Author's Note

1) First, I want to say that I greatly appreciate all of the feedback that I have received for this story. Having certain parts of my work reiterated to me tells me how well my readers are grasping what I'm attempting to convey. In that respect, THANK YOU! Writing for you guys has been a great pleasure. As I close this arc, I'm looking forward to starting the next one. ^_^

2)Mydirt09: Sookie couldn't understand Swedish. That's why she was confused. She thought that she had head trauma, and couldn't comprehend English. As for sleeping in Godric's arms, that occurred when she asked him to stay with her the first time. She rested against him, he placed his arm around her, and then she fell asleep. I did a lot of editing last chapter, so I'm sure that some things got lost in translation. Sorry!

3) Finally, I believe that for every review you get, there are ten silent readers thinking the same thing. Therefore, after getting a review concerning Godric's age, I wanted to publicly address this. I will start by saying that I use a hint of book information every so often, but it hardly affects the story enough to warrant it a crossover label. However, this is where Godric's age comes from. He was turned at 15 years old, and human males do not reach physical maturity until they are 18-21. In the past, it was even later due to fewer resources. That covers the physical part. Socially, the current age of consent is 16 years or older in America, depending on the state. Therefore, if Godric was human, Sookie could be arrested for having intercourse with him even if he agrees to it, because by our standards, 15 is considered a child. As for why he was considered a child in his day, I explain it in this chapter.

Now, there was a comment about Allan Hyde being 20 years old, but this is a pointless fact, because the actor's age does not affect the character's age. There are countless actors in their 20s and 30s that depict teenagers, such as the actress that portrayed Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter. She was in her late 30s at the time, yet it is well understood that Myrtle was a young teen. Therefore, even if Allan Hyde was 60 years old, Godric would still be 15, physically.

I didn't post a note about this when I first uploaded this story, because I assumed that everyone already comprehended that Godric was a teenage boy in body, meaning that him having a sexual relationship with an adult woman would scrape the borders of pedophilia. However, now that I know that's not the case, I warn you that there WILL be sex in this series. If you're squeamish about that, please don't read beyond this arc. I do not want to offend you!

Chapter Five

The minute that Sookie's eyes open, she can feel the earliness of the day, due to the lack of commotion and the dimness of the sun peeking out behind the blackout panels. For a moment, she lies in wonder of the last time she has fallen asleep before the wee hours of the morning, and can't recall anything before she was of legal drinking age. Who would have thought that little, innocent Sookie Stackhouse would grow up to be a night owl, traipsing around with true creatures of the night? Ha, the thought of it makes her smile, turning to peer at the vampire sleeping beside her.

She sees that Godric's all the way on the far end of the bed, and have folded into himself in such a way that it makes him look like a kid that has snuck into his parents' bed. From what Sookie's witnessed, vampires have no sense of personal space, so he's clearly maintaining the distance to protect her virtue, and she doesn't quite know what to think of that. Everything about him is a walking contradiction. He's old and has experienced more than she can ever dream of, yet he's still so young in so many ways, such as how he questions everything around him, and how his reasoning is so simplistic and straightforward. Most people would consider him the embodiment of darkness, especially with all of the heinous crimes that he has committed, yet there is a strange innocence in him that has managed to survive the carnage, making those that see it want to protect it. Sookie definitely wants to protect it, as well as everything else that he is; and though she enjoys the mental silence associated with vampires, she would give up a limb to be able to read Godric's thoughts for just a few minutes, seeing what it is that makes him tick. It's mind-boggling.

'You look so peaceful,' Sookie thinks in amazement as she moves closer to the dozing male, quickly glancing at his face to make sure that he's still asleep. Once she sees that his eyes are tightly closed, she tentatively reaches out and touches his face, watching for any movement. Godric remains dead to the world, so she lightly traces the inked art closest to his neck. Surprisingly, though it appears to be smooth, the slight variation in texture from his unblemished skin highlights the difference in procedure from the time that he had gotten them done and today's practices. It instantly makes Sookie think of sharpened bones and iron blades, awestricken by how long it must have taken. Who did them? Did it hurt? Was he very proud? More importantly, what exactly did he have to do to earn them?

'So many secrets,' Sookie thinks, and then moves on to the runes and intricate shapes decorating Godric's arms. Though they lack the color she's used to seeing today, each line seems to tell a story, which makes her wonder about the heavily detailed artwork adorning Godric's back. She has only seen it once, but she remembers it covering most of his spine. She also recalls the red, embossed stamp on his upper back, and can't help but to wonder whether it's a brand. She doesn't really want to know the answer to that, but her curiosity is killing her.

