Survive or Die

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Chapter 10

Emelda's POV

"Okay, I'll start." I said. I didn't know where the sudden confidence came from. I mean, I'm really a shy girl. So why did I volunteer? Heck, if I know. "I'm Emelda Hordin. I'm twelve years old and my mother is in charge of the Magic Shop in Eastern Flarine. My father was her mentor, Mule Hordin. He got in some kind of magic trouble. This is my cousin Bristan Ausburn. He's my mother's sister's son. We both live in Flarine." Then I quieted. I looked at Bristan. He looked back like a deer in fright. I looked for him to go.

"Um, Bristan Ausburn. Heh. Yeah. My mom is kind of against magic in the first place." I flinched remembering what happened when my aunt scolded himi that one day. "But I think he may be right about this.. um, our specialty like that of our grandma or grandpa and such." I looked at him. "What do you mean?" I asked. I was kind of confused.

"Your mom is a magician, right Emelda?" Bristan asked. I nodded. "She works well with magic. And so do you. Now Lillip is the Elementor Hero. I-I think I can do the.. element kind of thing." I felt my eyes widen and felt my cheeks flush.

"When did you plan on telling me this?" I asked. He shrugged.

" I didn't know when.." I shut up as I put a hand on his shoulder. I was calm then, only because we were in front of other people but I was so not dismissing this.

Bristan's POV

I was kind of shaken from being told you're going to save the world and everything. But who wouldn't? You'd have to be made of stone, not to at least think about this! But suddenly, something seemed to click and make sense. I guess the blood of both Offerep and Lillip ran through Emelda's and my veins. Weird, but it kind of made sense. Not to mention that one time with the Aibatts, that made a lot of sense..

The guy with dark green hair and green eyes spoke next.

"I'm Esyrn Berkendolf. This is my older sister, Avia Berkendolf. I'm twelve years old too. We grew up in Sain City with our parents, er, yeah. Our dad isn't here anymore. He passed away when I was seven." I looked over at Avia and she was looking down at her feet and her hair covered her face.

"Avia! Oh sorry! I didn't mean to bring him up.." Esyrn tried to apologize. Avia looked up and quickly wiped a tear away. "It's fine." She said boldly. "Keep going."

"We moved away from our mom when I was 11 and Avia was almost 12. Tina, the Station Manager-" Then a laugh cut in.

"Ohh, you mean Tiiina." Avia teased. Esyrn blushed.

"Oh, you-! Avia!" Esyrn gushed. Avia laughed and Esyrn flushed.

"Anyway, she gave us a ride to Flaris and we've sat underneath Teshar's wing for about a year now." He looked over at Avia. "Your turn." She sat up and put her head up high.

"I'm the older sister of this lil' green guy right here-" she teased.

"Hey!" She laughed, then continued. "I'm thirteen years old. A year older than him. Well, yeah basically what Esyrn said. We're both in the Soldiers of Kyon. I fight with a bow and arrow. Like a Ranger. Esyrn fights with a yo-yo, like a Jester." Avia said and looked around looking for someone new to talk.

Auron's POV

"I'm Auron Loid." I spoke up. I just decided to get this little 'interview' over with. I mean, why stay longer than I have to? "My mother is in a depression state, and I live with her brother. My Uncle Mustang." I looked over at the red head. "Yes, Avia. Mustang Loid is my uncle so can you please stop giving us your famous, 'Glares of Disgust'?" Avia looked shocked then folded back into her usual position.

"Maybe. As soon as he starts caring about who he's making a mercenary and not just giving away marks and scrolls and such." She barged back at me. I narrowed my eyes at her.

"He doesn't throw away the scrolls and marks Avia." She just looked at me. "He just acts like he doesn't care. If he acts like he's impressed, the vagrant wouldn't work as hard. I mean, if someone seemed impressed-would you relax even the slightest bit?" I asked her. She just glared at me, saying nothing. I won.

"There isn't that much about me. I'm fourteen years old. Any questions?" Nobody spoke up. Then out of the silence, a girl spoke up. It was the pretty, blonde-haired girl. "What do you like to do for fun?" I think I looked at her funny because then she said, "Like.. hobbies! What do you do when you're not with your uncle?" I thought about it before I spoke.

"Well, most times, I just train some more. He doesn't like it when I slack out on it. He thinks I'll become a lazy ass. Other than that, not much. What's your name again?" Her eyes widened a bit but she still answered. "Falera Ada." Then she looked at the light-haired boy next to her. "This is my twin brother, Torin." He nodded to us. I nodded back.

"Tell us about yourself." I said. And so she did.

Avia's POV

"Okay.. like I said I'm Falera. The Ringmaster Priest, Heedan, is our guardian. She took us in after a mob from Darken City ambushed our home. Yeah, our parents, kinda..died." She managed a weak smile. But I could still see the pain behind her eyes. "Torin..?" She turned to slowly saying cleared his throat before going on.

"Torin Ada. Like she said, we're twins. She's older, I'm younger. By five minutes!" He added quickly as if that made a whole difference. I managed to smile at this. "We're both eleven years old.." They both looked at each other. They seemed to be debating an issue. Finally, they seemed to both give up and quieted.

"Who's next?" I asked. I looked around.

"Me.." I heard a girl talk. I turned to see the teal-haired girl. Umm, Kielle, I think.

"Kielle, right?" I asked. She nodded confirming. "Go ahead. Tell us your life story!" And she did.

Esyrn's POV

I looked at the teal-haired chick as she talked. It was so cool. Her body language told me she was, or at least tried to be a rebellious kind of girl. Her blue eyes were..ocean-y colored. If that makes sense. I tried to pay attention but truthfully, it was kind of hard.

"Umm, I'm Kielle Averill. My mom is the Make-Up Artist and my dad is the Hair Designer in Northern Flarine," She said.

"Cool," I started. "So your folks have a lot of money?"

"Kinda yeah. I have a little brother. His name is Eric. He's six years old. Wow, he's annoying." I heard Avia and Falera laugh. "You can relate?" She asked with a smile.

"Kinda yeah," they answered back. I flushed, as did Torin.

"Hey!" We both exclaimed at our older sisters. The girls laughed.

"What else should we know about you?" Avia asked. Kielle smiled mischeviously.

"I can be quite the prankster.. so just watch out." I felt a chill shiver down my whole body. I'd be growing eyes on the back of my head soon, well hopefully anyway.

"That's everyone, right?" Bristan asked. I nodded.

"Pretty much," I said. Then the doors opened. Teshar came in.

"Remember-Training. Tomorrow. Dawn. Don't be late." We all left the room and grabbed our bags as they led us into a nearby dormitory house. Each of us would have one roommate. It wasn't exactly hard, but all of us agreed it wasn't set in stone since it had been a long day for all of us. I roomed with Bristan. Torin roomed with Auron. Avia roomed with Kielle and Falera roomed with Emelda.

We all said our goodnights as we blew out our candles for bed. Then as soon as we were all in our beds and lights out- there was a loud voice. It was Kielle.

"Sweet dreams everyone!" Oh gosh I wish this was a dream.