It was good to be back at the Tower, I had missed my friends dearly.

Batman flew us home in the Batplane, I was very excited to fly in it, it was much faster and sleeker than the T- Ship, although Robin and I had to squeeze into the same seat, Robin did not seem to mind. He snuggled up against me and fell asleep. When we arrived, Batman actually got out of the Batplane to give Robin the hug, then pulled me on for one too. I think that surprised the others greatly as well as Robin and me.

Robin had convinced me to switch to the Gotham uniform full time in Jump City, although we were in discussions regarding the heels. I do not think he liked being so much shorter than be when I wore them. I expected there would be a crate for me waiting in the garage beside the boxes for Robin.

Beast Boy was overly excited to see me, and apparently still under whatever fever Raven complained of by the way he rubbed against me. Up and down my leg, his tail twitching madly as he purred before he jumped to my shoulder and draped around my neck, his paws kneading in inappropriate places. I had to triple check Raven had not hidden any catnip on my person.

Cyborg enveloped me in a long hug of the bears while Robin chased Beast Boy around with his staff. Of course, it is much harder to catch Beast Boy while he is in cat form, especially when he manages to wriggle in between Cyborg and I whilst we were hugging. The resulting tangle of bodies as Robin crashed into us had us all laughing for a while.

Raven had almost immediately commandeered me for 'the girl talk' although we did conduct it in the common room, while Cyborg and Beast Boy grilled Robin for information about his new uniform. Robin smiled smugly at me as he answered all of Cyborg and Beast Boy's questions. There would be time enough to explain later.

The rest of the Network was coming that afternoon for our usual get together, which was part of the reason we had returned to the Tower on that day.

Silkie had been very excited to see me, immediately wiggling to me and simply would not be put back down, so I rubbed his soft little belly while I talked to Raven.

With the excited need to be together quelled for the moment and Cyborg throwing himself into preparations for the Network visit, Robin asked me to join him in the garage.

"Sneakin' off so soon?" Cyborg quipped.

Robin shook his head. "Yes, Cyborg, we're sneaking off this soon. I mean, honestly, check out those pants, you can't expect me to keep my hands off her."

Cyborg's eye dropped, then he cleared his throat several times in rapid succession as he looked away from me.

Robin laughed. "Oh, you're quite happy to give it but you just can't hack it."

I giggled. "Oh, do not be mean."

Robin deliberately put his hand on my rear and squeezed before we walked out of the common room.

"Perhaps I should put my skirt back on?" I suggested. "Since you cannot seem to keep your hands off me."

"Skirts are great for easy access," Robin said, grinning. He grabbed me by the hips and pressed me against the wall, attaching his mouth to mine.

"You have a bedroom for that," Raven suggested as she swept by. "I suggest you use it."

Robin chuckled, his cheeks reddening. "Yeah, later." He pulled away and took my hand.

"I'm surprised Beast Boy was able to resist opening these," he said as we reached the garage.

"We thought it better to leave them than to incur the wrath of the Batman," I told him. "What is in there?"

He grinned at me. "What do you think?" he asked as he opened the first one. It looked to contain new parts for his R-Cycle, the old Red X motorcycle would arrive in a day or two. Black and shiny. He huffed and closed it up again.

"Are you sure you wish to do this?" I asked curiously.

"More than sure," he said. "I need to. Besides, if I do, there'll be no more mix ups, will there?"

"True, but—"

"Are you having second thoughts?"

"I do not wish for you to feel forced—"

Robin cuddled me. "My choice, beautiful. Mine. I want this."

I nodded.

Robin rummaged around in the next crate, extracting a cardboard box. "Here it is."

"Just this one?"

He nodded. "Everything else can stay until tomorrow." He winked at me. "Do you want to have a little fun?"

I lifted an eyebrow and placed a hand on my hip. "Oh? What kind of fun?"

Robin grinned, leant close and whispered in my ear. I began to giggle.

I did not make an appearance at the Network party until most of the other Titans had arrived. I claimed I was tired from the trip and wished to take the nap. Of course, that was greeted with sly glances from both Beast Boy and Cyborg, but Robin said he had some work to take care of and some 'footage' to erase which effectively shut them up.