Unfortunately, Godric's thin, white T-shirt is covering it up, making her question how far she can press her luck. Can she possibly remove it without him noticing? Is he a heavy sleeper? Will he mind? Sookie quickly peers into Godric's face, and is surprised when she sees him staring back at her with a calm, yet peculiar expression. Stunned, Sookie's face remains passive, yet her hand quickly falls away. Her brain is not processing this properly, so it quickly shifts to a new subject.

"What are you doing awake this early? Shouldn't you be asleep so that you don't start bleeding?" She asks quickly as she completely sits up, barely keeping the blush off her face. For a moment, Godric doesn't respond in any way. However, a playful smirk slowly decorates his face, making Sookie's dread increase.

"I was asleep, but it's much more entertaining to watch you molest me while you think that I'm unconscious. I still have time. The bleeds won't start for a few more hours," he says casually, but the unblinking stare makes it seem anything but, causing Sookie's face to flame.

"I most certainly was not molesting you! I was only curious! Don't be so gross! You're worse than Eric!" She shoots back, body tense, glare in place, and face hell-gate red. Godric's only reaction is to let a blatantly obvious leer cross his face with a quirked eyebrow in place.

"Well, I did warn you that I could be held responsible for Eric's actions," he replies with a wink, and Sookie looks horrified at the implication. Within seconds, she is scrambling to get off the bed, but Godric grabs her from behind, laughing all the while. Immediately, Sookie starts fighting him, and Godric is so overcome with amusement that he almost loses his grip, forcing him to wrap his arms around her in an embrace to keep her from breaking free. Sookie struggles a bit more, but knows when she's beat, so eventually she stops, and sits there seething from being made fun of and overpowered. Godric remains pressed against her with his entire body shaking in laughter, and Sookie can feel his every muscle vibrate and quiver with his mirth, absolutely NOT endearing him to her sense of forgiveness. However, luckily for him, he somehow manages to speak his piece.

"I was merely being facetious. I know that you weren't molesting me, and I don't mind your curiosity," he states as he lets her go, and moves to meet her gaze. Sookie is still pissed off, but she can't stay mad at him, so she redirects it to someone else.

"You hung around Eric for too long. His perversion must have rubbed off on you," she says grumpily as she looks into Godric's slightly moistened eyes. Apparently, he was laughing so hard that he nearly started crying, if his wet and red tinged eyelashes are anything to go by. For some reason, that pisses Sookie off more. Stupid Eric ruining perfectly good people!

"I know that he can be hard to handle at times, but you're much too hard on my progeny," Godric responds, seamlessly, as though he read Sookie's mind. By this point, Sookie is used to it, and is more focused on letting Godric know just what his progeny has been up to. Clearly, he's wearing the darkest shade of rose-colored glasses in existence!

"I'm being too hard on him? Really?" Sookie asks incredulously, but doesn't give Godric a chance to respond.

"No, if anything, I'm not being hard enough! Eric has been relentless in his advances since the first time I met him even though he knows that I'm with Bill. In fact, he openly undressed me with his eyes with Bill standing right there, and had the nerve to ask him whether he was attached to me! Then, he commands me to spy on people, which has almost gotten me killed, twice. Did I mention that he tricked me into sucking his neck and chest, and drinking his blood?" She adds, and by the time she stops talking, Godric has his hand resting over his face, mainly his eyes, and is shaking his head.

"Eric, Eric, Eric. Why do you shame me so?" He mumbles, and if he had a steady blood flow, his face would rival the wild cherries he used to pick when he was a human boy. As things are now, he doesn't know whether to laugh at, or scold and strangle his child. However, before he can decide on anything, he must deal with Sookie.

"I see your point, and I admit that Eric has some… unsavory qualities. Nevertheless, he has many more virtuous traits that easily outweigh them, which is why I turned him," Godric finally replies, and once he sees Sookie tentatively listening to his defense, he continues.

"After my encounter with Sanika, I was racked with mind-numbing loneliness that had come from centuries upon centuries of solitude. Therefore, I began actively looking for a candidate to turn, a companion. The moment I saw Eric, I knew that my search was over. He was loud, boisterous, proud, loved, respected, and most of all, had an insanely high passion for life and everything that came with it, money, women, ale, battle, prosperity… He was everything that I wasn't all the way down to our appearances, and it fascinated me.

You see, in my time, the age of adulthood wasn't as cut and dry as it is now. It was linked more to status and heritage, and it was quite visible. People like me were often diminutive in size and stature, and may not be considered adults until they had lived nearly two decades, while people of noble or royal blood with great wealth were statuesque, and were usually deemed adults at the onset of reproduction. Considering that Eric was a prince, he…" Godric adds, before being promptly cut off.

