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Card Attacks

Gundam Seed 5ds Chapter 5: Tag Dual Battle: Naturals VS Coordinators.

"Contact the ship and tell them we are ready to receive the supplies and the transport of the civilians." Murrue said as she looked at Natarle.

"Understood…" Natarle said as she contacted the ship in front of them. When she got connected to the ship, she put it on the front screen. On the screen was a girl with long green hair and had metal long ears. Everyone was shocked at what they saw.

"Yes," the girl on the screen said "May I help you?"

"We are ready for the supply transfer and evacuation of the civilians." Murrue said getting out of her stupor.

The girl on the screen nodded her head "Understood," she said "it will take at least an hour to load your supplies, when we are done; we will take the civilian back to ORB. We will be ready to launch in a few minutes."

"Understood…" Murrue said as the girl nodded her head and shut the line off.

"Did anyone see the girl had green hair and metal ears?" Mu asked

"I saw it," Murrue said "but I can't find an answer to this or what we've seen so far." She finished as she got off her seat and headed towards the door. "I am going to have the kids contact Bruno and to ask some questions." She said as she looked at Mu "Would you like to accompany me Lt."

Mu smiled "I'd be happy to captain." he finished as he got up and followed her.

"What about me captain?" Natarle asked

"You will organize the supply and civilian evacuation." Murrue said as Natarle nodded her head. When that was taken care of, Murrue and Mu left to enter the captain's room.

Scene Break:

When Murrue and Mu got into the captains courters, she went and called the doctor onto the communications screen. After a few seconds of waiting, the doctor appeared on the screen.

"Captain…" the doctor said

"Have you finished your check up on Kira, Jay, and May?" Murrue asked

"Yes," the doctor said

"Then can you please send them up here?" Murrue asked

"Already have," the doctor said "I have already sent them up to you; they should be there in about 5 minutes."

"Thank you," Murrue said "did you find anything wrong with them… any changes."

"Physically," the doctor said "the only outer changes are their hair color, nothing strange seems to be out of order for them, but I did find something strange with their muscle and bone structure."

"How strange?" Mu asked

"You said that all three of them are civilians right?" the doctor asked

"That's correct doctor?" Murrue asked

"From what I saw of their bones and muscles all three of them have been in some harsh training." The doctor said shocking both Murrue and Mu

"What do you mean?" Mu asked

"From the x-rays I took of them," the doctor said "I found out that each of them have had a few broken bones and sprains on their arms and legs from about 3 to 4 years ago. The bone damage was done by some type of extreme force going at a fast rate; this was done at least one or maybe even two years ago."

"What about their muscle structure?" Murrue asked

"Well their muscle structure is more developed than that of normal children of their age group, even a coordinators of their age aren't as developed as them."

"So what you're saying is…" Mu asked

"What I'm saying is that if they we're normal civilians like they say," the doctor said "their bodies shouldn't be the way they are now."

"Thank you doctor…" Murrue said as she shut the line down. After a few seconds, Murrue and Mu heard knocking on the door.

"Enter…" Murrue said as the door entered and Kira, Jay, and May entered the room.

"You wanted to see us Captain?" Kira asked.

"Yes," Murrue asked "I would like you to connect us to Bruno for me."

"Sure," Kira said as he went to the communication's computer and inputted the codes for communicating with Bruno. After a few seconds of waiting, Bruno appeared on the screen.

"It's good to see you three again," Bruno said as he looked at Kira, Jay, and May "I see you three got new hair styles…"

"We didn't get them by choice…" Kira said

"I know," Bruno said as he looked at both Mu and Murrue "I bet you want some answers as to what has been going on for the last few hours."

Both Mu and Murrue nodded their heads "Then let me ask you a question," Bruno said "What do you think of Team 5ds?"

Both Mu and Murrue became silent.

"What does Team 5ds have to do with it?" Mu asked

"Just answer the question." Bruno said

"I think what they did was the right thing." Mu said after a few seconds of silence "I mean if I knew of the nuclear attack on the Plants I would have tried to stop it myself; war should only involve soldiers not civilians."

"I also agree," Murrue said "they saved innocent lives."

Bruno nodded in understanding "Good answer now let me ask you another question," he said "would you believe that Team 5ds are with you right now?"

Mu and Murrue began to gap at what Bruno said. "Are you telling me that these three kids," Mu said pointing at Kira, Jay, and May "are Team 5ds?"

"Yes" Bruno said bluntly

"Where's your proof?" Murrue asked

In order to prove their point, Kira, Jay, and May each searched their decks for a certain card. When they found the card they needed, they put it in front of Mu and Murrue.

The cards they choose we're none other than Stardust Dragon, Light End Dragon, and Dark End Dragon.

"These are…" Murrue said as she looked at the cards intently.

"Now think about what you saw from the battle a few hours ago as well as the dual you saw with Kira and May…" Bruno said

Mu and Murrue thought about the things they saw. After a few minutes of thinking, both Mu and Murrue were getting what was going on.

"Are you saying that those dragons were nothing but cards?" Mu asked

"Again yes…" Bruno said

"But how is it possible?" Murrue asked

"You might want to get comfortable," Jay said "It's going to be a long story." He finished as Bruno began to explain everything to Mu and Murrue; from the history of Neo Dominio City to the events of Junius seven. They even explained some of the technology they had used as well.

Scene Break:

Meanwhile, Natarle was making preparations for the supply transfer and civilian evacuation.

"Tell all civilians to prepare for evacuation," Natarle said to a crewman "tell them that they will be evacuated and will be returned safely to ORB."

"Roger…" the crewman said as he left the bridge preparing to tell the civilians.

"What about us?" Tolle said as he, Miriallia, Kuzzey, and Sai looked at her. "We're civilians too."

"Unfortunately," Natarle said "you will have to remain with us."

"Why?" Sai asked

"We have to wait till we meet up with the Eight fleet," Natarle said "all four of you volunteered to join the Earth forces, if you leave now you will be listed as deserters and that wouldn't be good." She finished as she looked at Miriallia "Please contact that ship again, tell them we are ready for the supplies."

Miriallia nodded her head "Understood," she finished as contacted the ship. She talked to the person on the other line for a few minutes before she hung up.

"They said that they are sending their supplies now." Miriallia said as the launch bays on the Drake class ship began to open up. From the launch bays, two mobile suits and one medium size transport shuttle appeared; both mobile suits flanked the transport ship.

The one on the left of the ship was colored a black and blue color. It appeared to be a samurai style suits. The other one was collared gold and white. It had gold wings on the back with two gold swords on its side. Both of them had faces of Gundam's

"They look like G-Weapons…" Natarle said as she looked at the suits. She then looked at the Jackie. "What are the suits called?" she asked

"Checking…" Jackie said "the black and blue one is called YGO-X02 Six Samurai while the gold and white one is called YGO-X03 Hope."

Natarle nodded her head "Open the hanger bay doors." She said as the doors to the hanger bay opened up allowing the Mobile suits and shuttle to enter the hanger bay.

Scene Break:

"… and that was when Kira, Jay, and May volunteered to go and rescue the civilains of Junius seven." Bruno said "from there you know the rest of the story."

Mu whistled "Wow," he said "if I didn't see the proof in front of me I wouldn't believe you guys."

"What about what happened to the mobile suits?" Murrue asked "how did they change?"

Bruno thought for a moment before he answered "You said that four crimson lights from the hanger bay shot from your ship and went towards their suits correct?"

"That is correct…" Murrue said

"How much of Southern American history do you know?" Bruno asked

"I took a South American history class when I was in Military school…" Murrue said

"Same here," Mu said "though I spent most of the class sleeping or skipping out."

"Do any of you know about the legend of Quetzalcoatl?" Bruno asked

"You mean the ancient god that was said to protect the lands of the Nazca region in Peru?"

"That is correct…" Bruno said

"You're not saying that a god had something to do with this do you?" Mu asked

"And if I am?" Bruno asked

"Then I would think you we're crazy," Mu said "how can a god to that to their mobile suits?"

"There are many things in this world that man will never understand…" Bruno said as Mu started to glare at Bruno

"Any way," Murrue said "what is the power source of the mobiles suits now, we have determined that the new energy inside the Strike is at least 4 times higher than it was before, it also seems to be unending. What is this energy?"

"That energy inside their suits is called Momentum energy or Ener-D." Bruno said

"What is it exactly?" Murrue asked

"It is a very powerful energy that this world lost long ago," Bruno said "it's more powerful than that of a nuclear generator."

"It's that powerful?" Mu asked not believing how powerful this energy was.

"It has enough power to destroy the entire earth." Bruno said

"If any side we're to learn of this energy," Murrue said "the shift of power in this war could change greatly."

"Unfortunately," Bruno said "this isn't any normal energy source anyone can use."

"How so?" Murrue asked

"This energy has can read the hearts of the people around it." Bruno said

"How is that possible?" Mu asked

"I don't really know," Bruno said as an image of a reactor moving clockwise appeared on the bottom part of the screen "I'll I know is that as long as a generator powered by Momentum runs clockwise, the energy will run perfectly." He finished as picture of a generator moving counterclockwise appeared "But if the generator runs counter clockwise, the negative energy it produces will create a cataclysmic event that could devastate the world."

Everyone was brought to silence at that point.

"So now what are you going to do?" May asked as she looked at Murrue breaking the silence "you're the captain right now so it's your decision…"

Murrue thought as to what course of action to take. After a few minutes of thinking, she had her decision.

"I think we should keep this to ourselves," Murrue said as she looked at Kira, Mu, Jay, and May "we don't need any complications on this ship." She finished as she looked at Bruno "is it alright if we keep these three with us for a while?"

