Last Reunion

During one of our daily hangouts, I could tell that Matt's mind was somewhere else. It was like I was in China and he was in Florida. I bit into my apple, crunching rather loudly to get his attention. His facial expression didn't change. He still looked as if he was deep in thought.

I reached over and tapped his arm. He snapped out of it immediately. "Sorry," he whispered. "I was just thinking about something." I cocked my head and smirked. "Thinking about...what exactly?" I asked.

"Physical therapy," he said after a while. "I'm starting tomorrow, right?" I nodded. "I am SO ready to get out of this bed! I have about a million ants in my pants!" he said. I smiled.

"That's nice, Matt. But what were you REALLY thinking?" I asked, scooting closer to him. He shook his head. "Aw, come on, tell me! I may not be a therapist, but I CAN listen!" I prodded. "If something's bothering you, I want to know."

"Erica, it's nothing!" he suddenly snapped. "I'm fine!" I was taken aback. He was starting to sound like the old Matt. I didn't like it one bit, but I stopped myself from saying anything that I may have regretted. Matt looked away from me, his cheeks turning red. I was worried, but I still said nothing.

"All right, fine! I'll tell you!"

I blinked in surprise. "Oh, well...okay," I said. "I'm ready!"

Matt swallowed. "Do you..." he faltered, but cleared his throat. "Do you know what happened to my brother?" he finished in a small voice. He looked at me with wide eyes filled with tears. He quickly looked away again.

His question pierced my heart. He was right! He hadn't met anyone else! Not Toni, Danny, or even his own brother! I felt so guilty that I almost broke down. I didn't answer for awhile.

"Well..." I finally started, but something interrupted me. It was laughter. To be exact, Toni and Jed's laughter. They laughed really loudly, so I was sure Matt had heard them.

He looked at me. His eyes were wide. "Erica...did I happen to suffer any head injuries?" he asked, his voice slurred, as if he was trying to comprehend something. I shook my head. "No, why do you ask?"

"I could've sworn that was Jed's laugh. Ah well, I must be going crazy. Anyway, what were you saying?"

Before I could answer, I heard Toni next door. She practically shouted, "Oh Jed, I can't believe that happened! Did Matt seriously sock you in the face?" I clenched my jaw as Matt's head snapped up.

"Who's that?" he asked. He looked at me, his beautiful brown eyes lighting up. "Erica, who is next door?" He looked so frantic. "Answer me!"

"I-It's-" I stuttered. I couldn't go on. He wasn't supposed to find out about the survival in this way! I was thinking of a miraculous meeting at my house filled with hugs...

I snapped back into reality when I realized Matt getting out of bed. He groaned from the pain in his wound, but his determination kept him going. He got his feet on the ground, but swayed due to lack of balance. I quickly grabbed him.

"Matt, what are you doing?" I cried. "Wait until tomorrow! You're not ready to walk yet!" Matt shook his head. "Take me next door. Now," he grunted. I called for a wheelchair and wheeled him to the room in question.

Right before we turned into the room, Matt whispered for me to stop. "Am I going to be disappointed?" he asked. I ignored him. "I'll go in first, okay?" I said. He nodded. He nervously tapped his fingers on the arm of the wheelchair.

I knocked on the hospital door. "Hello? " I called. I opened the door and saw Toni and Jed sitting on Jed's bed. "Hi, Erica," Toni responded. Jed smiled at me. "Hey," he said.

"What's up?" Toni asked. "Is everything okay?" I nodded. "Yeah, everything's dandy, it's just-"I stopped when I saw Toni and Jed's faces. There was pure shock all over them. Toni tried to say something but no words came out. Jed didn't move.

"What is it?" I asked. "Why do you look so..." I faltered. Something told me to turn around, so I did. I gasped.

There was Matt, standing in the doorway, holding on tight to the door frame. His eyes were wide, never tearing away from Jed. He started walking into the room, trying with all his might not to fall. He was doing good until his ankle rolled and he fell.

"Matt!" Jed and I cried. We ran to him. I helped him sit up a bit, and once I did, Jed had Matt wrapped in a hug. Both were crying. I looked over at Toni, who was also crying. I ran over to her.

"Jerk!" she hiccuped. "Why didn't you tell me he was alive?" She playfully socked me in the arm. "I have never felt so happy!" She pulled me into a hug and we just all cried together.

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