I have dreamt...

by Iejasu

Chapter 10

Natalie was at home. Lucien had made it clear that she would only be called in case of an emergency. There was
no use into endangering her in the upcoming battle.

So she sat in her living room, trying to keep herself busy by reading a fairy tale to her daughter.... The wolf and
the seven little goats.

"Mommy, are you sad?" Lydia looked up to her mother with questioning eyes.

"No, I am not sad, Liddy. I am simply thinking of a friend."

"Is that friend nice?" Lydia grinned broadly.

"Yes, very nice. But he is also very difficult. He is different."

"Mrs. Wayne told us that we should not judge people only because they are different," Lydia proclaimed

"Mrs. Wayne is a very wise woman." Natalie smiled softly but asked herself if Mrs. Wayne, the kindergarten
teacher, would extend her view to vampires or werewolves.


Various groups of vampires started a search for the werewolves, only guided by their keen sense of smell. They
spotted a few spots on the outskirts of the town. One by one, every pocket of the werewolf community was

Garn cleaned his sword. The training and the logistics Lucius had provided had prevented serious losses.

Lacroix stood there and stared at the flames of another burning building.

"What is it, Lucius? You seem discontent."

Lacroix laughed bitterly. "Garn, no battle was ever won that easily. Tomorrow they will take the offensive."


"Yes, tomorrow night."

Lucien encountered a certain feeling of doom creeping up his spine.


The door shattered into pieces. Natalie sprung up and grabbed her daughter.
"Liddy, go and hide in the cupboard. Don't come out until I tell you."
Lydia went to her hands and knees and crawled into the cupboard. Her mother had explained what she had to do
after she had talked to her friend on the phone. And she had given her a sweet she should eat as soon as she was
inside the cupboard.

A loud howl filled the air.

Suddenly, an extremely large werewolf stood in front of Natalie. Natalie stepped back and tried to reach her

Lucien woke up. Something had called out to him. Fear crept up in his chest, a feeling he did not enjoy very
He could not pinpoint the feeling. Before he went to rest, he had called Natalie in order to give her some
directions and to tell her of their success. Now, the first thing he did was call her again. The phone rang. Without
noticing, he tapped with his fingers on the table, unable to control the feelings he had. Why was Natalie not
answering the phone? She had promised to stay at home. Suddenly, he realized why. The weakest spot of this
war was Natalie Lambert. He would have done the same. He cursed viscously and ran downstairs, alarming the

His mind raced. They would not harm Natalie, he continued telling himself as he and the others flew though the
early evening towards the house.

The house was completely dark and the door was shattered. Lucien shivered inwardly as he recognized the smell
and saw the claw marks on the door. He looked around and examined the other houses. Luckily, the gardens in
this part where rather large and none seemed to have heard anything, or maybe the neighbors were on holiday.

He ordered the others to stay behind.

"Where are you!?" It was not clear to whom he spoke, Natalie or the werewolf who had invaded her home.

"We are here, Vampire. Upstairs! Come up and we will talk."

Lucien braced himself and went up, calm on the outside but boiling hot inside.

The smell was disgusting.

Then he saw the werewolf. It was a very old werewolf. So old that he was able to keep his intelligence even
after the transformation. Drool sipped from his lightly opened jaw.

"I would make her one of us, but I fear she would find a cure against it. It is better to make things even again. I
will kill her."

Lucien hid his horror and answered back.

"She is a mere mortal. Killing her will change nothing."

The werewolf seemed irritated. "She is your lover, is she not?"

Lucien laughed. "She is a mortal. She might be my lover but that is not important. I kept her as my pet as long as
she was useful. Now that she has provided us with the serum, her usefulness has come an end."

He hoped that Natalie would not believe his heartless words but it was more important to distract the werewolf
and to make him believe that Natalie was worthless.

"But you came pretty quick to aid her, Vampire." The predator smile of the werewolf was nauseating, especially
because of his vile breath. Natalie discovered that she found werewolves disgusting.

"No, I came as quickly as I did so that I could put an end to your existence, Alpha." Lucien grinned his most
viscous smile.

