Hi guys my first English multi chapter enjoy ^.^

English is not my mother tongue but writing in English is a great opportunity to practice my English

So don´t kill me for spelling mistakes and typos


This story is called "Sex and the city the next generation" and it will focus on the next generation. So I changed the story a bit and the age of the characters:

Carry Bradshaw: 45, husband: John Preston 49, daughter: Clarisse Bradshaw 20

Samantha Jones: 52, boyfriend: Smith Jerrod: 32; nephew: Jonny Jones: 19

Charlotte York: 44, husband Harry Goldenblatt 43: daughters: Lily York: 22, Rose York: 18

Miranda Hoppes: 46, husband Steve Brady: 42: son: Brady Hoppes: 24.

Prologue. (opening)

I look into a window of a skyscraper. My shoulder length hair was blond colored and curly. I got intense brown eyes like my father. May I introduce myself? Clarisse Bradshaw. I start to walk again. I didn´t want to go out, but I couldn´t punish my new black tang top or my blue mini skirt, but I couldn´t even imagine to punish my new blue Manolo sandals. It is one of those very hot august days in Manhattan. It is so hot that it feels like my tights are melting on my skin. Yes the Big Apple can sometimes be a mess for five twenty – something friends. But luckily all of us started our carriers, because of our parents. I write a column called "Sex and the City" for the "New York Star". And speaking of the love in New York it will often hurts you and you will have to deal with a lot of awkward situations, but I have the best help to deal with all of all of this.

Help known as Jonny Jones…

A really slender boy about 6,1 feet tall appears on the left side of the 5,8 feet tall girl. His hair is long enough to cover his eyes and it is step cut and he has a pony. His hair is also died blond and he has blue eyes. He wears black skin tight jeans and a black t-shirt with the Prada logo and devil horns over it. He wears read Manolo vans.

…, Lily and Rose York…

A Chinese girl with long black straight hair and a white girl with chest length hair appeared one on the side of Jonny, the other one on the side of Clarisse. They are both 5,7 feet tall and have light brown eyes. Lily wears a knee length black skirt and a white blouse with elbow length sleeves. Her tights were also nude colored like Clarisse`s. Rose wears a silver cocktail dress with black tights and they both wear normal black high heels.

… and Brady Hoppes of course.

A boy with short red hair appears on the side of Rose. He has green eyes and is 6 feet tall. He wears elegant black jeans, a red shirt with it´s sleeves cramped to the elbows and a pair of elegant leather shoes

They keep on walking together, laughing and chatting.

Manhattan beware because these five singles are ready to take over the town.

This prologue is very short I know but I promise the story will be better.

Hope the idea with the mixed p.o.w. wasn´t to difficult to read.