A/N: Hi! It is moi, Me Squared! So, being the mind reader that I am, I know you are saying, "What the crap? Why is it called The Actual Warriors Hunger Games? After all, there are several other SYOT Warriors/Hunger Games crossovers, right?" But that is where you are wrong. This is not a SYOT. This is made with real warrior cats. As in from the series by Erin Hunter. Here are the rules.

1. Three toms and three she-cats will be reaped from each Clan.

2. The books will be split into groups of three.

3. These groups will be in chronological order (e. g., I will start with a group consisting of Into the Wild, Fire and Ice, and Forest of Secrets).

4. A cat can be reaped if it was an apprentice in one of the books in its' group.

5. If a cat is killed, its' children in the books can still be reaped.

6. The districts are the four Clans. BloodClan, which took over the Clans before Firepaw arrived in the forest, is the Capitol. RiverClan and ShadowClan are the Careers.

7. Because of the crappy allegiances in the first book, Silverstream and Onewhisker will be counted as apprentices.

8. Some cats will be out of place. For instance, Barley will be ThunderClan's only victor.

9. People can still sponsor.

10. You cannot sponsor more than one cat.

Here is the point system. I will post what you can buy with the first chapter.

Review: 50 points per signed review, 25 per unsigned review

Favorite: 200 points for favoriting the story, 150 for the author

PM: 75 points for PMing me

Submit: 100 points for submitting an arena

I may add more later.