Ch:1 Patrol

Hey…. This is my first fan fic :D It's a Maximum ride and Danny Phantom crossover… I re-wrote the 1st chapter because i came up with a new story line! Hope you like it! Max's part: After they save Angel from the school and instead of going to NY they decide to go to Amity Park...

Disclaimer: I Do not own Danny Phantom or Maximum Ride so dont sue me!


"FLYING IS AWESOME!" I shouted to the sky. " Gee Max do you have to be so loud?" Gazzy asked. "Hey Max?" Nudge asked me, "My wings are getting tired and I am STARVING!" "Kay sweetie." I told her. After we saved Angel, My obnoxious voice told us to go to Amity Park, Illinois. The Voice said that that town had something to do with me saving the world... yada yada yada... So we packed up camp in the small forest close to the school and took off on our wings (Thats where the Mutant Freak part comes in).

We Decended next to a Burger Place called the Nasty Burger (What kinda name is that? I would name it Max's Bird kid eataries!) We Hid our wings in our Jackets and walked in.

Danny POV

"Hey Sam!" I yelled into the Fenton Earphones "What?" My Goth friend asked irratibly "See anything?" I asked "Hmm... Not at the moment." She replied. I soared higher into the sky, looking down at my two best friends, Sam the Goth and Tucker the Techno Geek/ Flirt on their scooters. "DANNY!" Tucker yelled into the earphones, "I MISSED MY 4:00 FEEDING! IM GUNNA DIE OF STARVATION! TELL MY PDA I LOVE HER!" I rolled my eyes and said, "Tucker we are going to eat right now ok?" I flew down and changed back behind a dumpster full of Nasty Burgers. I accedentally ran into a tall brown haired girl leading her large group of kids (Or Sibilings?) Into the restaurant. "OUCH!" she yelled. "s-sorry!" I stuttered 'Shes kinda cute' I thought She said in a rather tense voice," eermm yeah its okay..." "Are you new here?" I asked politely. "Oh yeah our parents are... Missionaries! They are on a trip and we are all adopted!We just moved around the corner! My name is Max." I smiled and said,"I like your name. My name Is Danny Fenton and I also live around the corner. My friends are waiting for me, so I guess I'll see you around!" I turned around and ran tword my best friends.

I sat at the table. Sam was eating a soy burger and Tucker was eating an Extra meaty Nasty Burger.

"WHo's the new cutie you ran into?" Tucker asked as Sam glared at him

" Some girl name Max. She said her parents were Missionaries and that she just moved here with her adopted sibilings." I replied

"Hmm... Ya think we oughta invite her to your house?" Sam asked.

" I dont know Sam. She appears to be hiding something." I said, remembering her figity adittude

"After you finish ya wanna go play DOOM?" I asked my friends

"DUHH OF COURSE DANNY!" They choroused.

We finished our meal and ran out, tword my house.

Did you like my re-write? Please R&R sorry it was sort of short... It was more like a starter... Chapter two should be up soon! Thanks! ~RadPhantom 3 In the next chapter, Max goes to Danny's House! Will they share their secrets? And will the school find them?