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Chapter 3: will the consequences follow?

So after Brady `s confession our foursome is heading for the new gay club in downtown. In the sexy Beate Ushe outfits it was not difficult for them to get a cap. The new club looked amazing. The most of it was dance floor, a few tables where you could stand with your drink and of course the bar. They arrived at the bar. After they drank some tequilas they were ready for the dance floor and dam it they danced as if there was no tomorrow.

"Hey, sweetie!" Some mid – thirty Latino guy started to flirt with Jonny. "Bye!" Jonny turned away and took his friends with him but the guy followed him. "Why?" "I am not gay!" The Latino turned really mad and started to scream, "Oh then it is a good thing that you visit a gay club you mushy fucker!" Clarisse pushed the guy away. Lilly just looked shocked and Brady was really annoyed. "Oh my good! Mushy fucker! Since when it is forbidden to be straight? Clarisse come there is a smocking area I need a fag against all this fags." He went of with Clarisse.

Lilly giggled and Brady turned to her. She said, "Wow funny that fag could mean cigarette and faggot." She got a disgust look from to guys passing her. "However now it is up to you. I have to pee and you will go to the bathroom with me. Of course there was no lady `s bathroom in the gay club so they both went on the gentlemen `s bathroom. After they finished they saw Clarisse and Jonny in the bathroom standing in front of the mirror fixing their hair. "Hey guys let `s go dancing!" Clarisse and Jonny looked like some alien kidnapped Brady and replaced him with some kind of clone. They went out of the bathroom.

"Oh my god, no!" We all looked at the shocked Brady. "What are they doing their?", Lilly said to herself. I still looked at our mothers. Oh my good their gay friends Stanford and Anthony were also their. I guessed that Miranda didn´t knew that Brady is gay, of course he wouldn´t have been shocked about it otherwise.

"Let `s get a cap!" Jonny pulled us to the front door in a way that our mothers didn`t notice us. Luckily we made it out in time and soon we got a cap. "Shall we get to my place or shall we go to the new club?" "What do you guys want?", Brady asked. He was obvious thinking about something else.

After disguising the pros and cones and a 100 dollar taxi ride through Manhattan they had to walk the last few blocks to Clarisse apartment. When they arrived at the apartment Jonny and Clarisse immediately put off their shoes. They laid on the bed and fall a sleep in the very moment they laid down. It was a stressful day and they had too many cocktails for tonight with the big news and walking the twelve blocks.