"I will not be so easily overcome as my whelps, Vampire." The werewolf snarled.

Lucien grinned. There was that common bond among all werewolves. Their feeling of inferiority.

"Well, even you cannot stop drooling over a little flesh. Restraint is not much of an art for one of your kind, is it?
You reproduce like rabbits and eat like animals. Not to mention that you smell worse than a ghoul."

The werewolf was fuming.
"I will show you my restraint, bloodsucker. I will pin you to the wall so you can watch me take that little lover of
yours. Then I will stake you slowly, through the rectum, right into your heart."

He tossed Natalie away and she bumped into a piece of furniture, loosing consciousness.

Lucien could hear the sounds of the battle outside. All the other werewolves left were fighting with his little
army outside while he and the leader of those canines fought in here.

They circled each other, tried to rip each other's throats out, clawed, snarled and fought each other with every
ounce of hatred they had for each other. Lucien and the werewolf were bleeding from many wounds. Still
nobody wanted to give up or surrender. Surrendering was no option.


Natalie had regained her consciousness and had instinctively called out for her husband. Lucien turned for a
second to look at her and that second was too much. A wooden stake hit him in the shoulder. Lucien howled in
pain. The wooden stake had been prepared with holy water!

The werewolf turned towards Natalie as he saw that she was crawling towards her weapon that lay forgotten in
the corner. Lucien saw the danger, and with inhuman strength, he pulled the stake from his shoulder and impaled
the werewolf. It was not enough to kill a werewolf, but the pain was distracting him enough to give Natalie a
chance to get the gun.

She pointed the weapon at the werewolf towering above her and pulled the trigger.

Blood gushed from his chest wound, and he stared at her with blank eyes.

Suddenly, the werewolf fell like a tree, right on top of Natalie. Lucien screamed and shook off his paralysis as he
ran to her. He dragged the werewolf from Natalie, tossing it aside like a pile of dirt. Natalie's face was covered
with blood. His hands trembled as he lifted her, trying to see if she was alright.

"Natalie, please, ma Coeur, don't leave me. I do not want to live without you. Please, ma chere, I love you with
every bit of my heart...Don't leave me again....Not now." Lucien was at the mercy of his emotions he had held
back for far too long.

"I hope I have not caught that werewolf virus... otherwise you have to bring me over.... I don't want to be
accused of smelling like a dead dog...."

Lucien blinked disbelieving. Natalie grinned. His face lit up as he saw her smile.

He kissed her deeply despite of the werewolf blood all over her.

They cried and laughed and held each other close. Suddenly, Natalie screamed out under his kisses. "Oh, my
god, Lydia. She is hidden in the cupboard. I gave her an anesthetic."

Other vampires entered the house. The battle outside was over. The last remains of the werewolf community had
fled when their leader had died.

Lucien covered Natalie with a blanket and guided her to the bathroom.

"I will fetch Lydia. Please clean the blood off. I'll be back to examine you afterwards."

Natalie nodded and closed the bathroom door.

Lacroix went upstairs again. All the vampires looked at him, expecting him to say anything.

Lucien Lacroix came down the stairs, all eyes fixed on his form.
In his arms lay a sleeping mortal child.

"May I introduce you to Lydia Lambert - Lacroix, my mortal daughter," he announced with a clear voice.

Natalie came out of the bathroom in fresh clothing and smiled at his display.

"And this is my wife, Natalie Lambert - Lacroix."
His eyes caressed her.
He gently laid the little girl on the couch and gently covered her with a blanket.

Natalie saw Nick standing in the door, looking at her in total surprise. But his expression changed and he smiled
broadly. Maybe there was a way to bring father and son back together again, she mused.

"Natalie, I told you I would examine you...." Lacroix whispered silently.

Natalie had examined herself without finding any scratch but grinned at him with a slightly wicked grin.

"I demand to be examined when the sun goes up and you and I have a little more time, my dear."

He purred at the implications and his blue eyes glittered.

"Oh, yes, my dear. Every square millimeter of your beautiful body will be thoroughly examined."

Natalie blushed at the promise that was shining from his eyes like a bonfire.