"Eric was a prince?" Sookie exclaims in disbelieve, with the question, 'Prince of what?' clearly written across her face. Godric is tempted to say, "Of charming, of course," but decides that now is not the time. So, he maintains his seriousness a little while longer.

"Yes, he comes from a long lineage of kings, and would have obtained that title himself had he proven himself sooner. Unfortunately, he was childish and irresponsible due to his pampered upbringing, and preferred to spend his time carousing and indulging in women, so his father refused to relinquish his title. However, once his family was cut down in front of him, he renounced his status, and channeled his passion into protecting his former lands and increasing the prosperity of his people. Eventually, he became renowned for taking on the common man's problem, and battling amongst his men on the front lines, which was unheard of for a royal. In fact, everything about him was unorthodox, which led to him being known far and wide for his valiance and charisma, as well as for his high indulgence in mortal sin, which is why I was so taken by him.

When I came across Eric and his men, it was just after a battle, and they were loudly discussing their victories, as well as their current and future plans. By the night's end, and after hanging on to every word of their conversation, I was determined to turn Eric. However, after spending weeks waiting on the perfect opportunity, and watching all that he was, I couldn't do it. It seemed sacrilegious to snuff out the embodiment of life, and replace it with this miserable thing that I call existence, so I just contented myself with shadowing his movements, and watching from afar. This lasted for several months, only changing the night before one of Eric's last and greatest battles.

On that night, he gave a speech to his men, and I could feel the shift in the air. He said that he appreciated their service, that they would forever be considered one of his own, and even though he couldn't guarantee that they would make it out alive, they would be returned to their families in some form as long as there was breath in his body. That vow is what led to his death.

From the very beginning of the battle, Eric and his men were outnumbered two to one, and most of his men were average fighters, at best. Yet, Eric's skill exceeded all on the battlefield, which led to them pulling off a narrow victory. Needless to say, Eric's numbers were severely decreased, and one of his men's bodies, Yrian's I recall, was drug off, before he could reclaim him. In those days, it was common to dismember your fallen enemies, and scatter the pieces around your town or village in celebration, so Eric and the remaining members of his group, immediately went after them. They tracked them nearly 20 miles away from the initial battleground, and engaged them once more. Eric was cut down several times, yet he wouldn't give up until he acquired that body.

That bloody fight lasted well into the night, and didn't stop until nearly both sets of men were dead. Somehow, Eric barely remained standing, and his men pleaded that he seek medical attention, but he wanted to return the body first. Skilled doctors were in the opposite direction of Yrian's home, and Eric felt that Yrian's family deserved to see him as he died, and not decomposed "to hell," while he got operated on.

Therefore, they started the 30-mile trek to Yrian's home, and by the time the body was buried, Eric was too weak to stand or walk. He told his men to leave him to the wolves, but they refused, and literally drug him for several miles, before calling it a night. I followed along in the trees, and was greatly conflicted about what to do. Even though it was clear that Eric would die on that night, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to curse him in this way. Could a person that enjoyed their existence so much that they laughed and joked with their final moments really be happy living the way that I do? I couldn't answer that question, so I decided to give him a choice.

Quickly, I dispatched his last surviving men, because I knew that their presence would influence him one way or another, and I needed him to be levelheaded when making his decision. Immediately, he looked up at me in arrogance and disdain, and though I could smell his blood running cold, he blankly asked me was I death, and had I killed his men. I told him yes to both questions, and he promptly called me a swine. I didn't fully understand human sentiment, so not only was I taken aback that he still had so much fight left in him, I was slightly nervous that my actions had damaged my proposition. So, I tried to compliment him on his fighting skill, but he wasn't impressed with that either. He just replied that he wish he could fight me, and asked what was I waiting for in killing him. Somehow, a dying, mortal man had intimidated me, and I was left speechless. I shuffled around nervously for a few moments, before finding the courage to ask for his consent. By the time I had gotten it, he was taking his last breath. If I had of waited a second longer, Eric would have truly died that night, which is unimaginable to me. He truly is my greatest creation, and the one thing that I don't regret," Godric states, and both him and Sookie fall into silence, digesting it all. Then, he begins once more.

"At first, I was afraid that he would be just a shell of his former self like many vampires were, but his personality was so large that it spilled over into his death. My emotions were buried deep within me, yet his were just regressed below his level of understanding, making him an enigma to every vampire and human that he has ever met. I guarantee you that you will never meet a vampire with his sense of humor, sense of justice, virtuousness and overall passion for existing. It's as if he figured out some great secret that all of us search for without even trying. Unfortunately, his other characteristics followed, being highlighted by his somewhat muted conscience. But, that's just Eric. For all of his faults, you'll never find a human or vampire as loyal he is," Godric adds. Sookie thinks it over for a moment, and almost buys it, but then she remembers exactly whom she's talking to.

