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It's so hard to be me. I mean, I'm an important person in the moroi world, being the only nephew of the queen and all that.

Besides, I'm good looking, charming, sweet, caring, interesting and funny. What more could you want from a man? I'm also modest.

I could have any girl. As in ANY. Besides Lissa Dragomir, of course, but I don't really want her, so it's cool. Why don't I want her? I mean she's good looking, Tatiana wants me with her, and I couldn't care less about her creepy boyfriend.

The thing that holds me back is my freaking heart.

Because it was stolen. Yes, I am also a poet. It was stolen by no else than Rose Hathaway, the impulsive, sexy, aggressive, life saver, insane guardian Rose Hathaway. I don't know when it happened, but here I am.

Dreaming only about her.

The cool thing with my dreams is that I can control them if I want to. But lately I can't anymore. I mean, if today was a hard day when I had to play nice and I was circled by old ladies…well, than I can make it up at night: me, on a beach, surrounded by beautiful girls in few clothes.

But ever since I've met that little pain in the ass, I only dream about her.

I try to turn her into a blonde chick, she just won't change! She remains the same…her face, with those beautiful features, her long hair, her curves…hmm.

So it's easy to understand why I'm in pain.

I mean she's in love with that Russian ice block! What's up with girls and tall guys… so what if he has longer hair? Mine looks just fine like this. And who needs brown eyes when you can have green ones? Not that I'm jealous…

Talking of brown eyes, Rose has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen! They're like pouring chocolate… Or her red lips, hmm, I don't even want to go there…she has this kind of…effect on me.

Stupid Adrian. She could never like me. Could she?

I mean I could always show her what a hell of a good kisser I am but… I'm not sure if she'll appreciate. I mean she'll either slap me really hard, either kill me. First version: turn on. Second version: not so funny anymore.

So I'd rather not push my luck with that girl.

But I need to do something! Heck, I can't even sleep with a random hot girl, I'll just keep imagining it's her! And that's bad. Really bad.

When did I end up here?

I need to get her on my side. I'll court her like any other woman and have her! The difference is that we'll remain together.

Christian Ozera sat at my table, interrupting my thoughts. We were in the academy cafeteria.

"Oi Adrian. What's up?"
"Just thinking…" I mumbled, annoyed that he had interrupted me.

"That's new." The idiot smirked. "Were you thinking about someone?"
"Not about you. What do you want?"
"First tell me who were you thinking about."

"Nobody especially."

I really didn't appreciate him stuck his nose in my business.
"Does it start with 'R' and end with 'ose'?" he grinned.

Am I that transparent?
"What if I was?" I challenged him.

"I can help you, you know" he smirked and I laughed. HAHAHA THAT WAS SO FUNNY!

"You? Help ME?"

"I can help you get her."
"Really." I said in a mockery tone.

"Really, Ivashkov! I can get you two together in one month if you listen to me."
"You're shitting me" I mumbled. That idiot really things he can help ME, the infamous Adrian Ivashkov, get a girl?
"With Rose your charms won't work. You need to get her from inside."
"You mean fuck her?"
"Ew, no. I mean I can help you."
"I don't think so."

"Wanna bet?"
"Sure" I smirked. "If by following your smart ideas, I'll have Rose in one month I'll…"

Besides, I love a challenge.

"Give me your limo for two weeks?" he suggested. What? Really? Is he that idiot?
"Done" I grinned. "And if you don't manage to get us together…"
"I'll break up with Lissa"
"WHAT? Are you that sure?"

He really has some guts.

"Yeah. I mean, if you follow my words exactly, and do right what I teach you to, I don't see why not. You'll have her in thirty days."


We had agreed to meet later that day and talk. Ozera and I, I mean. How on earth can he be so sure?

I mean, I don't get anything if he dumps his girlfriend, who he loves, and I don't want that. But I want Rose. And if Ozera can help me…

Damn, I really have to re-negotiate the terms. If Ozera loses, I don't get a thing. If he wins, I also win. That would be the best. Still…

I sat at the same table we sat before, in the cafeteria. He arrived a few minutes after.

