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Chapter 1

Erica-Looking Through the Window

I stared out the window of my bedroom. The war had been over for a few weeks now, but I never forgot all the people I had met. Jed, Aardvark, Robert, Danny, Matt. Matt, I couldn't stop thinking about my promise to him.


"We're all that's left. Somebody's gotta live, somebody's gotta make it!" Matt told me and Danny. "Me and Jed, we're all used up."

I thought I was going to explode. "No," I cried. I flung myself at Matt and hugged him. After all we'd been through, I didn't want him to go. I never wanted to let anyone go ever again.

"I'm never gonna forget," I said. "As long as I live! I'll never forget."

Matt looked at me. "Don't. Don't forget," he said. I started crying again.

Danny came over to us. "Matt," he started. "You're never gonna know who won."

Matt looked at him. "Who will?"

End Flashback

That was the last time I ever saw him. After the Colonel's death, I thought I'd never cry over anyone again. But I was wrong. The Colonel said something to me I'd never forget.

"Where did you meet your wife?" I had asked him. We sat and watched the boys play football as we talked.

"You really wanna know this stuff?" He asked me.

I giggled a yes.

"I met her at a closet at a party. Couldn't stand her at first, but then, later, loved her so much it hurt."

"Still love her like that?" I asked.

He never got to answer because Matt called in, "Hey, you quitters playin or what?"

"No!" I shouted back. I was still upset over our little tussle at the campfire.

Matt waved us away. "Fine," he mumbled.

I had always thought that that was an omen. I couldn't stand Matt at first, but, once I cried so hard over him leaving, I realized I loved him more than I thought I ever would.

I remembered the night of my promise. He had slipped something into my hand before he left to the camp. I had opened it to find a stick he had whittled. It had my name carved into it. There it was, in the middle, 'Erica'. I turned it over, and there was another word,'Wolverine'.

Oh, Matt. Where can you be?