Hey guys, dsgundam here, I have been wondering what would happen if you would combine the world of gundam seed with the world of Yugioh 5ds. I kind of wanted to see what would happen so I decided to write about it. This will be my first fan fiction so try not to be hard on me.

Disclaimer: I don't own any thing except the OC's of the sorry.



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Gundam Seed 5ds

A yugioh 5ds/gundam seed cross over

Summary: It has been over 500 years since the battle between Yusei and ZONE, during this that time the world changed, resulting to the world forgetting about duel monsters. What would happen if three kids found out about team 5ds and their adventures? What if one of these kids was none other than Kira Yamato? Couples: Kira/Lacus, Athrun/Cagall, OC/Flay, OC/Nicol, and much more.

Chapter one: Rebirth of a legend: the return of Duel Monsters.

Year: Cosmic Era 62, March 10

"I don't want to move!" yelled a young boy with brown messy hair at a man and woman sitting across from him. This young boy was none other than Kira Yamato, future ace pilot.

"I know you don't want to move Kira," the man, his dad, said" but we have no choice; your mother and I have been reassigned to work on the moon, I wish we could let you stay on earth but right now you have to come with us."

"But what about my friends Jay and May, what do I tell them?" Kira asked. Jay and May Ryosukei were twins and Kira's best friends; the group of friends was never apart and was always together in some way.

"You will have to say good bye to them," his mother said "but don't worry I am sure that this will not be the last time you see them."

Having a sad look on his face Kira asked "When will we leave?"

"I am afraid that we will have to leave in about five days," his father said "a house has already been given to us and we have already signed you up for the elementary school up there."

"That should give you more than enough time to say good bye." His mother said

"OK," Kira said upset that he would have to leave his two friends "I have to go, Jay and May are expecting me at the park right now I will see you later." He said as he got up and left the house. His two parents at the window looking at him wake outside the front gate to their house.

"I wish he could stay." Kira's mother said as he sees her son's form leave her sight

"I know what you mean but it can't be helped," Kira's father said "That job is important for both us and Kira." "I know I just hope Kira will be able to find new friends up on the moon." She said

Scene Break:

"Man where could Kira be?" asked a young black spiked hair kid as he and a girl were waiting in a park. These two people were Jay and May Ryosukei "He is never late."

"I don't know Jay maybe he got held up at home?" said his short black haired sister

"I guess your right May, but he would have called us if he was stuck at home." He said as he was pacing around the park.

"Huh, If he is not here in ten minutes will…. Oh never mind her comes Kira now." May said as she saw Kira coming toward them.

"Dude, where were you, we were starting to get worried." Jay said as he put his arm around Kira's neck.

"My parents had to talk to me about something important." Kira said with a sad look on his face.

"So what was it about?" asked Jay when his sister smacked him on the back of his head "Ouch what was that for?" Jay asked

"Jay that is not for us to find its between his parents and him." May said looking at her brother with a scolding look.

"No it's OK," Kira said "in fact I have something I have to tell you guys."

"Well what is it the suspense is killing me." Jay said as he was eager to find out what Kira was going to say. May was all so curious but kept that part inside her.

"My parents said that we are moving to the moon." Kira said as he looked at the both of them

"What!" they both said surprised that their best friend was leaving.

"Man you are going to move a way, that's not right man." Jay said sad that his friend was leaving.

"Jay's right, that is not right." May said agreeing with her twin.

"I know but I don't have a choice in this I have to go with my parents." Kira said

After a few seconds into silence Jay asked "So… when do you leave for the moon."

"In about 5 days." Kira said looking sadder by the minute.

"Well that's 5 days for us to hang out and do stuff." May said trying to make Kira feel better.

"May's right let's do something fun for these last 5 days we have together. In fact I know where we can start."

"What do you mean?" Kira asked wondering what his friend was thinking about.

"Yeah Jay what do you mean?" his sister said also wondering what her twin was thinking

"I mean I know how to start are 5 days of fun." He said as if both his sister and friend knew what he was thinking.

"And that is?" His sister asked annoyed at her brother's antics.

"I can tell you until we get there, we should go home and ask are parents if we could go out for a while and grab some supplies then on the way there I will tell you ok?" he said

"Ok but you better tell us what it is when we get there?" Kira said

"Oh don't worry this trip will be great." Jay said as he, his sister, and Kira went to go tell their parents.

Scene break:

After telling their parents that they would be out for a while and grabbed their backpacks with supplies, the three friends took a bus ride to the outskirts of the city. When they got to their stop, Kira asked "Is there a reason why we took that 30 minute ride to the outskirts of the city?"

"Yeah bro, I am with Kira, why would you bring us to the outskirts of the city?" May asked wondering what was going through her brother's head.

"Simple," he said "we are going to look for the lost city under ORB."

"What lost city under ORB?" Kira asked as he and the three took a path leading them to some caves

"You remember the history report we had to write about a month ago?" he asked hoping that they would remember what he was talking about.

"You mean the one where you got a D- on because the teacher thought it was a science fiction story?" Kira asked as May fell down laughing about it.

"Yes that one, man you would think I would get more credit on it with all the research I had on it." He said mad that he got such a low grade on it.

"Yeah, and the fact that all those resource were from that myth/blog site were not really that helpful." May said

"Oh just give it a rest will yea," Jay said "the point is that I found a location on where to enter the city."

"You mind telling me about this lost city I kind of forgot about your report?" Kira asked

"Sigh, according to legend, ORB wasn't called ORB, about 500 years ago, a legend tells that ORB used to be called some other name but no one can recall the name because most information on the place was lost; turns out that the city went underground because of a natural disaster or something and that there is a secret entrance to the city somewhere on the outskirts of ORB."

"And where is this entrance located at?" Kira asked

"Right in front of us" Jay said as he came to a stop in front of a giant cave opening.

They had only been walking for about 10 minutes when they came toward the cave opening. Cave itself was hidden from the main road by trees so people who passed by the cave would not be able to see it.

"And just how are we supposed to explore the cave we didn't bring the right equipment for it." Kira said wondering what his friend was planning

"Ah but you know the Boy Scout code "Always be prepared." Jay said as he took out three flash lights and some string out of his back pack

"But you didn't even go to any of the meetings when mom signed you up." May said as Jay tossed a flash light at her.

"Oh give it a rest," Jay said as he tied one end of the rope to a tree "OK here is the plan I have about a few hundred yards of string with me we will travel into the cave for about an hour if it goes too far we will stop and follow the string back out to the opening; you both got the plan?" Both Kira and May nodded at him.