Raven fetched me when everyone had arrived. "They're all overexcited already," she said. "Kid Flash is telling everyone he's going to be the first to play with Robin's 'new toys'."

I paused. "Is it me, or does that sound overly sexual to you?"

Raven placed a hand over her mouth, her eyes bright with humour. "Oh, I'm going to use that one."

I giggled and floated behind her, rising further in the air as we walked into the common room.

Speedy let out a long whistled. "Damn, would you look at that?"

"Nice threads, Starfire," Kid Flash called. "Rocking."

"Very sexy," Bumblebee included as she came forward. She took my hand and made me spin. "Girl, you have a nice ass on you."

Cyborg raised an eyebrow at her and coughed, as did many of the boys.

"What?" she asked. "Can't a girl appreciate a hot ass?"

"Are we perhaps journeying to the closet for the make out session later?" I asked Bumblebee curiously. There was a small thunk as Speedy fell over.

She laughed. "Ooh, Gotham turned you sassy! I like it! So, where's your beau?"

Truly, there had never been a more opportune moment. "Beau? Oh, Robin? He and I decided to 'take the break' and do the seeing of other people. I do not know where he is."

Silence. Utter silence. Even the music in the background stopped.

"Huh?" Cyborg grunted.

I gave them all an innocent look. "What?"

Raven gave me a weird look, then lifted her hood to hide her smile. "Nice."

I giggled, floating further off the ground. "So, as they say, I am as free as the bird and ready to taste the greater pleasures of the human mating rituals. Would anyone care to partake in them with me?"

Apparently, many of the boys forgot got to breathe, Cyborg included. Beast Boy, however, seemed to take his cues from Raven and was grinning.

This was so much fun, I was struggling to maintain the innocent expression and keep from grinning broadly at all their expressions. Bumblebee's mouth could not possibly be open any further. Pantha and Aqualad, who had looked to be in the middle of amorous embrace, stared at me. Speedy had the nose bleed, Kid Flash looked very confused, the twins were busy with a book as they tried to translate my words.

"I'll take that offer."

I turned and launched myself at him before anyone could get a better look. He caught me, twisted his torso and dipped us before giving me a scorching kiss.

Beast Boy ruined the moment by bursting into laughter. "Dude! You made the switch! Awesome!"

Nightwing chuckled throatily as he gave me a few more pecks and righted me, keeping an arm around my waist as I floated by his side. "Surprise."

"Duuude," Kid Flash whistled. "You got rid of the cape."

"I hated the cape," Nightwing said. "It always got in the way."

"Black suits you. Very striking," Kid Flash said. "Love the emblem."

"Man, are those finger stripes?" Cyborg asked.

"So, what do we call you now?" Speedy asked.

"Mr Starfire," Hotspot said, with a roll of his eyes. "Obviously."

"Dude," Beast Boy said, his hand flailing as he talked. "It's like, Nightwing." He said the name 'Nightwing' as though it was some sort of scrolling text in the air that whooshed, even making appropriate hand movements. "That's so cool. Can I change my name too?"

"Now, that's a nice ass," Bumblebee crooned, her eyes running up and down Nightwing's form.

Feeling cheeky, I reached down and gave it a squeeze. "Mine," I quipped.

Nightwing laughed.

Author's ending note:

So, that's it from Starfire's POV. There are a few outtakey things that I'm writing that will go in Beneath the Masks and yes, they'll be Dick's POV. If there's anything you absolutely desperately want to know, tell me and I'll see if I can work it into them. They'll all be oneshotty things and completely random when I post them. I have StarryNightT's suggestion almost ready for posting, and am working on Munchichi's now, only, deary, it's a lot… better… than what you wanted, 'cause Kater had some 'input'. I also have one more planned that may include an outing between Starfire and Dick (as friends) and may just involve some flirting between Selina and Bruce too.

For those of you with comic lore, you already know what's going to happen with Tim Tim.

No sequel's planned. No more hammer times. Fun time's over.

Thanks for sticking around as I practiced first person. Good times. Special thank you to Katergator for being my second pair of eyes, plot wise.


Meow: I'm old enough to know it as the Batplane. That's what I choose to call it. This 'Batwing' is a movie trend and a differnt sort of vehicle.