It was a Saturday in the holidays and Santana and Brittany had invited all the Glee club to come round. Will had also been invited as he had no plans and it was sort of a New Directions party. Will was sitting reading a magazine on a deck chair. Finn and Sam were sitting 10 feet behind Rachel and Quinn with mischievous grins playing across their faces.

"Ready?" Sam whispered.

Finn nodded "1...2...3!".

They both ran over and scooped up Rachel and Quinn. They threw them in to the pool and jumped in after them. Rachel came up from the water with a little help from Finn laughing hysterically.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Rachel smiled.

"That you didn't see it coming," Sam laughed.

Rachel and Finn climbed out of the pool. Rachel tapped him on his arm.

"Your it!" She yelled as she ran across the yard.

Finn chased her for ages. As she rounded a pool corner, she slipped, fell in to the pool and hit her head on the side.

"Rachel!" Finn yelled and dove in the pool.

Will stood up alerted and ran to the pool. He grabbed Rachel out of Finn's arms and lay her on to the concrete.

"Back up!" He firmly said and checked her vitals. "She's not breathing,".

Will pushed Rachel's head back, pinched her nose, opened her mouth and breathed in to her mouth two times. No response. Will breathed in to her mouth again and Rachel gasped. He removed his mouth from hers. He looked a bit embarrassed, and shifted uncomfortably.

"Rachel? Are you okay?" Will asked concerned.

"I think so. What happened?" She asked a bit confused.

Will explained everything and Rachel smiled.

"You saved my life, Thanks Mr Schue," Rachel said hugging him.

"It's okay. Just don't run near a pool next time," He laughed.