Author's Note:After finally getting around to watching the rest of the second and third season of True Blood, I fully admit to being utterly fascinated with how Godric was portrayed. Therefore, instead of working on my novel, I'm slowing down production to write this fanfiction. ^_^' This story will be set during the closeout portion of the Dallas trip, beginning with the roof scene. Expect some variation in the dialogue, but the emotion and overall idea will be consistent. Partway through this chapter the plot will greatly diverge from the show. There should be no more than five chapters, and though I have taken a fancy to writing in first person, I have to concede to third person – omniscient for the purposes of this story. The rating is for caution.

Disclaimer: These characters are owned by Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball. I am merely using them for entertainment purposes, and am making no money from this post or any future postings.

Chapter One

"Two thousand years is enough," Sookie hears as she arrives at the top of the stairs, and steps onto the roof. She already had a good idea of what was about to go down, but hearing the words and seeing Eric's rigid stance and rapidly uncoiling composure confirms her hunch. From the looks of things, Godric is not getting through to his progeny even though he has already explained his stance three times.

"I can't accept this. I won't accept this. It's insanity," Eric announces as he bites back the tears he feels building. The most important person in his entire existence is about to be permanently erased, and even though he is standing right before him, he is powerless to stop it. He had lived his human life for whatever moment he was in, and spent 1000 years of death in an ageless stasis, so it is inconceivable to him that he is battling for just a handful of minutes. With the sky quickly changing around him, never in his life or death has he been more aware of time.

'Please don't do this.'

"Our existence is insanity," Godric calmly states, squelching Eric's mental pleas and raising his outer panic. The pain Godric is inflicting on his child is hurting him twice as much, but he refuses to budge in his resolve, because he needs to make amends for over 2000 years of evil deeds. He doesn't expect Eric to understand, because he is too young, still a child. He knows this because he was his same age and had his same mindset when he brought the dying man over to the other side. However, considering the position he is putting his child in, he feels obligated to continue trying.

"We don't belong here… It's not right. We're not right," he adds, and Eric has heard enough.

"But we are here! There is no right or wrong. There is either survival or death," he rebuts with the very same lessons that were drilled into his head for hundreds of years. He began his second life with many of his desires, passions and beliefs from his previous existence intact, but Godric made sure that they were either erased or suppressed by the time they parted ways many years ago. So how could his maker forget his own teachings?

"I told a lie… as it turns out," Godric replies contritely as though he read his mind. He can't help but to feel guilty for setting his progeny on this path by instilling such useless and cold-hearted ideals in him. Now, he only hopes that it doesn't take his boy another 1000 years to right hiscourse.

For a fraction of a second, all is quiet as Godric contemplates what will become of this world, Eric scours his brain for even a slither of a better argument, and Sookie watches the tragic train wreck before her. But, the moment the sky brightens a little further, Eric's simmering panic boils over into delirium.

"I will keep you alive by force!" He announces aggressively, yet no one believes it, even him. It's a last ditch effort, and both Sookie and his maker know it.

"Even if you could, why would you be so cruel?" Godric says slowly, containing his own emotions. His child is at the breaking point, and it's breaking him. This is not the way he wanted to say goodbye, but he expected it. Their stubbornness is legendary.

"Godric, don't do this,"Eric switches over to his native tongue, no longer able to simultaneously process English and the situation taking place. He's not above begging, but the finality of it all has become tangible, making denial nonexistent.

"There are centuries of love and trust between us," Godric replies with saddened eyes. He has taken great joy in breaking humans and vampires alike for millennia, but seeing his own come undone leaves him ashamed and raw. However, he knew it would come to this.

'Please, accept my goodbye.'

"Please. Please. Please. Godric," Eric finally snaps, realizing that his world is about to be irreparably altered in a blink of the eye. He hasn't had to deal with this deep level of feeling in centuries, so unlike most humans, the pain isn't even slightly numbed. On top of this, he finds no solace in the belief of meeting in the afterlife, because vampires aren't allowed in heaven. This will truly be the final meeting, if Godric's plans are carried out. Godric knows it, too.

