I noticed everyone else had been doing a self insert, so I decided what the heck, I'll give it a shot. Disclaimer: I don't own Mass Effect, Bioware created it, blah blah blah, everybody knows that it's just fanfiction.

And to start us off so I don't scare you away with the first chapter, I'll give you a brief outline about my character and some of the things you'll see to speed things up. My name is Axel Sorenson. I'm currently 25 years old and was a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces. I lived in a small home just outside of Thunder Bay. I led an alright life, had a good job, and I served my country. Yup, things were looking good, that is until I found something one day on my last day of leave, something that I...I can't quite describe. All I know is, it changed me from being an out of college soldier to being thrown from the world I knew into a whole bunch of seemingly unconnected dimensions. Eventually I landed right in the middle of the Mass Effect Universe. From there I began...wait a minute? I'm telling you the whole story! Alright you know what, here, just read it for yourself.

I lay on my stomach, my face half buried into my pillow as I lay on my one matress bed. (And when I say one matress, I mean it was literally a single matress on a bare gray carpet floor.) I slept with nothing but my boxers on and a thin white sheet I had gotten from a second hand store. Looming over my passed out form was an unpainted endtable, made from cedar wood that I'd built in wood working class back in highschool. Ontop of it was a single alarm clock that read 12:59.
In just a few seconds, the peacefull slumber I was enjoying was shattered by the blarring scream of my alarm. In an instant, I lazily reached out my hand and yanked out the wire plugged into the wall jack next to me. However the alarm had already done its job.
Now I had a throbbing headache, and me being the guy I was known for, had been out getting hammered at a going away party the night before.

'Early morning mixed with a slight case of hangover, what a great way to appear for role-call.'

With that thougt in mind, I slowly lifted my head up from my pillow enough to get a good look at my wristwatch. (Hey, it's easier than getting up to look at clock a foot taller than you.)
It took a moment for my vision to clear enough to see the two hands ticking away on the face in front of me. When I finally saw the time, now 1:01, a bolt of adrenaline shot through me, bringing me back to the land of the living. Quickly I pushed my self up off the matress and consequently cracked the back of my head on the wooden shelf built into the wall above me.
"AHH!" I shouted in anger as I grabbed my head and fell over off of the matress. A sharp pain was now throbbing through my already aching skull.

'This is not the way to start Axel' I thought to myself as I rubbed the back of my head.

Quickly I stumbled up from the floor and made my way over to my closet, where my Army uniform and duffle back hung pristinely over a large pile of rumpled clothing. I knelt down in front of it and dug my hands in, pulling out the basic clothes I needed: jeans, a black T-shirt and some socks. After slipping those on I checked my watch again, this time it read 1:08.
"Shit," I cursed under my breath as I went over and snatched my wallet and a pair of keys off the endtable. After slipping on a leather jacket and some sneekers, I un-hooked my uniform and duffle bag from the closet rack and dashed for the door.

The sharp sting of late November helped to fully wake me up as I threw open the door, taking in a lungful of fresh cold air. I rubbed my hands together as I shouldered by baggage and made my way to the fourwheeler parked a few feet from my door. Despite it being past noon, frost still lingered on the long grass around my house, as well as all over my vehicle. After sliding on, I slid the key into the ingnition and began the slow process of bringing the old quad back to life. Eventually, after a few tries, the old motor turned over and roared alive. Smiling to myself I kicked it in gear and accelerated up the hill towards the main road, but I was already too late behind schedule. I hit the break and checked my watch a final time, 1:18. I let out a tired sigh as I rubbed the bridge of my nose.

"This is not going work," I said out loud. The quad was still running, the sound of traffic could be heard up ahead, but I still wasn't going to make it to the base in time. I needed a short cut, and fast.

I looked to my left and then to my right, and after a few minutes I saw what I was looking for. A small worn out path leading in the exact direction I needed to take.
Quickly I kicked off the break and thumbed the accelerator, peeling off onto the path. As I sped on I continued shifting gears, gaining speed to make up for lost time. Soon the pathway led into the forest, winding its way adjacent to the main road through thick green pines. The wind was even colder as I continued to gain speed, forcing me to look down slightly. After about five minutes the path took a slight turn that went along side a steep ledge that led down a large hill into the rest of the forest. Sharp rocks and fallen tree branches littered all along it. I began my turn, speeding close to the edge of the steep drop, all the while still keeping my eyes slightly down out of the wind.
Everything was running smoothly, if I could just keep this up I might be able to make it on time.

