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Warning: Contains Yaoi, aka boy love. Don't like it, don't read it.

Without further ado, here's the story ~! =^.^=

Sasori was playing Guitar hero on the (stolen) Wii system that was hooked up to the (stolen) TV set. He was sitting on the (stolen) couch, completely relaxed and at ease. His fingers flew over the keys, never missing a note.

Without even realizing, he began to sing along. His voice floated about the base, like a songbird flying high into the sky. By the time the song was over, all the other members of the organization, that were home, were in the room, staring at him.

"What?" Sasori growled, glaring at them.

"Nothing!" they all exclaimed, running out, all except Deidara.

The puppeteer glared at him for a moment before facing the TV again and choosing another song. As the song began, the sculptor sat down beside him.

"Danna?" the blonde asked.

"Mm?" was the reply.

"Why do you play that instead of training?"

"This is training."

"How? It's a game, un."

Sasori paused the song and looked over at the other boy. He huffed angrily.

"My jutsu requires me to move my fingers at a rapid pace, brat. This game requires me to do the same thing, hence training." He explained, running a hand through his hair.

"Oh. I see, un." Deidara muttered looking down at his hands.

The song began again, Sasori not missing a beat. His partner watched his hands as he played. It looked like one fluid motion and he began to wonder how those skillfull hands woulds feel somewhere else.

He blushed and hid his face in his cloak. Sasori was his partner, that's it. The blonde was so wrapped up in scolding himself, he didn't notice that the song had ended, that the player had set down the guitar and was looking over at him, that he was scooting closer, until...

"Dei, what are you doing?" the puppetmaster asked, tugging open his partner's cloak.

He called him by his name, not "Brat?" The sculptor looked up, confused, the blush still imminent on his face.

"Nothing Danna..." the bomber hid his face.

"Deidara... look at me." Sasori said, a little aggravated.

He did and his blush darkened when the redhead captured his lips. He gasped and the puppeteer took the opportuninty to press his tounge into the other's mouth and straddle the taller boy. Just as the blonde began kissing back, he pulled away.

"Danna... what was that?" Deidara asked panting for air.

"It's called a kiss." Sasori stated matter-of-factly.

"I know what a kiss is but-!" he was cut off when the redhead put three fingers to his mouth.

"You talk too much. Suck."

Deidara did so as Sasori stripped them both of clothes. When they were ready, the redhead pressed a finger into his entrance, then two, then the third.

And Deidara got to feel those skilled hands after all. All the other member were sure not to go anywhere near the living room for the remainder of the night. And Sasori learned a new way to train.

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