"Father, brother, son," he begins his words looking straight into nothingness. He must gather himself, before he can gaze at the pile of man that is crumbled before his feet. Somehow, he manages.

"Let me go," he says, hoping to get at least some degree of acquiescence. If he leaves this world with Eric kicking, screaming and crying, his own worry and remorse will never let him find peace. He needs to know that his progeny will be okay. Meanwhile, Eric is making his peace with the world. The joy of existing and living to the fullest has always been his greatest pleasure, but now he wants no part of it.

"I won't let you die alone," he says firmly, but Godric will have none of it. His crimes are his and his alone. His victims were ripped from their families, so it is only fair that he is ripped from his.

"Yes, you will," he informs, and immediately there is a fresh round of bloody tears. Eric now has no choice but to accept that Godric will be meeting the sun, and he will not be joining him. This is truly goodbye, and neither Sookie's presence nor his maker's cool hand stroking his head can console him. He's just waiting on the final strike.

"As your maker… I command you," Godric announces while looking him straight into his eye and it's sealed. There truly is nothing more he can do, so he burns this last image of his everything into his mind, and then heads for cover. Sookie states that she will stay with Godric for as long as it takes, and he is both grateful and jealous. He's glad that his maker will not die alone, but now those centuries spent together feel like minutes, and he wants to gather every remaining second. But, he's been denied.

"It won't take long… not at my age," Godric states as he stares at a horizon he hasn't seen since the Iron Age. Finally alone with him, Sookie has so much to say, but can't form it properly. She had remained silent the entire time he and Eric had been speaking, because she didn't want to usurp even one second can of Godric's time from his child, but now it is just him and her. She has to say something.

"You know, it wasn't very smart…, the Fellowship of the Sun part," she blurts out, and though it isn't quite what she had planned, she's glad that she forced herself to say something to him. Godric doesn't mind. He just tries to explain his rationale, hoping that at least the intent is understood. Understanding is everything to him now that he is about to face the unknown.

"Do you believe in God?" He asks after quickly running through countless scenarios of what he may face.

"Yes," Sookie states emphatically, now joining Godric in his line of thinking. Before, she was both shocked and numb by the turn of events, which dulled the reality of the situation, but now that her own morals and beliefs are being called on, she can't help but to analyze it all.

"If you're right, how will he punish me?" Godric further questions and Sookie can see the fear and apprehension written all over his face. It doesn't help that he barely looks fifteen, so she is instantly reminded of a frightened child. It all seems so wrong to her, and the closer it gets to dawn, the worse it becomes.

"God doesn't punish. God forgives," she informs, and then watches as Godric nervously bites his lip. Even though he is 2000 years old, he still has so much to learn, and Sookie wants him to learn it. From what she has witnessed, and the amount of emotion he invokes in even the coldest of hearts, he cannot be evil, even if he seems to think so. This isn't right.

"I don't deserve it. But, I hope for it," Godric states, and Sookie thinks of all of the people attending church every Sunday after making countless mistakes from Monday to Saturday. Is he really any different?

"We all do, Godric, but no one has the answer, so we try to spread as much goodwill as we can to balance it out. I'm not naïve enough to think that you haven't done terrible things in your life, even though it's hard for me to imagine it right now. But, meeting the sun will not solve anything, because it won't change the past, nor will it stop all of the vampires who live now as you used to. The only way you can right 2000 years of pain is to spread 2000 years' worth of kindness. The world needs more vampires like you, Godric. We need you now more than ever," Sookie replies quickly, and with building sadness as she watches the smoke rise off his skin. She has seen more than her fair share of death recently, so watching someone with the potential to peacefully bridge the vampire and human worlds succumb to the darkness and despair of existing makes it overwhelming sad to her.

