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The Christmas tree glowed by the fireplace in the living room with the candles that Moppy had carefully strewn around the branches. I'd found some old ribbon and managed to create decorations out of paper to make origami birds and stars and out of my old CDs (as my player no longer worked around all the magic around the place…something to do with the electromagnetic static from spells) and Moppy had cast a spell on some holly branches bearing red fruit so that it wouldn't rot away. Snow with a similar spell glittered on the branches and on the top was a make shift angel, made out of a wooden spoon and some of the more ugly items we found in the back of the coat cupboard.

I grinned at our handiwork, proffering my hand to Moppy for the customary high-five. "We're awesome," I declared, "now it just needs presents underneath it."

We'd found the small evergreen at the back of the garden and managed to chop it down and bring it inside, in anticipation of Christmas, which was only the next day.

A little late with the decorating? Yeah…I'd been putting it off, afraid that bringing out the Christmas vibe would have me burrowing my head into my pillows and not getting up unless to pee.

And I don't want to go back to that.



Not me.

But I managed to get through it all. We managed to Christmasify (yes, I just made up a word, sue me) the entire house, with a wreath on the front door, the kitchen lined with homemade paper decorations, even mistletoe in the hallway.

And it was nice.

Yeah, nice.

I even got presents. I got Moppy curtains. Yes, curtains. For clothes. Her teatowel is looking a bit frayed and stained and she screamed in horror once when I handed her a t-shirt of mine for her to wear.

"Miss Lucy'd free Moppy!" she squealed, recoiling from the shirt like it carried the dreaded lurgey.

So I got her some nice red coloured curtains, that I knew she could make into clothes for herself without having the horrors of 'being freed.'

I'd never thought I'd ever have to say that in my life. Strange times.

Draco was a little more difficult. I didn't want to give him something that would compromise him but then I wanted something that meant something.

I finally found it. When I was small, I used to collect metal caps to soda bottles. I had kept them in a wooden small box and I found a Sprite cap and a Coca-Cola cap. I smiled in remembrance of how we first met, as I stamped them both down flat and then punched holes to thread a metal circle through to create a necklace out of a long silver chain that I knew could be hidden underneath clothes. All in all, I was pleased with the result.

As I wrapped it all up in Christmassy wrapping paper and set it under the tree, I could feel my own necklace from him bump against my ribcage. I could spend hours staring at the people inside and the rest of the time it burned as a comforting weight around my neck. It seemed quite natural for me to have Draco in with my family. In reality, I cared for him. He can be a bit of an arsehole sometimes but then I'd always known that.

He'd been visiting every couple of weeks, because he was away on business for weeks at a time. This meant he could only see me for brief periods, barely 5 minutes most of them. He always looked haggard, and I always caught the stench of smoke on his clothes.

So it was a surprise when he slammed the door shut on that night, grumbling to himself and stamping off snow in the hallway. I had just put the presents under the Christmas tree when he stormed in, in an absolutely foul mood.

I smiled up at him, but I could feel the apprehension start to build, "Hey Draco, what brings you here? Haven't seen you in a while."

He scowled, dropping his horrible mask onto the floor and loosening his cloak, "for a good fucking reason."

He barked over his shoulder, "Moppy! Drink!"

Moppy scurried off before I could stop her and I gritted my teeth, getting to my feet, "Alright Draco, what is it?"

He sneered, "none of your concern muggle."

I sneered right back; "well I'm making it my concern, wizard."

Moppy hurried back again, firewhiskey in her trembling fingers. He snatched the glass, drained it in one go and slammed it down on the nearest table. "Leave Moppy!" I flinched and Moppy squeaked and cracked away without another word. He scowled even deeper and glanced around the room. "What the fuck is this?"

I chewed on my tongue and replied, "Christmas decorations."

He sniggered as he flicked one of the dangling CDs with a perfect fingernail, "it looks shit."

I snapped.

