A/N: My first SoulXKidd, so please don't be mean. Inspired (but not based on) the song Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift.

Disclaimer: I do not have the honour of owning Soul Eater.

I Miss You, But I Still Believe

I lay back with my head on Soul's chest, black strands of my hair tickling his soft skin. For once, I managed to push my anxieties aside, ignore the gut-wrenching..fear, almost, of what wasn't quite right.; because what was happening now, Soul and I, was so much more important than that, so much more important than anything else ever could be.

"I'm going to miss you," I whispered. He didn't reply, but I felt him sigh and snake an arm around my waist.

The next morning, he was gone.

I'd been expecting it, of course. I knew he was leaving, following Maka on her travels around the world whilst I was stuck here at the DWMA with my father, Patti and Liz. It hurt though, hurt more than I could possibly imagine or even attempt to describe.

I thought over all the things we had done together, trying to make this last summer golden and memorable for us both: driving down deserted country roads together, his car getting stuck in the deep, dust-filled ruts that littered the roads her like pigeons in Trafalgar Square or movie stars in Hollywood; dancing to our favourite song all night long, the moon illuminating everything of importance, but concealing what didn't matter; sometimes we just sat in the middle of a field, long stalks of grass or wheat poking at our ears and scratching our skin, and listened to the crickets chirruping and just being...us. Soul and Kidd. One last time.

It was all over now, but I still had the memories, and I had to believe that he would remember too. That he would treasure every moment we shared, just like I would.

One day, he might even come back for me – if I was good, and didn't cry or whine or make a fuss. If I was just quiet and calm, and made everything perfect for when he came back, then he would come; and not only would he come, but he would stay. I had to believe, in him and in myself. He would come back, and I would make him stay. I had to. Had to. Otherwise, I had nothing at all, not even the memories.