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Look at me!

It was a nice morning, which was ideal for a good lecture -so Death the Kid was reading a book sitting on his desk. He was quiet and silent.

At the opposite there was the most caotic guy of the school, BlackStar, observing him, but Kid didn't seem to have noticed, and that was something that annoyed BlackStar the most.

"Oi, Kid" he said. He didn't like when others didn't pay attention to him; no one was allowed to ignore him, neither -or especially- Kid.

"Oi" he called for him again, but Kid seemed to be too absorbed by his lecture.

Since that day not even Tsubaki was there to clap for him, BlackStar couldn't just resist anymore. He just hated to feel alone and ignored.


Kid blinked as he was pinned down on the desk and had to drop the book.

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked glaring at him as if he wanted to pierce him. BlackStar didn't seem to be scared of his killing glare and smirked: "I know I'm the most attractive guy in the world, but if you continue to stare at me like that you're going to wear me out. "

"Let me go" Kid demanded. BlackStar shook his head.

"I'm going to punish you for ignoring me" He said grinning. Kid had just two seconds to understand what he meant 'cause the guy was already coming closer to him.

"W-wait…" he started to blabber. Their lips was barely separated. But before something happened, they heard Tsubaki calling for his meister.

"Oh, right! I have a mission today. Well, bye!" BlackStar said and freed Kid, who sighed in relief as he was saved in corner. He picked up his book, but before he could open it BlackStar turned again and said: "Forgot something", then grabbed his shoulders and kissed him fiercely on his lips. Kid opened his golden eyes wide, not understanding what was happening.

BlackStar licked gently his bottom lip and then went kissing him with tongue, while the other guy was petrified on the spot.

"BlackStaaaaar" Tsubaki called again. Finally the blue haired meister stopped kissing his friend.

Kid's heart was beating so fast he thought he was going to die. "W-what…!" he managed to stutter blushing furiously. BlackStar grinned stupidly.

"Just making sure you won't stop thinking about the awesome me till I'm back" he stated then jumped off the window and reached for Tsubaki.

"Get out from the door, freak!" Kid yelled turning redder as the meister sent him an air kiss. The raven haired boy had in mind to hit him with the book, but he controlled himself for the sake of the book itself. And maybe a little because the kiss wasn't actually so bad.

He heard BlackStar yelling "TSUBAKI, TIME TO SURPASS G-D! LET'S GOOOO!"

Kid touched his lips and a smile slightly formed on his lips.

"…That idiotic ego-monkey".