"If you're just looking for a fight, get out. Come back when you stop being an arsehole. Whatever it is, I'll talk to you about it when you're finished getting on my nerves." I pushed past him, all for getting into the kitchen and stuffing my face with mince pies until I felt his icy cold grip on my arm, jerking me back.

"You cannot tell me to get out. I can visit and stay for however long I want." His eyes gleamed and he leaned in, our breaths mixing as his lips came close to mine.

I jolted backwards again and my hand whipped back to slap his cheek, "That's enough!" I snapped, yanking my arm out of his grip and storming away, my earlier peaceful mood drained away to be replaced by anger.

Insufferable twat. One of these days I'm going to strangle him, I swear to God.

I heard a low oath as I left the living room and walked across to the kitchen. My hands tightened into fists and set about making supper, angrily chopping carrots.

I hardly heard him come up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist, head dropping to rest on my shoulder, his breath tickling my ear.

"Do you really want to hug me right now, when I'm holding a big sharp knife?" I said irritably, chopping carrots with a repetitive 'thunk'.

"Pansy's pregnant."

I stiffened, dropping the knife onto the chopping board and leaning against the kitchen side. He was beginning to pepper kisses on the nape of my neck, sweeping my ponytail aside to gain more access. "I suppose that's a bad thing?" I asked him.

He snorted, the sudden gush of warm air on my nape making my spine tingle, "I'm not ready to be a father." He paused, resting his chin on my shoulder before he heaved a sigh and turned his head so his mouth was right by my ear, "but it is what is expected."

"Ok," I murmured. I turned in his grip so that I could look him in the eye, "Well you know the remedy to that?"

He shook his head.

I cupped his cheeks, my mouth twitching into a small smile, "You love him and you protect him as best as you can. The rest comes easy after that."

He frowned in thought over that, taking a hold of my wrists, "But- but what if I-"

"You're not listening to me," I said patiently, brushing my thumbs to bring his attention back to me; "You love him and you protect him. That's all you need. Alright?"

His eyes were still confused but he nodded anyway.

"How's Pansy taking it?"

Something dark and ugly congealed in his gaze and a muscle in his jaw twitched. He dropped his arms to my waist again, wound his grip tighter around me to the point of pain and inhaled deeply through his nose, "She's relieved. Partly because it takes the pressure off of her from her friends and partly because it means she doesn't have to-"

He cut himself off abruptly and buried his nose into my hair, inhaling deeply again, his fingers toying with the ends of it.

He couldn't distract me that easily though.

"What Draco? She's relieved because of what?" I pressed gently, yet I pushed my hands under his waistcoat so that they rested on his ribs. I could feel the gentle 'tha-thump, tha-thump' of his heart and the hushing expansion and shrinking of his lungs.

His Adam's apple bobbed against my forehead and he said so quietly I could only just about hear him, "I'm not gentle when we couple."

I tensed imperceptibly but I knew he felt it. He growled, vibrations trembling up my arms. "She's…not what I want. When we have to be together, I get frustrated and then…I…" He suddenly cupped my face, tilting up so that I looked into his splintered iron eyes, white blonde hair dishevelled.

"You have to understand: its just fucking," the curse sounded brutal, harsh. "It means nothing, absolutely nothing. It's a means to an end. Its nothing."

He snarled the last word, and I quickly said, "Draco, she's your wife. You are supposed to sleep with her. Technically I'm the other woman."

Just as my mouth twisted in distaste around the words he growled again, "You're no the other anything!" he snapped, pulling me away from the chopping board, only to push me against the wall next to the stove. His eyes bored into mine as he whispered hoarsely, "you're…you're Lucy Warren. The girl who explained to me what a Sprite is."

His lips twitched into the semblance of a smile and I smiled tentatively back. He took a curl of my hair and wrapped it around his finger; "I just…wish it was her in here and you out there. That's all."

Something seemed to shift between us and our world paused in wait.

I swallowed, unsure of what to do. My mum was good at this sort of thing. Making everything seem better, even though she couldn't really change the way things were.

In that moment, I wished she was there so keenly it made me gasp.

