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A/N: So I figured there are a lot of good writers so this is Total Drama: Randomly your way! Which is basically going to be the following

-I'm going to write something

-I'm going to leave a major opening into the plot

-You guys are going to reply randomly to what I wrote and send it to me in a PM

-I'm then going to go to a random number generator based on how many people per chapter submit something (Number order will be based on the order you send them in) and whatever Number matches will get copied and pasted and added as that chapter. (Say I get 6 entries and the random number is 4 that means whoever sent the 4th reply in gets their entry as that chapter)

-You don't need to write a novel but try to make it at least 300 (Basically don't write 3 sentences and send it)

-No OC's because not everyone is going to know who the hell your OC is.

With all that being said I'll start it.

The Campers had all went home months ago and continued their normal lives and now it was time for the reunion show and everyone was going to reunite at camp for a week. Courtney was packing her suitcases cursing under her breath about even having to go, she couldn't believe she didn't read the part of the contract stating she would have to see these people ever again. Courtney decided that she was going to drive to the camp as she didn't live that far away (About 2 hours) and she didn't want to take the bus with the rest of them who were going. She was finally on the road and unfortunately for her traffic wasn't bad at all meaning she would be making it there on time.

Courtney was almost there and the camp was just right up this road all she needed to do was turn and she was there but because it's Courtney this wasn't her day, Right as she was about to turn in another car was flying down the road turning in from the other way.


Courtney was pissed, She couldn't believe that this had to happen to her and all because she just had to come to this reunion because stupid Chris Mclean insisted on it. Courtney got out of the car to see the damage.

"At least I made it up the road from camp" Courtney muttered to herself as the other driver got out of their car too

"YOU?" Courtney yelled realizing she recognized the bad driver from the other car.

Okay so I'm stopping here and you guys can add from here just remember a few things

-If you don't like something there is a possibility you will get the chance to change it!

-I mean if you don't like where the plot is going or a couple you can randomly try to change it and hope it your number that gets picked. I promise you I will not read any of the entries except the one that wins from the random generator until I submit the winning entry! There will be no foul play or cheating on my part whatever one wins will be posted.

-You can also be as Random and Funny or Serious as you want

So I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes and reading where you guys will take it from here.

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