I know that you all want me to be writing more about Hiei but I am in the middle of my idea book.. And this is my next idea… Enjoy!

Keiko was sitting near a small pond in the park. Smirking to herself… Life couldn't be better.

She looked over the horizon at the pond… There a boy there. He looked about the same age as her, skipping rocks.

Hmm… he looks familiar!

Keiko sat there for alittle while thinking about him.. She came to the conclusion that she was going to go and say hello.

"Um, Hi" Keiko Stammered.

The boy just kept on skipping rocks.

"My name is Keiko"

Then he turned, It was his dream girl. He had never been this close to talking to her.. I guess he was too Afraid. "hello" He said Back, " I'm Yusuke."

"oh… What are you doing?"

"Just yunno."

"Ah." Keiko said and picked up a rock and positioned herself. Then she tried to throw it and it just splashed. "I suck at this"

"I have made a living out of it, I guess" Yusuke smirked.

Keiko just stood there for what seemed hours, Staring at Yusuke.

After about 20 min Yusuke lifted his head , "why are you still standing here?"

"Um.. Oh look at the time! I must be going… see you later Yusuke!" Keiko started running towards her house. She finally took a break for air.

Huph puph huph puph

Out of breath she started crying. Her air tubes closing up. She kept feeling farther and farther away from the world, everything blocking out. "Help" Keiko gasped. Then slowly she fainted her breathing slowing down.

When she awoke she found herself lying on a hospital bed with an I V in her arm. "Ugh"

"what happened?" Keiko asked,.

A doctor came by her side. " You are very lucky" he said, "If it wasn't for this boy here you would have died. I would be very grateful!

"who?" Keiko asked. But by the time she asked the doctor had already left and She found Yusuke standing there.

"I'm glad I found you" he said.


Keiko felt so stupid. The boy she met today had saved her life and she couldn't do anything to give back to him… She felt bad, mad, Silly.

"No problem"