"You know Jay for an idiot like you that was not a bad plan." May said as she entered the cave while Kira was restraining Jay from trying to get into a fight with his sister.

Scene Break:

They had been traveling for about 30 minutes now through the cave. There wasn't anything spectacular while they were traveling just a few cave formations and a small river from the cave but other than that there was nothing spectacular.

"Ah I am so board," May cried as she was walking with Kira and Jay "how long till we get to the lost city Jay?"

"I don't know, the information wasn't that specific on how far we were supposed to travel." Jay said as he continued to walk down through the cave.

"For a guy who said he knew all about the lost city you sure don't know where to find it." May said

That was the last straw for Jay; he marched right up to May and said "That is it! I have had it with you and your constant nagging on my abilities how would you like if I did that to you?"

"Well unlike you, I would not care what you would say to me for I am more level headed than you are." May said

Both Jay and May continued to argue for what seem like forever. While they were arguing, Kira was watching the two of them with his hand pinching the bridge of his nose wondering why he was friends with them sometimes. He was about to intervene when he noticed something. What he noticed was that the cave floor where Jay and May were standing on was producing cracks under their feet at an alarming rate due to all of Jay and May's bickering.

"Guy's…" Kira said trying to stop them before it was too late. But as usual they were ignoring him.

"At least I actually spend time studying for tests where you just blow it off till the day of the test." May said toward her brother.

"Oh get over it, so I don't study at least I am not a kill joy like you are." Jay countered

"I am not a kill joy!" she yelled toward him

"GUYS!" Kira yelled at them

"WHAT!" they both yelled.

Because of the twins scream the ground below all three of them broke apart plunging them towards the darkness below.

"AHHHHHHHH!" all three of them screamed as they went down towards the black abyss below.

Scene break:

"Oh my head," Kira said as he got up from the ground having a hand on his head "that must have been one nasty fall." He began to look around for his flashlight. When he found his flashlight he tried to turn it on unfortunately it was not working properly. 'Great,' he thought 'the battery is dead, well I better call out for the others.' "Jay, May are you two OK." He asked hoping to get a response. The response he got was the following.

"Kira would you keep it down, I am trying to get some sleep here." Jay said

"You block head get up!" yelled May as she got up toward the source of Jay's voice and proceed to shake him.

"Ouch, fine give it a rest already OK I'm up already." Jay said

"Hey do any of your flashlights work," Kira asked hoping that they did "mine ran out of batteries."

When both Jay and May checked there flash lights out they realized that they were working but were losing energy fast. "Yeah," Jay said "both are flash lights are working but they are losing power fast."

May looked up and pointed her flashlight, noticing a hole above them "It looks like we fell from up there." She said "I wonder how far down we are?"

"Judging by the string," Jay said as he was looking at the string "we only fell about 10 to 12 feet deep, so that would explain why neither of us have any injuries. But unfortunately, we won't be able to go back the way we came."

"Great just great Jay now how are we supposed to get out now?" May asked angered by the fact that her brother put her and Kira into this mess.

"Relax, sis I am sure there is a way for us out of here." Jay said as if there is a way out of here.

"And if there isn't?" May asked

"Quite being negative already." Jay said

"I'll be negative if I want to." May answered back

And thus Kira was left to wonder again why he was friends with them. While Jay and May were arguing, he decided to look around where they had fallen. After about 5 minutes of looking, Kira found something that should not have been in a cave. What he found was a door but not just any door a metal door. "Hey guys," Kira called out "I think I found a way out."

When they heard that there may be a way out both Jay and May stopped bickering and went toward Kira.

"What did you find Kira?" May asked hoping that it was a way for them to get out of their current situation.

"I found some type of metal door; maybe it can lead us to a way out of here." Kira said as he grabbed the handle of the door. Unfortunately, the door was too heavy for him alone.

"Here let me help." Jay said as he went toward Kira and helped him push the door open.

"Me too." May said as she also tried to push the door open.

After about a minute of pushing the door, the door swung open filling the cave with dust. When the dust cleared, all three of them went through the door. As they were all through the door, the door closed behind them.

"The door is locked." Kira said as he tried to get the door open.

"Great just great," May said "now what do we do?"

"Let's look around to see what we find." Jay said. Both May and Kira nodded and all three of them went to go and look around.

While they were looking around they found many different things from what looked like custom motorbikes to devices that looked like they were supposed to go on your arms. After they went through them, they came across what looked like a poster, on the poster looked like a group of people. Two members of the group was a set of twins one of the twins was girl with turquois hair with it being in two short pigtails in front of her head while the other twin was a boy who had a pony tail in the back of his head, the next person was a women with crimson hair, then a guy with orange messy hair with the letter "M" on his for head, next to him was a man dressed in white with a smug look on his face, and last was a man with black hair with yellow streaks going through it and had a yellow line going down his left eye he was wearing a blue jacket, a black shirt underneath with a red circular symbol on it, with blue pants and he wore brown gloves. Under the poster was a plaque that said "Team 5ds: one of the greatest teams in Duel Monster history."

"Who is Team 5ds," Jay asked "and what is Duel Monsters?"

"One of the greatest games ever created in history." Said a voice as the lights in the room turned on. The three then turned towards the voice. They then saw a man with spiked blue hair wearing dark red glasses and wore some type of special suit standing next to a door on the other side of the room.

"Who are you?" Kira asked wondering who this person is and how he got here.

"If you follow me I will tell you who I am, what Duel Monsters is, and tell you who Team 5ds was." Said the stranger as he walked through the door

"OK… anybody besides me find it strange that a dude came walking in here?" Jay asked

"Yeah… what should we do?" May asked

After a few seconds of silence Kira said "We should follow him he may have an idea on how to get out of this place plus I would like to learn where we are." He finished as he started for towards the door.

"Kira's right," Jay said as he followed suit "he may know of a way out of here."

After both of them went out the door, May sighed "Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one sane in are group." She said as she took off after the others.

Scene Break:

They followed the mysterious person for about a few minutes. They then came to a room with what looked like a generator of some sort but as to what it was the three of them did not know.

"Here will be where I will answer any questions you have for me." The mysterious man said as he stopped in front of the generator.

Silence came from the three at what to ask the mysterious man. Finally Kira asked "Who are you?"

"My name is something that I have not used in the last 500 years but you can call me Bruno MK II." The now identified Bruno said.

"Wait," May said "what do you mean MK II and how can you be 500 years old?"

"When I mean MK II," Bruno said "I mean that I am the second Bruno that was created."

"Created?" Jay asked

"Yes created, for unlike you humans I am an android." Bruno said.