Draco arched his eyebrow, "are you ok?"

I pursed my lips, closed my eyes and took on the massive job of tapering down my thoughts, organising them into coherent patterns. And when I opened my eyes and looked into his grey winter ones, it was like all the cracks had been filled. I knew what to do.

"You hungry?" I asked him.

He blinked, startled at the question, "uh...somewhat, why?"

I grinned and slipped from underneath his arms and padded to the pantry, "I have lasagne for tea tonight. I was just preparing carrots for tomorrow, full Christmas dinner, but no Christmas pudding. Never liked it anyway. Instead, chocolate roulade. I've made enough for three if you want to come over at some point. But you don't have to," I said this all in one big rush, while bringing out the covered tray of lasagne. I flicked on the oven and began slotting the lasagne in, all the while saying, "its just there if you want it. Christmas is all about eating and having a good time."

Once the lasagne was in and cooking, I dusted my hands on my jeans and hollered for Moppy again. The elf cracked back, twisting her fraying tea towel around her fingers, "Miss Lucy? Everythings alright?"

I smiled warmly at her, "everything is fine, Moppy. Why don't you go to the main house and work with your friends tonight? I'm sure they can use your help, hmm? Master Draco and I will be perfectly fine."

Moppy's gaze flickered to the now calm Draco, who stood stiffly by the doorway, "Are you sure?"

Moppy had taken on the form of a miniature protector, ever since I was sick. She was always uncomfortable with leaving on my own, even more so with Draco. I knew her concerns were valid to a point. To reassure her I said, "I'll call if I need to but you're free to go back. I'll be fine, I promise."

She looked at me with those big watery eyes of hers and nodded once, before bowing lowly, "thank you, Miss Lucy." She turned and did the same to Draco before cracking away.

Draco frowned, "she doesn't like me alone with you."

"She's just looking out for me, that's all," I took his hand and led him to the living room, "and anyway, you and I both know I can take care of myself. No sweat."

He was still frowning in thought, so I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room. "You shouldn't need to take care yourself from me," he muttered distractedly, not really talking to himself than me, "Some safeguard I am."

"Oh hush now. You're just a bad drunk that's all," I said nonchalantly, setting him down on one of the couches, "Just sit tight and I'll get your present."

"Present?" He sounded so shocked at the notion I almost laughed.

"Yes silly, for Christmas."

"But I-"

"You've already given me something so I don't mind." I retrieved the present from the bottom of the tree and handed it to him. "Its not much anyway," I said bashfully, my cheeks starting to redden as I handed the small package to him.

He took it, holding it delicately between his long fingers. He was looking down at the present with an unreadable expression. I sat opposite him, hands twitching in nervousness. "I'm going to get us a drink," I said quickly, darting out the room before my face burned right off. I managed to get two butterbeers (something Moppy introduced me too…bloody amazing) from the pantry, the coolness calming my face. I made it to the living room again, bottles in hand and found him still staring at the small gift. The nervousness returned with a vengeance again and I shakily handed him his drink before sitting down.

"Do you want to open it outside or…?" I trailed off, tapping my fingers against my bottle, chewing on my lip.

He glanced up and his lips twitched "what you nervous for?"

I flushed, "I just want you to like it, that's all."

He smirked now, before flicking the package open and slid the necklace into his palm. The Coke and Sprite caps glimmered in the light from the fire the chain coiled in his palm. They suddenly looked so very stupid, sitting in his palm. I couldn't believe I was that childish. I hid my disappointment behind knocking back a few mouthfuls of my drink.

However, when I put the drink down again, his mouth replaced the mouth of the bottle. He kissed me with a fervour that made my stomach flip and melt. His fingers tangled in my hair and his minty breath filled me up. My startled eyes closed as he pressed his hot mouth against me. When I couldn't breathe anymore, he moved away and pressed the skin of my cheeks, my eyelids, my forehead, my chin, my jaw.

"Uh…you like it?" I asked a little breathily, as he sucked a little flesh on the corner of my jaw.

