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"Bones! That way!" he shouted over his shoulder pointing in the direction opposite the way he was running. He figured they would have a better chance of catching the guy if they split up.

Brennan spun around mid-stride and ran in the direction Booth had indicated. Just then, she spotted the criminal darting along the outskirts of the forest and onward toward the nearby lot. Brennan knew that if he had a vehicle in the vicinity they would loose him for sure. She raced forward and propelled herself into the man with all her might, and even though he was a good foot taller and about seventy pounds heavier, he went down hard. Brennan was up in a flash and she swiftly positioned her foot on the man's back. He wasn't going anywhere.

"But where is Booth?" she wondered glancing around. He had run the opposite direction of her, towards the trees, but he should have made it there by now. Brennan slipped her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed his number.

No answer.

She quickly called for backup. They weren't too far from the local station; Brennan heard the sirens within minutes.

When the criminal was safely in police custody, Brennan didn't hesitate. She tore off toward the trees without so much as an explanation to the bewildered officers



She started to become nervous and began to pick up her pace.

Then all of the sudden she lost her footing and stumbled down the side of a small ravine landing her directly on top of...

"Booth?" she asked bewildered.

"You too, huh?" he laughed at the irony of Bones coming to his rescue only to fall in the exact spot he had.

She had, however, found a bit of a softer landing place; his leg felt like it was on fire.

Brennan gently rolled off of Booth groaning internally at how her heart rate sped rapidly, after taking note of how close Booth's lips were to her's. "Traitorus body" she thought angrily.

Booth was hurt, it was true, but it didn't stop him from noticing how her warm breath washed over him and her hair tickled at his face.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

Truth was he couldn't seem to get himself up, but he didn't want Bones to worry.

"It's nothing... just my leg..." he said suddenly feeling a bit woozy.

That was when Brennan spotted it. It was warm, red, and sticky, and spreading much to quickly.

She gasped, "Booth..."

Then she sprang into action. She had his belt unbuckled and his pants down in a flash. Normally this would have affected her somewhat, but she was much too worried about the gaping gash on Booth's thigh. Out of her peripheral vision she noticed the slope of jagged rocks that she had narrowly avoided when she slipped, obviously he wasn't as lucky.

The cut was bleeding profusely and several inches deep; he would lose too much blood in hardly any time.

She didn't hesitate, she peeled her shirt off in record time and used it along with Booth's belt to create a makeshift tourniquet to halt the loss of blood.

Booth stared at Bones, who was now leaning over him in only a lacy violet bra. It was the last thought he registered before the world went black.

When they arrived at the hospital Booth was given stitches immediately, but it appeared that wasn't the only injury.

"May I see the x-rays?" Brennan asked the doctor.

"Are you family?" she asked somewhat rudely.

Brennan hesitated before answering, "Of course, I'm his wife."

Booth, who had come to sometime in the fifteen minute ride from the woods to the hospital, looked a bit shocked at Brennan's statement, but then he gave her a wink.

The doctor handed over the x-rays and Brennan studied them for only a few seconds before coming to a conclusion.

"Left proximal tibia fracture; will most likely need surgery to correct."

"Your wife is well read," the doctor told Booth smiling.

"Don't I know it," He said smiling.

The doctor left the room and Booth turned to Brennan smiling mischievously. "So um Mrs. Booth did I happen to hit my head too, because I just can't seem to remember that wedding of ours."

Brennan threw him a glare and went to follow the doctor out of the hospital room.

"Where are you going?" Booth asked, afraid she was leaving him.

"You had a negative reaction to the anesthesia the last time; I need to have a discussion with your doctor."

She tried to walk out the door, but Booth had her hand in a death grip. She spun around and Booth pulled her close enough so he could reach her ear.

"I would never forget our wedding," he whispered.

He wasn't sure, but he could have sworn he saw her blush.

Brennan caught up with doctor in the hallway.

"Excuse me, but I was wondering what pain management plan you have in place for Agent Booth, he has had an adverse reaction to..."

"General Anesthesia, I know, I read the file. We are going to be using local anesthesia and nitrous oxide to put him out for the procedure."Brennan nodded and turned to walk away.

"Also Dr. Brennan, as I'm sure you already know, Agent Booth will need somebody to stay and take care of him for the next 48 hours."

"Of course," Brennan answered quickly.

She re-entered Booth's hospital room to deliver the news.

"Nitrous oxide? Isn't that like..."

"I believe the colloquial term is laughing gas. I assume this is a reference to the sensation of euphoria being a common side-effect."

Booth cringed, he was more than a little nervous as to what he would say under the influence of the loopy drug. Still nothing could have prepared him for the bomb she dropped next.

"I will be staying at your apartment for the next 48 hours or so to insure your well-being," she told him nonchalantly.

Booth's mouth fell open.

Brennan was going to be at his house, taking care of him, meanwhile he would have no control over what he did...or said. "This should be interesting," he thought nervously.