Well. Here's another oneshot from me XD

I apologize to any readers of 'Homeward Bound', but Peskychesk has returned home for the weekend, as it's her birthday today. And when you're writing something together, it kind of requires that you are, in fact, together... *sigh* Still, here's hoping you enjoy this random little...thing... until we get the next chapter up (probably around about Tuesday).

"Arthur. I'm a Warlock."

Raucous laugher filled the Prince's chambers for the next hour. Much to amusement of the castle inhabitants. And the annoyance of a certain warlock.


"Arthur. I am magic."

Everyone wondered why the Prince would start giggling at random intervals over the course of that week.


"Arthur. I've been able to use magic ever since I was born."

Arthur just smiled, then patted his manservant affectionately on the back before stating, in a tone of voice most people reserve for five-year-olds, "Of course you have Merlin. Of course you have."


"Arthur. I save your butt almost every day with sorcery."

The Prince frowned slightly, disbelieving, and went back to his reports.


"Arthur. I'm actually a legendary warlock known as Emrys whose destiny is to keep you alive so that you can become the greatest King who ever lived. I've been living in Camelot for the past few years, keeping my secret in order to protect you."

Arthur came out from behind his dressing screen, a disapproving look on his face.

"Merlin. You really shouldn't joke about stuff like that. It was funny at first, but as annoying as you are I wouldn't want to see you killed just because you thought that pretending that you break the law would be fun."


"Merlin! You're a sorcerer?"

Merlin allowed the floating armour he had been 'polishing' to drop to the floor. Arthur grew red in the face, his expression twisting to a mixture of anger and fear.

"How could you be so stupid? Don't you know where we are?"

Merlin just sighed, completely calm. "Of course I do."

And then, of course, the inevitable came.

"How could you not tell me?" Arthur practically shouted. "After everything we've been through?"

Merlin just looked at him as though the Prince was the thickest person ever born. A few seconds passed, before the young warlock simply left the room, muttering about 'oblivious, idiotic prats' under his breath. And Arthur was left alone, thinking that that had been rather an unexpected reaction. After all, how was he supposed to have known?

...So...yeah... I don't really know why I wrote that. I just did. But Merlin's full on shouted out that he's a sorcerer before, and in so many fics Arthur always seems to think Merlin has never said a word about it.

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