Malefor stood before the cave entrance with Trevor, waiting for Aure and Glacia to show. It had been five minutes, scowling as another minute went by. Yet, he sat patiently, eyes locked on the temple from the tall mountain. The cave was embedded in one of the larger mountains in the vicinity, and while he had visited many times, the view was still something to be admired.

Here, he could see everything, even the town near the temple. It wasn't very big, but only the Guardians and their families lived there as well as some of the richer students. It were made of polished stone and rock, erected in such a way that they always caught the attention of anyone nearby. A massive, Obsidian gate was erected before the town of Trysfel, blocking the path between two mountains. The sturdy, black metal had been chipped in certain areas, and was in need of repair.

"Half tempted to just go in without them." Malefor said sourly. "What is it with females and promising to be soon and end up being late?"

"That's kind of a harsh generalization..." Trevor commented weakly.

Malefor glanced down at him. "True, true...simply irritated is all. I don't think it's Aure so much as it is Glacia, though, but...whatever."

"I think I see them now." Trevor pointed ahead with his wing.

Malefor couldn't see where the earth dragon was pointing at first, until two black specs he mistook to be avians drew closer and closer. He could certainly make out Aure's feathers now, noting that she seemed very, very keen on beating Glacia. Either that or Glacia was just slow as hell. Regardless, they landed before them, Aure trying once more to spook Malefor by diving straight at him. Malefor simply held his tail blade forward, forcing her to veer off and nearly smash into a rock.

She glowered at him, Malefor snickering as Trevor greeted Glacia, who seemed quite surprised to be invited. She kept her eyes on Malefor, who did his best not to notice. Not because she wasn't pretty, but he just couldn't. He couldn't explain it.

"Right, are we off?" Malefor asked.

"I just gotta lay some ground rules for our newcomers. Malefor, don't give me that look." Aure locked eyes with the purple dragon, who rolled his eyes. "Nothing special, just stick with at least one other. Trevor, you are not of age yet, so try not to get into too much trouble so we don't have the temple guardians on our tails. Be wary of cave-ins, creatures, yada-yada...You get the rest."

Like that, they were off. Malefor was stuck with Glacia for unknown reasons, Aure with Trevor. He supposed it made sense; she was a Guardian, so if anyone was going to be held responsible, it was her. Malefor had half a mind to do a thing and put her on edge, but that would only cause problems later on.

The cave was quite spacious, some old lanterns lighting their way. "So...if I were to cause a cave-in, what would you do?" Malefor said jokingly to Aure.

"I'd throw you in it and say you flew off in a fit of tantrum, never to return." Aure gave him a death glare.

"What about when they find the body?"

"I'd stick to my story."

Malefor snickered at her growing irritation, approaching a fork up ahead. He had been down both paths a few times; to the right, the lower part of the mine. To the left, the upper. Both had been plundered by them and other thrill-seekers, but unlike the average adventurer, Malefor was smart. He knew many, many secret passages in both sides, some he didn't even let Aure know of.

"The team that finds the most impressive thing wins." Malefor sneered at Aure.

"Wait, we're competing?" Trevor looked horrified.

"I thought this was just a fun exploration thing." Glacia spoke for the first time. Malefor feigned surprise at it; she gave him a playful glare.

"It's Malefor's way of compensating." Aure gave him a wink.

"Have you been spying on me?" Malefor stared at her.

"You act as if I don't talk to others."

Malefor laughed as Glacia and Trevor simply traded glances, both looking unsure of what to say or do. "No but seriously, she has a point." Aure said to Malefor. "I refuse to let you alone on your own, purple dragon or not. Call me what you want, but if you two become trapped, I don't want to come too late."

"Fine." Malefor said in an extended, whining voice. "I chose we go left, though."

"Very well."

They moved to the left, Malefor taking the lead. He saw Aure lean over and whisper to Glacia, who laughed at whatever was said. Malefor had a dim feeling it was directed to him, but he tried not to let them know he knew. If that was even the case.

His attention, however, was drawn to the large, expansive room before him. It was very warm and stuffy inside; he doubted he would be able to fly well. An old, yet sturdy, walkway extended before them, railings from old carts lining it. The room was at least two stories tall, course, grounded stone beneath them. Closer look showed that the stone was shifting.

With a sigh, he watched as a few Elementals formed, aware of their presence. Their sparkling, gemstone eyes watched with more curiosity than hostility, but Malefor knew that if he got too close, he'd be in for a fight. They weren't all the same shape, either; some were more serpentine, others looking like a beach ball. Some were stone-gray, others sandy brown.

