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The confrontation

A new flow of tears appeared on Elena's face, her shoulders trembling lightly…her brown eyes met Stefan's green ones.

"Stefan…I'm sorry…I'm so, so sorry…" she started, unsure.

Stefan quickly closed the space between them, taking the shaking girl in his arms.

"Elena, what happened? What did Damon do…did he hurt you?" he asked.

She opened her mouth to answer, but no words came out.

"He hurt you…" Stefan shouted when he saw the bruises on her arms, "…I'm going to kill him!" he said, letting her go.

"Stefan, stop! He didn't…he didn't hurt me," Elena said.

"You're not wearing your necklace."

"I'm…what?" she asked.

"Your necklace, Elena, where is it? Who compelled you?"

Elena was now looking at Stefan with sadness in her eyes. She wanted to run away and never look back…she wanted to go blind so she'd be unable to see the hurt look on his face.

"Stefan, no one compelled me…" she said weakly. She walked by her desk and took something out of a drawer. She walked back to him and placed a small object in the palm of his hand.

He looked down and saw the locker she was supposed to always have around her neck.

"I drank vervain. I took off the necklace because Katherine doesn't have one and I needed to be her for a while…I'm sorry, Stefan. I know I disappointed you, hurt you…and it kills me…I'm…I'm a horrible person…"

"Why?" Stefan asked.

Elena was now looking at the floor, unable to look him in the eyes. She wanted to tell him she's been forced to do it or that it had been the biggest mistake of her life and beg for forgiveness…she wanted to tell him she still loved him more than anything (or anyone) in the world and that it would always be him…but she would be lying…

"I needed to know…if…if there's something more than friendship between Damon and me," she answered.

"And…" he pushed.

"And there is…" she whispered.

"Elena, why didn't you tell me you felt all those things?"

"Because I didn't want to feel them…I wanted them to go away. I thought that if I pretended they were not there, they would vanish eventually…" she took a deep breath before continuing, "…but they didn't…they got worse…consuming me…I wanted, no I needed to know" she took a few steps backwards. "Look Stefan, I know you put this label on me…made me up to be this perfect girl that can do no wrong…but the truth is that, I'm just human and I'm far from perfect. I misspell simple words, I always confuse the words 'we'll' and 'will', I forget things, I can't read maps, I don't always know what I want and I don't always do the right thing."

Stefan tried to approach her, but she pulled back.

"Please, Stefan…I need space. I'm scared, confused and overwhelmed. I need to clear my head."

Stefan just looked at her for a few moments and then, without a word, he took off.

She got back to the bed and let herself fall on it. She noticed that he left the small locker on her pillow. She took it in her hand and looked at it like she was seeing it for the first time. She remembered the day Stefan gave it to her…to protect her against Damon…how ironic. The noise by the window forced her back from her trip down memory lane.

"Stefan, I told you I…" she stopped as soon as she saw that it wasn't Stefan who was standing in front of her.

"Why did you do it?" he asked.


"Did someone compel you?" he asked, noticing the locker in her hand.

"No, no…" she said, shaking her head.

"Then why, Elena? Enlighten me, cause I don't understand!"

"Remember that night when you came to see me, drunk and upset? When you told me that there was something between us?"

"Unfortunately, yes…"

"Well, so do I…and…ever since it happened, those words kept playing in my mind, driving me crazy. I just…I wanted to prove you were wrong…"

"By sleeping with me pretending to be Katherine?" Damon shouted.

"I…I thought you wouldn't have gone for it if you had known it was me."


"Yeah, yeah, I know…I'm not who you thought I was. I am in fact just another copy of Katherine. You can hate me, it's ok, it's not like I can blame you. You like good, loyal, caring and selfless Elena…just like Stefan does! Well, I guess I'm not so perfect after all…" Elena said and took a few steps closer to Damon. "Before you go on and hate me forever, can you do something for me?" she asked.

"You know I can't refuse you…" he said and she smiled at him.

"I want you to kiss me…me, Elena, not Katherine!"

He looked at her, confused for what seemed to Elena like a long time before he closed the remaining distance between them. He wrapped his arm around her waist, his head lowering towards hers slowly. She smelled so good…for a second there, Damon thought he was dreaming, but he decided it didn't matter anyway…

"I think I knew it was you all along…your taste, the way you felt, the way you made me feel…I was just afraid that, if I told you I knew, you'd back off…" Damon said.

"I probably would've backed off…" she admitted.

He kissed the corner of her mouth and her heart started beating faster. He raised his hand and placed it on her chest.

"God, I can't believe I missed that…"

"You didn't…I had Caroline compel me into staying calm no matter what," she said.

"That explains it."

His next kiss was on her bottom lip, making her open her mouth as an invitation. His tongue slid inside and found hers…his kiss got deeper and she stuck her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer. She arched her back and pushed her hips forward and he growled.

When the kiss ended, Elena was gasping for air.

"Damon…I…I think I love you…" she said weakly.

"This feels like a dream…" Damon said.

"I can assure you it's not. I never get this nervous in a dream."

"I make you nervous?"

"God, Damon, couldn't you tell? My heartbeat would go crazy every time you were close to me…"

"I thought you were scared of me…"

"No, no, Damon, I was never scared of you…" she said her thumb caressing his face, "…for some twisted reason I always knew in my heart that I'm safe with you. There was always something between us…"

"Yeah…an understanding…" Damon continued.

"Oh, it's more than that…here, I'll show it to you," she said, taking his head between her palms and kissing him as if she had waited a lifetime to do it…and maybe she had…maybe she was born just to kiss him….

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