"Alright, I may have been a little tough on Eric, but you have to admit that you're a little biased. You're his maker, and he practically worships the ground you walk on. Of course, he's loyal to you. He'll never do anything to deceive you, and you can practically do no wrong in his eyes. Us mere mortals, on the other hand, are not as lucky," Sookie states, and before she can even finish talking, Godric is laughing loudly in shocked mirth, eyes filling with bloody tears. Sookie doesn't get what's so funny, and is about to speak on it, but Godric beats her to it.

"That's what you think? Amazing! …No, I assure you that that is quite far from the truth. I do admit that Eric and I are uncannily close for a maker and progeny due to how heavily we relied on each other, and how long we stayed together, but I can definitely do wrong in his eyes. In fact, I think having to deal with me is what made him wait to become a maker for so long. You see, after spending so much time alone, I developed quite a few peculiar traits, such as talking to myself in public and being less hygienic than tolerable…" Godric begins, and Sookie's face scrunches up in utter disgust, causing the vampire to nod and laugh.

"Yes, that's the exact face that Eric made. I had gone out on a hunt, and didn't even attempt to bathe for almost a week afterwards, so he attacked me with a grooming brush, a bar of soap and a bucket of water. He nearly scrubbed all of my tattoos off, which was so peculiar to me. But, then again, Eric has always been very effeminate about hygiene, amongst other things, such as his rest. I figured this out about a month after I turned him. I wasn't used to having a companion, so I recall loudly conversing with myself, only to be lambasted with several pillows for nearly an entire minute as Eric shouted obscenities at me. There was also that fiasco when I visited my first vampire bar, and I don't mean the establishments that are around today. The bars I speak of had vampires as the patrons," Godric informs, and Sookie looks on in puzzlement, waiting for an explanation. Quickly, she gets one.

"I've already told you how we target humans that eat particular foods. Well, the then new generation of vampires, Eric's generation, discovered that they could acquire the effects of alcohol by drinking the blood of drunken humans. This led to many vampire establishments opening up directly next door to human bars. Once the humans were inebriated, they were lured over, and placed on the menu. Fifty-proof to a vampire is a human with a blood alcohol level of .50, which is usually the highest that you can find, and what Eric prefers. However, at the time, we older vampires didn't know that this was going on, and I only found out because I found Eric intoxicated, and questioned whether he was sneaking, and drinking ale again," Godric states, and instantly relives that night.

"Look, I know that you are my maker, and are more powerful than most of our kind, but there are still some things that even you don't understand. They know me in the place we're going to, but they don't know you, and will probably test you due to your age. But, if follow my lead, you should be fine," Eric states, and Godric raises his eyebrow in arrogance and slight disdain. He doesn't know what makes Eric think that he can't handle some adolescent vampires, but he would be happy to remind him of what he's made of.

Therefore, he says nothing as they approach a brick building with a metal door. A young vampire, 50 years old at best, looks out of a slot, hollers something about an E-North, and then lets them in. The minute they walk in, Godric is bombarded with the scent of blood, alcohol and sex, and he is not impressed. Eric, however, is right at home, and immediately orders a drink, before joining a dice game, leaving the older vampire to his own devices.

For an hour or so, Godric just watches everything happening around him, staring in amazement at how the younger vampires have evolved. Then, out of nowhere, he is handed a shot of putrid blood by a super young, grinning vampire.

"Here you go, old timer. No charge," he says, and though Godric has no desire to drink it, he feels the challenge, and his curiosity gets the best of him, so he downs it in one go. Instantly, he feels that something is off, but it doesn't set in for another 20 minutes, or so.

"Hey, E-North, isn't that your maker out there?" The young, heavyset doorman from before asks, causing Eric to get up to look outside, and see what has captured everybody's attention. He regrets it immediately.

"What. The. Fuck," he mutters as he looks out the tinted window, and sees Godric darting from building top to building top, stripped bare. Within nanoseconds, the bar is filled with uproarious laughter, thoroughly pissing Eric off. Before he can catch himself, he has the young bartender collared-up.

"Did you give him something?" Eric growls out, yet the bartender is laughing too hard to speak properly.

"Yeah… I gave him… I gave him a double-shot… a double-shot of 50-proof… But, I didn't think it would do THAT to him!" He replies while laughing, only to laugh harder once he completes his statement. Eric just lets him go, angrily, nearly shrugging off the hand on his shoulder.

"Shit, man, I think you need to go fetch your maker, before he gets staked out there. Do you want me to hold you a spot?" The doorman asks, yet Eric just keeps his stare on the swiftly darting, nude vampire outside.