"You think they'll let us explore?" Glacia glanced down at them.

"If you don't show hostility to them, they'll likely leave you alone." Trevor answered. "Since you have me, an earth element, they may even see us as friends."

"Oh, that's cool." Malefor looked at the elemental with renewed interest. "Can they talk?"

"Only stage three and up have the ability to learn, but these look like stage two at most."

Taking the new information in stride, he stepped ahead of the group once more, Trevor slinking along right behind him, Glacia on his flank. Aure kept watch directly behind him, Malefor swaying his hips at times when he knew she was looking. After a bit he heard her make a groan.

Laughing to himself, Malefor couldn't help but feel like he was being watched, and not by the elementals. A tingling on his spine, one he had felt many times before, would not leave him. Glancing at his companions, they didn't seem at all bothered. In fact, Glacia met his gaze when he glanced at her, eyeridge raised.

"You alright there?" She trotted closer.

"Absolutely fine." Malefor replied, stepping off of the railing and onto solid ground. "Just taking in the surroundings."

"Not buying it." Glacia pulled him aside a bit, pretending to be looking at an iron deposit. "You've been down here before; there is nothing for you to see. You're looking for something."

Malefor knew there was no point in hiding it. "I feel like I'm being watched; my instincts have never been wrong, so I'm finding the source." He whispered.

Glacia glanced about. "You sure it's not just the elementals?"

"No." Malefor shook his head. "If it was I've known. Trust me, when you fight in a war, you know how to separate."

"So what do you plan to do?" Glacia looked at Aure, who was chatting to Trevor about something inaudible.

"Find the source." Malefor harshly scanned the environment. "I still feel it. Whoever is with us, their focus is me."

"Should we tell the others?" the ice dragon asked, both catching up with the others, heading deeper into a smaller subsection of the mine.

"Aure wouldn't believe me and Trevor would panic; not happening." Malefor stopped, locking eyes with her. "Don't do it, either."

"I'm not."


"However, I am helping you if what you say is true." Glacia gave him a daredevil-ish grin. "I'm quite capable of holding my own if someone is brave enough to attack us."

Malefor nodded. "I won't stop you, but be careful. I don't want to bring back another body."

Ignoring her question about the body, Malefor instead focused on looking for something valuable, keeping an eye out for anything. The shadows danced with movement, each second threatening to expel some sort of threat. Yet, the most they found was a Bore Worm, and a young one at that. It's plated head looked in their direction, mandibles clicking after brushing it's hidden eyes over them, but minded its own business. A few times, Malefor caught it following them, but it seemed more curious than hostile. From what he understood of the beasts, they did display a shadow of intelligence; maybe it thought they were leading it to food.

Eventually, they began to see things that interested Malefor. A cluster of Rubies, which while not salvageable, would be good to report. A hunk of silver inside of a melted mine kart glistened, but proved much more difficult to obtain than it seemed. Not even Aure, who was snickering at him, could reach it.

Leaving it for now, Malefor spotted a small path that only he could see. He had found it the last time they were down here, and 'neglected' to tell Aure. Keeping a wary eye out, he stepped inside, finding that Glacia had followed him. One look told him she wasn't going anywhere, so he gave up before he started.

"Do you know what's down here?" Glacia asked, the narrow passage nearly making it impossible to walk side-by-side. "Better yet, did you tell Aure?"

"No and no." Malefor grinned. "Give her give and she'll notice us missing, then come charging after us."

"Why do you do what you do to her?" Glacia frowned, eyes drifting to a small, glinting deposit. Alas, it was simply tin with some sort of gloss on it.

"Because if I didn't, then she and I wouldn't be friends." Malefor shrugged.

"That makes no sense."

"Did I say it would?"

Glacia snorted, not replying as, sure enough, they heard movement behind them. Malefor accelerated, not wanting to be near her; if he strained his frills, he could hear her angrily ranting to Trevor. Reaching the end of the path, though, Malefor stopped short. He could feel a quiver in his spine, and without thinking, he shoved Glacia to the side.

A large, bolt-like object shot at them, striking the cave entrance with a thunderous boom. Dust and pebbles landed on his head, the vibration knocking him off his claws as a cave-in occurred. A yelp from Glacia indicated she had been struck by something, but he couldn't quite see her, eyes focused before him.