"Wait, you look too human to look like an android." Kira said

"Ah…. I guess human technology began to degrade from 500 years ago." Bruno conclude

"OK let's just skip that 500 years old stuff, can you tell us where we are?" Jay asked

"You are above the remains of the great city Neo Domino." Bruno said as he flipped a switch on the wall away from them.

All of a sudden the floor became see-through showing what was below them. What they saw astounded them; below them was a ruined city of great size and length.

Jay was the first to get over his shock "I was right," he said "ORB was a different place and that there was lost city down here. Ha in your face teach I was actually right!" he yelled dancing happily at what was discovered.

"What happened to this city," May asked finally getting out of her shock "from what we know the cause of this was a natural disaster."

"That is true," Bruno said "this happened because of a natural disaster that forced the city to go underground." 'These kids do not need to know what really happened until the time is right.'

"Who created you, couldn't he have prevented this disaster from happening?" Kira asked curious as to who created the human android and why the person didn't try to stop this disaster.

"I was created by Professor Yusei Fudo, brilliant scientist and leader of Team 5ds and as to why he was unable to stop it is because it was too great for him to stop at the time." Bruno said

"OK disasters aside, who were Team 5ds?" Jay asked getting out of his happy dance mode at being right.

"Team 5ds was one of the greatest Duel Monster riding team that existed during their time; in fact they saved the world twice since the founding of their team." Bruno said

"What exactly is Duel Monsters, I heard you say it was the greatest game ever created." Kira asked wondering what Duel Monsters was

"Duel Monsters is a card game that involves strategy and skill, during the Team 5ds time Duel Monsters was the world's most popular activity to do all types of people and people of many different ages played the game." Bruno said

"If the game was so popular, why did the world forget Duel Monsters?" May asked wondering what happened to this so called popular game.

"The natural disaster, which resulted to the burial of Neo Domino city, was in fact the very same thing that caused Duel Monsters to vanish from the world." Bruno said.

"I have one more question," Jay asked pointing to the generator behind Bruno "what is that generator behind you?"

"This generator," Bruno said facing it "was known as Momentum, it was a powerful generator that created a very unique type of energy."

"Why was the energy so unique?" May asked wonder what the difference was between it and normal energy.

"Ah, that is the beauty of it," Bruno said "this energy is actually a living energy that can read the hearts of humans."

"It can read the hearts of humans?" Jay asked "How is that possible?"

"No one really knows," Bruno said "only thing that is known about it is that with it humans have been able to perform many miracles. In fact because of this energy Team 5ds was able to save the world."

After a few seconds of silence Kira asked a question that changed the three of their lives forever. "Hey Mr. Bruno," Kira asked "can you teach us how to play Duel Monsters."

"Yeah can you teach us," Jay asked "from your description Duel Monsters would seem like a game I would get into."

"I am with these two," May said "by the looks of it even girls like me could even get into this game."

Bruno looked at the three kids in silence 'These kids…..' he thought 'maybe they are the hope that this world needs, from what I can gather from recent events, both the EA and ZAFT tensions are growing at an alarming rate, if my hunch is right a full scale war should come in less than 8 years from now. But if my hunch about these three kids is right, these three should be able to create a new future for the entire world.' "Alright," Bruno said "I will teach you how to play Duel Monsters, but that is not all I will train you in, I will also train you to become stronger so that you may be able to handle this game for this game will be like nothing you have ever experienced before. If you accept my terms in me teaching you how to play I will teach you. So, do you guys in or not?"

With determined looks on their faces all three of them said at the same time "Were in." But then Kira remembered that he would be moving to the moon in 5 days. "How long will it take for this training be, I actually have to move to the moon in 5 days?" Kira asked hoping that it would take less time.

"That all depends," Bruno said "Are you one of these coordinators I have been hearing about in the last few years?"

"Yes." Kira said

"How about you two?" Bruno said as he pointed toward the twins

"No, both me and May are naturals but if it is something that we are interested we learn fast." Jay said

"If that's case," Bruno said "training on how to play Duel Monsters should only take about three to four days to learn but learning how to gain strength for the game takes years of practice, but don't worry I will find a way to completely teach you; by the way I didn't get your names do you mind telling me who you guys are?"

"My name is May Ryosukei." May said

"I'm Jay Ryosukei." Jay said

"And I am Kira Yamato." Kira said

"Well May, Jay, and Kira," Bruno said "I, Bruno, will teach you how to duel."

"Cool!" all three of them said

"Are we going to start learning today?" Jay asked hoping they would learn something today.

"Not today," Bruno said "tomorrow is the day you will learn, besides it is getting late, I believe your parents might be getting worried about you."

When May looked at her watch, her eyes bulged out "Holy crap, guys look at the time," she said as she showed them the time "we have been here for almost 4 hours now, are families are seriously going to be upset if were not home soon."

Jay looked at Bruno and asked "Do you have a way to get back to the surface, the way we came kind of is impossible to achieve right now."

"Yes, I can take you up to the surface follow me." He said as took off with the three of them following suit.

They followed him towards what looked like an elevator of some sort. "Here," Bruno said "we will take the elevator up toward the surface, but first…" he stopped and touched a gizmo of some kind on his right wrist. All of a sudden, Bruno was covered in a bluish flashing light; the light was so bright that all three of them had to cover their eyes from it. When the light dyed down, Bruno's appearance changed. His hair was no longer spikey and he now wore blue jeans and a yellow, white, and blue jacket instead of the suit he wore earlier.

Bruno then looked at their gaping faces. "What," he said "you didn't really think I would go into public looking like that did you?" He finished as all three of them nodded their heads.

"That was so cool," Jay said "Can we please have something like after we finish learning about the game?"

"Perhaps" Bruno said as all four of them entered the elevator as it started to go up towards the surface.

Scene Break:

When they got to the surface, the three friends realized that they were at an abandoned building that was located from across the park where they usually play at.

"You're kidding me right," Jay said as he looked at the park that they were at earlier that day "you mean to tell me that an entrance to the lost city was only 10 feet away from where we play every day."

"It seems like it." Kira said also surprised that they were now at the park that were just at that very same morning.

"Now," Bruno said "tomorrow all three of you will come to this location at around 10 AM for the next few days. When you enter the building, I want you to press this button under here," he said as he pointed to a button underneath an old light switch "this will make the elevator rise up from the underground. From there, I will teach you everything you need to know about Duel Monsters. Got it?" he finished as all three of them nodded "Also do not tell anybody about this place unless it is an emergency understand?" again they nodded "Good, then I will see you three tomorrow then." He finished as all three of them left for home. 'Yusei…..' Bruno thought as he watched the three of them leave 'I believe that these kids will be able to create the same type of miracles you and Team 5ds created. …..I believe that they can change the world.'

