Name: FEEL

Author: Sdfreeze

Chapter 29

Stephenie Meyer owns the characters.

Chapter: 29

Feel the Feeling

It had been three years since I moved in with Edward and we began our life together. He was finally ready to invite his family for a visit. We decided on Thanksgiving and invited Charlie and Renee too. I was sitting in the doctor's office thinking back on the girl who hid from the world. I didn't know her anymore.

Edward and I got married, much to the anger of my mother, because of the unorthodox way we did it. I was eating lunch with Edward, trying to study for a test, as he worked on a deal he was trying to close. The sandwich shop was empty and his telephone conversation was interrupting my attempt at last minute cramming.

I finally threw a chip at him in irritation. He looked at me and crossed his eyes, so I opened my mouth to show him my half eaten sandwich. He picked up his straw and sucked up some coke, I shook my finger at him, daring him to just try it. He dared, and my white hoodie was soaked in coke.

I was so mad at him and demanded he take me home to change before heading to the testing center.

"Come on, Bella, it's not that bad, heck I would marry you like that."

"Sure you would," I said angrily.

"Come on," he grabbed my hand and ran for the car. "How long do you have until the test?"

"An hour and a half, why?"

"I'm going to marry you," he smiled.

"Shut-up." I turned to head back into the sandwich shop but he pulled me back to the car.

"I'm serious, Bella, let's go to the courthouse and get married."

I decided to call his bluff and see how willing he was to put off closing the deal. Forty-seven minutes later we were Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, he closed the sale and I got an A on my test.

We made sure Charlie's gun was far from his fingers when we told my mom. She cried, accused me of hating her, accused Edward of breaking her heart, and finally started bugging us for grandchildren.

I graduated with my degree in secondary education and was hired by a local high school to teach English. For the past couple of months I wasn't feeling very good and decided to get my heart checked out again. I had a series of doctor appointments, but wasn't letting Edward know. He had enough on his plate preparing for his family's visit.

I got home from the appointment to see three rental cars in the drive way. I had no idea why each couple would need their own car, but it was the Cullens after all. I sat in the garage trying to gather strength, who was I kidding, Schwarzenegger didn't have enough strength for this.

Edward snuck out to see me sitting in the car; he pushed his mouth into a smile with his fingers and made me laugh. "I need a hug," I said when he got to my door.

"I can always kick them out," he said as he pulled me into his arms.

"No, I have to face them sometime, better get it over with."

He kissed my head and whispered words of encouragement, and then ended with "I'm really going to need to see you naked tonight."

"Just let me get Rosalie's whip first," I laughed.

He smacked my butt, as I headed in the house to meet my fate, and I smacked my forehead, for not thinking ahead to get Charlie's gun for protection.

They were all there sitting in my living room; Bubbles was bouncing, She-Ra was glaring, Cuddles was laughing, the Scarecrow was staring, Esme was smiling, and Carlisle stood to intimidate.

"Sit down, father," Edward said in exasperation.

"Bella," Carlisle said as he sat.

"Hello, I hope your flight was okay?" What a stupid thing to say, like I could do anything about a less than stellar traveling experience. If it wasn't okay Carlisle would just purchase the airlines and fire everyone.

"It's good to see you again, Bella," Esme said, sounding proper like she always did.

Jasper winked at me and Emmett pointed to his neck. "No tie," he beamed.

"And they let you on the plane anyway?" I teased.

We all sat and it was awkwardly quiet. Edward pulled me from the arm of the chair onto his lap, and acted as if we were the only two people in the room.

"How was your day?" he asked.

"Good, glad for the break. Half the kids were already gone, so it was pretty much a wasted day."

"Next year, we'll go away for the holiday, would you like that?"

I glanced around uncomfortably and wasn't quite sure what he was up to.

"You have a nice house, Bella," Alice offered. I noticed how Rosalie widened her eyes and looked down at her hands. I wish I had He-Man's sword right now.

"Thank you, we want it to be homey and lived in."

"You've accomplished that," Rosalie said.

"Thank you, Rosalie. We tried to steer clear of the whole leather sub-dom look so many houses have today," I said as I stared right at her.

If looks could kill Edward was dead in this life, and whatever life was to come. Jasper and Emmett had to hide their laughter and Edward patted my back appreciatively.

"Son, why don't you give us a tour of your company, the woman can stay here with Bella."

"Like hell," Rosalie said as she stood. "I want to see what he tossed his future aside for."

I felt Edward tense and I pulled his face to mine and kissed him lightly. "Go show them what a great thing you've done sweetheart."

I felt better with just Alice and Esme anyway. I gave them a tour of the house and tried to tell them a little about Seattle. We got a cup of coffee and sat around the kitchen table.

"Edward seems very happy," Esme observed.

"He is happy. I know Carlisle can't understand why he wants to work so hard to start from scratch, but he is so proud of what he has built."

"I was talking about you, he seems very happy married to you."

"Oh," I said like the genius I am.

"It wasn't easy, but you two did it," she stared at me and I wasn't sure if it was a compliment or not.

"He was worth the fight," I blushed.

"I understand your mother is in your life again."

Here it comes, they're aiming for my weak spot and I was taking a moment to make sure all my body armor was in place.

"Yes, she is married to my dad's brother and doing very well. I am very proud of how hard she worked to turn her life around."

They both smiled at me, but remained quiet.

"How are things at Cullen Enterprises?" I asked.

"Good," Alice said quickly.

"Oh, Bella, remember your old boss, Mark, Mitch…" Esme asked.