He should have known he was walking into an ambush. He didn't even know how he missed the damn signs! He couldn't even recall them! Instead, he locked eyes with the narrowed, hateful eyes of an ape party. There were five in front, two on the large crossbow before him.

"Got you." The ape sneered at Malefor.

"Is it really that wise to attack me...down here?" Malefor turned to Glacia, finding that she was bleeding from a wound on her side. She stood on all fours, though, trying not to let the pain show.

"You can't fly, you have no room to maneuver..." The ape indicated to the low ceiling, and the lack of open space. "What can you do?"

"Uh, dragon." Malefor indicated to himself, gesturing subtly to Glacia to attack on a signal. "You're not thinking this one through."

The ape seemed to pale. "Kill him!"

On his signal, he and Glacia launched their elements at the apes. Ice and electricity flew into the air, zapping and freezing the front apes, Malefor charging forward. While this may have been a foolish move to any onlookers, what he found out was that apes tended to scatter the moment their bluff was called. No truer did that ring than here.

The lead ape dispatched, the rest scattered into different locations. Some stood to fight, Malefor fighting two at once, others panicking. Glacia froze one in a thick ball of ice, using her tail to strike at another Ape, hitting it in the face. Malefor's apes were easily dealt with, subtly noting that these were simple grunts.

Dumb as they were, they wouldn't dare ambush him with just grunts. He was proven right; a large Ape had leapt right over the siege weaponry, slamming down onto the ground. Malefor's eyes flew open, seeing multiple bombs strapped to the chest. Before he could even react, they detonated, creating a massive explosion that tore holes through his wings.

The ground buckled and caved underneath, Malefor falling alongside some of the apes. He was glad to see that Glacia had survived the blast, though, and was flying down after him. However, his back cracked against an outcropping; he felt something snap. He laid, eyes wide, numb from the pain, unable to take anything in.

Glacia landed next to him, worry on her muzzle. She spoke, but Malefor couldn't understand her. She tilted her head up, as if listening to someone, then motioned him to stay. As she flew off, the first thing he felt was pain. Ungodly, agonizing pain. It was like someone had flattened him against a bed of rusty, sharp nails. His wings were unable to move, eyes falling shut.


Malefor was dead the moment Aure got to him. She had seen the cave-in, which Trevor was working hard to clear alongside her, as well as the apes. That little bastard had run off on his own, knowing very, VERY well that she was going to worry. She didn't care if the apes were there, how he would victoriously slay them or whatever; he was going to be locked in his room for months if she could swing it.

Then, she heard the explosion and then...nothing. No sounds from anyone could be heard. Something inside of her turned to ice, freezing her blood, numbing her senses. Trevor stared at her with concern, but she motioned for him to stand back. She didn't want to use it before lest she had to fight, but now she felt she had no choice.

Eyes glowing with raw energy, a vortex formed around her body, whipping wind and dust about. Her runes lit before growing dim, their energy being expended into the Fury. With powerful exhale, she shot her Fury at the wall, blowing it apart with devastating power. She nearly collapsed, feeling drained, but kept herself standing. Pulling out an Emerald, she regained a bit of her energy.

The color vanished from her feathers, unable to tear her eyes away from the massive hole before her. It looked like it fell at least six stories, but she couldn't see the bottom. It was like staring into an Abyss. Her mind instantly leapt to the conclusion that Malefor was at the bottom, and if he was...

"Aure?" Trevor shook her slightly. "You're hyperventilating."

Aure snapped out of her trance. "Right, right..." She said shakily. "Trevor, can you see down there?"

"No..." Trevor said quietly, as if afraid to answer. "I don't see them..."

Aure opened her mouth to reply, but stopped when she saw a form racing towards them from below. She was instantly able to identify it as Glacia, Aure sighing in a bit of relief. Panic set in once more when she noted the wound on Glacia, and the lack of Malefor.

"Apes ambushed us," Glacia explained, refusing a Ruby, "Malefor and I fought em off, but a suicide bomber caused this. Malefor was at the front, and he fell three stories down. I don't know if he could survive a fall like that without reaching terminal velocity..."

Aure was already flying down the moment Glacia said he had fallen. The darkness was overwhelming, worry pulling apart her mind. Glacia led them to where she had found Malefor, but looked puzzled. Instead of seeing a body, there was only faint stains of blood.

Malefor was gone.