Scene Break:

When Kira got home, his parents asked him where he had been since he was gone for so long. Kira then told his parents that he, Jay, and May went out around the city and that they were busy having so much fun that they forgot about the time. Not really wanting to question their son, his parents dropped the subject. From there, the family had a quiet dinner and after a few hours of packing up stuff for the move, Kira went straight to bed.

'Tomorrow, I will learn how to play Duel Monsters' Kira thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Kira's Dream:

'Huh…' Kira thought as he realized that he was no longer in his bed any more 'where am I?'

When he looked around, he found that he was in space, but what shocked him was that he was able to breathe. Then all of a sudden he heard a roar of some sort coming from behind him. When he turned around he saw something that astonished him. He saw a white dragon that looked like it was producing stardust from its wings standing in front of him. He was scared of the dragon and was preparing to run away when he heard a voice.

"Don't worry," the voice said as Kira stopped to listen to the voice "he won't hurt you."

Deciding to trust the voice, Kira approached the magnificent dragon. When Kira got closer to the dragon, the dragon lowered his head so that Kira could touch it. When he touched the dragons head, the dragon began to rub his head underneath Kira's hand symbolizing that the dragon accepted Kira.

"See," the voice said behind Kira "he wouldn't hurt you."

When Kira turned around he saw the very same man that was in the poster that he saw while in the lost city; the guy even was wearing the same clothing. This man was none other than Yusei Fudo.

"Who are you?" Kira asked "You look like that man that was in the poster of Team 5ds."

Yusei laughed when he heard this "That is correct I am Yusei Fudo." He said

"But how are you here, you are supposed to be dead." Kira questioned wondering how a dead person could be standing in front of him.

"That is true," Yusei said "but I came back to give you something Kira."

"What are you going to give me?" Kira asked wondering what someone who was dead would want to give him.

"I am going to give you two things one is this." He said as he handed Kira a deck of cards

"Is this…" Kira said looking at the deck in awe.

"Yes Kira," Yusei said "these cards were the deck I used when I was alive."

"But why would you give me this?" Kira asked wondering why Yusei would give him such a great gift.

"I believe that you are the only hope this world has for it to return to the true path of evolution." Yusei said

"True path of evolution," Kira asked "what is that?"

"It is a story for another time," Yusei said "but as for my final gift…." He lifted his right arm up having his outer side face Kira. All of a sudden his arm began to glow a bright red. The shape of the glow then took the appearance of a dragon head. Then the mark on his arm vanished and reappeared on Kira's.

"What is this?" Kira asked looking at the strange dragon head mark on his head with astonishment.

"This is the Mark of Signers." Yusei said

"Mark of the Signers," Kira asked "what is the mark of the Signers?"

"In due time Kira but right now it's time to wake up Kira, Wake Up Kira…." Yusei said as the dream started to disappear.

Real World:

"Come on Kira, it's time to wake up," his mother said as she shook her son "Come on Kira your friends are here waiting for you."

"Ok mom," Kira said as he rose from his slumber "I'm up can you tell them that I will be out in a few minutes?"

"Sure," his mother said as she left his room "but remember to be back by one o'clock we still need to finish packing are stuff for the move in a couple of days."

"Sure thing mom," he said as he got out of bed 'That was some dream I had,' He thought 'it almost felt real.' He then looked at his right arm to notice that the mark he got from Yusei was still on his arm 'ok maybe it was real.' He thought as he looked toward his dresser to notice that there was a deck of cards on it. He looked at the bottom card to see what it was. He then looked at the card to realize that the card was the very same dragon he saw in his dream. He then remembered what Yusei said to him in his dream.


"I believe that you are the only hope this world has for it to return to the true path of evolution." Yusei said

Flashback end:

'I wonder what he means by true path of evolution.' Kira thought as he grabbed the deck of cards and went out of his room 'Maybe Bruno knows.'

Scene Break:

When Kira got outside, his two friends were wondering what the holdup was. He then told them that he slept in late. Not wanting to be late for their first day of dueling, Jay and May brushed it off and grabbed Kira's arm and rushed toward the meeting place. When they got there, they followed the instruction Bruno gave them; they pushed the button, waited for the elevator, then they went down.

Scene Break:

When the three of them exited the elevator, Bruno was already there waiting for them.

"Good to see that you three are here" he said as he approached the group.

"I am ready to learn," Jay said as he took out a notebook and pencil from his back "I brought note taking materials for me to learn about dueling."

Bruno then laughed at Jay "You won't be learning like that," he said "I have a better way of teaching you."

"And what way is that?" May asked

"The real way any Duelist learns to play is by dueling themselves so I am going to duel all three of you at the same time." Bruno said "But first, we need you to create decks for the three of you. So follow me." He finished as he lifted the room with the three of them tailing behind them.

Scene Break:

The three friends followed Bruno to a dark room. Bruno then flipped a light switch. When the room lite up, all three of them gasped at what they saw; inside the room where thousands and thousands of different types of cards placed neatly on many different shelves.

"Here is where you three will start," Bruno said while pointing towards the shelves filled with cards "I want the three of you to look through those cards and create your own decks; the maximum amount of cards you three can have are 60 cards."

After he finished saying that, Jay and May dashed towards the cards in order for them to look for cards for their deck leaving Kira standing next to Bruno.

"Why are you not with your friends?" Bruno asked wondering why Kira didn't go and make a deck for himself.

"Well you see," He said as he slowly took the deck Yusei gave him out of his pocket "I already have a deck." He finished as he showed Bruno the deck

"Where did you get that?" Bruno said looking at the deck stunned that Kira would have a deck when he didn't even show him where the cards were.

"I know it might sound strange but Yusei Fudo gave them to me in a dream he also gave me this." Kira said as he showed Bruno the Dragon head mark on his right arm.

Bruno then closed his eyes thinking about what he heard and seen 'Yusei appeared to Kira, it looks like my hunch was right these kids are the key to saving the future of this world.'

"By the way," Kira said breaking Bruno out of his thoughts "when I asked what this mark was Yusei said that it was the symbol of the Signers. What is a Signer?" Kira asked wishing that Bruno would give him a straight answer.

"A Signer was a guardian that was picked for a deity known as the Crimson Dragon; through his power Team 5ds was able to save their world. In fact their team name came from the markings of the Dragon." Bruno said as Kira looked at him in awe

"Do you think that I may be able to see the dragon someday?" Kira asked

"Maybe, who knows?" Bruno said as Jay and May approached him "done already? You guys didn't take long."

