A/N: I like this couple, and there aren't a lot of fics about them. Takes place in New York City.

March 2, 2017

That boy would always work, day in and day out. One would wonder if he actually likes working all day long. Kyrie, a Greek word meaning 'Lord', yet the

teen is very meek. Not like most lords at all. He's interesting, and…for some unexplained reason, my heart just refuses to stop beating so rapidly when

I'm near him. Some would call it 'love at first sight', but I highly doubt that. As long as I can keep an eye on him, everything should be fine.

I blinked my eyes in surprise. I never thought that I would write something like this when I first got this journal. "A diary," I corrected myself. "It's

actually a diary that my mother sent me two years ago…just two days before she crashed into a train while driving because the breaks would not

work. That accident happened on the fourth of March." This was the first time that I had written a single thing in this diary. It seems that the only

thing I can think about now … is Kyrie.

March 5, 2017

I tried talking to him today. He is a very pleasant lad, but has some personal problems of his own. His parents were murdered when he was just six years

old. Kyrie has already been through some two dozen foster homes. And I can tell he isn't happy with his current situation. I'll definitely have to look into it


"Wait…look into it?" I thought aloud. Even though I'm paid to hack online for other people, I usually don't mess with their personal lives. I closed

the diary and went sleep.

March 8, 2017

Kyrie has been laid off recently. What's worse, his foster parents kicked him out of the house without so much as a rhyme or reason to justify their

actions. He was thinking of renting a cheap hotel room temporarily, but I convinced him to stay at my two bedroom apartment. Exactly two days later, he

got a job as a chef at a famous restaurant, 'Le Grand Retour'. As the name suggests, it is a French restaurant that also serves cuisines from around the

world. And if it weren't for me, it probably wouldn't be as famous as it is now.

"Naja, what are you doing?" asked a cheerful Kyrie.

"Uh, it's nothing," I replied, completely surprised by his quiet entrance. Kyrie immediately saw the diary within my hands, and took it from me with

expert skill. "How long have you had this diary?" he asked.

"I've had it for over two years now," I answered. "But I only started writing in it after I met you in that cafe." Kyrie looked surprised at that. "I

never thought of you as the kind of person who would do that," he said thoughtfully. "I think we should keep it." I smiled at him, and that old diary

is still in this apartment to this day, a testament to the idea of 'love at first sight.'

A/N: 'Le Grand Retour' is French for 'The Grand Return.' I had no idea what to name the restaurant, so I decided to 'steal' *ahem* 'borrow' from

'Noir'. If you haven't watched the anime, then please do so. It's really good.

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