"I was going to do that any ways." Bruno said as he prepared to hang up before looking at the three kids "Oh and Xenon and Reno should have some stuff for you guys when they arrive." He finished as he hung up.

Murrue then looked at the three kids "So do you guys mind putting on the Earth forces uniform?" She asked

Kira shook his head "No," he said "no offence but we don't really like the Earth Forces minus you guys of course; just say you hired us as mercenaries… although we would have done this without money." He finished as Jay and May nodded their heads in agreement.

Murrue nodded her head again "OK," she finished as the communication line began to beep again.

"Yes?" she said as she answered the call and Natarle's face came on the screen.

"Captain," Natarle said "the supplies and shuttle to take the civilians have arrived."

"Thank you Ensign," Murrue said as she hung up. She then looked at the three of them. "Can you three of you help with the unloading of the supplies?"

"No problem," Kira said as all three of them left the captains quarters.

Mu turned to Murrue "You want me to help them?" he asked

Murrue shook her head "No," She said "I need your help here."

"What do you need captain?" Mu asked

"There is one person I want to look up." Murrue said

"Who?" Mu asked

"Stella…" Murrue said

"Stella?" Mu asked "why her?"

"Something about her bothers me…" Murrue said "she seems too young to be a soldier."

Mu leaned against the wall "That's for sure and you know how I said that the original guys who we're to pilot the other suits could hardly move them?"

Murrue nodded her head.

"She moved the suit perfectly," Mu said as he frowned"from what I saw from the video footage she was on par with a coordinator."

"But she can't be a coordinator," Murrue said "if she was she wouldn't be with the earth forces."

"Exactly," Mu said as he got up off the wall "so where do you want to start looking?"

"You look at the cabinet over there…" Murrue said as she pointed to a cabinet across the room "I'll search the desk."

Mu nodded his head as both of them went in search of the information about Stella.

Scene Break:

"Looks like our supplies and are new suits are here." Shinn said as he saw the two mobile suits landed in two empty spaces in the hanger bay while the shuttle landed in the middle of the hanger bay.

"I wonder who are the pilots are?" Mayu asked as the pilots were lowered to the ground.

"I hope they're nice…" Stella said

When the pilot of the white and gold suit landed, the pilot rushed towards Shinn and Mayu. The pilot then proceeds to give the both of them a bear hug at the same time.

"Shinn, Mayu I'm so glad you're all right." He said as he put presser on his hug.

"D…do we… know you?" Mayu said as she had trouble breathing due to the hug.

The pilot let the both of them go. "What," he said "don't tell me you don't remember your favorite cousin." He finished as he took off his helmet reveling that he was their cousin Reno.

"Reno!" Mayu and Shinn yelled as they were shocked that their cousin was in front of him.

Stella turned towards Shinn and Mayu "You know him?" she asked.

Shinn nodded his head "Yeah he's our cousin on my mom's side." Shinn said

"How are you here?" Mayu asked

"You remember how I didn't go with you guys up to Heliopolis?

Both Mayu and Shinn nodded their heads.

"Well you see…" Reno said before a fist landed on his head. That fist came from the pilot of the other suit.

"Enough Reno," the second pilot said as he took off his helmet reveling to be Xexon "there's no need to get these two involved in things that they do not need to know."

Reno rubbed his sore head while glaring at Xenon "Why did you hit my head Xenon?"

"Because you're an idiot." Xenon said

"He has a point you know," the spirit standing next to Reno said

"Will you both quit it!" Reno yelled

"I'm the only one here you idiot" Xenon yelled

"Quit calling me an idiot!" Reno yelled before the both of them got into a full fledge argument.

Stella put her hand over her mouth in order to mask her voice "Has your cousin always acted like this?" She asked Shinn

Shin followed Stella's example "No," he said "he started to talk into thin air when he got back with his parents when they went on some archeological project a few weeks back."

"Where did they go?" Stella asked

"A place called Heartland," Shinn said "the place was located in the southern part of Asia. It existed around 500 to 700 years old."

Reno's parents we're archeologist who studied some of the oldest ruins in all of Asia. They mostly spent their time away from Reno visiting ancient ruins. During Reno's early child hood, his parents left him with his aunty and uncle (Shinn and Mayu's parents) in order to keep him from getting hurt, lost, or even trouble. Now that he was old enough, his parents forced him to go.

"You don't say…" Stella said as she went back to watching Xenon and Reno argue.

"You two haven't changed one bit." A voice called from across the hanger bay. When the 5 of them looked at the source of the voice, they saw Kira, Jay, and May.

"Guys…" Reno said as he hugged the three of them. He then looked at them. "You dyed your hair it looks awesome on you guys."

"Thanks Reno, it's great to see you again," Kira said as he was struggling through the hug "Now could you let go of us you're crushing our lungs."

Reno let go of them "Sorry…" he said as he rubbed his hand against his head.

"Human observation #46," the spirit next to Reno said "humans will go and give people what they call "hugs" whenever they see each other."

Reno clutched his fist in anger "They do not!" he yelled at the spirit next to him "I just do it because I like to."

Kira looked at the spirit "Who is he?" he asked as he pointed to the spirit.

Reno stared at Kira "You can see him?" he asked

"Why wouldn't I see him?" Kira said

"Yeah I can see him too." Jay said

"Same here." May said

"You three can continue your conversation later." Xenon said as he and the others approached the group "Right now we need to help unload supplies." He finished as he pointed to the mechanics unloading supplies from the shuttle.

"Right…" Kira said as all of them went to help unload the supplies off the shuttle.

Scene Break:

"Anything?" Mu asked as he continued to look through the files in the file cabinet.

"No," Murrue said as she looked into a drawer "All I found was a bottle of scotch."

Mu turned to Murrue "Can I have it?" He ask

"Lieutenant!" Murrue said as she glared at Mu.

"What," Mu said as he turned his head back to a file "hey I think I found it."

"You did?" Murrue asked as Mu brought the file to her. On the file, were Stella's name and the words "Top Secret" on it.

"Well," Murrue said as began to open it "let's see who she is." She finished as she opened the file and began to read about who Stella was with Mu looking over her shoulders.

Scene Break:

"That's the last of it." Kira said as he with Reno carried the last container of supplies.

"Man that wasn't so bad." Jay said as he stretched his arms "I didn't think it would take 10 minutes to unload everything."

"I know what you mean…" May said doing the same thing. Just then Murdoch came towards them.

"Is something the matter Mr. Murdoch?" Kira asked

"Which one of you is the pilot of the winged mobile suit?" Murdoch asked

"I am," Reno said "What's the problem."

"The problem is the cockpit design for your suit," Murdoch said "it looks like a video game center."

"I had it designed myself," Reno said "I am really good at video games, there for I figured that if my console was designed like a video game system, I might be able to fight and win."

"I can vouch for that," Shinn said as he Mayu, Stella walked towards the group "every time either me or my sister played a game against him, we would lose most of the time."

"But you guys are coordinators…" Murdoch said as he looked at Mayu and Shinn

"Yeah and we still don't get how he always wins." Mayu said

Reno shrugged "I'm just good at playing video games." He said as he pulled out a portable gaming device "now if you will excuse me I have to finish my game." He finished as he left the group to go play his game.

Murdoch shrugged "Whatever, I'm going back to my work; I'll see you guys later." He finished as he left the group to go finish the supplies as well as shipping the civilians' home.

Kira looked at Xenon "Bruno said he gave us some things we would need."

Xenon nodded his head "Yeah," he said as he reached into his pocket and produced three computer disks "Bruno gave me a program for you guys to install on your suits."

Kira, Jay, and May took the disks from Xenon.

"What do they do?" May ask

"You'll find out," Xenon said as he went to a large metal case, he then brought the case to the group "also he wanted me to give you these." He finished as he opened the case, inside the case were a bunch of Duel Monsters cards.

"Wow…" Shinn said as he looked at all the cards "look at all of them.

"Bruno said you may need these…" Xenon said

Kira nodded his head "Thanks Xenon," he said "these may come in handy."

"No problem," Xenon said as he prepared to leave "now if you could excuse me I have a hot headed princess to see." He finished as he made his way out of the hanger bay.

Shinn went back to staring at the cards "Can I use some of them?" He asked

"Maybe later," May said "right now we need to talk to Reno." She finished as Jay grabbed the case of cards and approached Reno.

"Yo Reno," Jay said

Reno looked up from his game "Yeah?" he asked

"We need to talk," Kira said "in private." He finished as Reno nodded his head in understanding. Then all five of them (Including the spirit) left the hanger bay leaving 3 confused people.

Mayu looked at Shinn "What was that about?"

Shinn shrugged his shoulders "How should I know?" he said as Stella began to leave "hey Stella where are you going?"

Stella looked at Shinn "I'm going back to my room;" she said "I'm tired." She finished as she left them.

Shinn looked at Mayu "Now what?" he asked

"I'm going to go and check my suit." Mayu said as she went towards the Aquatica.

Shinn shrugged again "I guess I'll head towards the mess hall" he finished as he left the hanger bay.

Scene Break:

After finding a nice quiet secluded area, Reno began to answer the questions the others had for him.

"OK," Kira said as he closed the door behind him and locked it "it's time you answered some of our questions Reno."

Reno nodded his head "Shoot," he said

Jay looked at the spirit next to Reno; the spirit had his eyes closed. "Who is he?" he asked

Reno looked at the spirit "His name is Astral;" he said "he is some type of spirit I somehow found a few weeks back. He says that he lost his some of his memories from the past. All he really remembers is his name and how to get his memory back. At least that's what he told me."

