Worst Fanfic Ever pt. 3

A few notes before the reader proceeds into the depths that is my hellish sorry in the bottom pits of my vampiric heart:
1. This publication is for humor only. One finding such misery and woe in this peice of work must be a superfical common human, and shall be banished from the soil that is the earth by the wicked angels of the heavens.
2. The love between two robots is always headstrong. Or some bullshittery.
And... ~*~ Have a rose ~~~~|@


~:: Preface ::~

My name is dark_lady_morgana. I' m a friend of kawaii_sakimi and CrZeeJu5t1n's cousin. ^_^ I usually write fanfiction from anime, but I thought Forte and Dynamo from the Mega Man X games were hot (I think Forte is from Mega Man X). I wanted to do a nicely erotic and angsty fic including the two of them.

~:: Dark Morgana's rules before readers proceed ::~

1. This fic DOES INCLUDE yaoi. If you hate yaoi, turn back now.
2. This fic has ANGST. If you hate these things, turn back now.
3. This fic does not include Sakimi's character Nakohana. No offense, Sakimi, but I don't like your character. I like Lady Morgana better ^_^
4. I couple together Dynamo x Foter. If you hate this, turn back now.

~:: Proceed With Caution ::~

Forte arose from his bed to the sound of his brother, Zero, sparring below in the basement. "Hello, brother" said Forte as he drew the black robe dotted with roses around his nude body. "Good morning," said Zero, looking up from his sparring partner, whom was X. X couldn't say anything, for he had lost his voice during the final battle with Sigma. His sweet, masculine voice would not be heard by anyone ever again. Never. Yes, he is a reploid, but his voice is so unique, it could not be reparied. No, ever. Not ever again.

X smiled a sweet smile and gave a simple nod. He was a mind reader, and knew Forte wanted breakfast, so he went upstairs to cook. "X is great," said Forte with his wild and energetic grin. "Aren't you going to ask him out?" Zero shook his head. "No, " he said. "At least, not this week," the blond smirked.

Forte grinned and went upstairs for his breakfast. Zero put his equipment away and followed.


Lady Morgana sat at her black rosewood table, dressed in a long, black silk dress, accented with red roses of lace, and ruby jewls. Ruby earrings hung in her ears, and her silky, brown hair was pinned up above her ears.

"Dynamo," said Lady Morgana. "I heard you were a mercenary. That's right, yes?"

"Yes," said Dynamo. "That I am!"

Lady Morgana smirked as she ran her hand along Dynamo's chestplate. Dynamo shivered and grinned. Lady Morgana's so beautiful, he thought. He had tried to sleep with her many times, but she was not that easy.

"There's someone I want you to get rid of, Dynamo," she said. I want you to get rid of this fellow, Forte."

She held up a picture of Forte. Dynamo's eyes widened.

"This could not be..." he thought. "Forte...was my old...*lover*..."

"Well?" asked Lady Morgana. "Will you do it."

"No," said Dynamo.

Lady Morgana grabbed Dynamo and inserted a chip into is armor. "Now, " she said. "If you try to remove that chip, you'll explode. However, if you kill forte for me, I'll remove the chip from you safely."

Dynamo agreed to kill Forte.


"Hey, said Forte, as he walked up to Dynamo. They were both wearing all black, their favorite color. Forte sat next to his lover, and kissed his cheek. Dynamo, hesitant, didn't kiss back.

"What's the matter?" asked Forte, concerned about his lover. "You're not usually like this."

"I've gotta leave soon, Forte," said Dynamo. "A man hired me for a lot of money to fight in a war...I signed up years ago..."

"What??" asked Forte. "You're...leaving me for this??"

"I'm sorry," said Dynamo. "I signed a contract in blood..." Dynamo held Forte's chin in his hand and met his grey eyes with forte's blue. "Remeber," said Dynamo. "I'll always love you."

Forte shivered. He couldn't belive this was happening all so suddenly. He wept as he and Dynamo spent their final moments together...


Dynamo peeked through the glass and saw Forte wandering around the room. "My lover.........................." he muttered. "My lover...I can't kill you...I musn't..."

Forte threw his robe off, once again revealing his nude body. Dynamo became immediately aroused. Without thinkining, he leapt through the window, glass shatterign around him.

Forte gasped, and was shocked to see whom it was. His lover! His old lover! Forte was happy and leapt on him.

Dynamo remained speechless.

"DYNAMO!" Forte shouted. "I *knew* you would return to me. I missed you so much!"

Dynamo becan to sob. He was having inner conflict...

"If I kill him," thought Dynamo, "I'll live...but...I cannot live knowing what I've done to my one, true love..."

Dynamo gave Forte the deepest kiss he'd ever given anyone. But, without thinking, Dynamo removed the chip from his armor, taking them both...

Unfortunately, right before it was removed, Zero came upstairs to check up on Forte, and he was caught up in the explosion.


Silent X never truly knew if Zero loved him, nor would he ever. The fumes from the explosion eventually wiped out the suffering body of X, because he was already suffering from a disease that made his robot body sensitve to fumes from explosions.

El Fin.

~:: Proluge ::~

That was my first ever Mega Man X fic! I hope to write more. I think that was my best work so far because I never tthought of the idea of making Lady Morgana so manipulative. Normally I would have her hook up with Dynamo, using him as her "toy" (^_^) but this time, I wanted it more focoused on Dynamo's and Forte's relationship.

~:: A rose for all; your death could be at anytime ::~

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