He snorted, breath of warm air on my neck whooshing down my chest, "and you call me silly."

He pulled away and brought his fist up, opening it to reveal the necklace. With his other hand he pulled it up and then threw it over his head, the caps chinking as it fell down the centre of his chest.

He didn't say thank you, that's really not Draco's style, but I could see it in his eyes. I stroked my fingers through his hair, the white gold threads glimmering between my fingers. He grinned, all the earlier tension drained away from him, "read to me again."

I liked this Draco. Even if he didn't do all of his p's and q's.

"Magic word?"

He scowled like a petulant child and muttered a quiet 'please.'

"You're such a two year old," I laughed, getting up and running to the stairs to get my book, "I'll read to you before lasagne finishes cooking alright?"

He nodded, the necklace chinking again. I laughed again and retrieved my book. When I got back down he was sitting where I had been, legs up on the couch and grinning like an idiot. I scowled at him, did the most mature thing I could think of. I threw myself on top of him, effectively winding him. "Merlin!" he wheezed, "Bloody hell woman! What was that for?"

"You took my seat," I said accusingly, arranging myself into a comfortable position on his chest, "Deal."

He poked me in the ribs, and I poked him in the stomach, "do you want me to read or not?"

"Wait a minute. This isn't comfortable and you weigh a ton," he grumbled.

As he shifted his legs so his feet were on the floor, I said incredulously, "Well that's charming. Real lady killer you are with your wonderful chat-up lines like that."

"Shut up, you squished me. Deal," he griped, my head now in his lap, "Read."

"Alright Neanderthal," I retorted, thumbing my way through the pages to find the one we were at, "tsk, men."

He poked me again but we settled back down when I began to read. After a few minutes I felt his hands start to curl into my hair, winding locks around his fingers and lightly massaging my scalp. It was quiet and still once more as I quietly read, the fire flickering in the grate near my head. His breaths intermingled with the quiet ticking of the clock on the wall. The longer I read One Day, the more we both relaxed. We both jumped when the timer on the oven rang.

I got up quickly and patted my hair, scowling when I felt the frizz, "what the heck did you do? Bolt a hundred volts through me?"

"You do realise I don't know what volts are?" he grinned impishly, "I kinda like it…you're all…fluffy. Like a kitten."

I stuck my tongue out at him and got up, trying to flatten my hair, "Curly hair is a nightmare to flatten and you know that right? I was called Fuzzy in school until I was 14, that's when I learned the joy of conditioner." I tried to straighten it again but then gave it up as a bad job. I sighed and stomped off to take out the lasagne, gently steaming from the oven. I spooned lasagne onto plates and we both sat at the small table. "Cheers, Merry Christmas!" I said, raising my bottle. He chinked his bottle to mine and we both drank.

I quickly picked up my cutlery, "don't know about you, but I am starving." I shovelled in a mouthful as he nodded, also tucking in.

"I haven't eaten since yesterday," he said quietly after swallowing his mouthful.

I frowned, "how come?"

His brow creased and he stared down at his plate, "there was a break in at the...Camp."

I stopped chewing and quickly swallowed. Something cold slipped down my spine and I managed to remain calm enough to say, "go on."

He seemed to be bracing himself. His fingers clenched around his cutlery as he said, "we think it was an escape attempt with the help of outside forces so we've been on alert. I've been at the camp for the last two days, manage to tear myself away to both announce the 'good news' at this charity shit my wife wanted us to go to." He shakily smoothed his hair back, dropping his cutlery onto the table. "I then had to go back to the camp to organise the guards again so that I had shifts of them going for the next 24 hours without cocking up so I could get some semblance of a rest." He then looked at me, head in his hands, "But then I found myself outside your door."

He trailed off, then snorted, "Listen to me. Sound like a-"

He cut himself off again and tugged on his hair again, before picking up his cutlery and shovelling food into his mouth. "Goo' foo'," he said though a mouthful of pasta, not looking at me.

I took a deep breath, "So all in all, it's been a shitty couple of days."

