'll die! They'll either have you thrown through the veil for even attempting it, or the ritual itself will kill you," the younger man pleaded, tears now slowly dripping down his cheeks. Something that hadn't happen for over 20 years. Not since the death of his wife. "I don't want to lose you."

"I'm 173 years old Teddy." He finally said. "Even in our world I'm considered damn near ancient. Besides, we both know that even without attempting this, I don't have that much time left."

Teddy started to reply but stopped as the old man held his hand up. "If this works, everything will be changed…and if it doesn't, all our world will lose is an old man that should have had the good sense to die in his bed years ago."

Teddy hung his head, but after a few moments he looked up into the still strikingly green eyes of the man in front of him. "Alright, I won't say any more. I better than anyone should know not to try to get you to change your mind once it's made up. "

The old man chuckled and said, "I think your father would have said that you'd have an easier time knocking down the White Cliffs of Dover with a beaters bat."

"When are you going to attempt it?"

"I'm leaving in a few moments. He said. "Right now. " he replied draining his glass. "I just wanted to finish my drink. Minerva would haunt me throughout eternity if she found out I let a 100 year old single malt go to waste."

As both of them stood, he drew his wand and said "I have just two more things to do." and waved the wand gracefully. As he did a faint blue light enveloped them both, and Teddy felt control of the wards pass to him.

After the light faded, the old man said, "You are the Headmaster now Teddy. No matter what happens tonight, protect my students."

Teddy nodded and replied "With my life. But what was the other thing you had to do?"

"Alas, something you won't like," and then without warning said "Obliviate!"

Teddy, taken by surprise, felt his mind cloud as the powerful spell him.

"You will remember all the things you did to help me Teddy, but will believe that I had to use the Imperius curse to get you to do what I wanted. When the Ministry questions you, you will tell them you tried with all your power to fight it but weren't strong enough. Sit down please Teddy"

When Teddy had sat down in the chair, the old man continued, "You will remain here for one hour and then wake up. I have left a full confession, along with my will in the top drawer of my…..your desk. I'm sorry, but this is the only way to protect you."

With another flick of his wand, all the parchment on the table flashed into ash. Satisfied, he walked to the door. But before leaving, turned back and looked around the office and then finally at the man sitting in the chair.

"Goodbye Teddy. Never forget how much I love you. You were the son I never had. Remus and Dora would be so proud of you."

The old man left the office and walked down the many flights of stairs to the exit. With a flick of his wand, the doors opened and allowed him to pass through. He walked slowly down the long path to the main gates, but before passing through them, he turned back one last time. He knew if things went pear shaped tonight, he would never see the castle again.

"Goodbye Hogwarts. I hope we meet again."

He passed through the gates and with a soft pop, Harry Potter disappeared.

When Harry re-appeared he found himself 2 miles west of the town of Amesbury in Wiltshire. Looking up, he spotted his destination, the monolithic stone circle of Stonehenge. As he walked to the site, he was going over the preparations he had to make before he started. Teddy wasn't wrong when he said the Ministry would be here within minutes of him starting. His wards had to hold long enough for him to complete the ritual. After that he just had to stay alive the 30 minutes it took for it to activate.

Harry started casting ward upon ward, placing the whole site in a dome of power. He didn't want the wards to harm the Aurors when they arrived, so instead of one ward that would reflect spells back at them, he cast multiple layered ones that while weaker, wouldn't harm anyone but should give him the time he needed.

Finally the last ward was set and a very tired Harry Potter sat down to rest on one of the smaller stones for a few moments. He had done more magic this night than in the last 10 years. After 10 minutes, he felt better, and getting up, walked to the center of the circle.

He reached into his robes and took out a small silver knife. He drew the blade across the palm of his hand, cutting a long gash in it. Blood began to pool in his hand almost at once, but just before it would have overflowed, he turned his hand and the blood flowed out, dripping to the ground.

Harry then started to chant in a language few remembered, and even fewer knew. In fact the last time it was heard, it was used by a long forgotten muggle film director in a movie he made about Christ. Ancient Aramaic.

Even as Harry continued to chant, he heard the popping sounds of Ministry Aurors arriving.

"In the name of the Ministry of Magic, stop what you're doing and surrender!" One of them shouted, but when Harry made no move to stop what he was doing, the Auror turned to the rest and said. "Take down those wards, NOW!"

Spell fire started raining down on the dome as the Aurors shot everything they had to try and overpower them. Meanwhile, Harry continued to chant. Finally after another 5 minutes, a white glow descended and enveloped the former Headmaster.

At almost the same time as the light appeared, the dome finally collapsed.

"I did it." Harry thought, as 4 stunners hit him in the chest, and everything went black.

When Harry awoke, he found himself sitting up, chains on his arms and legs. He looked around and recognized the place immediately. Courtroom 10. Merlin he hated this place. He looked up to see the Minister of Magic, Harold Pinter sitting in the first row of seats.

"Harry James Potter, you are charged with violation of section 2 of the International Temporal Constructs. Attempting to open an unauthorized time portal. How do you plead?"

