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I have dreamt....... ( The sequel to - QUO VADIS, LUCIUS?)

by Iejasu


The phone rang. It was the private line, the line which was exclusively for members of
the Community, and it was hardly used, except in a case of emergency.
Lacroix lifted an eyebrow, reluctant for a second, until he decided to pick up the receiver.

"Lucien Lacroix", he stated calmly, expecting to hear about another disaster in the
Community, maybe a misguided youngster who was stupid enough to contact him before
the Enforcers got hold of him. It was never sure whom to face was worse,
Lacroix or the Enforcers....

"Lacroix? I just wanted to tell you I'm leaving town. If you happen to run into
Nick, tell him to rot in hell."
The caller did not introduce herself, but Lacroix knew at once who was talking.

"I can understand your actions. May I ask where you intend to go?"
Weeks had passed since her appearance at the Raven, but Nick had stayed hidden.
Lacroix worried about Nicholas, but he had finally decided that Nicholas was old enough
to face his life on his own. In fact, he was sick of Nicholas, his selfishness, his
moods, his self-loathing. Maybe that dream had changed him a little. Maybe the fact
that, in his dream, he had actually saved Lydia from her death had switched a jumper
in his brain. He grinned at the thought of switching
jumpers in a brain the way you would on a motherboard.

" I'll be moving to Montreal. I asked to be transferred, and today I got the papers."

"I will certainly contact you in case Nicholas shows up," he reconfirmed.

"Lacroix, don't bother. I am not interested anymore. His actions speak for themselves.
He dumped me at the hospital and ran away."

Lacroix pulled a face. He was certainly glad that she did not know the truth. For it had
been him who had ensured her wellbeing by taking her to the nearest ER.

"As you wish, Dr. Lambert. May I inquire if there is anything.... the Community may
assist you with?" For a second, he had wanted to ask her something else, if 'he' could
help her, but he knew just how much she disliked him and had decided in favor of a
noncommittal expression.

"The Community owes you a lot, and we would be glad to provide any help you might
require, financial or otherwise," he added softly.

Natalie frowned a second. Lacroix sounded unusually gentle. He sounded even a little
like that Lucius in her dream, but she had become suspicious of nice vampires.

"No, thank you. I am quite able to handle everything myself, Lacroix," she
answered curtly.

"Very well then, Dr. Lambert. May I remind you that you can always turn to the
Community if you require our help, and that we have long memories."

She grinned sadly. The Community had most certainly the longest memory possible. It
would not matter to them whether she contacted them tomorrow or in 60 years.

"Your offer is ... most generous. I will keep it in mind, Lacroix," she
responded noncommittally.

A soft click told him that she had cut the line. Lucien Lacroix stared at the phone. All had
ended in sorrow and anger. Natalie Lambert felt betrayed, left behind, maybe even
dumped, and he could understand why. She had loved Nick, but Nick had run away,
again. He was always running away. She had to live her own life.

He returned to his work. She had called him right in the middle of it.

"Now, gentle listeners, I will play a soft music for all of you who dream of
love, but never find it.
Don't you sometimes feel like a flower-girl standing at the corner?
Those flowers representing all those things we would love to give that one special person
who returns your love.

"How often has your basket with those flowers been thrown into the mud?
How often have you picked them up again, gently brushing off the dirt, only to offer
them again? To once again see them thrown into the dirt and stepped upon, and
to hear mocking laughter in your ears?
Now your flowers have withered. They look crumbled. They die slowly.
And you know that soon you will put the basket away and leave.
You will not offer anything to anyone anymore. Your heart turns to stone. "This is for you."

He switched off his microphone and the music began to play.


I have dreamt that your arms are lovely....
I have dreamt what a joy you'll be....
I have dreamt every word you whisper..
When you're close, close to me.

We speak in a whisper, afraid to be heard...
Alone in our secret together we sigh
For one smiling day to be free....

How you look in the glow of evening,
I have dreamed and enjoyed the view.

In these dreams I've loved you so,
That by now I think I know,
what it's like to be loved by you.
I will love being loved by you.


The music went on and Lucien closed his eyes, his mind elsewhere, far back in the past,
in the bight sunshine of a day in Rome.


Natalie sat in her apartment, all her belongings spread out on the floor. She sat right in
the middle of the mess, tears flowing down her cheeks. She did not understand why.
Nick had left her, but that was not what made her heart ache. That song, that damnable
song tore her heart apart. Why was she unable to forget a weird dream, a dream that was
totally illogical, totally unrealistic? A dream about a man and a woman in Rome.
She buried her face into her hands and cried, but she knew Lacroix was only mocking
her. He knew that she had hoped Nick would return her love, but now she was alone.
That was his way of revenge - a cruel, mocking revenge. She could imagine the sneer
on his face. No, she would go away. She would give birth to her child, and she would take her
life into her own hands again.