The Things Mothers Would Aprove Of

Summary: The invitation came. Another delicate and sometimes awkward dance between Beckett and Castle as they move from UST to RST.

Rated: T (for now) M (later...)

Notes: Someone else (or several) have touched on this idea. I however, had this plan long before they were up. So I put it down anyway. I just love them. Everything reminds me of them. That's how I know I've gone a little to far over the edge. But, do I care? No. Chapter one's a bit short, but thats due to time... I have plans for more?

The Things Mothers Would Aprove Of

Chapter One: American Express

The invitation came. He smiled pulling open the outer envelope to reveal a clean unsealed inner one. A beautiful shade of light blue lined the inside as he slid the thick cream color invitation from within.

You are cordially invited to attend the

Johanna Beckett Legacy Scholarship Benefit Dinner

in support of Law students fighting for those without voice

The rest of the invitation was quickly scanned for errors before he smiled and stuck it to the refrigerator. He even took a step back and examined it hanging against the shiny metal surface. The gruff yet happy noise that came from his throat actually startled him in the empty apartment. He could envision the tables already. Beckett had helped him plan, given him guidelines. He'd done the rest himself with an event organizer, whose job was to create such events.

It would surely be an event. Four weeks from now.

They'd host together, they'd already decided. Perhaps he'd buy a new tux. Maybe he should rent and coordinate with what she'd choose to wear. Maybe he should force her to go shopping with Alexis and his credit card. Or him and his credit card.

Castle wandered into the office. Tabbed open a few files and tried to find his place. It was Saturday. Alexis had gone out to a movie with Ashley. Martha had rehearsal for a performance that would begin the following weekend. He skimmed several paragraphs, and stared at the frustrating blink of the cursor.

It's not like he could even go out and bring her coffee. It was their weekend off rotation. Unless there were more than 6 murders in the 12ths jurisdiction, they wouldn't get called out. Paperwork had been wrapped. There was so little to do that even Kate Beckett was out of the office.

Castle pulled a squishy ball from his drawer and leaned back, tossing it aimlessly up and snatching it from the air. How would Rook handle this? A smile hit his face, as he let the ball drop and snapped his chair back into an upright position. Rook would show up and not take excuses.

He knocks at her door, smiles as he hears her come forward. He holds up his American Express and smiles his best Richard Castle smile to her peep hole. He is not surprised by her sigh, or the smile that tugs at the very corner of her mouth, as she opens the door. One hand on her hip, the other holding tightly to the doorknob, "To what do I owe the honor of your presence on my first Saturday off in a month?" she accuses. However, it's that tiny smile that reveals she's not quite as angry or annoyed as she lets on.

"Shopping." He smiles. She stares at him for a moment, before releasing the knob while turning into the airy apartment, with a wordless welcome. They wander towards her kitchen, and he motions to the small pile of mail and the opened invitation laying on top almost reverently. "I thought we should coordinate. Matchy-Matchy." He jokes. "Unless Josh is going to mind?"

"How matchy-matchy are we talking?" She asks, with an arched eyebrow.

"I was thinking, matching shirt, maybe just the vest." He downplays, "But if you want to squeeze me into an identical dress, I'd be happy to accommodate in this instance." The comment actually produces a chuckle from Beckett as she looks at him.

"You're completely crazy."

"You'll completely love it. Trust me." He tells her waving the card.

"Fine." She concedes, picking up her clutch.

"Are you happy with your undergarment choices at the moment?" He asks. She stops and stares at him bewildered.

"And why is that your business?"

"I'm taking you somewhere full service." He adds looking away, providing her with dignity should she need it.

"This may come as a surprise Castle, especially since you have never seen them, but my undergarments are very smexy."

"Smexy?" he asks in wonder.

"Smart-Sexy." She adds standing at the door, holding it wide and gesturing him forward and out.

"Surely you've heard the term in this great city."

"It wounds me that Alexis has kept this information in the dark."

"You do know 'fugly'?"

"Something I imagine smexy panties are not."

"Right on the money with that one Castle."

"I wouldn't imagine anything less from your extraordinary self." He adds with his classic smirk, gesturing towards the waiting car.

I'd like to continue this... shopping, the event, dancing. Escaping... somewhere. But I'm currently horribly busy (stop and imagine the horror of subbing for a Kindergarten room with 24 5-yr. olds without a teachers aid for the entire week) and I'm also working 25 hours at my part time job. I'm on day 9 in a row without a day off, and I've got 16 days to go before my next full day off. All without caffeine! Eek. Let me know if this is worth the energy I need to gather.