"No, this is going to take all night," Eric replies calm, yet dryly.

"It literally took him an entire evening to capture me, and it was only at the threat of being wrapped in silver chains did I remain in one spot," Godric informs, and Sookie is just shaking her head with her mouth agape, and a hint of a smile in her eyes.

"There never is a dull moment with you around, is there? I mean, you're like insane," she declares, causing Godric's eyes to greatly widen, and his eyebrows to rise up near his hairline. He then bites his lower lip, before cutting his eyes away from her face, making Sookie question what he's thinking.

"Now, I feel like I have to defend myself," Godric states, after turning back to her with a shy and embarrassed smile. Sookie returns it, and Godric quickly starts speaking.

"I know that I may sound like a lunatic when all of my… antics are discussed in a short period of time, but these events happened over the course of several centuries. For the most part, I was guiding Eric along, and trying to figure out who and what I was. Therefore, I wouldn't do anything… insane for long stretches of time, usually once every fifty years, or so. Eric, on the other hand, needed to be watched daily," he explains, and Sookie considers this for a moment. It reminds her of National Geographic, and the heavy editing that takes place to make it entertaining. She once read that the poor videographers usually spent months on location to get ten minutes of footage. Ha, she would not compare her vampire friends to wildlife, nope. At that declaration, she moves on to her next thought, which concerns how swiftly Godric just sold Eric out. He spent all of that time talking him up, and once he took on too much, he promptly threw him back under the bus. Okay, she sees how it is.

Once Godric notices that Sookie's laughing, he quickly gathers that it's at his expense, and is puzzled by what could have caused it. He runs over his words, and finds no humor in them. He then wonders if she laughing at something he said earlier, but no, he knows when he's being mocked, and this is definitely it. So, he feels that he has to start talking in order to quell her mirth.

"The point I was making is that Eric and I's relationship didn't come out of a box like this. What you see now spent a millennium in the making, and though there is great respect between us, Eric still thinks I'm strange. He quite bluntly told me as much, about three or four centuries ago when I made the mistake of asking what he thought of me. I believe his exact words were, 'Honestly, I think that you're weird as hell.' He then turned back to the scroll he was engrossed in, and left me standing there feeling quite foolish. I wasn't expecting that much truth, but I should have, because that's just Eric. He may be a bit deceptive at times, but you'll always know where you stand with him, which is a priceless privilege.

More importantly, though Eric has an opinion on most things, he doesn't judge. He takes people as they are, quirks and all, leaving you feeling comfortable enough to be yourself, even if you may not know exactly who that person is, yet. Understand that most progeny would have forsaken me at the first opportunity, because there was nothing endearing about me. I was a man-child hybrid that was 1000 years removed from civilization, and was as wild as any mindless animal. Yet, Eric stuck by me, and though I would catch him staring at me and shaking his head at times, for the most part, he just let me be. If I am to be completely honest, I would not have survived this many years without him. I was estranged from society for over a hundred decades, and had to completely relearn how to coexist with other intelligent life forms. It was a daunting task, but Eric went above and beyond. Most progeny stay with their makers for two centuries, at most. Eric and I didn't part ways until after World War II, well over 900 years past his initial death," Godric concludes.

Slowly, Sookie takes it all in, and turns it over several times. She analyzes what she's learned about Eric's human life, compares it to his actions in death, and then reflects on her experiences with him thus far. She still deems him a sneaky, dirty pervert, but she also realizes that perhaps, there is more to him. For the first time ever, she's curious about Eric the man, instead of Bill's sheriff, or the lustful vampire that wanted to claim her for sport. In light of all that has happened here, will things change between her and Eric? Could they truly be friends once they get back to Louisiana? Speaking of which…

"You say that you and Eric parted ways after the Second World War. How do you feel about being back with him after all these years? Shreveport is a lot different from Dallas, and vampires are still a bit of a novelty in the area, especially in Bon Temps. Do you think you can handle it?" Sookie asks, and Godric flashes a Cheshire Cat grin, all teeth exposed.

"I've lapped this world more times than I can count, so I'm sure that there is no place that I can't handle. The architecture changes, but it's always the same. The only thing that makes it feel new is the change in people. You greatly interest me, so I'm looking forward to meeting the people that come from your environment," he replies with enthusiasm, and Sookie can't bring herself to tell him that not everyone in Louisiana is like her. In fact, most people are exactly the opposite of her. Sadly, she figures, he'll discover that.

"Well, I hope that it's everything that you want it to be. If not, at least you'll have Eric, Pam and myself around to keep you company," Sookie states, and Godric looks at her inquisitively, making her speak once more.

