My first fanfic ever. Please enjoy! And if you didn't enjoy it then...sorry? No, on second thought you're the one that read it so it's your fault...JK ;)

Black (Hilbert/Touya) 16

White (Hilda/Touko) 16

"Servine use Leaf Blade!" The pokemon obeyed. A leaf the size of a person's arm appeared in front of servine. It glowed green and was shaped more like a blade then a leaf. With a screech from servine the razor sharp leaf flew with great speed toward the weakened crustle. It struck the pokemon directly in the face and toppled it over. The crustle was very close to fainting. "Now's good as any," the trainer said to himself. He reached in his pack and pulled a pokeball out. With great precision, he threw it at the crustle who was still struggling to get up. The ball impacted on the weak Pokémon's boulder which it carried on its back and sucked it in a beam of red light. The poke ball lay on the grass swaying back and forth until it finally came to a stop.

"Alright!" the trainer replied with a satisfied grin. He had captured his 6th Pokémon. He nonchalantly walked up to the ball and picked it up and placed it in his pack. He then turned toward his servine which was now tugging his pants, obviously wanting praise. "You did a good job servine," he said proudly and gave the Pokémon a well deserved pat on the head. The Pokémon was content. He then pulled another poke ball out and pointed at the servine. "Return," he commanded. The poke ball then sucked the Servine in with a red beam of light. As he was putting his poke ball back in his pack everything went dark.

Someone had put their hands on his eyes. The hands, he felt, were nice and warm and he could feel the slim fingers. He arched his back a little as the hands pulled back on his head. He then felt something soft press against his back. He blushed when he realized what they had to be. He then felt the girl's face on the right side of his. He could also feel the softness slide up a little across his back. He blushed even more when he felt the person's breath on his right ear. It was warm and slightly arousing. In fact, the whole situation was slightly arousing.

"Guess who," a soft cheerful voice came from the mouth next his ear. As soon as heard the voice he immediately knew whose it belonged to. There was no way he could ever forget that sweet and caring voice. It belonged to his crush, White, but of course she doesn't know that. He paused for a second, gathering his thoughts.

'Okay just act cool Black,' he reassured himself, 'Don't look too excited, you have to make sure that you stay calm and collected.' The boy exhaled. "I guess White," he said calmly. 'Good' he thought. He was trying hard to keep his excitement down. He heard the girl give a short playful laugh. The hands then released him and he was free to turn around to see his captor.

"How did you know?" The girl asked smiling.

"Wild guess," Black lied. One of the last things he would ever do is forget something about White. Black always liked the girl, from the first time he saw her. He tried to flirt with her in multiple occasions but she never really responded to it. Now Black is always trying to hide his feelings not wanting to scare her off. Even now he was trying hard not to seem happy too happy to see her

"You seem really happy to see me."

'Damn it,' he thought. Black still keeping his cool, fixated on White quickly surveying her. She looked like she normally did, but that definitely was not a bad thing. He first focused his attention on the upper portion of her body. She was wearing her white cap with her hair brown tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a white tank top with a thin black vest over it. The vest was open and so all that separated her voluptuous breasts was a tank top and bra. The tank top didn't do much in concealing her pair of D's and so it was hard to not notice the two. He then moved his eyes down. She wore these shorts that stopped right above mid thigh, so there was much of that exposed. Her thighs were beautiful, soft and smooth and seemed to almost shine with the way the sunlight was hitting it. It was nice and plump too and it tied in well with her curvaceous figure and her round melons. How he would love to caress them. He always thought that her outfit was a bit too erotic, but there was no way that he could tell her this. She is the sweet and innocent type of girl.

"Umm hello?" White asked bending over in order to get into Black's field of vision, as he was obviously staring at her thighs.

'CRAP!' his eyes widened at the sight of her face covering what he had previously been staring at. He realized that he had been surveying his friend far too long. He made sure to look into her dark blue eyes this time. White stood up right once more.

"Soooo," she said sweetly, dismissing Black's wandering eyes, "How have you been?"

"Fine I suppose," Black replied awkwardly still thinking about what just occurred, "Better now that I've seen a familiar face."

"Oh well you see," White responded, "I was just about to head to Mistralton City, which I presume you are doing, and I heard a Pokémon battle so I decided to check it out, and what do you know it was you." She then gave a Black a sweet smile. Black almost died.

"That's cool," Black finally got out. The two just looked at each other. A few seconds pass of silence.

"Well…" White started, "I guess I'll see you around some time." White turned to ground and continued to do so as she turned to leave.

'What!' Black thought, 'No, no, no, no, it can't just end here!' He thinks about all the times he encountered White. He never actually held a lengthy conversation with her. He would always try to act cool, just wait for White to say something and respond to it. This of course had a major flaw which is White not saying anything, but Black never really complained. He was happy just to be able to talk to her, but this conversation was ridiculously short. There was no he was going to let her go so easily. 'I have to say something,' he thought. "Uhhhh," Black blurted out. White stopped and turned around. She tilted her head to the right slightly, waiting for Black's response. Black's face was red. "Don't you think you're leaving too soon?" he asked her. "We just started talking," he said.

"I'm sorry I thought I was bothering you," White replied in a polite manner. She looked at him with a set of worried eyes and pouted her lips.

"Point taken," Black said. Her sincerity was taken very well. Black thought for a moment and said, "You really weren't bothering me at all." White's pout was replaced with a smile.

"Oh well that's good," she said looking at the ground. It looked like she was trying to conceal the smile.

"So you're going to Mistralton?" Black asked.

"Uh huh," she replied.

After a few seconds of thinking Black said, "Well I'm going there too, so you know maybe…"

"We should go together?" White finished, looking at him expectantly.

"Yeah," Black mumbled looking at the ground. He looked up from the grass and into her eyes. They were unusually bright.

"Yeah that would be great," She squealed in an excited voice. She was flashing off a beautiful grin which she made no attempt to hide. Black was stunned from happiness. He realized he too had a huge grin on his face. "Well let's go we don't want to keep the gym leader waiting do we?" White giggled. She ran to him and took his hand and pulled him along, laughing and smiling at him. Black died.

"I can't wait to see the city for the first time," White told Black.

"Same here," Black lied. He had just come from Mistralton City, but she didn't need to know that.

So yea this was short I know, but while I was working on it I could've sworn it would be an entire novel. I gotta get better at this. Some nice constructive criticism would be nice. More to come even if people hate it cause I'm doing this cause I like doing it(That's what she said). So if you actually liked it then don't worry about this being the only one.