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"We're losing, George." Fred stressed, laying down on his bed facing the ceiling.
"I know, I know! They like, just know what's going to happen!" George agreed.
"We have to think of something...-"
"Nothing." George stated, which caused Fred to sit up on his bed a little concerned.
"Yes, nothing."
"You just want to beat Granger."
"I-um-no-maybe-so what!" Fred stuttered through. George smirked at his victory and turned his head to face his twin. Fred was busing digging through his trunk for a prank.
"No...Won't do...No...When did I get this...?" Fred was throwing things left and right out of his trunk.
"Mate, save it." George exclaimed, Fred hesitated for a moment but stood up and exited out the dormitory.
"I think I'm going mad..." Fred mumbled to himself before interring the Common room.
"Fred, George. Evening." Hermoine smiled with Ginny by her side.
"Mione!" The twins exclaimed, plopping down on either side of them.
"So, how was...your day?" Hermione adjusted herself on the scarlet couch, getting use to the cozy space now that the twine's sat.
"Just...dandy. Fred?" George replied, awaiting for his brothers reply.
"What!" Fred's face flushed as he realized he was lost in a trance, staring at Hermione. But, better yet yelled the statement. George gave a small smirk at the redhead and noticed Ginny reflecting the same emotion at Hermione.
"I..um mean, just fine." Fred smoothed over, coughing slightly into the awkwardness. Ginny nudged Hermione in the ribcage several time's before she actually said another word to the group.
"Um...Fred. George. We were wondering if you could help us...with the next prank." Hermione gulped the last part. George and Fred stared at each other in aw, then push the two girl's head down so they could have a "conversation.
"Prank?" Fred whispered, even though the two girls could hear every single word they said.
"They could be...pranking us." George implied.
"But, were not!" Ginny struggled, trying to push herself back into a sitting position but failed in the strength of George's beater form.
"Do you think we could?" Fred asked carefully, only wanting to say yes to work with Hermione.
"Sure." Fred and George pulled the two girl's back up and began to discuss the prank.
"So, me and my coworker have discussed this project, and we are very intrigued in helping." Fred stated in his "official" voice.
"Quidditch pitch. Tomorrow after classes. I'll tell you the plan then." Hermione smirked, getting up and striding to her room.

The day couldn't go any slower. Fred and George were about to scream if they couldn't figure out what the next prank was going to become of. Finally, the moment came. Five o'clock sharp, The twins literally pushed people out the way to head out to the field.
At least, they got there right on time. Seeing the two girls already set to go.
"You guy's ready?" Hermione smiled, walking over to the redheads.
"Of course, the plan?" George crossed his arm's.
"OK. Harry and Ronald are going to come out to the field because we convinced them they had practice. But really, we are just going to hang them to the quid ditch post all night long."
"That's mental." Fred stated, the prank was good, maybe even good enough to win. But, would they suffer the consequences?
"It is mental, but you can blame your sister for that bit."
In the background, Ginny grinned ear to ear at the plan. Fred and George easily agreed to it.
A couple of minute's later, Harry and Ron came onto the sunny field in full gear. Hermione hid behind the bleacher's so she wouldn't be caught.
"Where's Wood?" Harry called making his way to the Weasley's.
"Late. But we can go ahead and fly if you'd like." Ginny replied. Harry and Ron nodded their head's and got on their broom's. As soon as they were high enough, Fred looked behind him and nodded at Hermione.
In a quick flash, Harry and Ron let out a scream of surprise. Then, all of a sudden, they were attached to the quid ditch post. Struggling to get out.
"What the heck!" Harry screamed over the pranksters laughs. Hermione,Ginny, and the twins didn't say a word. But just continued to head back to the common room.
"Guy's! Come back! Please!...Help." Ron gulped out. He had a feeling Harry and him would be having a lovely conversation that night.
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