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Liz sighed. Things were just weird that morning.

To start with, Patty was reading a book.

And then, her nail polish finished so she used different colours and the result was not really perfect. But the weirdest thing was that Kid didn't even notice it.

Normally, he would have screamed in pain seeing her asymmetrically coloured nails and he would have begged her to let him do her nails even if this would have taken him months of preparations –yes, he meant literally months of preparations.

But that morning Liz's nails were utterly asymmetric and Kid didn't even notice it.

The blondie was beginning to worry, perhaps the world had lost his logical meaning somewhere. Still, everything else seemed to be normal.

Maka had already maka-chopped Soul five times because of his inelegant comments on her flat chest, Blackstar was shouting his usual refrain ("I'm-gonna-surpass-God-and-you-aren't-worth-of-me ") to people who had the bad luck of passing near him and Tsubaki tried to calm down the three of them, but that was pretty much impossible. Stein looked incredibly interested in a cat sitting on the window, which was never good –the poor cat didn't know that the crazy scientist was thinking of sectioning it.

Liz waved his hand in front of Kid, but the boy was gazing intently at something.

She sighed and turned to Patty, curious of what she was reading, and was relieved to find out that her sister was only looking at coloured figures.

At least one thing had sense.

"Oi, Kid" Liz said touching his shoulder. "Is something wrong?"

He jumped slightly, but regained immediately his composture.

"It's nothing" mumbled.

Still, his nothing had azure hair and had now climbed on Stein's desk and was shouting towards him -probably nonsenses, like: "Kid, listen! I'm gonna be better than any god, included you! You heard me? I'm better than you!"- and laughed as if he said the most intelligent thing in the world.

Kid shrugged and smirked. "As if" He replied to Blackstar.

Then he stood up and left. Liz shook her head, not understanding what passed through his mind. Kid turned to look at Blackstar, who was now slightly pouting.

Then he turned again and blushed.

It would be better if his nothing wasn't this stupid. But still.