"For some reason," Jay said "It felt like cards were actually calling to us."

"Huh?" Kira said wondering what they meant "What do you mean Jay?"

"What he means Kira," Bruno said "is that the cards choose them, I have seen many duelists from the past feel like this when they find or get a certain card. In fact Kira, you should know after all." Bruno finished as he pointed to the deck in Kira's hand. "Now follow me." Bruno said as he took off towards another room with the three of them following close behind him.

Scene Break:

Bruno then led the group to an area that almost looked like an old gym. "Here will be where I will teach how to duel." Bruno said as he handed all three of them a strange circular device.

"What are these?" May asked as both Kira and Jay were looking at the device in their hands.

"These my friends are called Duel Disks, they were used as a means of play for the game," Bruno said "now press the red button on the device and we will begin." He said as he pressed his button activating his Duel Disk.

The three of them followed his example and activated their Duel Disks. "Now we each get to draw 5 cards before we start," Bruno said "this will be are hand for the duel. Do you understand?" All three of them nodded their heads as they drew 5 cards from their deck.

"At the start of any duel, both players yell "Duel!" So I will say it, Duel!"

(Bruno's LP 12000, Kira's, Jay's, and May LP 4000 each)

"Bruno what do these numbers represent?" Kira asked as he looked at the 4000 LP

"Those numbers represent your life points, in order for someone to win a duel," Bruno explained "you must make your opponents life points drop to zero before your points drop to zero do you understand?" he finished as Kira nodded his head.

"How come we have only 4000 LP while you have 12000?" Jay asked

"That's because it is you three against me." Bruno said as he placed himself in front of the group.

"I'll start this duel off, I draw." Bruno said as he drew his card

(Hand: Genex Neutron, Machina Soldier, Machina Sniper, Card Trader, Time Machine, and Chain Whirlwind)

"I'll start this duel off by summoning Machina Soldier in attack mode." Bruno said as Machina Soldier appeared in front of him.

(Machina Soldier LV 4 (ATK/1600, DEF/1500))

"What the hell!" all three of them said as they looked at the green metal soldier that appeared in front of them.

"You are probably wondering how the card came to life," Bruno said "well the duel disks allow hollow graphic images of the card that was place on it to be summoned to the field making the game become more realistic. Also there are three types of cards Monsters, Spells, and Traps. And lucky for me, when Machina Soldier is summoned to my field and he is the only monster on my field, I am able to special summon another Machina monster to my field and I choose to summon Machina Sniper in attack mode." He finished as Machina Sniper appeared next to Machina Soldier.

(Machina Sniper LV 4 (ATK/1800, DEF/800))

"I'll end my turn with 2 cards face down and I activate the spell card Card Trader." Bruno said as 2 faced down cards and Card Trader appeared on the field. "Oh by the way," Bruno said "because this is a 3 on 1 duel you cannot attack on your first turn and just in case you have any trap cards in your hand you cannot activated them until after the turn you set them ok?" he finished as all three of them nodded their heads.

"Well then I'll go first; my turn, draw!" May said as she drew her first card

(Hand: Summoner Monk, Breaker the Magical Warrior, Skilled Dark Magician, Spell Power Grasp, Terraforming, and Magician's Circle)

"I think I will start by summoning Skilled Dark Magician in attack." May said as Dark Magician appeared on her side of the field.

(Skilled Dark Magician LV 4 (ATK/1900, DEF/1700))

"Next I'll activate the Spell Card "Spell Power Grasp," this card will allow me to place a spell counter on a card on my field that allows me place it on it and I can add another "Spell Power Grasp" to my hand, the target I choose to place the spell counter on is my Skilled Dark Magician, also because I activated a Spell Card, Skilled Dark Magician gains another spell counter on it." She said as 2 lights appeared on Skilled Dark Magician. Next I activate the Spell Card "Terraforming," this card allows me to add a field spell card from my deck to my hand and I choose the field spell "Magical Citadel of Endymion," and because I played a Spell Card Skilled Dark Magician gains another spell counter on it." She said as another light appeared on her magician. "Next I activate my magician's special ability, if he has 3 spell counters on him, I can tribute him to special summon from either my deck, hand, or graveyard one of my most powerful monsters in my deck, come forth my Dark Magician!" she said as her Skilled Dark Magician disappeared with Dark Magician taking its place.

(Dark Magician LV 7 (ATK/2500, DEF/2100))

"How do you like that," May said "I just summon a powerful card on my first turn how do you like that?"

'She was able to summon one of the most powerful cards in the game on the first turn. These kids really do have potential.' Bruno thought "Not bad," he said "but don't get cocky this is still the beginning of the duel."

"Fine, I'll end my turn with one face down, and I'll activate the Field Spell Magical Citadel of Endymion, your move bro." she said as the field around them changed to a fortress of some sort.

"Don't mind if I do," Jay said "My draw." He finished as he drew a card.

(Hand: Marauding Captain, Evocator Chevalier, Phoenix Gearfried, Kunai with Chain, Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade, and Dark Bribe.)

"I think I will start off by summoning Phoenix Gearfried to my field in attack mode." He said placing the card on his duel disk. Unfortunately nothing happened.

"Hey what happened," Jay said as he looked at his duel disk "how come Gearfried's not out on the field?"

"That's because Gearfried's a LV 8 monster," Bruno said "you see you can summon monsters from LV 1 to LV 4 without having to tribute a monster in order to summon it, for monsters who are LV 5 and LV 6, you need to tribute 1 monster, and For LV 7 and above you need to tribute 2 monsters."

"How can you tell what LV a monster is?" Kira asked

Bruno then showed the only monster in his hand. "This is how you know what LV a monster is." He said as he pointed to the stars on the top of the card. "The number of stars equals the LV the monster is. Also while we're on the subject of monsters, you can only normal summon a monster once per turn but you can special summon a monster as much as you want. Oh, and when you summon a monster if you place the card straight that symbolizes that the monster is in attack mode while placing the monster sideways represents the monster being in defense, you get all that?" he asked as all three of them nodded their heads.

"Well," Jay said "I guess I'll have to wait to summon Gearfried till later so I think I'll summon my Marauding Captain in attack mode." He finished as Marauding Captain appeared on the field.

(Marauding Captain LV 3 (ATK/1200, DEF/400))

"Do to his effect I am able to special summon a LV 4 or lower monster from my hand and I choose to summon Evocator Chevalier in attack mode." He said as Evocator Chevalier appeared.

