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Today is the big day.

No, I'm not getting married, though I hope the day I'll marry Rose will come too.

Today MY GIRLFRIEND and I are going to go public.

Of course, only after humiliating Christian in front of the whole academy.


Breakfast time. I entered the cafeteria and couldn't help but smile at Rose. She looked away.

Good, we have to keep this up until noon.

"Hey there" Christian mumbled, looking nervous. "Listen to me Ivashkov, I still have four hours to get you kiss the girl. Go and ask her out, now."
"What? I though you said I shouldn't be so blunt?.."
"It doesn't matter! We don't have time! This is your last chance!"
"You mean your last chance" I said amused.

He really doesn't want to lose this. Too bad.

"Whatever, just go!"
I sat near Rose.

"Good morning, beautiful!"

"Good morning, annoying!" she responded. Wow, she's either really good at acting, either I actually annoy her.

I think both.

"What are you doing tonight?" I asked her looking at Christian, who gave me thumbs up.

"Nothing with you."
"Aww, why not? Come on, I promise you'll enjoy yourself."
"I bet. But sorry, no can do. I have other plans."
"What other plans?"
"Other plans!"
If I wouldn't know, I'd say this is a real talk between the two of us.
So I'm enjoying myself a lot.

I looked at Christian, who threw a small piece of paper at me.

I opened it. It read 'wait two hours and give her bluebells'. I wrote 'I only have a few hours; the bet ends at noon'. I threw it back.

"I know" he mumbled, and Rose looked at him.

"Wow, you actually lost it."
"Shut up."

"Hey, Christian, I booked a suit for you!"
"There's no party tonight…oh. A chicken suit?"
"Indeed" I smirked.

"Fuck off. You didn't try enough!"
"I promise you, I did my best. And if that wasn't enough…"

"You're a failure."
"Possible. But you lost the bet."
"I know."
"So you have to…"
"I know!"
"And you will."
"I will. See you at lunch."
"Don't dress too much, you're going to get hot in that suit. I left it in your room"

"Fuck off. I'm always hot."
"Of course you are, Christian. See you."
"Fuck you."

I sat near Rose at lunch.

"Ready?" I asked her and she nodded blushing.

"I'm so nervous!"

"At the thought of Christian only in his underwear in that suit?"
"Of course, how did you realize? No, you moron, I'm just nervous. You know…about us."
"Good nervous or bad nervous?"
The door opened. A few people turned their heads at the noise, but not too many. But those who did…

Lissa gasped and put her hand at her mouth. Eddie fell of the chair. Jesse Zelkos laughed like a psycho, attracting more looks. Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at the opened door.

There was a huge, yellow, puffy, plump chicken. It had short, orange legs and claws, and two big yellow wings.

It was like a bomb exploding: everyone started laughing when they realized it was Christian in the suit. Rose had tears in her eyes, and she was leaning on me. I was right when I chose that suit!

Damn it, he looks so stupid!
He entered the room, without looking at anyone and sat near Lissa grumpy.

"What on earth are you doing?" she asked incredulously.

"I lost a bet."
"What bet?"
"I made a bet with Adrian. That I could get him with Rose."
Rose didn't bother to look surprised, and I didn't bother to hide my smirk. Lissa frowned at us.

"And you didn't succeed?"

"As you can see. Anyway, if until now everyone was ignoring me, now they for sure notice me" he said with a smirk and I barked a laugh. That's true.

"Christian, thank you" Rose said with a large smile.

"For what?"
"For helping Adrian with me. That's really nice of you."
"I'm surprised you're not mad, but sure, it's not like it worked anyway."
"Oh, but it worked" Rose said, her smile growing larger by the moment and Christian blinked.

"I'm in love with Adrian' she said, and both Christian and I chocked.

"What?" we said at the same time.

Rose turned to me.

"You really though I'd be with you if I didn't love you back?"

I really didn't care about anything in the world right than. Anything but Rose. She loves me.

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her full on the lips. She responded me immediately, and put her hands around my neck. Her chest was pressed on mine, raising the hair on my hands. We kept kissing, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I broke the kiss and smiled at her. It was like I was a fountain of happiness. Because she poured her love into me. Damn, I'm so cheesy. I can't help it.

"Wait, so you're together?" Christian looked horrified at us.

"Starting now, we are." Rose responded, her arms still around my neck.

"So I won?" Christian said with a large smile. Of course that's all he cares about.

"Technically, no. You were supposed to get us together until five minutes ago"

He growled.

"You planned this, didn't you?"
"Rose did actually."
"Damn you" he narrowed his eyes at us.

"Yaaaaay!" Lissa exclaimed, hugging both of us, "You're together! I'm so happy for you!"
"Thank you" Rose laughed and hugged her friend back

"Than I can take this damn suit off!" Christian exclaimed, than blushed. "If I think about it, I'd rather not."
"You're naked?" Rose asked with a mortified face.

"Of course not, I've got underwear!"
"What do you want? I'm hot in this yellow shit."

"You're always hot" Lissa said and kissed his cheek, as well as she could, considering that he had a puffy ball around his head.

I laughed and hugged Rose closer. She nuzzled my neck.

"You're my boyfriend now."
"I know. And you're my girlfriend."
"You're one lucky bastard."
"Hell, I am" I chuckled and kissed her head. "So you love me."

"No, I was just kidding."
"I love you too, you know. A lot."
"I know."

This last month rocked. I actually have friends, real friends, and I got the girl. Rose keeps bothering me about going to college, but I think it's a loss of time. Why go there when I could spend time with her?
"Because I'm going to college in a few months too you'd join me."
"What? You're going to college?"
"Yes, how else am I supposed to watch over you?"
"What do you mean?"
What on earth is she talking about?
"I already signed you up for college, and you were accepted. And I signed up too, because I'm going to be your guardian, so I need an excuse.

She's so damn clever. Player. But really now, I don't think there's anyone else that could ever get me to go to school. Anyone but her.

"And Lissa is coming too. So is Christian."
"Wait, talking about Lissa, weren't you supposed to be her guardian?"
"And let her kick me out of her room when she wants to have sex with Christian? Yeah, I'd rather leave that job to someone else. We'll be friends, not employer and employee."
"Good idea" I agreed , thinking about Rose's face when Lissa would kick her out.


Anyway, things look fine. I'm going to have a new adventure at college (yaaaay. Notice the sarcasm), Rose is my beautiful girlfriend, and I'm not going to get rid of Christian.

Not that I actually want to.

"So, want to give me a good reason to go to college?"
"Isn't my wonderful presence a good reason?" Rose responded with a playful smile.

"I was thinking about something more…concrete." I said, and she got the hint in my voice.
"I can think about a few things"

"See you in ten in my room?"
She winked and left.

The end

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