"Mike," I corrected her.

"Yes, Mike, he is dating Lenz, remember Lenz did your hair once."

"The German?" I asked.

"Yes, that's right."

"So it was a woman?"


"Lenz, I wasn't sure if she was a man or a woman."

Alice and Esme looked at each other and laughed.

"Lenz is a man, dear," Esme corrected, and cleared her throat, so she wouldn't laugh again.

"What the fork?"

"And, Mark has lost so much weight, you wouldn't recognize him."

"Mike," I corrected again. "Well damn, that kind of hurts." I chuckled.

"Excuse me?" Esme said.

"Nothing," I said shaking my head.

Edward returned two hours later and I could tell by his tight jaw he was upset about something. I pulled him into the pantry and said, "You will not believe what I found out."

"What?" he whispered.

"Mike is gay; he's dating the German lady I thought was a man, and it turns out I was right, she is."

"Are you drunk?" Edward asked seriously.

"No, but I really wish I was," I giggled. "Do you think if we stay in here they will leave?"

"Are you kidding, they are just warming up. Take your clothes off."

"You take your clothes off."

He began unbuttoning his shirt and I had to grab his hands to make him stop. "Don't make me bring Rosalie in here," I threatened.

"Boner killer."

"Come on, let's go face the firing squad," I said as I pulled him out of the pantry.

We spent the night answering questions posed in a way that didn't quite insult, but came close enough. We presented a united front and never let them see us sweat. I wanted to strangle Edward when he mentioned the nick names I had for all of them, and couldn't persuade them to let it pass. I finally gave in and spoke truthfully.

"I called Emmett, Cuddles, because he looks like a Teddy bear," I said turning bright red.

"Ah," they all sighed in unison.

"There is nothing Teddy bear about Emmett," Rosalie spoke up.

"I think we all know that, Rose," Edward said laughing.

"I called Rosalie, She-Ra, because… well because." I lost my nerve.

Nobody needed an explanation.

"I called Alice, Bubbles, because she is so bubbly, and Jasper, the Scarecrow, because he walked so straight and had the same look on his face all the time."

"What did you call Edward?" Alice asked.

I looked at him and smiled. "He was my David."

"Because he was always getting naked?" Emmett asked, as he laughed loudly making everyone else laugh too.

"You left one out," Edward said to me.

"No I didn't," I said, as I squeezed his arm, and gave him my 'I will hurt Eddie' look.

"Come on; tell them what you called Carlisle."

"You started it," I said aghast.

"No, love, I remember the time and day you first used the term, because it was just so perfect."

"Fine, I called him, the Dictator."

I looked at Carlisle, expecting to see him drafting orders for my beheading, but he sat with a slight smile on his face. I remembered the one thing about dictators is… they actually like being dictators.

After the stress of the evening I was anxious to hit the sack. I was drained and still having a difficult time with my energy level. I was really hoping the women would help me out with the big dinner preparations tomorrow, but I had a feeling it would be just me and mom.

We were all seated around the dinner table, with Edward on one end, and me on the other. It had been a stressful morning, and I had hoped the men would just watch football, but I accidentally walked in on Carlisle berating Edward. I heard him tell his son to stop acting 'so common' and come home where he belonged. I asked Edward to help me put the extension on the table to get him away from that awful man.

I watched as my mom stared at Alice in shock, as she tried to keep up with her fast talking. I noticed Charlie glance at Rosalie every so often and wanted to tell him she would be way out of his comfort zone. It is one thing to leave on your gun belt, and another to actually use the gun.

My eyes wandered to Edward as he listened to his father, his neck so tense I wanted to schedule him a massage right this moment. I stared at the man I loved more than I ever thought possible. He was my world, and right there in the midst of all the chaos, I decided to share my news with him.

He looked over to see me staring and locked eyes with me. "You okay?" he mouthed silently.

"Perfect," I mouthed to the other end of the table.

We continued to stare blocking out the entire world. "I love you," he mouthed, as he smiled.

I gave him my message and saw his face form into a confused expression. "What?"

I decided to use sign language. I pointed to him, and then back to me, and then to my stomach, forming a ball. His eyes got big, and then I really shocked him, and held up two fingers.

He mirrored my action and held up two of his fingers, so I nodded yes. Tears formed in his eyes as my own fell down my face; suddenly we were not alone anymore, as everyone stared back and forth between us.

"Excuse me," Edward said, as he rose from the table and came to my chair to kiss me as if nothing else existed in the world.

"You sure," he said into my lips.

I pulled a picture from my pocket of two round egg sacks with a fuzzy mass connected to them. "I found out yesterday."

"Bella?" my mom said softly.

"Yes, Grandma," I responded sending her into a fit of screams.

Carlisle's face was priceless. Stunned was not the right word, he was mortified when the thought of being a grandfather sunk into his brain. From that moment forward there was nothing Carlisle could say or do to temp Edward away from me. I won, I had a permanent hold on his son, and nothing would ever be more important to us than our children.

"I'm very sorry everyone, but the mother of my children will not lift another finger today, so please do your dishes when you're finished." He took my hand, and led me upstairs, where we celebrated together the best way we knew how, by loving each other.

I lay in his arms surrounded by his love for me and our children, it was an amazing feeling. After everything we had been through this moment made it all worth it, this was the feeling I wanted to feel.

The sequel 'LEARN' is not just a story of Bella and Edward raising kids….it is very much still a Bella/Edward against the world story. They must fight health, Carlisle, and another woman to be together. And Bella is fierce in this one!

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