"I think that you are overestimating my character. At the end of the day, I'm still a vampire, and my very existence wipes out any goodwill that I may bring. This is why I need to burn. I want to burn," Godric responds, and Sookie finally feels a fraction of the hopelessness that Eric endured just moments before. Even that fraction is too much.

"Why put yourself through so much pain when it isn't going to help anybody? It is you that are underestimating your character. Vampires may prey upon humans, but the fact that you can exist says something. If you weren't meant to be, God would not have allowed it. Please, don't go marching to your death, before you really think about the good that you can do. The sun rises every day; you do not have to die on this day," Sookie makes a last ditch appeal, and can't hold back her tears. If her tears were red, her skin tone on the lower part of her face would be completely concealed.

"A human with me at the end, pleading for my life, and crying human tears. Two thousand years, and I can still be surprised. In this, I see God," Godric finally says in awe as he gapes at Sookie, before turning to look at the bottom peaks of the sun's rays. Sookie sees a very small blue flame ignite the upper portion of Godric's exposed chest, and attempts to take a step back, but when she does, she hits a wall. One moment she is watching Godric be set ablaze, and now she is in one of the hotel's hallways. It's quite puzzling for her.

"I will not meet the true death on this day," Godric announces, and Sookie whips around to see him standing next to her. Besides a few burns here and there, he is whole and intact. In seconds, she feels confusion, shock, relief and happiness, before she launches at the boy, hugging him tightly. Twice in one night, Godric is surprised, which solidifies his decision that out in the sun is not where he belongs at this moment. It also makes him wonder what else he can feel and expect out of living. The unpredictability of it all scares him in a good way. He can't help but to wonder if it's all tied to the woman still holding on to him.

"I'm so glad you decided to stay. Eric is going to be so happy. Everybody is going to be happy. I'm happy," Sookie rattles off, still afraid to let go in case it's all a dream, and Godric is really a charred ash pile on the roof. For once, she beat death, and it feels good!

"Do you care for him? Eric?" Godric asks intently, after finally prying himself free. His progeny has a layer of darkness cloaking him, and he can't help but to feel responsible for it. Perhaps this girl can remove it; she has shown concern for him.

"I don't know. Eric isn't really looking for a friend… He just… I mean… You know how he is," Sookie tries to explain, but gets flustered after thinking about all of the manipulative things Eric has done, which greatly contrasts with the man pouring his heart out on the roof just a short while ago. Most people would not have been able to follow, but Godric knows exactly what she is talking about.

"I can take the blame for that, too," he says while trying to contain an embarrassed, yet highly amused laugh. Sookie has a hard time seeing Godric as the teacher of Eric's self-serving and manipulative ways, but she still files that information away for safekeeping. Now, she just wants him to stop piling the world's problems onto himself.

"Maybe not. Eric is pretty much his own person," she rebuts, trying not to be too harsh in her assessment of him. Almost instantly, Godric's face morphs into seriousness as he thinks of his child. He caused him great pain on this day, and many bridges must be mended in order to get them back to where they were. It is also going to take him a long time to forgive himself for the pain he has caused.

"We should go to him," Godric states, and with a nod, he and Sookie heads to Eric's suite. Before they even reach the door, it is flung open, and Eric is kneeling before Godric, hugging his waist, rambling in Swedish. Sookie feels that she is intruding on an intimate moment, and is about to head across the hall to her own room, but before given the chance, Eric is back up on his feet. He then informs her that he wishes to speak to her, so she follows the two men into the room. Whatever it is that Eric wants to discuss must not be pressing, because his attention is solely on his maker.

"You need to feed in order to heal those burns. It's already been three weeks," Eric states after he catches a flash of Godric's skin in between shirt changings. Now seeing the full extent of the damage, and hearing about the lengthy time between meals, Sookie appears concerned, too. Godric is determined to ignore both of their looks of worry.

"I've already told you, I need very little blood. I will be healed before dusk," he replies as he continues to button up his pajama shirt. He is very calm and casual, but there is a hint of finality in his words, so Sookie is ready to let him be. Eric doesn't budge in his stance.