Malefor found himself coming to, surprisingly feeling little pain. His wings didn't feel like they were on fire, and his back wasn't broken. Instead, he found himself rather comfortable, all things considered. A mat could be felt below him, and a fire beside him. Adjusting his gaze, he saw that he was still inside the mountain, but in some sort of hidden cave. The air was thick and heavy, signifying he was deep under the mountain, but he got used to it rather fast.

What he did not get used to, however, was the fact that he was not alone. Sitting opposite of the fire was a dragon in dark cloth, bound very tightly to the body. No features could be seen, even the hood seemingly cloaked in some sort of dark magic. When he strained his eyes, he could see a mystifying set of amethyst eyes.

"You recovered faster than I anticipated." The voice was female; Malefor swore he recognized it, but there was a faint distortion.

"You know the questions I am going to ask, so can we skip the mystery?" Malefor groaned.

"No." The dragon laughed. "I'm not doing this for dramatic effect, I assure you. This is to protect myself, not to keep you in the dark."

"Right...well, why did you save me, then?" Malefor tried to sit up, but his ribs objected.

"A purple dragon falls near me, on death's door? How could I not rescue you?" She stood up, revealing herself to be very tall. The cloth around her was even wrapped around her claws, obscuring any form of scale or horn color.

"Right...well, thank you, but where exactly are we?" Malefor glanced about, finding no exit to this room.

"Under the mountain; do not fret, I shall release you in due time." The dragon said sincerely, holding a Ruby in her claw. "Absorb this; it'll help your ribs."

"Did you patch me up?" Malefor asked, accepting to the gem.

"As I said before, yes." She seemed to smile at him. "Regardless, I have you down here for a reason. I should not be here, mind you, but I feel this is important enough to defy the Council."

"Color me interested if it's lighting a fire under their tail." Malefor said deviously, still keeping one eye searching for an exit.

"I'm afraid it's nothing light-hearted." She said. "Malefor, a shadow has begun to stalk you, and it will find you." She said lowly, as if searching for something. "You must not speak of it, you must not look at it; it will consume you if you do."

"So...basically, don't look at my shadow." Malefor frowned.

"Not quite; you know what I mean when it approaches." She sat before him, giving him a serious stare. "Speaking of that, there will be a time, Malefor, when you are at your best. When everyone sings praises. Whatever you do, no matter what is not answer the door." She begged.

"What will happen if I do?"

"I can't tell you; I know you have no reason to trust me, but not answer that door."

Malefor glanced away, dubious of her words. "How do you know all of this?"

"Again, I cannot tell you." She seemed to smile again. "This is not the last time we will meet; on the third meeting, I will tell you who I am." The dragon got up, flicking a claw. Like liquid, the rocks melted away to reveal an exit. "You are free to go."

Malefor strained himself, managing to lift himself up. His body felt like it had never been struck at all; he began to wonder how many Rubies went into healing him, among other things. In particular, the nagging question of 'where was he' came full force. Before he could ask her, though, a resounding blue aura filled the cave. It was like being in icy cavern, minus the chill. When he looked at the dragon, he saw her fading into a white energy, scattering about before vanishing. It was like she never even existed.

Troubled, Malefor walked out of the cave, finding himself in a damp, mossy passage. Plants and insects clung to his scales, the scent of earth after the rain filled the air. Flexing his wings, he found they had nary one hole. Reaching the end of the path after what seemed like an eternity, he found himself near where he fell.

Except, it was at the bottom. Down here, what seemed like the motherload of Obsidian surrounded him. His jaw parted; just one of these would be worth a fortune. His face lit up; he'd definitely win the competition with Aure at this rate! He froze mid-walk, paling. Just how long had he been down here, exactly? Better yet, was everyone else alright?

Looking up, it was like staring out of an abyss. He doubted his ability to fly out from how steep it looked, trying to convince himself it wasn't as bad as it looked. Malefor placed a claw on a chunk of Obsidian, debating on how to explain himself. Aure would never believe him; Trevor might, and he had absolutely no idea what Glacia would say.

Better yet, what would his parents say?

Shaking off the doubt, Malefor grabbed a chunk of Obsidian. If he couldn't explain it properly, he could say he saw Obsidian and went to grab it. It'd get him deeper into the hole, but not as deep as 'lying' would. With a sigh, he spread his wings, propelling himself higher and higher.

The light filtered through, allowing him to see above. He couldn't see anyone, surprisingly. Landing above, he found no one. Only the remainders of the apes could be seen, but other than that, desolate. Continuing his trek back through the mine, he found nothing. Malefor soon understood why, though; when he walked out of the cave, it was in the dead of night.

