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- Rosy, of the Livng Tinted

Kurt, Blaine, and the story of the Vacuum Cleaner.

"It's evil, Kurt." Blaine whined, at still half-asleep Kurt.

"It's not. Blaine - I promise you, it is not." the annoyed cat reluctantly replied back, eyes still shut tight. Kurt couldn't believe that he let himself be woken by this persistent dog for a third night in a row.

"It stares at me Kurt. Every time turn into the corridor, it's there. Looking at me."

"It has no eyes. It cannot stare at you. Now go back to sleep!"

"I can't. How am expected to sleep knowing he is out there?"

Kurt gave in, and opened his eye, just to fill his undying need to glare at the dog sitting on it's hind legs, looking up at the perch where Kurt had fell asleep on. Blaine sat in the nest of blankets Kurt normally slept on, however since being woken up the past two night he thought sleeping somewhere else would work. He'd thought wrong. He'd even hoped that being a level higher, Blaine would at least understand this showed Kurt's higher status, therefore right to be left sleeping: but obviously not.

"I am going to tell you this one more time" Kurt said, as he rose from his perch and stretched his sleep away. "The vacuum cleaner, is a vacuum cleaner. It says "Vacuum Cleaner" on the side. It is not to be referred to as "he" - it is not alive, it does not have a gender. It is not evil, it is not staring at you, it did not whisper to you the other day when Mr. Pavarotti was using it. It is, and I say it again - A VACUUM CLEANER!"

As he hissed the last part, he jumped down into the nest, found himself a comfy corner of the blankets, and lay down again. He could hear Blaine turn around, trying to follow to quick leap, then take in a breathe to argue some more.

Kurt was too quick for him. "Don't you dare say another word. If you really want, I will show you, again, how it is a harmless household appliance. But tomorrow."

"But.. Kuurrt…."

Kurt had his back to Blaine, yet he could just imagine the scared puppy-expression on his face right now… and even in his mind it was so cute it was sickening.

"Sleep, Blaine. Lie down, and sleep. I'm here. I promise the scary vacuum cleaner won't get you. And if it does, I'm here to save you, okay?"

Blaine slumped down to lie on him front, chin resting on the ground between his paws, ears still up and alert. "…Okay."

"Good," Kurt yawned. "now let me sleep."

Once Blaine had finally shut up, Kurt realized actually how cold it was. The night has set in, and the blankets weren't as warm as they should have been since Kurt hadn't been sleeping on them before. He stood up, move across to where Blaine was lying, still very awake and watching. Kurt lay down beside him, snuggling into this side as if he owned the dog - and Blaine was nothing more than a blanket that breathed. Instantly, upon Kurt's touch, the dog relaxed, and soon both were asleep.

The next night, the fun begin.

Now, never misunderstand Kurt - he liked Blaine, he did! He wouldn't necessary admit that to the mutt he adored making fun of, but the dog had his purposes. Plus - he was comfy, and rather cute. However, when an opportunity like this presented itself, Kurt couldn't be expect to resist.

Blaine was a dog, and dogs like to guard things. Like to protect things. Worst of all, they liked to pace. Kurt knew every few hours, Blaine would get up, walk around half asleep, make sure everything was in the same damn place it has been a few hours previous, then come back to the 'nest'. Kurt also realised that if timing was right, after settling in and napping for an hour or so, he would be able to to get, sneak away from Blaine, and pounce, per say, while he was "patrolling" (as Blaine called it) in the middle of the night.

That was how Kurt got to where he was now: sitting with a huge grin on his face, crouched behind the vacuum cleaner while it sat outside their doorway. He smiled to himself, as he heard Blaine yawn and get up. He could just sense the anxiety Blaine was feeling: walking into the dark, past this unknown object he still was weary about - but knowing his instinct to patrol and protect outweighed his fear. In fact, Kurt almost felt bad for Blaine when he turned on the vacuum cleaner, and gave Blaine the fright of his life.

The poor dog never saw it coming. One moment he was walking through the doorway, wishing his eyes would adapt to the light just a little more quickly, the next minute there was an almighty explosion of a noise; and something had grabbed him. The monster Kurt had told him was nothing has grabbed him, it's tentacles trapping him and pulling Blaine. He yelled and yapped and barked as if his life depended on - his life did! - but no one came to help. He tried to run, only to find a wall in his way, throwing him back into the mess of the monster. The more Blaine tried to get away, the more entangled he became as the monster rumbled and hissed and- wait.

Blaine knew that hiss. He fought his need to fight, or run, and stopped moving. Immediately, the monster stopped grabbing him, and fell limp. The noise carried on, only to stop after a few moments. The hissing remained. Blaine could now see the the 'monster tentacles', but they were nothing but lifeless tubing. Nothing was holding him, or hurting him. Apart from that horrible hissing.

Blaine looked over, to see Kurt in hysterics like he were a madman. He started to speak, but had to stop again due to another round of laughter. Blaine stood up, stepping out of the mess. Silence fell.

"That was cruel."

Kurt stopped laughing, but couldn't say anything. For a moment he wished he didn't have brilliant night vision… because the view he saw wasn't funny at all. Blaine limped away, tail between his legs, defeated; and Kurt felt awful.

The next morning, he was still being ignored. Blaine has slept, turned away - and when Kurt had finally sulked back to sleep beside him like normal, Blaine went to the effort of actually getting up and moving away from the cat.

"..It was only a joke…" Kurt said, but Blaine simply glared.

All Kurt wanted to do was strut away, tail high, and enjoy the silence he'd be craving.. but he couldn't help feeling guilty. He knew before, he would have been able to go about his business with not a care in the world for the mutt… but now he felt himself moping around, feeling sorry for himself. Against his nature, and even upbringing, he knew this dog meant far to much than he had ever wanted him to…

It was awful to see a creature so warm and fun and loving turn into something so cold and distant, and Kurt was struck for idea's on how to make things better.

A day passed.
Two days passed.

Then Blaine figured he couldn't be mad at Kurt forever. He missed snuggling up at night with him, and playing games, and looking for him around the house when Kurt was trying to nap.
He missed annoying Kurt, and watching Kurt realise he couldn't be annoyed at Blaine when he was being so cute.. but he was still hurt over what happened.

He walked into the lounge to where Kurt was sitting, gazing into the specks of dusts flying around the top of the fire. A warm wash filled the room, giving everything the soft glow of oranges and yellows. He lay down on his front next to Kurt, head in his paws.

"I'm still mad you know."

"…I know" Kurt replied, in a very small voice. A very un-Kurt like voice.

Both creatures looked at each other - and paused.

"I'm sorry. And I miss you." Kurt said, in an even quieter voices.

Blaine smiled… knowing Kurt wasn't enjoying apologizing to him.

"That sounds about right." he replied smartly.

Kurt scooted over, and lay down into Blaine's side. An easy quietness fell over the two, as they knew nothing else has to be said. Drowsiness started to set in as the fire kept them cosy, letting Kurt and Blaine started to drift in-between the realms of awake and asleep.

In sleepy-tones, Kurt spoke softly: "You know… I really am sorry. But at least your not scared of that damn vacuum cleaner any more…"

An easy smile drifted over Blaine's face - but he stopped himself from saying anything. He'd never let Kurt have the satisfaction of knowing he was right.