Chapter Two

The whole town of Greenboro learned of Casey's death the same day. The mall was surrounded with police and large news vans. When it got dark, the sheriff held a press conference stating that they're searching for the killer but there were no leads to any suspects yet.

Seventeen year old Beth Armstrong learned of the death just as she was finishing her job at the local book store. Two girls whom she had seen around at school had come in and she had overheard them talking about it. Beth hadn't known Casey very well even though she was in some of her classes at Greenboro High.

She felt saddened by the death and also a little scared at the fact the killer was still out there, lurking in the shadows of Greenboro.

Upon waiting for her cab outside of the book store on the beautiful, warm summer's night, she took out her iPhone and called her mother.

"Hey, mom, that's my shift over, I'm just waiting for a cab . . . Yeah, I heard . . . It's the whole reason I'm taking a cab. Not walking anywhere at this time of night alone . . . Okay, bye." Beth put the phone away in her bag as the cab pulled up the pavement.

Beth was happy to get home. As soon as she did she raced up stairs and dressed herself in her comfortable blue pyjamas. Standing in front of the full length mirror, she tied up her white blonde hair in a tight pony tail and then went down stairs.

Her mom was in the kitchen, making them dinner.

"How was work?" her mom asked.

"It was okay. Mrs. Prescott keeps it far too warm in the store though. It gets especially bad on hot days like today." Beth sat down at the breakfast bar.

Beth's mom started to spoon some tuna pasta onto their plates and then joined her daughter at the table.

"I just can't get my mind off of what happened to that poor girl today. In front of hundreds of people. And the thing that really strikes me is that no one even saw how it happened." Mrs. Armstrong began to dig into her food.

"Was it a suicide?" Beth asked before stuffing her face with delicious pasta.

Mrs. Armstrong shook her head. "No. Witnesses said that it looked like she was thrown over the railing."

"Oh. What a nasty way to go." Beth said and continued to eat her dinner.

The week went by fairly quickly and there were still no suspects of Casey's killer. Beth sat on her bed with her laptop in front of her, talking to her friends on Facebook. 'Hold It Against Me' by Britney Spears was blaring form iPod docking station on her dresser.

"Another boring Saturday night for me . . . actually looking forward to school starting in a couple of weeks ! :P"

Beth typed away on her laptop. Soon she was getting comments on her status. Everyone agreed. They all wanted to go back to school too. Summer in Greenboro was boring.

The phone rang.

Sighing, she reached over on the bed and picked up the receiver on her bedside table.

"Hello?" Beth said.

On the other end was the sound of heavy breathing. It made goosebumps raise on her bare arms.

". . . Hello?" Beth said again, with an agitated tone in her sweet voice.

". . . Die!" A voice then rasped, startling Beth. Then whoever it was hung up.

Beth pulled the phone away from ear and looked at it in disgust. She placed it on the charging dock with another sigh.

Just then, a thousand notifications were popping up on her Facebook, slowing down her laptop and almost crashing it.

When the notifications stopped, she clicked on her status which they had been posted on.

Her mouth dropped when she saw what they said, by someone called "Greenboro Killer".

"Die!" all twenty of them said.

A few people started to comment.

Tamara Norton said, "That's fucking sick!"

Rianna Buckley said, "Creep!"

Brandon DeWitt said, "Sick asshole! Who posts something like that and calls themselves 'Greenboro Killer'?"

Then 'Greenboro Killer' posted a comment. " 'Hold It Against Me', I love that song!"

Beth gasped and shut the laptop down right away and pushed it away from her on the bed. She was alone in the house tonight. Her parents were at a fancy restaurant in town with her mother's work friends.

She hugged her bare legs. Her blonde hair swept over her shoulders. Tonight she wore a white tank top, grey sports shorts and white tube socks. Even though it was warm and the windows in her room were open, she shivered.

Who was the 'Greenboro Killer' guy? Was it just some practical joke? But how did he know what music she was listening to.

'Hold It Against Me' ended and 'Something To Die For' by The Sounds started.

Just then, she heard some sort of clatter from down stairs. She was too afraid to move. Maybe it was her parents and they had come without her noticing.

Jumping from her bed, she opened her bedroom door and stood against the jamb. "Mom? Dad?" she called down the stairs. Large thundering footsteps were now coming up the stairs. She began to shake and then he appeared at the end of the hall. He was tall, wearing a long black coat, black boots, black jeans, black gloves and a mask that gave her nightmares when she was a kid. The Ghostface mask from the movie, 'Scream'.

"Who -" Beth's voice quavered. Then she saw the sharp knife, clutched in one of the gloved hands. It was also the knife that the killer used in 'Scream'.

Beth screamed and ran backwards into her room. She slammed the door shut and locked it. 'Something To Die For' continued.

Outside, the guy dressed in black slammed himself against the door. He took his knife and began to stab through it. Beth screamed some more and scrambled over her bed, knocking off the laptop. It fell on the floor with a crack. With shaking hands, she picked up the phone from the bedside table. Putting it to her ear, her face fell in horror. The line was dead. He must have done something to the phone cables.

She let the phone drop from her hand and she began to cry. Suddenly feeling helpless.

The window!

Pressing herself up against the window sill, she screamed out into the street.

"Someone, help me!" she cried.

Her voice echoed into the night.

A dog barked in the distance.

Behind her the door was kicked open. The jamb splintering.

Beth turned and screamed again.

The killer ran at her, knife raised in the air. She jumped out of the way and jumped onto the bed. Before she could get off it, she felt the sharpness of the knife enter her back. She screamed in pain. Blood gushing from the wound. She fell to the floor.

The killer jumped over the bed and down beside her, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up, violently swinging her around like a ragdoll. He let her go and she went crashing into the full length mirror. It shattered, large shards of glass stabbing into her skin.

She continued to scream out in pain and began crawling along the floor. Despite of the pieces of glass sticking out of her stomach and legs and the gaping wound in her back.

"Help . . ." Beth said weakly, almost to herself. She couldn't believe what was happening to her. She was dying.

The killer then bent down and wrapped his arms around her waist, hoisting her up from the floor. He threw her onto the bed and stood over. She looked up into the eyes of the mask. Haunting eyes. Eyes of a killer.

He raised his knife and brought it down into her stomach, chest and face multiple times. Blood splattering all over the bed and walls.

'Something To Die For' ended and the killer left the house.

Beth Armstrong was dead. And she wouldn't be the last to die in the same month . . .