(Evocator Chevalier LV 4 (ATK/1900, DEF/900))

"I'll end my turn with two face downs and activate the spell card "Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade" and equipped it to my Evocator Chevalier razing his attack points by 300." He said as he placed two cards face down and Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade equipped itself to Evocator Chevalier.

"And because he activated a spell card," May said "Magical Citadel of Endymion" gains a spell counter on it."

(Evocator Chevalier (ATK/1900 – 2200))

(Magical Citadel of Endymion: Spell Counter x1)

'It looks like Jay is the type that likes to power up his monsters attack, but I have to wonder why he didn't equipped his card to Marauding Captain,' Bruno thought 'its weaker than any of the monsters I have on my side of the field, …..unless he wants me to attack his Captain on purpose or he is going to summon Evocator Chevalier again to make him an effect monster and use his effect on his next turn.' He concluded

"I guess it's my turn." Kira said "Draw!"

(Hand: Max Warrior, Shild Wing, Scrapped Iron Scarcrow, Graceful Revival, Defense Draw, Double Summon)

"I'll activate the spell card "Double Summon," this card allows me to normal summon another monster this turn after my first summon so I'll summon Max Warrior in attack mode and Shield Wing inDefense mode." He said as Max warrior and Shield Wing appeared on the field.

(Max Warrior LV 4 (ATK/1800, DEF/800))

(Shield Wing LV 2 (ATK/0, DEF/900))

"And because a spell was activated," May said "my field spell gains another counter on it."

(Magical Citadel of Endymion: Spell Counter x2)

"Finally I will end my turn with three faced down cards and end my turn." Kira said as he set his three cards down.

'That play was not a bad one for Kira,' Bruno thought 'in case Max Warrior is destroyed by battle, he has Shield Wing to back up his defense, plus those three face down cards are probably cards that would either prevent me from either battling or to stop me from giving damage.' "My turn," he said "Draw!"

"I activate the spell card "Card of Sanctity," with this card all of us must draw cards until we each are holding 6 cards in are hand." Bruno said as he, May, Jay, and Kira drew their cards.

"That's another counter for me Bruno." May said

(Magical Citadel of Endymion: Spell Counter x3)

"Hey Bruno what's a tuner?" Kira asked looking at his one of the cards in his hand.

"A tuner is a type of monster that helps to summon Synchro Monsters." Bruno explained

"Hey what's a Synchro Monster?" May asked

"Yeah what are they." Jay asked

"Well," Bruno said "Synchro Monsters are monsters that can be summoned by combining a tuner monster with one or more non-tuner monsters. For example, If you had a LV 4 Tuner and a LV 4 non-tuner you can combine them together to form a LV 8 Synchron Monsters. Do you guys understand?" Bruno asked as all three of them nodded their heads.

"Ok on with the duel, I then activate my own "Double Summon."" Bruno said

"Alright, another counter for my citadel," May cheered

(Magical Citadel of Endymion: Spell Counter x4)

"I then normal summon Machina Defender and Commander Covington to the field in attack mode. Bruno said as his two monsters appeared.

(Machina Defender LV 4 (ATK/1200, DEF/1800))

(Commander Covington LV 4(ATK/1000, DEF/600))

"Next I activates my Commander Covington's effect, By sending Machina Soldier, Machina Sniper, and Machina Defender to the graveyard, that's where the cards we use go, I can special summon Machina Force in attack mode." Bruno said as his three monsters disappeared and a new monster took its place.

(Machina Force LV 10 (ATK/4600, DEF/4100))

"What the heck!" Jay said as he looked at the monsters attack points "That card could destroy anything we have on the field."

"Your right Jay" May said "How are we supposed to stop it?"

"Don't worry guys," Kira said as both of them looked at him "something that strong must have a weakness somewhere."

"How true," Bruno said "because Machina Force is so strong I have to pay 1000 life points for him to attack but since I have 12000 LP, I think I will risk it and attack your Dark Magician May."

(Bruno's LP 12000 – 11000)

"Machina Force attack Dark Magician with Machina Barrage" Bruno said as his monster fired all his weapons at Jay's Monster.

"Hold on," Kira said "I activate the trap card "Scraped Iron Scarecrow." Kira said as a metal scarecrow appeared on the field taking the hit from Machina Force. "When "Scraped Iron Scarecrow" is activated I can negate an attack from one of my opponents monsters, also instead of sending this card to the graveyard, I can reset it back on my field." He finished as his card reset itself.

"Thanks for the save Kira," May said

"No problem," He said "I would do anything to protect my friends."

'He is definitely like Yusei.' Bruno thought "Well since you blocked my attack I guess I'll end my turn by activating the continuous spell cards "Macina Armored Unite" and "Swords of Reviling Light. With "Swords of Reviling Light on the field", you three cannot attack until after three turns. Also with "Machina Armored Unite" on the field, When one of my Machine type monsters is destroyed by battle, I can special summon one monster from my deck who has less attack points than the one destroyed. I end my turn, your move May." Bruno said.

"My move," May said "Draw!"

"Thanks to you using those two spell cards my field spell now has 6 spell counters on it, now by removing 6 of them from my field spell I can special summon Endymion, The Master Magician in defense mode." She said as her monster appeared on the field.

(Endymion, The Master Magician LV 7 (ATK/2700, DEF/1700))

"Next I summon Summoner Monk in attack mode." She said

(Summoner Monk LV 4 (ATK/800, DEF/1600))

"Do to his effect he is automatically switched to defense mode." She said as her monster switched modes. "I also activate his effect, by sending one spell card from my hand I can automatically summon 1 LV 4 monster from my deck and I choose to summon my Tuned Magican." She finished as she discarded Spell Power Grasper from her hand as her monster appeared.

(Tuned Magician LV 4 (ATK/1800, DEF/1600))

"Finally I end my turn with a face down." She said as she put a card down.

(Swords of Reviling Light: 2 turns left)

"My move then," Jay said as he drew a card from his deck.

"I'll start by switching both my monsters to Defense mode than I will summon my Dark Blade in defense mode." He finished as both his monsters switched to Defense mode and Dark Blade appeared on the field.

(Dark Blade LV 4 (ATK/1800, DEF/1500))

"With that I'll end my turn." Jay said

(Swords of Reviling Light: 1 turns left)

"Looks like it's my turn," Kira said as he drew his card.

"I'll summon Fortress Warrior in Defense mode." He said as Fortress Warrior appeared.

(Fortress Warrior LV 2 (ATK/600, DEF/1200))

"And I'll switch Max Warrior to defense mode and I'll place 2 cards face down ending my turn with that." Kira said.