"Oh fuck."

Aure stood before Josiah and Terra, grim-faced and ready to take whatever form of punishment they were ready to deal. She had just finished her story, watching their horrified reactions. Terra had gripped Josiah's claw, squeezing it tight. Josiah stared quietly before breaking the silence.

"You're sure you didn't find any trace of him?" He asked.

"Positive." Aure nodded. "I'm going to go back in the morning if he doesn't turn up."

"I'll come with you." Terra offered. "I can see if the Elementals have seen him."

Aure smiled faintly. "I'd appreciate it."

"Don't whisper, Aure." Josiah said softly. "We're as worried as you are, and we don't blame you in the slightest."

"It was slightly foolish to bring Trevor and Glacia along, but it was nice to see Malefor taking an interest..." Terra said in a slightly scolding voice.

"That's what I said." Aure replied, glancing outside. It was too dark to see anything out of the house.

"Get some rest, Aure." Josiah told her. "Can't have you tired when we're searching."

She found no disagreement, departing shortly afterward. Although they didn't blame her, Aure felt an overwhelming sense of guilt and despair. What if he was dead? How could she live with herself? She wouldn't be able to show herself in public, even if no charges were pressed. Never able to return, forced to resign as Guardian.

Before she knew it, tears had streamed down her face, a black hole in her gut. Leaning against a house, she collapsed in pain. What felt like a crushing weight was placed on her neck and shoulders, nearly flattening her to the ground. She silently called out to anyone who could bring Malefor home; she didn't care who.

Aure collected herself after a moment, head held low, tail dragging on the ground. Her home was thankfully not that far, but it felt like miles. When she walked into her door, she heard someone else move as if they were startled. Thinking it to be a burglar, Aure used her grief as a weapon, unleashing a powerful gust.

The cry that the intruder made froze her body. Turning on the light, she saw Malefor against the wall, raising his body slowly. He shuddered as if he was hurt, holding his chest, blood dripping from his maw. Malefor locked eyes with her, all color fading from him.

"...Hi." Malefor choked out.

Aure didn't know if she wanted to hug or kill him.

"Where have you been?" Aure inspected the purple dragon, thinking if she had any Citrines on her.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Malefor looked at her guiltily. "Have you been...crying?"

"Yes, yes I have." Aure gave him a hard look. "So you better have a damn good explanation not just for me, but for Trevor and Glacia...and your parents."

"Uhh...again, you wouldn't believe me."

"Then I'm going to get permission from the other Guardians to confine you to your room after that."

"Not necessary, I'm fine. See?"

"Bullshit, you're relapsing and you're miraculously healed when Glacia told me your condition before you disappeared!"

Malefor shut his maw, looking away. "Well...really don't have anything other than this." He produced a chunk of Obsidian from his pouch; Aure noticed Citrines glinting in the bag. "Found this at the bottom of the pit."

"So you were down there." Aure snatched his pouch, taking out a Citrine. "Very well, if you're not going to give me a proper answer, then at least explain this to me."

"Stocking up for next time?"

"You are in your cycle now, so unless you magically found ways to get it, you've had this for some time." Aure tossed it back. "I'm very, very tired of this, Malefor, so I am nipping this in the bud; if you continue to lie and avoid me, I'll just back off. I'll leave you alone. I won't ask, I won't even speak if I mean so little that you keep important things away from me."

"It's not like that, I promise." Malefor stood up to meet her gaze. "I just don't like having you fret over me; it's not fair to you or anyone else. I'm not young anymore; I've been in war, and I'm going back soon." He placed a claw on hers. "I'm not your little brother anymore; I'm growing up."

Aure gave a smiling sigh after a moment. "You're right." She said. "I need to stop seeing you like you are ten."

"You do that, I'll promise to keep you involved more."

"Very well, I promise to let you grow up." Aure pulled him into a hug. "I'm still gonna worry, you know."

"That's fine; just don't lock me in my room again." Malefor returned the hug.

"Oh, after this, I offer no guarantees." She grinned. "You're not going to be doing anything super physical until you get better, that's for sure. Plus, I think your parents will want you locked up after nearly losing you."

Malefor paled. "Can I crash with you tonight?"

"If your parents freak out and stuff, yes, but you need to tell them." Aure gave him a stern look. "I'll go with you, though."