"You may require less blood than most, but you need more than what you're getting. This is the palest I've seen you in 1000 years," he argues, and the second Godric opens his mouth to respond, Eric cuts him off, and kills his rebuttal.

"Don't even think about drinking that synthetic waste, because that isn't going to do anything for you. You need real blood to regain your health," he adds, and Godric simply closes his mouth with a smile. Normally, he allows no one to debate him on his decisions, but after the ordeal on the roof, he realizes just how much he would have and still misses Eric.

"I assure you that I am not in danger of keeling over any time soon," Godric replies with humor, and Sookie is taken by his glow and youthfulness. Eric is not.

"After tonight, I'm not so sure. How can I be certain you're not trying to starve yourself until you meet the true death?" He asks, and even though he doesn't mean it, he is concerned for his maker's psyche. A suicidal person doesn't do a 180-degree shift in less than an hour. He needs to be certain that whatever convinced his maker to face death doesn't resurface. Godric, on the other hand, has traded in his humor for sadness now that he sees just how much their bonds have deteriorated. He's not fully trusted anymore, and that hurts more than he ever imagined.

"You can feed from me," Sookie interrupts as she gets up from the loveseat, and walks over to the bickering males. She may not be able to read their minds, but she can clearly see that this is bigger than a simple drink. Therefore, if she can take care of the issue that they're arguing over, perhaps they can resolve their real problems. Besides, Godric has saved her life as many times as the number of days that she has known him. She may have talked him off the roof, but by her calculations, she still owes him.

"I greatly appreciate the offer, but I must decline," Godric replies, while peering at Sookie in confusion and mild shock. Eric is just about to have a few more words with his maker, but Sookie heads him off.

"I insist," she states, silencing the room. Never being used to total quietness, she immediately fills it up with her logic and reasoning.

"Godric, you have saved my life from both human and vampire even when you didn't know me. You're kind and respectful to everyone, and very fair in your decisions. If I am to let anybody drink from me, it would be you," she says, and Eric is stunned further into silence, but he agrees with every word spoken. Godric is flattered and humbled, but puzzled as well.

"I'm sorry. I was under the impression that you belonged to Mr. Compton," he says, and Eric rolls his eyes skyward at the mention of the name. Sookie feels the same irritation as usual when she is referred to as though she is just a piece of luggage, but squelches it down due to the seriousness of the situation and out of the respect for Godric. Anger will not solve anything right now.

"I am with Bill, but no one owns me. I make all of my own decisions, especially when it comes to someone feeding from me," Sookie replies, and only a hint of annoyance is shown. Eric remains quiet and looming, waiting to argue further if it is needed, while Godric stares on in silence. He is seriously conflicted, and it is evident to anyone who looks, which worries Sookie about his mindset as well. At first, she thought Eric was being overly paranoid, but now she isn't so sure. If Godric isn't willing to feed from a willing person, will he ever be able to bring himself to feed? From the looks currently running across his face, it doesn't appear to be so.

"If you don't want to feed from Sookie, then please allow me to call someone else. There are many who would be more than happy to be at your service," Eric finally states after the silence wears on for too long. He can't think of a better specimen than the woman standing before him, but he will come up with something. There will be no rest until the elder vampire is properly fed.

"It is alright. I will accept Ms. Stackhouse's offer," Godric announces softly, and Sookie can't help the apprehension that she feels. She's only been fed on during passionate sex, and now she will be pierced by fangs without any "anesthetic." It doesn't help that Godric has been staring at her without blinking for several minutes. He always seems so human, but at this moment, that veil is being stripped away. However, it doesn't change her mind, so she gives her consent with a quick nod.

