Chapter 1

~Hermione's POV~

"Mum!" I screamed down the hallway. "I can't find my sweater!" It was the summer before my sixth year at Hogwarts and I was getting ready to go to the Burrow for the rest of the summer. A lot had happened during these last five years at Hogwarts, the fight at the ministry being the worse. No one had died during the battle but it was scary. It finally proved to us just how dangerous the final battle would be. I was wearing a black swaying skirt that went up to my knees, my light, purple top and ballet flats. All I needed was that damn sweater! Afterwards I went to grab my wand to style my hair but realized that I can't do magic outside of school yet. Inconvenient much? I thought. I didn't turn 17 till September. So I just put it into the holster on my left arm and put my hair into neat curls with my curling iron. My hair was a little on the frizzy side but nowhere near what it had used to be. I had changed a bit. I was tired of people making fun of me all the time. Actually it was my mum who suggested the new wardrobe.


Hermione dear aren't you supposed to be picking out what you are going to wear to the Burrow for Harry's birthday?" My mum asked. All I did in response was sniffle. "Oh Hermione what's wrong?"

"I don't want to go to this stupid party! I have nothing to wear, my hairs a mess and I don't want to sit there while Ron makes fun of me all night!" I said, hugging my pillow tight and crying some more.

"Now you get up and stop that nonsense! If Ronald makes fun of you it's either because he's a jerk or because he likes you." My mother said while taking away my pillow.

"Humph" was all I said as I buried my head in another pillow.

"So c'mon dear let's go."

"Huh? Where?" I questioned

"Well if you have such a problem with your wardrobe then let's get you a new one." I sat there dumbfounded for a few minutes then raced over to my closet, grabbing my shoes.


"Ok, honey are you ready to go?" My mum asked as she handed me some floo powder.

"Yes mum." I said, with just a hint of annoyance creeping into my voice. I was on my way to the Burrow.

"Have fun dear," And as she hugged me real close she said "go get em' girl" and winked at me. She WINKED at me!

"THE BURROW." I said and I was off. I landed so hard on my feet that with an 'ouff' I landed on my butt.

"Hermione!" I heard several people yell. It felt like a million hands were shoved in my face to help me stand up.

"Hermione?" I heard a certain redhead say. "Is that really you?"

"Yes, Ronald, it is." I said as I got up. I had to try very hard to keep the satisfaction out of my voice. I was wearing a white sun dress that got all my curves in the right place, with just a hint of cleavage, a pair of white flats, and my hair was in a French twist on the right side of my head.

"Whoa" I looked over and was staring right into the eyes of none other than the notorious Weasley twins as they looked at me.

End of Flashback

This will drive Ron crazy I thought. My hair was a little more controllable and my clothes weren't so baggy anymore. My clothes now fit me perfectly to be exact. The first time I visited the Burrow this summer I finally let Ginny introduce me to the world of make-up. Boy was she excited. I then applied some eyeliner, mascara and a tiny bit of purple eye shadow.

Soon I realized that my mum was not answering me. That's so unlike her I thought as I walked downstairs to the kitchen. And I tried for dad.

"Dad?" The moment I walked into the kitchen I whipped out my wand. I had gasped so loud that I ended up dropping it. I saw my mum on the floor bleeding. There was blood everywhere, coming from the wounds on her chest. I could see my mum was still alive but just barely. My dad was standing there trying his hardest to fight the Death Eater.I could hear my owl screeching and flying around while he dodged spell after spell. I just stood there frozen.

"Stay there!" My dad screamed. He somehow managed to knock the death eater's wand away and stab him. After that, all was quiet, but dad and I didn't dare move. We knew this wasn't over. BOOM! The kitchen wall came crashing down and standing there was none other than Voldemort himself.

"Well what do we have here." he said in a voice that was like razor blades inside my head. He was hideous. His head was completely bald and white, along with his face. His eyes were blood red and all he had for a nose was two slits. I didn't know if I wanted to run, scream or vomit.

"I think it's time to finish this little family off. Too bad Potter's not here to save you, this will teach him a lesson." Voldemort said as he lifted up his wand.

"Avada K-" As he said the death curse I saw a body fly into the air. Everything happened at once. Voldemort said the curse just as my dad threw his body into the air and in front of me. He didn't even think twice about it. At the same moment, Voldemort realized this was almost the same thing that happened so many years ago. Voldemort apparated away before the curse even hit my dad. I grabbed my dad's body and shook him.

"No! DAD! WAKE UP! PLEASE!" I said through my tears. He wouldn't move. He was gone…right then I heard coughing and realized that my mother was still alive.

I grabbed my wand and ran up to my mum as fast as I could. I tried as hard as I could to stop the bleeding with a washcloth but nothing was working.

"You're going to be alright mum, don't you worry." I said as I quickly wrote a note to the Burrow and sent it away with my owl, Star. I tried to pick my mum up but as I heard her painful gasp of air I almost dropped her. That's when I realized just how badly I was crying.

"I know dear." She said. And this was when Hermione Granger broke the rules.