"What? You didn't think that after flying out here, and risking my life to find you, that I would just let you slip through the cracks, did you? No way, sir, I'm keeping my eye on you. You've proven, and I have personally witnessed, the fact that you get into trouble when left alone. Therefore, the three of us will just have to watch you in shifts," she teases, and though Godric tilts his head in question at first, he slowly puts on an innocent smile.

"I don't think you're ready for that challenge. I gave Eric hell," he counters with a look of sheer deviousness, making Sookie feel for the taller, younger vampire. However, she will not let Godric intimidate her.

"Oh yeah? Try me," Sookie challenges with a mock glare as she leans forward slightly. Somehow, she winds up in a staring contest, and though it is immensely childish, she desperately wants to win. But, how does one outstare something that is practically deceased? This is the question that she must answer, and considering the fact that Godric is being as still as death, it's proving to be daunting. No, it's impossible. This is proven when Sookie's lips curve upward, breaking her stance, and making her laugh. Almost instantly, Godric returns to life, and shares in her amusement. The immaturity of it all is what spurs on the laughter, making them both question their ages. That's it, it's settled. No one will know that that actually happened. The last thing that either of them needs is for their maturity levels to come into question. Certain people already have very strong opinions about that as it is.

"Alright, enough of that. What's the plan?" Sookie asks, while letting her mirth subside. Godric wipes his eyes, and then slowly settles into seriousness.

"Depending on what information is revealed today, I will merely touch bases with Isabelle, and then turn it over to her. I wish that I could be of more service, but she is determined to settle this on her own, which I really can't debate. My kind is aggressive and combative by nature, so they need to see that she is strong. If I overstep my boundaries, and offer too much assistance, it will only harm her in the end," he states, and then lets out a tired sigh. His eyes flick to the blackout panels, and Sookie quickly gathers where his mind is.

"It's getting late, Godric. You should sleep. I've kept you up long enough," she says as she lifts herself off the bed. However, Godric doesn't appear to notice, his face turning contemplative.

"Sookie, promise me that you will not leave this room. I shall awaken around 4:00pm, and the remaining interviews will begin at 4:30pm. Until then, please don't leave this suite," he requests in utter seriousness, sending a cold chill down Sookie's spine. She doesn't know what switched, but she knows better than to question the intuition of a 2000-year-old vampire. He didn't live that long being stupid, even if he acted as if he was, at times.

"I swear I won't," Sookie states, and with a slight nod of recognition, Godric sleeps for the day.


Sookie is beyond thankful that she listened to Godric, earlier. As it turns out, a vampire that was just shy of Eric's age, nicknamed Insidious, had been the mastermind behind the coup, and was willing to do anything to keep that fact under wraps. He had been looking for Sookie throughout the day, enduring a bleed in hopes of taking her out. However, Sookie was none the wiser until she interviewed the final 18 human companions, with the last one providing the key information. Insidious was promptly staked approximately 20 minutes ago, yet Sookie is still shivering at the level of hatred she saw in his eyes. They had held the promise of great torture up until the point that they dissolved in a rush of decaying blood.

"I appreciate all of your help, sheriff. I will be certain to maintain everything that you have accomplished, and hopefully, move forward with your original plans," Isabelle states, with her new second-in-command, Naimah, standing beside her. Godric assesses them both for a moment, and then responds, without any significant reaction.

"Isabelle, I am no longer your sheriff. This is your city now, and I am certain that you will govern it with both strength and compassion. Rule it as you see fit," he responds, and then gives her a rare half-smile. Isabelle seems a bit startled by it, but quickly recovers with a gracious smile of her own.

"Thank you… Godric," she replies, and Godric nods in acknowledgement. Meanwhile, Sookie is stunned by how reserved Godric is with Isabelle. Actually, now that she thinks of it, he's like that with everyone in public, which makes her wonder why he opened up so much with her. Is he like that with all humans in private, or is she special? If she is special, then why?

"I booked a flight for us that leaves at 1:30am. Our shuttle will arrive just after midnight, and we should arrive in Shreveport by 2:30am, 3:00am at the latest. Due to the time of our arrival, I will personally drive you to Bon Temps, and should have more than enough time to get back to Fangtasia before sunrise. Come by any time next week, and I will have your payment," Eric speaks, breaking Sookie's cycle of thoughts. She unconsciously turns to him out of the custom of looking at someone when being conversed with, and for the first time, really sees him. She deemed him attractive at their first meeting, but it never went beyond that. He was just a pretty face with a terrible personality. However, now that she knew he had some depth, she was curious about him as a person.