(Swords of Reviling Light: 0 turns left)

"Looks like I get to go," Bruno said as he drew his card "I activate the spell card "Mystical Space Typhoon," with this card I can destroy one spell or trap card on the field and I choose to destroy Kira's Scraped Iron Scarecrow.

"Not so fast," Jay said "I activate the trap card "Dark Bribe," with it I can negate your spell card from destroying Kira's card, and unfortunately you get to draw a card from your deck." He finished as Dark Bribe destroyed Mystical Space Typhoon and Bruno drew a card.

"I was hoping you would do that," Bruno said "because now I activate the trap card "Chain Whirlwind," this trap card can only be activated when a card on the field was destroyed by a card effect now I can choose 2 spell or trap cards on the field and destroy them. And I choose to destroy Kira's Scrapped Iron Scarecrow and your last face down Jay." He finished as Kira's Scrapped Iron Scarecrow and Jay's Kunai with Chain card were destroyed."

"And thanks to you Jay, I can activated the spell card "Pot of Greed,"" He said as he activated the card "this allows me to draw two extra cards from my deck, and from those 2 cards I activate "Graceful Charity," this will allow me to draw 3 more cards from my deck but at the same time I will have to discard 2 from my hand." He said as he drew three more cards and discarded 2.

"I then activate my second "Double Summon" spell card," he said "From there; I summon Genex Neutron and Genex Ally Remote in attack mode."

(Genex Neutron LV 4 (ATK/1800, DEF/1200))

(Genex Ally Remote LV 3 (ATK/500, DEF/1800))

"From there I think I'll tune my LV 3 Genex Ally Remote with my LV 4 Genex Neutron," Bruno said as his two monsters jumped into the air. When they rose into the air, Genex Ally Remote turned into 3 rings which surrounded Genex Neutron; then a light appeared and surrounded Genex Neutron. "Synchro Summon! Appear, Dark Strike Fighter!" Bruno said as his new monster appeared on the field.

(Dark Strike Fighter LV 7 (ATK/2600, DEF/1800)

"So that's a Synchro Monster." Kira said as he looked at the monster in awe

"That looks like one mean machine." May said

"You can say that again." Jay said

"I activate Dark Striker Fighter's Ability," Bruno said "I can tribute 1 monster to inflict damage to you guy's equal to the monsters LV x 200. I tribute my LV 4 Commander Covington to give you guys 800 points of damage." He finished as Commander Covington disappeared from the field. From their Dark Striker Fighter rose to the sky and let loose bombs on Kira, Jay, and May. This created an explosion which forced all three of them back and knocking all three of them to the ground.

(Kira's LP 4000-3200)

(Jay's LP 4000-3200)

(May's LP 4000-3200)

"You weren't kidding when you said that duel disks made the game seem real." Kira said as he, Jay and May got off the ground.

"Next I'll have Dark Striker Fighter attack Kira's Max Warrior and I'll pay 1000 LP to have Machina Force attack May's Dark Magician." Bruno said as his two monsters attacked with Dark Striker Fighter destroying Max Warrior.

(Bruno's LP 11000-10000)

"I don't think so," May said "I activate the trap card "Magical Cylinder," with it I can negate of your monster's attack and you take damage equal to its attack." She finished as Machina Forces attack was redirected."

(Bruno's LP 10000-5400)

"Not bad," Bruno said "You may have been able to lower my life points down by up to almost half but by the time my next turn comes all three of you are going to lose." He finished, as he looked at his hand. Two specific cards in his hand were Lightning Vortex and Double Attack. 'Next turn, I'll discard a card in order to activate Lightning Vortex to destroy all of their monsters, then I'll use Double Attack to allow Machina Force to attack twice, and to end this duel I'll use Dark Striker Fighter's effect to wipe out the last of their life points.' "I'll end my turn with the spell card "Dark Door" with it only one of our monsters can attack each turn." He said as he activated his spell card "there is no way you three can turn this duel around, by my next turn all three of you are goners." Bruno said with confidence.

"Oh don't worry," May said as all three of them looked at each other giving each other giving each other a nod "before your turn comes…"

"Will…" Jay said having a determined look on his face

"Win." Kira said having the same determined look on his face.

"Looks like we have 3 turns to win so I'll start things off," May said as she drew her card "I activate the spell card "Mystical Space Typhoon" to destroy that face down card that you set during the beginning of the duel." May said as she destroyed his face down card. "Next I normal summon Tuned Magician again in order for here to be treated as an effect monster and her effect is that now she is treated as a tuner monster. From there, I'll tune up my LV 4 Summoner Monk and LV 4 Tuned Magician together." She finished as her monsters rose up to the sky. "When lights combine to form a brighter light," she said as Tuned Magician turned into 4 rings and surrounded Summoner Monk "that light will lead us toward the end; Synchro summon! Rise with the light, Light End Dragon." May said as her dragon descended upon them.

(Light End Dragon LV 8 (ATK/2600, DEF/2100))

"Hey sis what was with the speech?" Jay asked

"I don't know," She replied "it just sort of appeared in my head."

"Not bad," Bruno said ending the twins conversation "that's a strong monster but it's still not strong enough to beat me."

"Well lets test that theory shall we," May said "Light End Dragon attack Dark Strike Fighter with Light End Burst." She said as her dragon fired a white beam out of his mouth.

"Going with a suicide tactic huh?" Bruno said as Dark Striker Fighter charged Light End Dragon.

"Light End Dragon's effect activates by reducing its attack and defense points by 500, one of your monsters loses 1500 attack and defense points and I choose Dark Striker Fighter as my target." May said as both their monsters points changed.

(Light End Dragon (ATK/2600-2100, DEF/2100-1600)

(Dark Strike Fighter (ATK/2600-1100, DEF/1800-300)

The two monsters battled each other until Light End Dragon was the only one standing

(Bruno's LP 5600-4600)

"I'll end my turn with that." She said

'Not a bad final strike from her,' Bruno thought 'not only was she able to Synchro summon, but she was able to defeat my Dark Strike Fighter. Let's see what these two will throw at me.'

"My turn," Jay said as he drew his card.