"Where did you find him?" Jay asked

"At a ruin cite in southern Asia; I also found this." Reno said as he began to open the front of his space suit and pulled out a golden key.

"What is that?" Kira asked

"The Emperor's Key." Reno said

"What's it do?" Jay asked

"It has something to do with the Number cards," Reno said "other than that I have no idea."

May looked at Reno "How does Astral get his memory back?" she asked

Astral opened his eyes and looked at May "Though the Numbers…" he said

"Numbers?" Jay asked "how does math have to do with getting memories back?"

"Not those type of numbers…" Astral said as he stretched out his hand towards Reno "these types of numbers." He finished as Reno's right pocket began to glow.

From the pocket, a single glowing card floated out from it and landed in Jay's hand. When the light died down, a monster card appeared on the card. This monster was a white and gold warrior with white wings on its back. It had one sword in its right hand. It had a golden crown on its head it also had a green jewel in its center chest; it also had the number "39" on its left shoulder. The card itself was different from what they had seen before. It was colored black as well as having four black and yellow stars on the left side of the card instead of having red and orange stars as well as being on the right side of the card like the monster cards they have seen in the past.

"This is a "Numbers"…" Astral said as he put his hand down. Kira and May then went towards Jay to look at the card.

"Number 39: Aspiring Emperor Hope …" Kira said as he looked at the card. He then looked at Reno "What type of card is this?" he asked

"A Xyz monster…" Reno said

"A what?" May asked

"A Xyz monster is a monster that doesn't have a level," Reno said "instead of having level, these monsters have a rank."

"I'm guessing this monster is a rank 4 monster…" Jay said as he looked at Utopia

Reno nodded his head "Exactly…" he said

"How do you summon Xyz monsters?" May asked

"Its quiet simple really," Reno said "in order to summon a Xyz monster, a player must overlay two or more monsters of the same level together in order to summon a Xyz monster. The monsters you us in order to summon the Xyz monster stay under the Xyz monster; they never go to the graveyard when summoned. In order to activate the effect of a Xyz monster, you must send one or more Xyz material monster to the graveyard first before you activate its effect."

"So what you're saying is that if I wanted to summon a Rank 4 Xyz monster," Kira said "I would have to overlay two or more level four monsters together in order to summon it. And if I wanted to activate its effect, I would have to send one or more Xyz material monsters to the graveyard in order to activate the Xyz monsters effect."

"Exactly…" Reno said

"How did you even find these cards?" May asked

"I learned and found these cards about three weeks ago," Reno said "As you know my parents are archeologists…" he said as he began to tell the tale of how he found the Xyz monsters as well as making his new deck.

Flashback: Reno's archeological adventure

"Are we there yet?" Reno asked his parents for the hundredth time that day. He was wearing African safari cloths for his fun adventure with his parents. His parents decided he was old enough to come along on their archeological studies, so they decided to take him to their next dig site.

"Not yet…" his mother said. His mother had long yellow hair and had blue eyes. She was wearing the same thing as Reno

"Why couldn't I just stay with Shinn and Mayu?" Reno asked

"Because you're old enough to come with us…" his father said. He had short black hair and had brown eyes. He was wearing the same safari get up as his son and wife.

"Where are we going anyway?" Reno asked

"It's an old city that existed 500 to 700 years ago." His mother said

"What was the city called? Reno asked

"Heartland…" his father said

"Heartland?" Reno repeated "who names their city Heartland?"

"Who knows," Reno's father said as they pulled up to the exuviation site "We're here everybody out." Reno's father said as all three of them existed the car.

After about five minutes of walking, a woman with glasses and short blue hair approached them.

"Professor Yamamoto," the woman said "it's good to see you again."

"Ah Dr. Yuki," Reno's father said "it's good to see you again. You remember my wife…" he finished as he showed him his wife.

"It's good to see you again…" Dr. Yuki said

"Like wise…" Reno's mom said with a smile.

"And here is my son…" Reno's father said as he showed Dr. Yuki Reno

"Hi," Reno said trying to be somewhat respectful.

"It's nice to meet you…" Dr. Yuki said

Reno's dad began to look around "Where is your daughter Amy?" he asked "I thought you would bring her with you this time?"

Dr. Yuki's eyes became sad "She ran away…" she said

Reno and his parents looked shocked at the news.

"What?" Reno's father said "Why would she do that?"

"I don't know…" Dr. Yuki said

"Did she say why she ran away?" Reno's mother asked

Dr. Yuki shook her head "No," she said "she just left a note saying "I have to go and I'll be back later…"

"Did she take anything with her?" Reno's father asked

"She took some cloths and some food… she also took one of our family's most treasured items." Dr. Yuki said

"What was the item?" Reno's mother asked

"I don't know…" Dr. Yuki said "it was kept in a special safe that neither I nor anyone in my family could open… when I found the letter from my daughter… I found the safe wide open with nothing in side."

"I'm sorry…" Reno said trying to make Dr. Yuki feel better.

Dr. Yuki looked at Reno and smiled "Thank you." She said

"Back to more present matters," Reno's father said "you found something that you wanted to show me?"

"Yes," Dr. Yuki said "My team and I found something that… well you better see it for yourself." She finished as she led the group towards one of the tents.

Scene Break:

"It's over here," Dr. Yuki said as she led the three into a tent towards a table "We found this in our latest dig…" She said as she showed them what they found.

"What is it?" Reno's father asked as he looked at it.

"I don't know…" Dr. Yuki said as she looked at the device "All we can tell is that this device is over 500 years old…" she said shocking Reno's father and mother.

"Impossible…" Reno's mother said "that looks like something that should be in a store not in a museum…"

"I know…" Dr. Yuki said "But all the evidence points to this being over 500 years old."

While Dr. Yuki and Reno's parents began to argue about the device, Reno already knew what the device was. On the table in front of him was an old Duel Disk. It was blue in color and was beat up. It had some rust on it, but the thing looked almost in perfect condition.

'That's impossible,' Reno thought 'that's a dual disk, but how can it be all the way out here… we're too far from Neo Domino and ORB… could it be that their we're other city's that had dueling as its main attraction?" he finished thinking as he decided to ask Dr. Yuki a question.

"Hey Dr. Yuki…" Reno called her to get her attention.

"Yes?" Dr. Yuki asked as his mother and father looked at him.

"Where did you find that device?" Reno asked

"A dig cite about a few minutes from here," Dr. Yuki said "Why?"

"Just wondering…" Reno said. He then looked at his father "Hey dad is it ok if I go and look around…"

"Sure," his father said "just don't disturb the other archeologists from their work."

"Kay…" Reno said as he left the tent.

Scene Break:

"This looks like a good spot to look for stuff…" Reno said as he looked at his surroundings. He found the site of the dig. All around the area was a bunch of ruined buildings. He then found a cliff that could see the entire area. He decided to go up there to see the view from above. When he got up there, he saw that the entire dig cites was bigger than he had imagined.

"This was one big city…" Reno said as he looked at the city. After a few minutes of looking at the ruins, Reno prepared to go back. He then noticed something on the ground. On the ground was a key of some kind (Can't really describe the key in detail, the key is the emperor's key from Yu-gi-oh! Zexal).

'What's this?' Reno thought as he picked up the key. When he picked up the key, the key began to glow yellow. It then brought out a big yellow flash that surrounded Reno. When the light died down, Reno disappeared.

Scene Break:

The next thing Reno knew, he was now no longer on top of the cliff. He now found that he was now on a path of some kind. The path itself was narrowed and on the both sides of the path were bottomless holes that seemed to have no end in sight.

"Where the hell am I?" Reno yelled. He then decided to look for a way out. After about a few minutes of looking, he realized that the only way to go was to go straight.

"Well," Reno said "It looks like I can only go forward." He finished as he began to walk forward carefully.

After about a few minutes of walking down the strange path in front of him carefully, Reno came to a strange and scary door. The door had a face with two yellow eyes and a full set of jagged teeth. Around the door were a bunch of chains keeping the door from opening

"That's one scary door…" Reno said as he looked at the door. Reno then noticed that there was a deck of dual monsters cards in front of the door. After seeing the cards, Reno decided to go a take them.

"How did these get here?" Reno asked himself as he picked up the deck. When he did pick them up, a voice from the door began to speak.

"Whoever opens this door," the voice said "will obtain a new power. But in exchange… you will lose the most precious thing you have. Do you have the courage and will to take this power?"

At first Reno was about to decline the offer, but then he remembered how Kira, Jay, and May risked their lives in order to help Junius seven. If they had the courage and will to do something like that, why couldn't he.

"I accept your challenge!" Reno roared as he ran towards the door and put the hand that held the key through a hole in it. When the key entered the hole, a blue light appeared inside it. The force was so strong that it pushed Reno back and made him hit the ground. The chains around the door began to break allowing the door to open completely. From the door something came towards Reno. Reno closed his eyes in order to shield his eyes. When he reopened them, he found himself surrounded by a bunch of duel monster cards.

"What is going on?" Reno said as the surrounding him began to glow yellow. The cards then separated from Reno and were scattered across the earth. The force of the separation made Reno return to where he was.

Scene Break:

Next thing Reno saw was that he had returned to the cliff side he was at before this happened.

"What happened," Reno said as he looked at the key in his left hand and the deck in his right "was all that… a dream?"

"It was not a dream…" a voice said that startled Reno .

"Who's there?" Reno asked as he looked around. When he found the source of the voice, Reno was shocked at what he saw. Next to him was a whitish blue spirit. It had earing's on his ears as well as having two different eye colors; the spirits left eye was yellow while the right eye was white.