"Re-negotiation!" I exclaimed when he sat. "If you don't get us together, you have to come at lunch time, in the cafeteria, wearing a chicken suit!"
"If you don't get me with Rose, you break up with Lissa. And that's just sad. Not for you, but for her. I don't care about you. But for some reason, I don't know why, she loves you. But, if you dress like a chicken, at least I'll have some fun!"
"You're nuts." He said with a mortified face.

"Possibly. So, agree?"
"Agree" he rolled his eyes. "I'll win anyway. So, first thing. Do you know Rose's favorite flowers?"
"Roses?" I tried. He rolled his eyes.

"Pathetic. No. Look" he said taking out a piece of paper. "I found it in Lissa's room. It could help"
I looked over it. It had two columns. At the top it was written "Lissa" and "Rose".

It looked something like this:

Lissa Rose

Lily bluebell

Spain Russia

Dress jeans

Vanilla chocolate

"What is this?" I asked really confused. Girls are weird.

"This, my dear apprentice" Ozera said with a proud smirk on his face (smile while you can, flame boy) "Is a list. First line is about favorite flours. Second: favorite country. Third: favorite clothes. Then favorite flavor"


So Rose likes bluebells. How adorable! And Russia…aghhh…not that I'm jealous. But I hate Russia. I don't actually. I just hate Russians. Big, brunette, guardian Russians. But that's all.

Of course she likes jeans, she looks damn hot in them. Actually my Rose looks good in anything. And she likes chocolate…I'd like to see her eating chocolate ice cream…


"You will go to her tomorrow, and give her a bucket of bluebells. You won't deliver them, you'll give them personally! And you will say something smart and funny." Christian said with a knowing tone.

"I will?" I said ruffling my hair. "What's wrong with delivering?"
"It's more personal if you give her the flowers yourself. Makes her feel important. And you'll be able to impress her with your charming skills."
"That will do" I smirked and flame boy rolled his eyes.

"That was lesson one. Then, on Friday we're going out. You, Rosie posie…"
"Don't call her that" I mumbled trough my teeth. Idiot. She hates being called like that.

"So Rosie posie" he insisted, "Lissa, Eddie, Mia and I"
"I see" I said. "And?"
"And we're going out. To have fun. And we'll have fun. All of us, so it won't be something too private. Don't flirt with anyone but her, but try not to piss her off. Also, be nice, gentle. Not to pervert. Funny, but not gross."
"Pause! You actually want me to do exactly what you told me to?"
"Yup." Christian said looking at his nails. "You want Rose, don't you?"
"No shit Sherlock."
"Than do as I say"

I'm going to be so dead. Why did I agree with this in the first place?

I approached the girl of my dreams. I feel like I'm fourth grade again. Bringing flowers to my desk mate. Who is a nine years old girl.

Ahhh. Snap out of it Ivashkov.

So, I approached Rose. She didn't even look at me. She was talking to Lissa.

She turned her head at me, not seeming too happy to see me. She had a face like 'what the hell do you want'.

"What the hell do you want, Adrian?"
Told you.

"Uhm, I, uhm, brought you these" I said giving her the bluebells. She narrowed her eyes in surprise.

"These? For me?"
"Thanks" she said taking them.

The last time I got her flowers, she thrown them in my face. Technically!
"You're welcome" I said and sat near flame boy, who was smirking.

"Wipe that off your face." I mumbled, so only he can hear me.

"Told you."
"Whatever. When are we going out?"
"Tomorrow. With your limo."
"Really now?"

I didn't know about this plan. I bet he only offered to help me so he could take advantage of me and my money.

Okay, even I don't believe that. Christian may be annoying, but he's not the type. I guess he just wanted to win a bet. Or he's using me to test his match maker abilities.

Idiot. I just hope his weird plans help me win Rose.

First step worked….


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