He nodded silently, "and I took it out on you. Sorry."

"That's ok," I said quietly, "You feel better now that you have some food down you?"

He nodded again, his lips twitching. I brushed my hand against his warm hand, checking his temperature, "You've warmed up, which is good. All you need now is a good night sleep." My thumb brushed the purplish shadow under his left eye, "You're welcome to stay."

Just as I was about to pull away again, he captured my hand and held it close again. Steel grey eyes locked onto me. He squeezed it once before letting it go. We began to eat it again quietly, as our cutlery scraped across the plates. He finished ahead of me and I said to him, "you're welcome to more. Help yourself."

His chair scraped as he got up to serve himself some food. "So…how are you celebrating Christmas tomorrow?"

"With a lot of alcohol, hopefully," he snarked, "and maybe a cute bird."

I snorted, because I knew he was joking. "What about you?" he asked sardonically.

"Ah, I thought I would take a stroll down Oxford Street then show my appreciation by doing a two fingered salute to The Dark Lord," I joked back, before taking a swig of my butterbeer, "then toddle home on my flying pig."

He laughed, settling down again with a piled plate, "that sounds like fun."

"Looking forward to it already," I smirked, "seriously though, I'll just be here, stuffing my face and…reminiscing, I suppose. You?"

"Enduring the masses," he muttered, "I'll be thinking of you."

I jolted at the admission, blushing at my plate, "Dude, warn a girl when you say something like that," I muttered.

He said nothing for a while as I finished my plate. I cleared it away, putting it into the sink before I turned around, leaning against the sink. I watched him, watching me. My eyes followed the line of his jaw, his nose, his high cheekbones. The winter gold of his hair and the silver grey of his eyes. Draco reminded me of Antarctica. Cold and unconquerable. But certainly pretty to look at. My eyes fell on his lips, soft and mobile. You could cut the tension with a knife. A hot shiver tingled through me and I blurted out before I could stop myself, "Kiss me."

He arched an eyebrow and smirked, "What?"

I swallowed and brushed back my hair from my now burning face, "You heard me."

He got up and stalked towards me, until he had me trapped by the sink. He leaned down so that our faces were opposite each other, "You want me to kiss you, Lucy Warren."

I nodded, breaths coming out faster with each second, "yes please."

His mouth suddenly crashed down on mine, as he consumed me, liquid fire burning through me. I fisted his hair as he pushed me against the sink. He grabbed the edge of my shirt and lifted it upwards, fingers working up my stomach and spine. I tore away for the need to breathe, so he latched onto my throat, sucking on the flesh again. It was like we crossed this boundary, and once we were on the other side, there was no turning back. I fumbled for his robes and unbuttoned them, so they fell to the floor in a pool around his feet. He growled and I suddenly felt his wand pressed to my t-shirt. I stiffened, breath hot on his neck, waiting for him.

He hushed silly nonsense into my ear and suddenly, the tip glowed pink and my t-shirt disappeared, leaving me in my bra and jeans. His wand clattered to the floor as his fingers dipped between my bra strap and skin, running his finger down to my breast. I took his earlobe and bit it delicately between my teeth, while unbuttoning his shirt, pushing the material off his shoulders, revealing his chest. He took my thighs and lifted me onto the counter, taking my mouth again. He nestled between my legs and something hard pushed against my stomach. He tore away from me and whispered in a hoarse voice, "You done this before?"

I nodded, feeling like every cell in my body was on fire.

"You…you want to do it?" he sounded unsure of himself, his grey eyes smouldering with an unknown emotion.

I nodded again, hot lava running though the centre of my body. A sigh of relief and then, "wrap your legs around me."

I did so, tightening my hold on him with my arms as he lifted me off the counter and silently carried me up to my room, resuming his kiss on my lips.

Before I knew it, he had settled me onto the bed, crawling over me to hover, so that our breaths mixed between us. He gave me that smirk, as my hands skimmed down to the waistband of his trousers.

No going back now.

aaaaaaaand fade to black

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