"Who are you?" Reno asked

"I am Astral," the now identified Astral said "and with your help I will be able to collect the numbers cards…"

Flashback end:

"And from there Astral has been with me since," Reno said "he has given me some great advice…"

"How many number cards do you have right now Reno?" Jay asked

"Counting Utopia," Reno said "I have 3 I can use and 10 I can't seem to get working. There are supposed to be 99 different numbers cards according to Astral… but that's all I know… he said that this never happened to him before even when he was on earth last time."

"He was on earth before?" May asked

"Yeah," Reno said "Astral said that he had another partner Yuma, he lived in Heartland."

Kira looked at Reno "What do you mean you have 10 you can't use."

"Here let me show you," Reno said as he began to look through his deck. After a few minutes of looking, he pulled out ten cards from his deck.

"These are the cards I mean." Reno showed him the 10 cards. All 10 of them were blank; there was nothing on them.

"I can see what you mean…" Kira said as he prepared to touch one of the blank cards with Jay and May following his example and touching one of the cards as well. When each of them touched the card, each of them began to glow a different color. Kira's card glowed bluish white, Jay's began to glow black, and May's began to glow white.

When the glow disappeared, three of the 10 blank cards now had something on it. All three of the cards were a picture of a knight with a different color and weapon.

The card Kira touched turned into a knight colored in bluish white armor with a matching cape. Its helmet was closed so you couldn't see anything. In the knights hand was the Stardust Sword that the Stardust Striker used.

The card Jay touched became a knight like Kira's only his was colored with black and purple armor. Its helmet was like Kira's meaning it was closed as well. In the knights hand was the Dark End Scythe that the Dark End Berserker now had.

The card May touched became a knight as well. Her knight was colored in white armor with a golden cape. The style of the knight was the same as Kira's and Jay's card. In the knights hand was the staff that the Light End Breaker now had.

"Number 100: Stardust Knight…" Kira said as he looked at the card he touched.

"Number 101: Dark End Knight…" Jay said as he picked up his card.

"Number 102: Light End Knight…" May said as she did the same as Kira.

"What is the meaning of this?" Astral said as he looked at the new cards "There are only supposed to be 99 Number cards how can there be more than 99?"

Reno shrugged "How should I know?" he said

"It looks like these cards belong to us," Kira said as he looked at Astral "can we have them?"

Astral nodded his head "Yes," he said "I only need the original 99 Numbers not anything that is above them."

Jay looked at the rest of the blank cards on the table "What about the other 7?" he asked

May shrugged "I'm sure that when the time is right they will revile themselves." She said

"So now what?" Reno asked

"I guess we go and see what else needs to be done…" Kira said as all five of them (including Astral) left the room and headed back towards the hanger bay.

Scene Break:

Meanwhile, Xenon was looking for Cagalli. While he was looking for her, he noticed that many of the ship personnel were helping the civilians of Heliopolis prepare to leave the ship. After a few minutes of walking around, he found Cagalli sitting at one of the tables in the mess hall with her was Flay.

"So this is where you are." Xenon said as he approached the two girls

"Xenon…" Cagalli said as she saw Xenon approaching her.

"It's good to see you," Xenon said, he then turned his attention to Flay "and you are?"

"Oh," Flay said as she stood up and put a hand towards Xenon "my name's Flay Allster."

Xenon took the hand and shook it "Xenon Newgear." He said, he then noticed that the two of them were just sitting on the table and not getting ready to leave. "Is there a reason why you two are not getting ready like the rest of the civilians?" he asked

Flay and Cagalli looked at each other and then to Xenon "We're both staying on this ship?"

"Why?" Xenon asked

"I just feel like I need to be here right now…" Cagalli said as she began to remember what Crow said to her in her dream.

"My friends are on this ship," Flay said "it just doesn't feel right just to leave them."

Xenon sighed "Fine," he said as he looked at Cagalli "I can't force you to do anything, besides if I tried to make you go you would just knock me out like you did last time."

Cagalli smiled "Exactly…" she said

Xenon then prepared to leave "I'll see you two later," he said as he left the mess hall, leaving the two girls alone.

Scene Break:

"Oh no," Murdoch said aloud as he looked at all the supplies the ship got from Bruno.

"What's the matter?" Kira asked as he, Jay, May, Reno, Astral, and Xenon (They met Xenon on their way back to the hanger bay) entered the hanger bay.

Murdoch looked at the kids "We got all of the food supplies but we don't have any water." He finished as both Reno and Xenon began to inch away from their three friends. They we're about to leave when both of them felt a hand on their shoulder. When they turned their head, they saw Kira with a smile on his face looking at the two of them.

"Reno…" Kira said in a sickly sweet voice "Xenon… is there something you need to tell us?" he finished as everyone there, including May and Jay, began to feel the entire hanger bay become colder for some reason.

Both Xenon and Reno gulped as they began to explain what had happened to their water they were supposed to bring.

Scene Break:

"I can't believe it," Murrue said as she read the file on Stella "how can the Earth Alliance go this far."

Mu slammed his fist into the side of the wall "And they keep saying that ZAFT are monsters." He said

Murrue looked at Mu "What should we do?" she asked

"Nothing," Mu said "it's not our place to tell anybody this; if Stella wants to tell other people it's her decision."

Murrue nodded her head in agreement "I agree," she said as she turned her head back to the file "do you think she has enough medication to last till we reach the lunar fleet?"

"I don't know," Mu said "I hope so…" he finished as a beeping noise from the communication's line began to ring. Murrue then picked up the like and Kira's face appeared on the screen.

"Kira," Murrue said "is something wrong?"

"It's best if we tell you up on the bridge," Kira said "we'll meet you up there." He finished as he hung up the line.

Mu looked at Murrue "Looks like something happened."

Murrue nodded her head as both her and Mu left the office and headed up to the bridge.

Scene Break:

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE DON'T HAVE ANY WATER!" Natarle yelled at Kira and the other members of Team 5ds.

"Will you not yell?" Kira said as he rubbed his sore ear.

"I can yell all I want," Natarle said "we only have enough water for today maybe even tomorrow at the latest and it will take at least three days to reach the 8th fleet near the moon."

"Calm down," Murrue said "I'm sure we can find some water in space."

Jay snapped his fingers "I got it," he said "why don't we look towards the debris belt?"

"The debris belt," Arnold said as he looked at Jay "if we go there we may end up as part of it."

Jay looked at Arnold "Like we have a choice besides it will only take us a day to get there."

Murrue nodded her head in agreement "I agree," she said as she looked at Arnold "please plot a course to the debris belt after all of the civilians are gone."

"Understood mam…" Arnold said as he made the preparations for their journey.

Scene Break:

After an hour of preparing, all of the civilians minus Cagalli and Flay were already on the black colored Drake class ship. The Drake class ship prepared to launch as the same portal that it had come out from before appeared again. As soon as the ship disappeared though the portal, the portal itself disappeared.

Murrue looked at Arnold "Mr. Neumann," she said "please plot our course to the debris belt…"

"Yes mam…" Arnold said as he set the course the ship would take.

Scene Break:

"I can't believe you forgot the water Reno!" Mayu yelled at Reno. All the pilots, Cagalli, and Flay were in one room wondering what to do now that they had to go to the debris belt to look for water; the others were up on the bridge doing their assigned job.

"How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?" Reno asked

"Until your stupidity disappears…" Xenon said

"Quit calling me stupid!" Reno yelled at Xenon as both of them prepared to deck each other.

"Enough!" Kira yelled getting the attention of everyone there "There is no point in fighting what's done is done." He finished as Reno and Xenon stopped trying to kill each other.

After a few minutes of silence, Jay decided to speak "So what now?" he asked

"How about a Tag team duel?" May asked

"A what?" Shinn asked

"A tag team duel is where it's a two VS two match." Kira said

"What's a duel?" Stella and Flay asked

Jay looked at the two of them "That's right you two weren't there when May and Kira dueled for the first time while on the Archangel. I tell you about it later." He finished as he looked at Kira "So who is going to be in the match?" he asked

Kira looked at Jay "Reno and Xenon will be one team…"he said

"Why do I have to be partnered with the idiot here?" Xenon said as he jabbed his thumb at Reno

"Quit calling me an idiot!" Reno yelled

"Enough!" Kira yelled again "the reason why is because you guys forgot the water."

"Fine," Xenon said "who are our opponents?"

Kira looked at the big card case of cards they got from Bruno "I have two individuals who may be useful for this event…" he said as Jay and May smiled as they knew who Kira would pick to be Reno and Xenon's opponents.

Scene Break:

"Oh my head…" Rusty said as he lifted himself from his bed. He looked around and saw Shiho in a cell across from him. The last thing he remembered was that giant four armed whatever launching an attack at him and Shiho. The attack came so fast that neither he nor Shiho had any time to dodge the attack. After the attack hit, he fell unconscious only to wake up now.

Rusty began to look around, he found himself in a grey jail cell instead of the medical room on the Gamow or Vesalius. Which meant only one thing, he and Shiho must have been captured.

"OW… Shiho said as she woke up from the cell from the other side.

"Shiho…" Rusty called out towards her.

"Rusty?" Shiho asked as she got up from the bed and towards the jail bar "that you?"

"Yeah it's me," Rusty said "how are you?"

"I'm fine…" Shiho said as she looked at her surroundings "where are we?"

"On the legged ship…" Rusty said as Shiho's eyes widen in fear.

"W-what?" Shiho said "b-but that m-means…" she said before Rusty answered her question

"We've been captured…" Rusty said "yeah we have."