As I completed the turn, I lifted my eyes up for a brief glance ahead to make sure the path was still clear, and right in front of me was something I never would have expected at that moment.

Less than three feet away, staring me dead in the eye, was the biggest fully antlered bull I had ever seen. (And for those of you who have never been to Canada, the bull I'm talking about is a large male moose)
Now, instead of slamming on the breaks like a smart person would do, my first reaction was to rear back in surprise at the ten foot tall creature that had been hidden by the trees. The bull seemed to think the same thing, because when it saw me it let out a low screech and reared back on its hind legs, kicking wildly.
"SHIT!" I shouted as I snapped out of my shock. In the split second I had before slamming into the animal, I pulled hard on the handle bars, sending the speeding quad sharply to the right. I was sent flying off the quad as both me and the machine launched off the path and down the hill of rocks and pine branches. I yelled out in pain as my body came in contact with the rough ground, cracking my back and shoulder before the extra momentum sent me rolling violently down the rest of the hill.

The rolling continued, I threw my arms out in every direction, trying to grab hold of anything that would stop my rough downhill journey. Suddenly my legs lost hold of the ground, and in the second afterwards my body was sliding over the edge of a hidden sink hole!

"NO, NO!" I screamed as I dug my fingers into the cracked earth, finally finding purchase as the rest of me went over the edge. Now I was holding on for dear life, my entire body dangling above a small hole that I had no idea how deep, with nothing but my hands above me grasping a ledge of fragile brown soil. I was covered in dirt and pine needles, some of it had even gotten into my eyes and mouth. As I spat out everything I had picked up on my way down, I glanced down at the pit I was now stuck in, and that sight made my already pounding heart rate speed up another beat.

"Oh...shit!" I stuttered to myself as I looked down.
Sharp rocks stuck out all along the depth of the hole, with thin roots stretching across from every side like spider webs. But it was the depth of the hole that really got to me, it just kept on going until the cloudy light from the sky couldn't reach it any more; for all I knew there could be an underground cavern down there.
My chest was pounding hard as I took in several deep lung-fulls of air, all the while looking around the hole for a way to climb out. After calming down slightly, I began trying to dig my feet into the wall of dirt in front of me, but after weeks of damp November my sneekers simply kicked off pieces of wet soil. Using my trained upper body strength, I slowly started to pull myself up, my arms taking the full brunt of my weight. I grunted angrily as my muscles strained themselves to pull me up over the ledge, my fingers clawing into the earth as I continued to move forward.

Finally I had my head and shoulders up above the ledge. From here I could see the wreckage of my quad smashed against a tree trunk a few feet away. I let out a deep breath as I stopped to take a rest, the other half of my body still dangling in the hole behind me.
As I looked around, I glanced up to the top of the hill where I had seen the bull.

And there it stood.

He looked down at me from the exact spot that I had nearly hit him, standing tall and almost majestic. I craned my head to get a better look at him, still keeping my hands ahead of me firmly gripped into the soil.
He was just standing there, as if contemplating if he should come down and finish me off.

"What are you thinking?" I said to myself as we continued to stare at each other. As if he heard me, the mammoth creature took a step forward, coming to the very edge of the drop that I had gone over. With one motion, it lifted its right leg and slammed its large hoof hard into the ground.

Was it just me, or did the ground shake when he did that?

I frowned in confusion as the bull turned away and vanished into the trees. Suddenly I heard a small cracking coming from the ground near me, and in the next second, the fresh earth that I had dug my fingers into became loose almost like mud. "NO!" I shouted again, clawing at the ground that was somehow no longer as solid as it had been. I grabbed hold of the ledge that had saved me, but this time it broke apart in my hands. I screamed as I fell backwards off the edge, falling down into darkness. The net of roots that covered the hole snapped apart as I crashed down through them, bringing with them large globs of dirt as they were ripped out of the tunnel walls.

'I'm dead.' I thought to myself seconds before I made contact with the hard rock bottom, sending my world into darkness.

Well, well, it was the moose that did it! lol, So this will be my first chapter in a series that I hope will be enjoyable to you all, it's going to span through Mass Effect 1 and 2 and possibly 3 if I haven't finished it by the time it comes out. It will be filled with lots of mystery, suspense, action, adventure and maybe some romance. The first few chapters I have planned out, but afterwards I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the story. What I do know is that I'll be bringing in some familiar faces that will make you either say "OMG" or "what the hell", and they won't be from Mass Effect.
So I hope you like this quick intro before the real action, give me your reviews and ideas for what you think should happen and I might throw it into the story.