"Merlin? A Prince?" Arthur said to his father Uther. He felt he was saying it more to himself to make it seem real, not the dream Arthur was convinced it was when his father told him. Uther was pacing near the steps to the thrones, he didn't seem to happy about the whole thing because now Merlin really did have a reason to hate him and he could do something about it, by insuring that his father didn't become a Camelot ally. As Uther wanted to strengthen his fight against magic, he's allies were going to be more important than ever. Arthur on the other hand didn't need to worry about that because he knew the heart in Merlin, but he was just a shocked to know Merlin was of royal blood. Not only was his secret lover a warlock, but the most power one to ever life, not only was he was a prince, he was the son of one of the most power and most influencal kings in the whole of ablion, Arthur couldn't believe it. It was such a mind blowing thing to even consider. It seems that once again Merlin was born to change peoples lives for the better and yet he would only see the negative. Arthur knew Merlin was no leader but just like everything else Arthur would be behind him 100% no matter what.

At that moment King Philip of Wales pushed through the doors to the throne room, to see the King pacing near the throne as Arthur was sitting in his throne in complete shock at what he was just told. Arthur looked up at the kind king and he couldn't help but smile, at least now it wasn't only the motherly part of Merlin that made him so kind and forgiving. The king smiled at the prince, knowing that Merlin was truly his friend.

"Arthur? Could I have a word in private?" Uther sighed and stormed out the throne room. Philip smiled at him, Arthur asked after he watched his father leave.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Philip laughed.

"Merlin wanted me to come to see you, explain to you how he is the way he is... if you understand what I mean?" Arthur only nodded, knowing full too well about his magic.

"Yes and?" Philip sighed, suddenly his eyes flashed a brighten gold and a gush of wind came from nowhere into the throne room. Philip expected the guards to be called and for him to defend himself, but Arthur burst out laughing.

"I should of guessed, where else would he have gotten it from?" Arthur saw the look on his face and laughed harder

"Oh don't worry sire... I won't be telling my father, I am Merlin's friend, as stubborn as I am to admit it, by telling my father who you are not only will I be putting your and Merlin's life at risk, which I won't let happen. I would be losing the trust I've gained from Merlin, that I don't want to lose" Philip smiled at this honest prince, his sons best friend. Philip shouted

"Merlin you stubborn git get out here... before I force you" Merlin's laugh filled the room; he was by his father side as he appeared. Arthur sighed, he should of known that the question would lead that way because of Philip being told his son. Merlin walked over to Arthur and put his arm around his shoulder

"Arthur, Arthur, Arthur... you do realise that I will be holding that against you?" Arthur grabbed Merlin's arm and flipped him over, but Merlin didn't hit the ground he slowed time and was on his feet again before Arthur could react. Philip shook his head. Arthur looked at him with a knowing look. Merlin saw the look between them.

"Oh come on dad, he was gonna throw me on the floor... aren't you suppose to be the one protecting me?" Philip just laughed and patted his son on the shoulders

"It's not like you can't defend yourself Merlin... But please do me a favour and don't give Arthur Another reason to hit you... or Uther will want to send you to the stocks, royalty or not" Arthur nodded his head to agree and bowed his head Merlin. Both of them finding this rather amusing. Merlin stated

"Sorry Sire... please accept my most humble apologys" A wide grin on Merlin's face. Arthur put his hand to Merlin's chin and lifted it up and pulled him into a hug

" I was never really upset... I accept nothing more from my best friend..." Philip grew a smile on his face, knowing they were more than that really. Merlin put his arms around Arthur's waist pulling him into a hug.

"I know... but still I wasn't apologizing to you, I was apologizing to your father Arthur, who has just come into the room as I said the word... and he heard what you just said" Arthur let go of Merlin and turn so quickly, he barely kept his balance.

"Father I..." Uther was just starring at his son, no emotion written on his face. That was until a massive smile crossed his face.

"Well it would seem my son has a prince as a friend? And I take it that means you are our ally? I know I didn't exactly treat you with the most respect but that was because you were a servant you must understand... if I'd have known—" Merlin cut him off. Standing in the formal pose he has seen Arthur stand in when he is talking to his father.

"Sire... I am not one for holding a grudge, but you are my mentor's friend, he is like a father to me, so I will take his word that you can change when I say this... No I am not your ally that is my father's business, not mine. But I will not stop coming to Camelot to see Arthur all that I can... because as Arthur so kindly said, I am his best friend and no amount of ally-ness between my kingdom and yours will stop me... But maybe this will teach you that not all servants are so 'poor blood' as you make them seem, I can tell you of at least 4 different men that have come to Camelot since I've been Arthur servant that were of noble blood, Gwain being one of course... but he hated royalty for what the king did after his father died..." Merlin bowed low, all the laughter with Arthur forgotten as tears filled his eyes.

Merlin stormed out of the room, what he had just said must of been hard. Merlin's anger was visible to both Philip and Arthur. Uther just stood there confused. He look to his son for some reason for why he ran out. Arthur sighed and bowed to the kings by his side and ran off in hope of finding his lover, friend and idiot ex servant thinking over how shocked he still was as to who Merlin was, though he was still confused as to how he was indeed of royal blood.