"What do we do?" Shiho asked

"We could…" Rusty tried to say before they heard a door open. When they looked to see who it was, they saw Kira, Jay, and May enter the room. Kira had the case of cards in his hand as he entered the room.

Kira looked at Rusty and Shiho "How are you two doing?" he asked

"Fine…" Rusty said while Shiho said nothing.

"That's good…" Jay said

"Is there a reason why we are still alive?" Rusty asked

"There is," Kira said "you two are insurance…"

"What?" Shiho asked

"You guys are insurance to make sure your friends don't attack us." May said

"Oh and fair warning," Kira said "even if you do get off this ship, ZAFT territory is about three day's from here and your friends had to go back home in order to repair their machines and ships so they won't be showing up for a while."

Rusty nodded his head in acknowledgement, even if they got off the ship they wouldn't make it fare. "So there a reason why you came to pay us a visit?" he asked

Kira dropped the case of cards and opened it. He took out half the cards and gave them to Rusty while he gave the other half to Shiho. He also gave them two books as well.

"What's this?" Rusty asked as he looked at the cards and book he got

"That is the rule book to a card game and these are cards for the game…" May said

"Why would we want these?" Rusty asked

"Because you two are going to play a match against our friends…" Kira said

"Why would we do that?" Rusty asked

"Because if you two win tomorrow," Jay said "you two will be set free when we see you friends again."

"How can we trust you?" Shiho asked

Kira looked at Shiho "Because I am a coordinator like you…" he finished as he made his way out with Jay and May following him. They were about to when Rusty called out to them.

"Wait," Rusty said "what are your names?"

Kira looked back at Rusty "My name is Kira Yamato… these are my friends Jay Ryosukei" he said as he pointed at Jay "and his twin sister May Ryousukei."

"My name is Rusty Mackenzie and she is Shiho Hahnenfuss." Rusty said

Kira smiled "Well Rusty… Shiho… better prepare for tomorrow…" he finished as he, Jay, and May made their way out of the brig.

Scene Break:

The next day, Kira, Jay, May, Reno, Xenon, Shinn, Mayu, Stella, Flay, and Cagalli were waiting for the guards to bring up Rusty and Shiho. Murdoch was able to finish all the repairs early so he and his crew could watch the action. They had asked the captain if they could dual again. At first, she was hesitant to allow their prisoners to be let out of the cell, but after a few minutes of convincing, she agreed only if she and Mu would be present when the Dual began. After waiting for about 3 minutes, Rusty and Shiho appeared with two guards behind them. Their hands were bound in order to prevent them from escaping.

"There here…" Kira said as the guards undid Rusty and Shiho's bonds. Just then Murrue and Mu entered the hanger bay.

"Are we late?" Mu asked as he and Murrue joined the group

Jay shook his head "No," he said "you're on time."

Kira approached Rusty and Shiho with Xenon and Reno following him.

"You two read the rule book? Especially the part about tag team duels?" Kira asked as he stopped in front of Rusty and Shiho.

Rusty nodded his head "Yeah we read them… this game seems quite interesting."

"Good…" Kira said as Xenon and Reno each handed Rusty and Shiho a dual disk. Shiho got a light blue one while Rusty got a black and red one.

"What are these for?" Rusty asked as he took his dual disk while Shiho did the same.

"They are for the purpose of making this game a little bit more fun… you need to put them on your arm and put your deck in this slot here." Kira said as he helped them get set up for the dual. After getting Rusty and Shiho set up for the dual, Xenon and Reno walked to the other side of the hanger bay while Kira went back to the group of friends. As soon as they were far apart, Reno and Xenon turned around to look at Rusty and Shiho. Xenon's dual disk was colored dark green with black on it while Reno's was colored crimson red with white as well.

"You ready?" Reno asked as Shiho and Rusty nodded their heads. "Well just follow us…" Reno said as he and Xenon pressed a button in order to activate the disk. Rusty and Shiho followed suit and activated their dual disk.

"Dual!" Reno and Xenon yelled as the tag dual began, each player drawing five cards each.

(Reno LP: 4000, Xenon LP: 4000)

(Rusty LP: 4000, Shiho LP: 4000)

"I'll start this dual off," Reno said "Draw!" he yelled as he drew a card from his deck.

"First up I summon my Achacha Archer in attack mode." Reno said as an archer with grey and yellow armor appeared; the archer also had a feather on the left side of his head. In his left hand was a bow and on his back was a bag full of arrows.

(Achacha Archer LV 3: ATK/1200, DEF/600)

"Achacha…" Achacha Archer said as he was summoned. This shocked Rusty, Shiho, Stella, and Flay for they never seen anything like this before.

"What the hell?" Rusty yelled as he was shocked at what he was seeing with Shiho following his example.

"I activate Achacha Archer's effect," Reno said "Whenever Achacha Archer is either normal summoned or flipped summon, he can deal 500 points of damage to my opponent or in this case opponents." He finished as Achacha Archer took two arrows from his bag. All of a sudden the arrows were lit on fire; Achacha Archer then let loose the arrows, letting both of them hit Shiho and Rusty at the same time while lowering their Life Points as well.

(Rusty LP: 4000 – 3500, Shiho LP: 4000 – 3500)

"And I think I'll end my turn with two face downs," Reno said as two face down cards appeared in front of him "your move."

Scene Break:

"What's going on?" Flay asked confused at what she was seeing. Stella was equally confused but didn't say anything.

"Oh right," Jay said as he looked at Flay and Stella "we have to explain what a duel is." He finished as he began to explain the rules and how a dual is played.

Scene Break:

"Fine then… I draw," Shiho said as she drew a card and placed it in her hand "I'll start by summoning my Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier in attack mode." She said as her monster appeared in front of here. Her monster was a girl with long purple hair. She had ice ornaments in her hair. She was wearing a purple scarf and crimson red dress armor. In her hands was ice spinning blade weapons in her hands.

(Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier LV 4: ATK/1700, DEF/900)

"And I too play two face down cards," Shiho said as she laid down two cards face down "and with that, I end my turn."

Scene Break:

Shinn looked at Kira "Hey how come she didn't attack?" he asked

"It's because it's a tag team battle," Kira said focusing on the dual "during a tag team battle, all players must have one turn before they can attack." He finished as he looked at Astral who was standing next to him. "I am surprised you are not with Reno in the dual…"

Astral shrugged "If it has nothing to do with the "Numbers" I will not get involved although I will allow him to use the "Numbers" cards when he needs them." He finished as he looked back towards the dual.

Scene Break:

"Looks like I get to go next," Xenon said as he drew his card "I will summon the Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki in attack mode." He said as a samurai warrior appeared. He had brown armor with yellow lines on it. He had two mechanical arms on his back with wires going to his head. All four of his hands had katana swords in them.

(Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki LV 3: ATK/200, DEF/2000)

"Do to his effect I can summon a LV 4 or lower "Six Samurai" monster from my hand and I choose to summon my The Six Samurai – Zanji in attack mode." He finished as another samurai appeared next to Kageki. He was wearing orange armor and had a two horns on his helmet. In his hand was a Javalin with a curved blade.

(The Six Samurai – Zanji LV 4: ATK/1800, DEF/1300)

"And due to the fact that I have a second "Six Samurai" on my field Ledgendary Six Samurai – Kageki gains an extra 1500 attack points thanks to his effect." Xenon finished as Kegeki's body began to glow.

(Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki ATK/200 – 1700)

"And with two face down cards I will call that a turn." Xenon finished as two face-down cards appeared behind his monsters.

"Well it's my turn now…" Rusty said as he drew his card "I'll start by summoning my Mask Dragon to the field in defense mode." He finished as a white and red dragon appeared on the field. It growled at Xenon and Reno before turning blue.

(Masked Dragon LV 3: ATK/1400, DEF/1100)

"And I will end with three cards face down." Rusty said as three cards appeared on the field.

"I draw…" Reno said as he drew his next card "I think I'll start this turn off by activating the spell card Thunder Short." He finished as he activated the spell card. On the spell card was a duelist covering his face as three different monsters were electrocuted.

"This spell card allows me to deal 500 points of damage to my opponents for every monster they control and sense both of you has a monster on your side of the field you both take 500 points of damage each." Reno said as electrical bolt hit both Rusty and Shiho.

(Rusty LP: 3500 – 3000/ Shiho LP: 3500 – 3000)

"Next I summon my Goblindbergh to the field in attack mode." He said as a mini toy plane appeared. Flying the toy plane was a goblin of some sorts.

(Goblindbergh LV 4: ATK/1400, DEF/0)

"When he is summoned successfully, I can special summon one LV 4 or lower monster from my hand," He said as two more Goblindberghs appeared with the first one carrying a giant silver container, after a few seconds they let go of the container. "I choose to special summon my Zubaba Knight in attack mode." He finished as the container opened up and a warrior with yellow, red, and black armor appeared. The knight had a red cape and an orange feather in his helmet. He also had two jagged edged swords in his hands with copper coins in them. The coins had the letter "Z" on them.

(Zubaba Knight LV 3: ATK/1600, DEF/900)

"Zubaba…" Zubaba Knight said as he entered the field.

"Finally due to his effect if I summoned a LV 4 monster, I can special summon my Shadow Lizard to the field." Reno said as from his shadow, a black lizard with red eyes appeared next to all of his other monsters.

(Shadow Lizard LV 4: ATK/1100, DEF/1500)

"In the words of the guy who had this deck first, It's time to go with the flow!" Reno yelled as he leaped into the air. "I overlay my LV 3 Achacha Archer and Zubaba Knight," he said as Achacha Archer began to glow red while Zubaba Knight began to glow orange. Both of them then went up to the sky.