Eric instantly notices the intense gaze, causing him to quirk his eyebrow. It doesn't take long to realize that Godric has been talking again, which is fine by him. He's just irritated that he doesn't know what was said, so he can't spin it and use it to his advantage. Damn, a perfect opportunity ruined by carelessly. His maker had to know that he would have wanted this information. A furtive glance at Godric reveals him to be staring at Eric in wry amusement. Eric lifts his brow slightly, yet Godric just slightly shakes his head in the negative, causing the younger male to discreetly role his eyes skyward. Sookie misses most of this, but sees enough to know that something is taking place. With both index fingers extended, one at each male, she crosses her arms, switching hands, yet maintaining the point.

"Alright, what's going on here?" She asks in suspicion, which only grows when they both say nothing at the same time. Immediately, her eyes narrow, and she lowers her shields in a fruitless attempt to get some answers. At the perpetual silence, she only gets frustrated, making Eric laugh. Godric quickly steps in.

"Now that we all know the plan, I say that we disperse and prepare so that we don't miss our flight. Eric, insure that my belongings have already departed for Shreveport," he states, and Eric recognizes it for the dismissal that it is. Begrudgingly, he leaves without testing how perceptive Sookie is to him, currently, but he promises to do just that in the very near future. The moment his head bends the corner, Sookie turns to Godric.

"Alright, what was that? Don't tell me nothing, because I know that it was something," she says, and then impatiently waits for a response. Godric just smiles softly, and replies, "Eric being Eric."

Oddly, those three words quell her curiosity, and they return to the room that they spent holed up in for the greater part of last night and today. Sookie has only stayed in the room for two days, but it feels a bit like home, and she doesn't understand why. But, she can't think on it, because she has to pack away her few possessions. It would be just her luck to forget something important all the way in another state. Eric may have a thing for her, but she is certain that he wouldn't pay for a plane ticket just so that she can collect her forgotten house keys. Ah, good ole Bon Temps. She's happy she's going home, but…

"You know, it's unfortunate that I didn't get to explore this place. I don't know when I'll leave Louisiana again, so I wanted to make a bit of a vacation out of this trip, and Dallas seems like a beautiful city... Oh well, I did what I came to do. It's time to go home," Sookie rambles a bit, and then sighs. There was no use crying over spilled milk, and she was kind of taking home a souvenir with her. What more could she ask for?

"There is still time to see a bit of the city," Godric declares, and a quick scan of the clock leaves Sookie shaking her head in the negative.

"There's only a bit over an hour left, and I still have a few things to pack. Leaving would it cut too close, and I don't want to miss the shuttle. It's fine as it is. I'm happy with my work here," she responds, and almost squeaks at the blur zipping around her. Just when she was starting to get dizzy, it stops moving, and she sees that all of her belongings are neatly packed away, and the room is so clean that it looks as though a cleaning crew just visited.

"There is always time for a vampire," Godric states slyly, and before Sookie can reply, he picks her up and zooms out the door. Sookie feels as though her head is hanging out of a car window on the freeway, but can't find the breath to say so as she if forced to contend with air currents, velocity and gravity. Hazes of lights meld and go shooting by her, and she wonders if this is what it feels like to be on drugs. If so, count her out.

"We're almost there," Godric says casually, as though he is taking a relaxing stroll. Considering that Sookie is sporting a new variant of the Sandusky, it just irritates her, making her tense.

"Relax. Take in everything around you," Godric adds with a laugh. Initially, Sookie wants to tell him off a bit for making such a dumb request, but she decides to at least attempt it. So, after taking a deep breath, she forces her squinted eyes open a little more, and try to "take it all in." For a moment, there's only blurs, but in time, whole images start taking place. It's similar to the adjustments that your eyes make when entering a dark room. However, a dark room is nowhere near as intriguing as what Sookie's seeing.

Flash by flash, she gathers mental snapshots of people's lives, and as she flicks from an embracing couple to a teary-eyed kid to a group of laughing friends, she fully grasps how short and how important a single moment can be in a human lifetime. That couple was embracing after an accepted proposal, the kid was crying because he dropped his freshly made ice cream, and those friends were laughing in understanding that this may be the final time that they are all together before dispersing for college. It makes Sookie think back on her own set of moments. There are so many that she's wasted, but the ones at the forefront of her mind are all from precious times that only the ailment of Alzheimer's disease could steal. With that thought, and for the first time ever, Sookie truly feels connected to the human race, and that makes her feel so alive.

"Faster," she finally commands, and feels more so than hears Godric laugh. In a fraction of a second, he doubles his speed, and this time, the blurs are welcome.