Malefor nodded, and together they ventured outside. Aure felt an overwhelming sense of relief to see the younger dragon beside her; all of the pain and anguish melted away. Even the urge to strangle him had vanished. Still, something nagged at her mind.

"Why did you invade my home instead of going home?" she asked.

"Mid-flight, I relapsed, so I landed in the first place I knew." Malefor said simply. "Is everyone else alright, though?"

"Yeah, Glacia was able to recover, and Trevor went back to his dorm not too long ago."

"Ack, I forgot my stuff there."

"You can get it in the morning; I'm sure Trevor won't get rid of it."

Malefor braced himself before knocking. A scramble of claws could be heard, and when the door opened, it was Tirer who had answered. She stared blankly at Malefor, rubbing her tired eyes as if trying to awaken from a dream. Malefor could only smile before being pulled into a tight embrace.

Tirer called for his parents, who showed up not ten seconds later. Malefor spoke so Terra could hear him, and before he knew it, he was pulled inside. Aure stood outside, snickering at how the purple dragon was smothered. Try and he might to escape, he knew it was better not to. Instead, he grabbed Aure and pulled her in.

The night went by remarkably smoothly. They asked how he survived such a fall, and again he had to be vague. If he started off about a mystery dragon, it may send the wrong message. Plus, he couldn't quite help but feel like the dragon was genuinely trying to help; the second meeting, whenever that was, would prove it to be true or false.

What he did say, though, was that he found a ton of Obsidian. "That'll help with the wall." Terra said. "You'll have to show us."

"Will do after class." Malefor promised.

"Good, but be warned; while I may not be dealing punishment, the other Guardians are going to want to grill you for information."

Malefor choked on his drink.

"They're gonna want to know how the apes ambushed you." Josiah explained, having just said goodnight to Tirier.

"I really want to know that myself." Malefor muttered.

"It's like they knew from what I get from Glacia and you." Aure glanced down at him. "It doesn't explain how they got a siege weapon in there, though."

None of them could come up with a logical explanation...other than Malefor, but he kept it to himself. His thoughts were that someone had to have tipped them off, be it voluntary or not. It still didn't explain how they knew exactly where he was going to go, but perhaps there were more Apes in the mountain and he had simply ran into one group.

It was very late when he finally decided he was going to bed; he'd regret it in the morning, especially if he planned on going to class. His parents told him not to worry if he decided to skip, but he felt obligated to go and at least check on Trevor and Glacia. Curling up in his bed, he fell into several coughing sprees before having to absorb two Citrines. Afterward, his breathing regulated, and he fell into a comforting sleep.


Malefor knew the instant he walked into Dante's class that he was going to be interrogated. He had accidentally slept through Elektren's period, which was first today, and barely managed to make Dante's. The moment he did, Dante stared at him, Malefor knowing that he was in for a serious talk. However, the small joy he did get was interjecting Glacia and Trevor's conversation about yesterday, which drew cruel satisfaction.

"Long story." Malefor replied to Glacia. "Did find a bunch of Obsidian, though."

"...Well, that's good, but that doesn't explain your health." Trevor redirected him back to Glacia's question.

"I don't fuckin know, I just wound up healed at the bottom of the cavern. Last thing I remember before that was Glacia flying back up."

"Yeah, you just about died right there." Glacia said with a faint frown, turning back to the dummies, where a few students were launching their attacks. Dante stood far back, almost as if he were edging towards Malefor. "I'm going to be called up next, but when I get back, we're continuing."

"If you insist." Malefor watched her go with a shrug. "Anything happen while I was out?" He peered at Trevor.

"No, shockingly." Trevor replied. "Your stuff is back in my dorm; I was gonna bring it to your home after."

"Cool, I'll be sure to be late to FB's class to grab it."

"You're not going to his class." Dante hovered over them. "You're gonna be coming with me soon as the replacement gets here. Glacia and Trevor as well."

"Can I not be grilled right now?" Malefor felt his good mood vanish.

"If it were up to me, I'd cut you a few day's slack, but we got a commissioner of the Council arriving, and he isn't one to waste time."

"Oh..." Malefor reflected on the other dragon, wondering if she may be a member of the council.

It was ten minutes until Dante began to escort them away. Glacia had returned before then, but Trevor filled her in, Malefor too distracted. As they left, he heard some of the students jeering at them, resisting the urge to spray water in their face. With a sigh, he readied himself for whatever was to come.

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