"I construct the Overlay Network with these two Monsters." Reno said as a vortex began to open up in which both Zubaba Knight and Achacha Archer were sucked into it. "Xyz summon!" He yelled as the vortex exploded. "Come forth Number 17: Revise Dragon!" Reno finished as structure of some sorts appeared. The number "17" appeared on the structure began to transform. The structure transformed into a dark blue dragon with 6 blue wings appeared. It had three on one side and three on another. The dragon was almost as tall as the G-weapons. It had little hands on each of the wings; it also had 5 horns on its head. On the far right horn, the number "17" was put on it. The dragon didn't have any feet; instead it had spikes at the end along with having a long blue tail. Floating around it were two blue orbs of light.

(Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Rank 3: ATK/2000, DEF/0)

Scene Break:

Cagalli looked at Kira "What did he summon."

Kira looked at her "He did a Xyz summon."

"A what?" Mayu asked

"A Xyz summon is where you combine two or monsters of the same level together in order to summon a Xyz monster."

"So what's so great about them?" Shinn asked

"The thing about these monsters is that instead of a Level, these monsters have a Rank." Kira said

"What's a Rank?" Shinn asked

Kira shrugged "I'm not really sure…" Kira said as he looked back towards the dual

Scene Break:

"I'm not done," Reno said "Now I overlay my LV 4 Shadow Lizard and Goblindbergh," he finished as Goblindbergh turned into an orange light while Shadow Lizard turned into a black and purple color. Both of them went into the air as another vortex opened up.

"I construct the Overlay Network with these two Monsters." Reno said as Shadow Lizard and Goblindbergh entered the vortex. "Xyz Summon!" He yelled as the vortex exploded "A rise Number 39 Aspiring Emperor Hope!" Reno finished as a white object appeared. Just like with Revise Dragon, the object began to transform into a warrior with gold and white armor. The warrior itself was as tall as the G-weapons. It had a green jewel in its chest and had wings on its back. It had two swords on its side, ready to be used against the enemy. It also had two yellow orbs of light surround it.

(Number 39: Aspiring Emoperor Hope Rank 4: ATK/2500, DEF/2000)

"HOOOPPPPE!"Hope yelled

"Now I'll have Revise Dragon attack Shiho's Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier. Go Revise Dragon attack with Revise Stream!" Reno yelled as Revise Dragon let loose a blue energy blast from its mouth.

"I activate my counter trap Negate Attack!" Shiho yelled as she activated the card. On it was a blue and red vortex swirling around. "This card allows me to end your battle phase and end your attack." She finished as the beam crashed into a shield that surrounded her and her monster.

"I end…" Reno said

"Then I'll draw…" Shiho said as she drew her next card "I'll start things off by activating the spell card Lightning Vortex." She finished as the spell card appeared. On it was a picture of lighting flashing. "By discarding one card from my hand I can destroy all monsters on my opponent's side of the field." Shiho said as she discarded a card from her hand lighting appeared from her card and went to destroy all of Reno and Xenon's monsters.

"I don't think so," Reno said "Because I activate the trap card Xyz Veil!" Reno yelled as the trap card activated. On it was a picture of Number 17: Revise Dragon being protected by a veil of some sorts. "As long as my Xyz monsters have Xyz Material monsters attached to them, my monsters cannot be targeted by effects." He finished as the lighting dodged all of Reno's monsters.

"That still doesn't save your partner from it." Shiho said as the lighting fast approached Xenon's samurai's.

"Then I activate Zanji's effect," Xenon said "By destroying another six samurai monster, I can prevent Zanji from being destroyed." He finished as Kageki burst into yellow particles forming a shield surrounding Zanji, blocking the lightning from hitting him.

Shiho gritted her teeth "Fine then you blocked my spell," she said "But that's not going to stop me, now I'll release my Dance Princess in order to advance summon my Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier." She finished as Dance Princess disappeared and a new monster took her place. The new monster was a warrior that had Ice colored armor all over its body with a red and black cape behind it. In its hand was a javelin spear of some sorts.

(Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier LV 5: ATK/2000, DEF/2000)

"I activate my Royal Knight's effect, when my Knight is tribute summoned I can special summon one Ice Coffin Token to one of my opponent's side of the field." Shiho said as a coffin made of ice appeared on Xenon's side of the field.

(Ice Coffin Token LV 1: ATK/1000, DEF/0)

"Next I activate the equipped spell card Broken Bamboo Sword," Shiho said as she activated the spell. On it was a picture of a broken wooden sword.

"When this card is equipped to a monster, I can make that monsters attack points zero." She said "I think I'll equip this card to The Six Samurai – Zanji." She finished as the samurai lost its attack points.

(The Six Samurai – Zanji: ATK/1800 – 0)

"Now I'll attack Zanji with my Royal Knight, Go Royal Knight attack with Ice Lance Strike." Shiho said as her Royal Knight threw his lance at Zanji. "And because you have no other Six Samurai monsters on your field, Zanji will be destroyed."

"I activate Hope's effect," Reno said "By detaching on Xyz material monster from him; I can negate one of your attacks." He finished as one of the yellow orbs around Hope went inside the green orb in his chest. Then the right wing of Hope began to extend becoming a wing barrier of some sort. "Moon Barrier!" Reno yelled as the wing blocked Royal Knight's attack.

"Then I'll end with that…" Shiho said

"Looks like I'm up…" Xenon said as he drew his card "I'll activate the spell card Double Summon." He finished as the spell card appeared "Due to its effect, I can now summon twice this turn. So now I summon The Six Samurai – Yariza and The Six Samurai – Yaichi in attack mode." Xenon said as two more samurai appeared on the field. Yariza was a samurai with dark blue armor. His weapon of choices was a long spear. Yaichi was wearing black armor with yellow on it. His weapon was a bow and arrows.

(The Six Samurai – Yaichi LV 3: ATK/1300, DEF/800)

(The Six Samurai – Yariza LV 3: ATK/1000, DEF/500)

"Now I activate Yaichi's effect, if there is another "Six Samurai" with a different name on the field I can destroy one face down trap or spell card on the field. The card I choose to destroy is Rusty's middle card. Go Yaichi use Arrow Breaker on that card!" He finished as Yaichi took an arrow out from his arrow bag and put it on the bow. Yaichi then pulled the bow string back and let the arrow fly into the air before coming down and skewering Rusty's middle card. The card then flipped over reviling to be a trap card of a fiendish monster, in the back ground wear two knights being destroyed.

"Although I can't attack with Yaichi this turn, with your Sakuretsu Armor trap card gone," Xenon said as Rusty gritted his teeth "I can now attack you with Yariza. Go Yariza attack with Lancing Impact!" Xenon yelled as Yariza charged Rusty.

"But my monster has more defense points..." Rusty pointed out.

"True," Xenon said "but with Yariza's effect, if there is another "Six Samurai" monster on the field with a different name, Yariza can attack you directly…"

"What?" Rusty said in shock as Yariza got closer to Mask Dragon. When he got close to Mask Dragon, Yariza jumped over Mask Dragon and brought down his spear on Rusty lowering his Life Points.

(Rusty's LP: 3000 – 2000)

"And I switch Zanji and my Ice Coffin Token to defense mode and end my turn." Xenon said as Zanji and the ice coffin token switched to a defending position and turned blue.

"Looks like I go," Rusty said as he drew his next card. Rusty looked at the card and smiled

"This is where I heat things up. First I activate the continuous spell card Future Fusion." Rusty said as he activated the card. On it was a city with some type of vortex above it.

"By sending material monsters from my deck to the grave yard I can special summon a fusion type monster from my extra deck during my second stand by phase," he said

"I send two Mask Dragons and three Cave Dragons to the grave yard." Rusty said as two more Mask Dragons appeared as well as three big green colored dragons. They appeared for a second before disappearing.

"Wait five dragons," Xenon said before both his and Reno's eyes widen "You don't mean…"

"That's right," Rusty said "I plan on summoning the all-powerful Five Headed Dragon."

Scene Break:

"Who's Five Headed Dragon.?" Shinn asked

Kira looked at Shinn "Five Headed Dragon is one of the most powerful dual monsters card in existence, it can't be destroyed by battle from earth, fire, wind, water, and dark type monsters and it takes no battle damage from them as well."

Mu whistled "That's some power house…" he said

"Not only that but that monster has 5000 attack point in total… I wonder how Xenon and Reno will deal with this." Kira said as he watched the four dualists

Scene Break:

"Great," Reno said "How are we supposed to fight against something as strong as Five Headed Dragon.?"

"Relax Reno," Xenon said "By the time that monster is summoned we will have defeated the both of them."

"Why wait," Rusty said "I activate the spell card Dragon Mirror…" he said as he activated the spell. On the spell was a picture of a mirror with a dragon's head popping out of it. "This card allows me to banish monsters from my field or grave yard in order to special summon a dragon type fusion monster from my extra deck."

"Oh great…" Reno said knowing what was going to happen next

"I banish all five of my dragons in my grave yard, in order to summon the all-powerful…" Rusty said as the 5 monsters rose from the grave and headed towards a vortex of some sorts. Then from the vortex, a dragon with 5 different heads appeared. The Dragon was the size of the G-weapons. It had a golden body, arms and wings. Each head was different, one was made of complete flames, a different head was in the shape of a aqua dragons head and colored blue, another was made out of steel, another head was black and had red eyes, and finally one was yellow with spikes on its head.