"I used to come here just after nightfall and stay until the sun had nearly risen. You can see the entire city from here, and just feel the life within it. More importantly, you can safely remove yourself from society to think, but as you can see from all of the commotion below, you're never in danger of forgetting that you're a part of it. I call it my favorite contradiction," Godric states calmly, yet Sookie is nervously staying very near to him. They are on top of the Bank of America Plaza, some 70 stories above the ground, and Sookie has never been a fan of heights. However, she has to admit that the city is beautiful.

"What do you think about up here? How long have you been people watching?" Sookie asks as she just barely peeks over the edge. Her stomach instantly drops, and she quickly moves to stand near the center of the platform. Godric watches her antics, and then grabs her around the waist, before she can retreat. He then situates her next him, feet dangling over the edge, with an arm wrapped tentatively around her to keep her securely in place. Sookie is surprised by how casually he touches her, but now that she's not in constant fear of falling to her death, she lets the city's beauty take her mind off it.

"I've been coming here since this building was built. Usually, when I'm up here, I think about what's the point of all this, and why are any of us here. Those questions usually deteriorate into me wondering what's the point of a point, and where does that point begin. Then, finally, I question just how much more is this world going to change, will I be a part of it, and do I even want to be a part of it? I don't know the answer to any of those questions, and haven't even been given a hint, but I ask them anyway," Godric finally speaks, fixated on the cars honking and seemingly racing down below. Sookie joins him in his gaze, and as she witnesses what human life has become from afar, she contemplates the preposterousness of it all. So many moments went into making this city what it is, and that many more are currently being spent on maintaining this lifestyle, yet no one thinks of those things when it really matters. When a person is faced with death, they go to their vault of precious moments, and relive them as quickly as they can, and Sookie can't help but to wonder what her Gran had relived. Did she think of her and Jason? Was she happy that she would see her dead husband and kids? Or, was she just scared that some crazed man that she had trusted was ending her life? Sookie can't even guess, but she vows that she's going to make her collection of cherished moments grow. Without those, what is the point of this?

"You know, I envy your kind. With everything that has gone on through the years, humans have somehow created quite an intricate distraction for themselves. Yet, those of us with the longest lives haven't even been able to accomplish that," Godric states mindlessly, lost in a trance as he peers at the flashing lights of the city. Sookie keeps her gaze on the brightness as well, but she shakes her head in a negative fashion, answering just as mechanically.

"It's that very thing that I dislike most about us. Instead of becoming better people, we use this as proof that we have evolved, when we really haven't changed at all. As a telepath, I see humans as they really are, and I can assure you that we are still just as brutal as we have always been. I learned that early on when I met my best friend, who's black. Some of the things that people thought about her were worse than any racial insult that I've ever heard quoted in any movie. Yet, they thought it with a pleasant smile on their faces. To me, that's worse than the past, because at least then you knew where you stood with people. Now, it's like trying to identify a wolf in sheep's clothing, and sometimes, you only get one chance to get it right," she responds, causing Godric to furrow his brow. He quickly compares and contrasts the vicious natures of vampires and humans, and can only shake his head in confusion and disdain.

"Why are we all so terrible to each other?" He asks in bewilderment, and then turns to Sookie as if she has the answer. Godric has a look of unmasked puzzlement decorating his face, making him look extraordinarily young, and Sookie's own lack of comprehension makes her feel just as juvenile.

"I wish that I knew the answer to that, then maybe I can do something to change things. But, most of us get so caught up in existing that we forget how to live," Sookie replies, and then falls into silence for a few moments, eyes slowly darting around the cityscape.

"I'm glad that I came here," she adds, and Godric assumes that she means the Bank of America Plaza, but Sookie just shakes her head, "no."

"This is a beautiful view, and I'm glad that I was able to see it, but I'm more grateful that I came to Dallas, overall. I think that I was becoming the very thing that I hate, and needed to escape my world in order to put things into perspective. More importantly, I'm glad that I met you. I've never met or listened in on anyone like you, and I doubt I ever will," she declares, and Godric's eyes widen in shock. He then looks around, shuffling slightly, and Sookie realizes that's how he handles nervousness. However, as soon as that thought is completed, Godric meets her gaze once more.

"In light of the fact that I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you, I must say that the pleasure is all mine," he states, and Sookie can't help but to smile at him.

"Are you ready to take on Shreveport?" She asks jokingly, while looking down her nose at him, causing Godric to grin. He then laughs lightly, before turning to look at his former city once more.

"I've had many good times here, but it's time for a change. I'm ready for Shreveport, but I don't think Shreveport is ready for me," he replies in jest. Quickly, he and Sookie both commit this view of Dallas to memory, and with nothing more to say, they blitz back to Hotel Camille, closing this chapter, and unknowingly, opening another one.