I grabbed my wand as I held on to my mother and thought as hard as I could St Mungo's Hospital and apparated my mother and I away from the blood and horror of my house.

"Help!" I yelled as my mother and I landed in the middle of the emergency ward. "Please my mother is hurt!" Nurses rushed towards us and took my mother away.

"No! I have to stay with her! "The doctors took out their wands and lifted her onto an emergency gurney and I could hear her painful breathing. "You're hurting her!" As I leapt forward to stop them, someone's arms came around me. I spun around hard to see that it was Harry. I took one look at his face and broke down into sobs.

~Harry's POV~

Ginny and I were sitting next to each other on the loveseat talking, just then Molly bustled in from the kitchen and told us to get ready for dinner.

"RONALD! YOU STOP EATING THOSE CANDIES AND GET READY FOR DINNER!" Molly screeched. Ron then tumbled out of the kitchen muttering to himself.

"Someone made mum angry" Ginny sang next to me as we both laughed at the expression on Ron's face.

"Whatever." Ron said as he sat down. "Ugh. Guys, please restrain yourselves around me."

"We aren't even doing anything Ron!" I exclaimed. "Get a girlfriend and then you won't care when Ginny and I are together." His face turned red with embarrassment as he tried to think of a comeback, when I heard a tapping on the window behind us.

"It's Hermione's owl" Ginny said as I got up to grab it. I untied the note and gave Star a treat.

Dad's dead. Voldemort. Mums hurt.

St Mungo's. Get there.


I was so angry I could barely register what was going on. Ginny had the note in her hand. I looked over her shoulder at it one more time. I could see the wet blotches from what were most likely tears and red spots.

"Everybody let's GO!" I screamed as I scrambled to get to the fire place. It didn't matter if I had no shoes or coat on. "We have to get to St Mungo's. Hermione's mum is hurt, her dad's dead. Let's GO" I practically roared the last two words.

"What! " I heard several people ask. In just a few seconds everyone was ready to go. I stopped Mr. Weasley before he could leave.

"Her dad is dead. Someone needs to go to her house and take care of that. Voldemort did it." I told him.

"I'm already way ahead of you Harry." He said as he turned on the spot and apparated away.


"No! I have to stay with her!" I heard as I stepped into the emergency ward. I spotted Hermione right away.

"You're hurting her!" She screamed. Right then I grabbed her and she spun around. Her eyes were red and puffy and I could see blood on her clothes. I pulled her close as she started crying. She grabbed onto me with such force that we sunk to the ground.

"It will be alright 'Mione. They're taking care of her." I whispered as I brushed her hair out of her face.

I looked around to see most of the Weasleys and Sirius standing around us. I could see Molly at the counter talking to a nurse. Her movements were frantic and I could see tears on her cheeks.

"She's trying to figure out what's going on." Fred said. He had tears in his eyes as he looked down at Hermione. There was also something else in his eyes, but I couldn't figure it out. I looked over his shoulder to see George holding Ginny as she cried. Ron, I had no idea where he was.

"Ginny needs you." Fred murmured next to me. "I'll take care of 'Mione." I gently pulled Hermione's hands off of my shirt. She was still crying like crazy as I picked her up and gave her to Fred. I quickly walked over to Ginny.

"Ahem" Someone cleared their throat, "Where can I find a Hermione Granger?" I turned around to see a man wearing robes and a badge that said M.o.M.

"Why?" I asked angrily, who was he to ask anything? Did he not know what just happened to my best friend?

"Well" the man said. "Ms. Granger has broken the law of underage use of magic. We tracked her to this location."

"Hermione used her magic to apparate her and her mother here. " I said with the most serious look I could muster through my anger. The man gave me disapproving look. "All we know is from a note Hermione sent to us before she brought her mother here. From what I can tell she and her family were attacked by Voldemort." I explained. As I said Voldemort's name the M.o.M Officer flinched. I saw his eyes move towards my forehead and a look of recognition appear on his face.

"Well," he stated, "We will look into this matter when she is able to talk to us herself. Thank you."

~Fred's POV~

As I picked her up, she looked up at me; the expression on her face will haunt me forever. She looked like she had no hope. She is so beautiful. I can't stand seeing her with such sad eyes I thought.

"It's going to be alright 'Mione, don't you worry."

"I know, dear" She said and passed out.

Dear? I thought.

~Hermione's POV~

I cried. The hardest I've ever cried in my whole life when Harry hugged me. After what felt like a century my tears were still there. I could hear that Harry was speaking to me, could sense that life around me was still going on, but I couldn't grasp it. I could barely tell what was going on, could barely remember.

After a little while I felt myself being moved. I looked up to see Fred, his red hair, millions of freckles and those light blue eyes. I tried to smile but it didn't work. Fred looked so sad. I wanted to ask him why and tell him everything's ok, but my voice didn't work. Fred's lips started moving and I realized that he was talking. I tried real hard to hear him.

"..going to be alright 'Mione, don't you worry"

"I know dear." I said without thinking. I then remembered those were the last words my mother and I spoke to each other before I brought her here….here. The hospital…mum…dad.

Then everything went black.