"Five Headed Dragon!" Rusty yelled

(Five Headed Dragon LV 12: ATK/5000, DEF/5000)

Reno looked at Xenon "You were saying?" he asked

"Oh shut up…" Xenon said

"Now Five Headed Dragon, attack the Ice Coffin Token with Five Way Death!" Rusty said as the dragon let loose five energy blasts from its mouth.

"Why would you attack a monster in defense mode?" Xenon asked

"Because of the continuous trap card Dragon's Rage." Rusty said as he activated the card. On the card was a blue dragon breaking through ruble.

"This trap allows dragon type monsters on my side to due piercing damage between the difference between the attacking dragon's attack points and defending monster's defense points."

"What?" Xenon said

"And because your Ice Coffin Token has zero defense points," Rusty said "you will take 5000 points of damage meaning you lose…"

"I don't think so," Reno said "because I activate the trap card D.D. Murder Method – Vector Change!" Reno yelled as the trap card activated. On the card were three monsters with a reddish aura. Behind them was some type of wind cyclone of some sorts.

"I can activate this trap when you attack, if you have a defense position monster on your side of the field the attacking monster is switched to defense mode and the defense mode monster is switched to attack mode."

"What?" Rusty said as Five Headed Dragon stopped its attack and switched to defense mode. Then Masked Dragon switched from defense to attack.

"Fine then I'll just attack with my Masked Dragon. Go Masked Dragon attack the Ice Coffin Token with Masked Fire." Rusty finished as Masked Dragon let loose a fire ball from its mouth. The fire attack hit the token destroying it and lowering Xenon's Life Points. The destruction of the token created smoke that covered Xenon and Reno making it impossible to see them

(Xenon LP: 4000 – 2600)

Scene Break:

"You know for beginners these guys are not that bad," Jay said as he looked at Rusty and Shiho "they kind of remind me of how our first dual."

May nod in agreement "Yeah" she said "although Rusty wasn't an idiot like you."

"Hey!" Jay yelled as Kira and May laughed at Jay while the others looked at them in confusion.

Scene Break:

Reno coughed as the smoke covered them both. "Well at least you didn't lose in one go…" He said

"Yeah," Xenon said as the smoke cleared "But if we don't destroy Five Headed Dragon this turn or lower his life points to zero, one of us is done…"

"Well then I better make this turn count "Reno said as he drew his card "Nice, I activate the spell card "Card of Sanctity" he said as the card activated "This card allows us to draw cards until we all have 6 cards in our hand each." Reno finished as he drew six cards while Xenon drew six. Shiho drew six as well while Rusty drew five.

"Sweet," Reno said as he looked at his hand "I think I'll start this turn off by activating the effect of Revise Dragon, by detaching one Xyz material monster off of him, I can have him gain 500 extra attack points." Reno finished as one of the blue orbs of light went into Leviathan Dragon's mouth. Revise Dragon gained a blue aura as its attack points rose.

(Number 17: Revise Dragon: ATK/2000 – 2500)

"Next I activate the spell card Cross Attack," Reno said as he activated the green card. On it was a picture of a warrior charging with an electrical aura. Behind it was another warrior crouching down. "If there are two monsters on the field with the exact same attack points, one of those monsters can attack one of you directly while the other one can't attack."

"What?" Rusty said

"Because Hope and Revise Dragon have the same attack points, I can have one of them attack one of you directly. I'll have Hope attack you directly with Hope King Slash!" Reno yelled as he pointed towards Rusty. Hope rose to the air and drew his two swords. Both of them glow yellow as they prepared to strike.

"I don't think so," Shiho yelled "I activate the trap card Direct Change!" She yelled as she activated the trap on it was a monster changing direction from one opponent to another. "This trap card can only be activated in a tag team dual, if an opponent's monster attacks my tag partner directly, I can switch the target to myself instead." Shiho finished as Hope stopped its attack on Rusty. Then Hope went towards Shiho and attacked her instead, the impact made her skid across the hanger bay.

(Shiho LP: 3000 – 500)

"Shiho are you alright?" Rusty asked

"I'll live…" Shiho said.

"Nice move," Reno said "taking the blow so you could protect your partner… impressive, I'll end with three cards face down." Reno finished as two cards were laid face down on the field.

Scene Break:

Flay and Stella we're shocked at what they were seeing. First off they were watching two coordinators struggling in a game. Normally coordinators were better than most naturals but in this case it looked like the naturals were winning.

"How can they be winning?" Flay asked aloud

Kira turned to her "What do you mean?" he asked

"I'm wondering how they are winning against coordinators? Only coordinators can beat coordinators." Flay said

Kira sighed "That's where you are wrong Flay," he said "sure coordinators are gifted individuals but there is one thing in which give Reno and Xenon a higher advantage against those two."

"And that is?" Stella asked also getting into the conversation

"Rusty and Shiho don't have the experience like Reno and Xenon." Kira said

"But they are coordinators…" Flay said before she was interrupted by Kira

"Just because they are coordinators doesn't make them great, they first have to learn about it first before they can become great in it. If I didn't learn how to use a computer I wouldn't be able to do the things I do. You understand Flay… Stella?" Kira asked

Flay and Stella nodded their heads as they looked back towards the dual.

Scene Break:

"My move…" Shiho said as she drew her card and added it to her hand 'Damn,' she thought 'these guys are too good and their only natural.' She finished as she looked at her hand "I'll start my turn off by activating my own Double Summon spell card." Shiho said as she activated the card. "This will allow me to normal summon twice this turn. I'll start by summoning the tuner monster Cyomancer of the Ice Barrier in attack mode." She said as her monster appeared. The monster was a human type monster wearing a kimono of some type. In his hand was some type of short ice staff.

(Cyomancer of the Ice Barrier LV 2: ATK/1300, DEF/0)

"Next I summon Secret Guards of the Ice Barrier in attack mode." She finished as her second monster appeared. This monster was warrior with two swords in his hands. It was wearing a blue battle kimono similar to Cyomancer with a blue scarf around his neck.

(Secret Guards of the Ice Barrier LV 2: ATK/100, DEF/1600)

"Now I'll tune my LV 2 Cyomancer with my LV 5 Royal Knight and LV 2 Secret Guards!" Shiho said as all three of her monsters rose into the air. "Blizzard winds and frozen water rise into the sky!" she said as Cyomancer turned into two bright lights. Those two lights then turned into two green rings "let their powers chill your soul!" Shiho said as the rings went around Royal Knight and Secret Guards. Royal Knight and Secret Guards then began to become transparent with bright lights appearing with in them. Royal Knight had 5 while Secret Guard had 2. "Synchro Summon!" Shiho yelled as a bright appeared between the two rings. "A rise Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barriar!" Shiho said as her dragon appeared. This dragon had three heads, two arms, two wings, and two legs. It was standing on its two legs. It had ice armor on it. It was the same size as Five Head Dragon and all of the other monsters.

(Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barriar LV 9: ATK/2700, DEF.2000)

"Now I activate Trishula's effect," Shiho said "when this monster is synchro summoned I can remove from play, one card on my opponent's field, one card in my opponent's hand, and one from their grave yard." She said "I will remove from play your, Xyz Veil trap card, the card on the far right side of your hand, and the D.D. Murder Method – Vector Change trap card that is in your grave yard." Shiho finished as the three cards Reno had disappeared inside a vortex. "Now I'll have Trishula attack your partner. Go Trishula attack Yariza with Triple Ice Flash!" Shiho yelled as her monster let loose three ice beam attacks toward Xenon's samurai.

"I activate Yariza's effect, by sacrificing one Six Samurai monster with a different name on my side of the field, my monster will not be destroyed… I sacrifice Zanji in order to protect Yariza." Xenon said as Zanji burst into yellow particles and formed a shield to protect Yariza. Trishula's attack hit Yariza but he was still alive.

"But you still take damage," Shiho said as Xenon felt the damage from the attack.

(Xenon LP: 2600 – 900)

"I'll end with that." Shiho said

"Looks like this will be my final turn," Xenon said as he drew his card "And I'm going to out with a bang… I'll attack you directly with Yariza…" Xenon said as he pointed to Shiho "Go Yariza! Attack her directly with Lancing Impact!" He yells as Yariza jumped over Trishula and rammed his lance at Shiho sending skidding across the hanger bay. She then collapsed onto one of her knees.

(Shiho LP: 500 – 0)

"Shiho!" Rusty called out to her

"I'm alright," Shiho said as she looked at Rusty "just win this."

"I end…" Xenon said

"Looks like it's my turn!" Rusty said as he drew his next card "And you're going down. I remove my Mask Dragon from play in order to special summon my Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon in attack mode!" he said as a vortex sucked Mask Dragon in. Then a new dragon took its place. This new dragon was black and red in color. It had black wings, feet, and hands. The other than the color, the main difference between this dragon and all the others was that this dragon was completely made of metal.

(Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon LV 10: ATK/2800, DEF/2400)

"Oh come on…" Reno said looking at the new monster.

"Due to his special effect, I can special summon one dragon type from my hand or grave yard once per turn." Rusty said "I think I'll summon my Dark Horus to the field in attack mode." He finished as a completely black dragon appeared onto the field.

(Dark Horus LV 8: ATK/3000, DEF/1800)

"Next I normal summon Mirage Dragon in attack mode!" Rusty said as a dragon with a long golden body appeared. The dragon had four claws and bluish green hair on the back of its head.

(Mirage Dragon LV 4: ATK/1600, DEF/600)

"Now Mirage Dragon attack Yariza with Mirage Fire!" Rusty yelled as Mirage Dragon let loose a stream of fire from its mouth.

"I activate my face down," Xenon said as he activated his face down.