Godric takes that as his cue, and slowly walks over, before pausing directly in front of her. He can see her chest thumping with her rapidly beating heart and see the veins in her neck jumping under the strain, and he is torn between excitement and disgust for himself. So, he remains silent, and simply places his hand onto her shoulder. He then lowers his mouth to her throat, and licks, before kissing it. This is followed by a series of licks, nips and kisses that leave Sookie's mind racing between thoughts of Bill's future unhappiness with her, the pending pain associated with the sharp prick of fangs, and the pleasure and arousal that is rapidly building, pooling, and making her extremities tingle. Then, without warning, her neck is punctured, and the shock of it overrides any pain. Adrenaline is a powerful thing.

It starts out with gentle lapping, and she can't help but to notice how his tongue warms up with each pass over her throat. Then, in the turn of a second, she is pulled to him, and he latches on to her, sucking harder like someone trying to drink a milkshake through a straw. She can feel every muscle in his body working and coiling, and in the haze, she realizes that he has muscles in places that he shouldn't have. What's even odder is the faint beating of a heart that is now beating in unison with her own. Funny, one is getting louder, while the other is growing fainter.

"Godric," Eric calls out cautiously, as he watches the smaller vampire continue to suck. If it had been any other, he would have pulled him away long ago, but he has never seen his maker lose control, so he has no reason to doubt him, at least he thinks. However, as he watches him grip his prey even tighter, and Sookie's eyes take on a vacant glaze, he rethinks his assessment.

"Godric!" He yells, and the moment he is about to take a step forward, the other being launches himself across the room, breathing heavily. Sookie snaps out of her stupor, and immediately matches gazes with the recently departed vampire. She can't help but to think of how fitting the new words she's learned are when describing what she sees; deranged, diabolical and ravenous being a few of many. Though Godric is almost three shades darker, he's never looked deader to her with his fangs exposed, eyes dilated and lips stained red. She can't turn away when he closes his eyes, fighting for composure, and then cautiously licks and bites his bloody lower lip.

"Sookie," Eric calls out, and places his hand onto her shoulder, finally gaining her attention. She quickly meets his gaze, and he can tell by the brightness of her eyes, the speed of her responsiveness, and the color of her skin that though Godric took more than protocol, she is nowhere near the danger zone. Instantly, he lets out an audible and visible sigh of relief.

"Allow me to show you to your room," he says, but doesn't give her the chance to respond as he gently leads her to the door. The entire short walk, Sookie's eyes are focused on the figure in the corner still taking deep breaths with tightly closed eyes. She doesn't stop staring at him until there is a door between them.

"I believe Godric has been recklessly pushing himself beyond his limits," Eric states, and Sookie immediately recognizes it for what it is, an apology and a defense. Her brain is too befuddled to come up with an educated response, so she simply nods, and hopes that it fully conveys her understanding and lack of ill will towards the elder vampire. Luckily, Eric has been reading body language for hundreds of years, so he simply strokes her hair, before shifting the conversation in its intended direction.

"Words can't express how grateful I am for all that you have done for Godric and me. Nor, is there anything I can give to fully repay you. For this, I am eternally in your debt. If there isanythingyou need or ask of me, I will provide it without hesitation," he states in utter seriousness and with sincerity. For a moment, the intensity of his stare captivates Sookie, but a second later, she is shaking her head in denial.

"Don't mention it. You don't owe me anything. I wanted to help," she says assuredly, and for once, Eric gives her a true smile instead of a lascivious leer. He's awestruck by how a creature that has only lived a fraction of his lifespan, and has only been in contact with him for a short while, has affected his very existence so much. It's mind-boggling.

"The vow still stands," he informs, and then pulls Sookie in a light hug, before kissing her forehead. Normally, she would have been raising hell at being touched without permission, but she can't find the strength to care.

"You should rest," Eric then announces, and at the thought of sleep Sookie feels the exhaustion of being kidnapped, nearly raped, nearly being fed on, surviving an explosion, talking down a suicidal vampire, and then being fed on. It's enough to make her want to fall asleep standing up, so she simply nods, before heading over to door across the hall.

"Good night," she calls out faintly, before sparing the vampire a final glance. The moment she reaches her bed, and her head hits her pillow, she is as dead to the world as the vampire lying beside her.