"I'll start things off by summoning my Mist Valley Soldier in attack mode." He said

(Mist Valley Soldier LV 4 (ATK/1700, DEF/300))

"Next I'll tune my LV 4 Mist Valley Soldier with my LV 4 Dark Blade." He said as his two monsters rose to the air. "When two beings unite," He said as Mist Valley Soldier turned into 4 rings that surrounded Dark Blade "a being of darkness shall be made, and with that darkness comes the end. Synchro summon! Rise from the darkness Dark End Dragon." He finished as his monster took the field

(Dark End Dragon (ATK/2600, DEF/2100)

"So you summoned a Synchro monster too huh well he is still not powerful enough to destroy my Machina Force." Bruno said

"I activate Dark End Dragon's effect by reducing my dragons attack points by 500 points I can destroy one monster on your side of the field."

"What?" Bruno said

"I use Dark End Dragon's effect to destroy Machina Force." Jay said as his monsters attack points lowered.

(Dark End Dragon (ATK/2600-2100, DEF/2100-1600))

When Dark End Dragon's points went down, Dark End Dragon fired a stream of darkness at Machina Force. When it hit Machina Force, Machina Force cried out in pain before it was destroyed.

"My Machina Force!" Bruno yelled

"And with your last monster gone," Jay said "I can now attack you directly. Go Dark End Dragon attack Bruno directly with Dark End Stream." He finished as Dark End Dragon attacked Bruno lowering his life points even further.

(Bruno's LP 4600 – 2500)

"And I'll end my turn with that." Jay said "Kira it's all up to you now."

"Right!" Kira said

'Not bad,' Bruno thought 'I didn't expect him to summon something like that its kind of funny now that I think about it Light End Dragon and Dark End Dragon are like twins so I guess it's no surprise that they would choose them. If I know what is in Kira's hand, I think I just lost.'

"It's time we end this," Kira said as he drew his card.

"First up I'll summon Junk Synchron in attack mode." He said as his monster appeared.

(Junk Synchron LV 3 (ATK/1300, DEF/500))

"Next, do to his effect, because I normal summoned a monster to my field I can special summon Turbo Booster to my field, so I summon him in attack mode." Kira said as his second monster took the field.

(Turbo Booster LV 1 (ATK/0, DEF/0))

"Finally, I'll tune my LV 3 Junk Synchron with my LV 2 Fortress Warrior, LV 2 Shield Wing, and my LV 1 Turbo Booster." Kira said as his four monsters took to the sky. "Clustering hopes will become a new shining star!" Kira said shocking Bruno as Junk Synchron became 3 rings that surrounded his 3 monsters "Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro summon! Take flight, Stardust Dragon!" Kira finished as his new card came to the scene

(Stardust Dragon LV 8 (ATK/2500, DEF/2000))

"Where did you hear that phrase?" Bruno asked

"I don't know," Kira said "it just came to me; why? is something wrong?"

"No nothing's wrong, just wondering." Bruno said 'that's the exact phrase Yusei would say when he ever Synchro summoned a Synchro monster.'

"It's time we end this Stardust Dragon attack Bruno directly with Shooting Sonic!" Kira yelled as Stardust Dragon let loose a white blast at Bruno depleting his last LP.

(Bruno's LP 2500-0)

"We won." May cheered

"We did it. Nice one Kira." Jay said

"Thanks Jay." Kira said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"You two did well," Bruno said "for your first duel, but to tell you the true I didn't use my real deck."

"What?" all three of them said

"If I used my real deck," Bruno said "all three of you would lose on the first second turn. But good job any way."

"You're telling us that you were creaming us with a deck that was not even your real one?"

"Yeah, but don't worry one day you'll be able to face me with my real deck. So who's up for another duel?"

"Us." All three of them said

'It's official,' Bruno thought 'these three have what it takes to be duelists.'

Scene Break:

Four Days Later:

For three days, Kira, Jay, and May learned a lot about dueling from Bruno. For those three days, Bruno helped improve their dueling skills. Even though Jay and May's skills were taking some time to improve, Kira's abilities were improving better than what Bruno had expected. By the time the fourth day came, Kira was basically an expert in the game. Unfortunately, today was the day Kira had to move.

"Stardust Dragon, attack Jay directly." Kira said as his dragon let loss a blast at Jay.

(Jay's LP 1000 – 0)

"Nice one Kira," Jay said as he approached Kira "so what's the score?"

"I believe," May said as she approached them "That it is 5 wins for Kira and 5 wins for you Jay so right now the score is even."

"Sweet," Jay said "too bad that was are final duel." He finished looking sad.

"I know." Kira said

"Don't worry Kira," May said as she put an arm on his shoulder. "I am sure this won't be the last time we see each other."

"Yeah I know." Kira said.

"So, is it time to go?" Jay asked

"Yeah, it's about time I head back." Kira said

"Come on," May said "let's go tell Bruno good bye."

"No need." Bruno said as he approached them

"Hey Bruno," Kira said "I wanted to thank you for teaching me I am going to miss you."

"Thanks kid," Bruno said as he patted Kira's head "I got you a going away present." He finished as he handed Kira a present.

When Kira opened the present, he found a Blue Jacket with Orange circular objects on the shoulder, elbow, and collar of the Jacket. Also with the Jacket was a black shirt with a weird insignia on it and a device like what Bruno had on his arm.

"This was the outfit Yusei wore," Bruno said "it may be small now but I am sure it will grow for you also I am giving you a communication device so you can keep close contact with us."

"Thank you Bruno." Kira said as he had tears in his eyes "Bye guys." He said as he made his way to the elevator.

"Bye Kira." All three of them said as Kira entered the Elevator.

When Kira left, Bruno turned to May and Jay. "OK you two," Bruno said "let's start practice OK." He finished as he went off in another direction.

"Right." Jay and May said as they followed him.

Scene Change:

Two days later:

'Looks like today's the start of my new life' Kira thought as he approached his new classroom. When Kira came back to his parents two days ago, they asked where he went. He then told them that he went to say good bye to his friends one last time. After that Kira and his parents went to the space port to travel up to the moon. When they got there, his parents said that he would have to go to school in two days. So that's where he is now, heading toward his new classroom. When he entered the classroom, the class became quiet and began to stare at him. Then the teacher decided to introduce him

"Class," the teacher said "we have a new student today, he has come from ORB so be nice to him. Please introduce yourself." The teacher said to Kira.

"Hello everybody," Kira said "my name is Kira Yamato it is a pleasure to meet you." He finished as he bowed to the class.

"Well Mr. Yamato," the teacher said "you can sit next to Mr. Zala over there." She finished as she pointed to a boy with blue hair with a green hat on his head.

Kira then noted his head as he got in his seat. "Hi Kira," The boy who he was sitting next to said "my name is Athrun Zala, I hope we can be friends." He finished.

"Yeah," Kira said "I hope we can be friends too."

Unknown to these two, their lives would change dramatically in the years to come.

Chapter End.