"I don't think so," Rusty said "as long as Mirage Dragon is on the field you or your partner can't activate traps during the battle phase."

"Who said it was a trap card…" Xenon said as Mirage Dragon shrunk down to half its size. Then Yariza sliced the dragon in half lowering Rusty's Life Points down even further.

(Rusty's LP: 2000 – 1800)

"What happened," Rusty said as he looked at Xenon "what did you do?"

"What I activated wasn't a trap card it was a spell." Xenon said as he showed him the card. On it was some type of monster being shrunken down "The quick spell Shrink allows me to half one of your monsters attack points till the end of my turn."

Rusty gritted his teeth "Fine then I'll have my Red Eyes finish this. Go Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon attack with Dark Metallic Inferno Fire Breath!" Xenon said as Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon let loose a burst attack and destroyed Xenon's Yariza and lowering his life points.

(Xenon's LP: 900 – 0)

"Now I'll have my Dark Horus attack your Leviathan Dragon while Five Headed Dragon attacks Utopia. Go my monsters destroy them." Rusty yelled as both his monsters let loose their attacks at Reno's two monsters lowering his Life Points down. The blasts were so strong that they covered Reno up with smoke.

(Reno's LP: 4000 – 1000)

When the smoke cleared, Rusty and everyone else watching the dual we're shocked at what they saw. Even though Rusty's monsters had a higher attack points than Reno's monsters, both of Reno's monsters were still on the field even though he attack.

"Hey what gives," Rusty said as he looked at the monsters "How come they aren't destroyed?"

"That's because in battle only "Number" monsters can destroy other "Number" monster cards." Reno said

"Fine then I activate the continuous trap card 1000 and Up!" Rusty said as he activated the trap card. On it was the number 1000 with an arrow going up. "During each of your end phases this card gains one counter. If I send this card to the grave yard during my stand by phase, for every counter on this card you take 1000 points of damage." He said "With that I end my turn."

Scene Break:

Jay whistled at the scene "Wow that Rusty guy did a good move," he said "If Jay doesn't end this during his next turn, it's over."

Kira nodded his head "Yeah," he said "but why didn't he activate Utopia's effect to negate one of Rusty's attacks or for that matter any of the other times they attacked?"

May shrugged "Who knows?" she said as all of them went back to looking at the dual.

Astral on the other hand knew what Reno was thinking of. 'He's going to use that card…' he thought as he smirked 'those two are very similar…'

Scene Break:

'This is it,' Reno thought 'I have one card in my deck that can turn the tide of this battle…that's the reason why I didn't activate Hope's effect.'

"I draw…" Reno said as he drew his card 'Yes…' he thought as he looked at the card.

"First I activate the trap card Burning Fighting Spirit." Reno said as he activated the trap card. On it was a warrior with a flame aura with four rings floating around him.

"This card is equipped to one of my monsters, whenever that monster battles a monster whose attack points are higher than the equipped monster's attack points. The equipped monsters attack points are doubled."

"What?" Rusty asked

"I equipped the trap card to Hope…" Reno said as Utopia gained a fire aura all over his body.

"Now Hope, attack Five Headed Dragon with Hope King Slash." Reno said as Utopia drew his swords. His swords began to glow as he charged Five Headed Dragon.

"And because I'm attacking a monster with higher attack points," Reno said "Hope's attack points double." He finished as Hope's attack points doubled.

(Hope: ATK/2500 – 5000)

"Big deal," Rusty said "your monster may destroy my monster but I still won't take any damage."

"Your right which is why I activate Hope's effect," Reno said "by removing one Xyz material monster from him, I can negate Hope's attack." He finished as the last yellow orb went inside Hope's chest. When that happed Hope's swords turned into yellow particles and disappeared.

"What was the pointed of attacking if you just canceled your attack?" Rusty asked as he and everyone wondered why Reno did that move.

"Because of the spell card in my hand," Reno said as he showed him the card "I activate the quick spell card "Double or Nothing"" He said as he activated the card. On it was a slot machine with a large amount of coins at the bottom. "When a monsters attack has been negated this card doubles that monsters attack points."

"What?" Rusty asked as Hope's fire aura was replaced with a yellow aura and his attack points went even higher.

(Hope: ATK/5000 – 10000)

"Not only that, but Hope can attack again. Go Hope finish this!" Reno yelled as Hope redrew his swords as swooped down onto Five Headed Dragon. Hope then delivered two slashed onto Five Headed Dragon. The attack was so powerful that when Five Headed Dragon was destroyed, Rusty was pushed back by the force of the attack landing on his back as his life points went down.

(Rusty's LP: 1800 – 0)

"And I believe that's a win…" Reno said as all the monsters disappeared and face down cards disappeared. Everyone clapped in applause for the excellent show.

"They did really well…" Kira said as he looked at Shiho and Rusty. He noticed that both of them were sad that they lost. Kira, Jay, and May approached them to see why they were sad.

"He what's up?" Kira asked

"We lost…" Rusty said not looking happy

"So…" Jay asked

"So now we will never see our friends or family…" Shiho said as Kira, Jay, and May burst into small fits of laughter.

"He what's so funny," Rusty said looking at the three in anger "you think us suffering is fun?"

May controlled her laughter "No," she said "we're laughing because you think you aren't going to be set free."

"Huh?" both of them said at the same time.

"We are going to let you go when we see your friends again…" Kira said

"But we lost…" Shiho said

"It didn't matter if you won or lost," Jay said "we just wanted to see how you reacted with each other."

"I got to say," May said as she looked at Shiho "that was a bold-move you did using the Direct Change trap card like that."

Shiho blushed as she rubbed her head "Thanks…" she said as two guards approached them. "Well it looks like we have to go back to our cells." Shiho finished as she and Rusty handed Kira, Jay, and May their dual disks and decks back to them. Kira and Jay took the dual disks but May pushed the decks back into their hands.

"Keep them…" May said "think of them as a peace offering from us."

Shiho and Rusty beamed at them "Thanks." They both said at the same time as the guards took them back to their cell in the brig.

All three of them then turned back to the others.

"Nice dueling out there," Kira said as he looked at Reno and Xenon "Although Reno that was a risky move trying to wait for that one spell card."

Reno smirked "Well I just knew that I would get the card," he said "I am a great dualist."

"More like an idiot dualist…" Xenon said

"I concur…" Astral said agreeing at Xenon's comment

"Will you both stop it?" Reno yelled

"Again I'm the only one here idiot!" Xenon yelled at Reno

Kira sighed as both of them got into another argument. He then looked at Murrue "How long until we reach the debris belt?" he asked

Murrue looked at him "In about an hour," she said "when we get there, I want all of you as well as a small team of mobile pilots to go and search the debris." She finished as she and Mu went up to the bridge leaving everyone else to do their own thing.

Scene Break:

After about an hour of traveling, the Archangel made it to the debris belt. As requested the 8 Mobile suits as well as a small work group made their way towards some of the debris.

Kira looked around feeling nervous for some reason. He then contacted the others.

"Hey Jay," Kira called out to him as Jay appeared on his screen

"Yeah…" Jay asked

"Are you feeling nervous for some reason?" Kira asked

"Now that you mention it I do." Jay said as May appeared on the screen.

"You guys aren't going to like where all the water is at…" May said not looking happy.

"Where?" Kira asked

"Look in front of you…" May said as they did and what they saw shocked them.

"Oh great…" Kira said

"Why did it have to be that why couldn't it be a ship…" Jay said

"What did you guys find?" Shinn asked as he and the others approached them. Shinn's mood darkened "Oh…"

"Oh man…" Mayu said

"Why'd it have to be here…" Reno said

"Stow it Reno…" Xenon said as he looked at the thing in front of them. In front of the group was a giant space colony that was damaged beyond repair. Debris floated all around it. It was a waste land sitting in the middle of nowhere

"Is that…" Stella said as she looked at the remains of the colony.

"Yes Stella it is," May said

"They are the remains of Junius 7." Jay said

"AKA the thing that started this stupid war…" Kira said frowning not happy that they would have to look for water in a place in which thousands could have died if he, Jay, and May did not save them that day.

Chapter End…


Jay: Oh great why did we have to come here…

Kira: Get over it Jay

May: Yeah I agree

Jay: Fine but I'm not happy.

Kira: I know what might make you happy.

Jay: What?

Kira: A riding duel…"

Jay: A riding duel where?

Kira: In space…

Jay: In Space!

Kira: Next time on Gundam Seed 5ds: Arrival at Junius 7: Dual in the Debris. Riding Dual! Acceleration!

May: Guys I found a life pod.

Jay: will bring it in.

Authors note:

Hey guys, sorry for the late update. I have been really busy as of late so sorry for the late updates. Because of that I posted two chapters for that reason. Actually one of the reasons why I made this fan fiction was because I thought it would be fun. Now that I am in college right now, I don't have as much free time as I would like. Not only that but I'm losing my urge to write. Hopefully I'll be able to update soon but I'm not making any promises. Also if you're wondering if about the name Yuki, then yes he refers to him. It will not be mentioned again until they enter the desert. Also I am using the English catch phase of Yuma and the Japanese names for the Yugioh Zexal cards. On a side note, here are the two OC cards I created:

Direct Change

Normal Trap:

This card can only be activated in a tag team dual. If your partner is being attack directly, change the target of their attack to yourself.

1000 and Up

Continuous Trap:

At the end of your opponent's turn, this card gains one counter on it (Max: 4). During your stand by phases, you can send this card to the grave yard in order to have your opponent take 1000 points of damage. There can only be one 1000 and Up trap card face up on the field.

Until then, this is dsgundam00 signing off.