Unauthorized? Harry thought. They think I tried but failed. Good. This may buy me some time. "I plead guilty Minister. But if I may, I'd like to tell you why." Harry spoke slowly, "you must let me make another attempt. Our whole world is at stake if you don't."

Pinter thought for a few moments then finally said. "Very well, explain."

"Voldemort is back Minister. He has gotten another body, and if you don't let me go back in time, he will destroy us all." Harry lied.

Pinter paled slightly but recovered. "Voldemort is dead. You killed him over 150 years ago. What kind of bullshit are you trying to pull Potter?"

Keep it going Harry. Keep him off balance. Stall.

"I assure you Minister, he is back. I missed one of his horcruxes, a horcruxe one of his worshipers found before I did. They brought him back the same way they did before. Only this time he's ten times as powerful. Going back in time is the only way to destroy it."

"How far did you intend to go back?" Pinter asked.

"50 years Minister. The horcruxe was protected by a time delay charm that finally released 50 years ago, so even if I had known about it before, I couldn't have gotten to it. You MUST let me go back!"

Harry tried to put a pleading tone into his voice so the Minister would at least consider it. The longer he thought, the better.

Finally after seeming to give the matter great thought, which was saying something Harry thought. Pinter wasn't a bad person like Fudge was, but he wasn't the sharpest needle on the tree either, he said "Headmaster Potter, you have lost your mind. What could possibly…"

"I'm sorry to interrupt you Minister, but I am no longer Headmaster of Hogwarts."

"That's the understatement of the year. When word of this gets out, you'll be sacked immediately."

"No, no Minister. You misunderstood me. I resigned as Headmaster tonight and passed control of Hogwarts to my Deputy Headmaster. Professor Lupin." Stall them, stall them. "I knew I couldn't do this without leaving the school protected if I failed. Voldemort could have waltzed right in."

"Enough of this!" Pinter shouted. "Voldemort is dead and gone. Now, what were you really going to do?"

"Minister, I beseech you. I have been planning this for seven years. You must allow me to complete my mission. It's my destiny, as foretold by prophecy. "

"Seven years? Was there anyone else helping you?"

Harry remained silent thinking Good, he thinks I'm balmy. Just a bit longer.

"Mr. Potter, if you don't answer me right now I will have the Aurors dose you with Veritaserum and we'll get our answers that way."

Harry feigned a defeated sigh, and said, "I asked Professor Lupin to help me it, but he refused. He said that this was more than just bending the law, and that he thought because of my age, I was having delusions of seeing Voldemort. He even told me that he thought it was time for me to retire." Almost there, just a few more moments.

"But he must have helped you. You couldn't have done it by yourself." Pinter said.

"Yes he helped, but not willingly. I couldn't let him interfere, and killing him was out of the question. He is my godson after all. So I used the Imperius curse to force him to help me."

Pinter stared at him.

"You must understand Minister, I didn't want to do it, but his mastery of Arithmancy and Ancient Runes are second to none. I only did it for the greater good of us all."

"You're telling me you put your own godson under the Imperius curse so you could complete this crackpot scheme of yours? I've heard enough of this. I find you guilty on all counts, and sentence you to be cast through the veil immediately. Guards!"

But as he was calling for the guards, a white light once again formed and started to descend around Harry."

"Stop him! Stop him. He's trying to escape. Kill him now! He can't be allowed to get loose. He too dangerous."

Nearly all of the Auror guards hesitated. All but one. Auror William Cantrel was new to the force. He had been in the magical detachment of the Royal Marines, and all he knew was that the Minister had just given him a direct order. He training took over.

He raised his wand and shouted "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Harry was now fully enveloped in the white light when the green curse hit him in the chest. There was a blinding flash as the Ministry of Magic building exploded in a firestorm. Had anyone been left alive in the building, or in the surrounding area, they would have seen a blast, the likes of which had not been seen in over 235 years. Not since December 6, 1917, the day a munitions ship exploded in the harbor of Halifax, Nova Scotia, destroying ¾ of the city, and killing over 2000 people.

August 30, 1991. 2:33 am.

Number Four Privet Drive

Harry Potter woke up immediately as a brilliant flash of light filled his room. He grabbed for his glasses, and after putting them on, saw that there on the floor in front of his bed was a small boy. A boy with messy black hair. He watched as the boy slowly got to his feet, using the bed to steady himself. Harry wanted to say something. To ask this person who he was, but he found that he couldn't say a word.

The messy haired boy in question had his back to the bed, but instantly recognized where he was. I did it. he thought. I made it back alive. I thought it was all over when that killing curse hit me but the time ritual must have protected me from it. I just hope I got the date right.

He was going to start looking for a calendar, but was surprised when a light in the room turned on. He spun around and looked right into a pair of brilliant green eyes. His eyes.

"Oh shit!" he said, and collapsed.

A/N: I'll be honest with all of you. I have no training in creative writing, so I don't know if this story will be finished or not. I will try my best to do so, but expect slow updates, for a good while anyway.