Reneesmee is in 3rd grade her class is having a special dance for Fathers and Daughters.


I was sitting in the music room playing on my piano when the front door opens and slams shut. I look over at the clok and see that it's Reneesmee coming home from school. I get up and start to head out of the music to go see my baby girl now she's out of school.

"Daddy, Daddy." She starts yelling I'm just walking around the corner when she jumps into my arms. I laugh at her and hug her close to me and kiss the top of her head. "What's up baby girl?" I ask.

She leans back to look at me and says "Daddy Ms. Angie told us that we are having a Father Daughter dance at school for Father's Day will you go to the dance with me?" She asks.

"Of course babygirl when is this dance?" I ask. She gives me my crooked grin "It's next month since Father's Day is next month Daddy." She tells me like it's the most obvious thing in the world. She is too smart for her own good just like her mother. I think to myself. Ok sweets when is the exact date so I will be able make sure Papal can work around it for me." I tell her. I am doctor just like my father Carlisle. I followed in my dad's footsteps. I love being a doctor.

"It's June 7th at 7pm it's a Friday." She tells me. Wow June 7th that's pretty close to my birthday. I couldn't ask for a better birthday present than to go to this dance with my baby girl. I was almost as exicted as she was for this dance. "What song did you pick out for us to dance to at your dance?" I ask her. She looks at me and her eyes wide and dancing with exictement while I was telling her this. "Daddy I get to pick out my own song?" She exclaims.

"I don't see why not, this is your dance after all," I laugh. She says "I want to dance to mommy's lullaby daddy please." Then she gives me her puppy dogs eyes and her little pout that she's gotten from her mother. She knows she can get basically whatever she wants if she pulls out the puppy dog eyes and pout just like her mother. I laugh at her and shake my head.

"I don't see why not but don't you think you should ask your mother first?" I quirk an eye brow at her. She wiggles to get free from my arms and I set her down on her feet and she runs towards the kitchen where Bella is starting to prepare dinner.

"Momma, Momma" She yells. I'm hot on her heals as she gets ready to get into the kitchen. "Momma" she says again this time only a little quieter. Bella looks down at our daughter and smiles as she wipes her hands on the towel that's laying next to her. Bella squats down and pulls Nessie into her arms and holds her tight and then kisses the top of her head. It warms my heart seeing my girls together. I am such a blessed man. "How was school today?" Bella asks her. "Oh momma it was so great Ms. Angie told us we are going to have a father daughter's dance at school, Daddy said he would go with me." She cries happily. Bella looks up at me and grins. "Of course he would, Daddy loves you very much" She tells Ness. I have the biggest smile of my face I am sure I look like an idiot but I don't care at this moment. I love my little so much.

"Guess what mommy?" Nessie asked. "What is that my sweet girl?" Bella asks her. "Daddy said I get to pick out the song I want to dance with daddy with. I wanna dance with daddy to your lullaby please mommy may I?" She gives Bella the same look she gave me. I know even with out that look Bella will let her. I am just trying remind her she needs to ask before she assumes she can get what she wants. Bella looks back up to me while laughing and shaking her head at our daughter. I can't help but to laugh too she's just something else. "Of course sweet girl I don't mind if you use my lullaby at the dance for you and daddy" Bella tells her. Nessie starts vibrating with exictement. I laugh so hard because she reminds me so much of my sister Alice when she does that.

I walk out of the kitchen and leave my girls to talk about all their girly stuff. I head into the living room and watch a little bit of t.v. After a few minutes Reneesmee comes and snuggles up to me on the couch. I wrap my arms around her and kiss the top of her head. I love these moments where I can just snuggle with my babygirl. I start to think about the new baby that's on the way. Yes that's right Bella just found she's pregnant a few weeks ago. I am so exicted so is Ness. She is going to be a great big sister. I am glad this dance is going to be before the baby is born. Not that I am going to take any attention away from Reneesmee she'll always be my little girl. I just know how exicted she is about this dance so I don't want anything to interefere with it.

I look down at Ness and ask "Have you and mommy decieded when you're going to go shopping for your dress for the dance?"

She looks up at me and gives me my crooked smile. She is the prettiest girl I've ever seen. She has my hair but Bella's big brown eyes. She has my lips and my long eye lashes and nose. She's even tall like me. Basically if it weren't for the eyes she would be a female verison of me. Unfortunately she was graces with Bella's clusmyness. Poor girl I laugh to myself.

"Yes Daddy me mommy and Aunty Alice are going next weekend."

"Mommy called Aunty Alice and she insists we go this weekend she says she's running out of time to find me the perfect dress. She's freaking out."

Ness rolls her eyes after that. She is like her mother she only likes to shop for the things she needs. Unlike Alice who will just have any exuse to go shopping. Alice wasn't too happy about the fact my daughter got her shopping sence from her mother and instead of her.

"Daddy thank you for wanting to come to the dance with me"

I am confussed why would she think I wouldn't want to go with her?

"Ness why would you think I wouldn't want to go with you to the dance?"

"Because you're going to like the new baby more than me."

I just sigh and shake my head. What has gotten into her? She has been so exicted about being a big sister ever since we told her about the new baby. I reach out and grab her and pull her onto my lap. She wraps her arms around my neck and snuggles into my chest.

"What brought this on baby girl?" "You've been so exicted about being a big sister and now all this."

"I was exicted but Sammy at school told me that when the new baby cvomes you wont love me any more and that you'll just want the new baby." She says softly

"Oh baby that is never going to happen do you hear me? I will never love this baby more or less than I love you. I love and the new baby the same. No one can replace you. You'll always be my babygirl no matter what. Even when you're 50 you'll still be my babygirl.

She giggles after that. I love hearing that sound. It breaks my heart when she is sad. We sit there for a while just me and her. It's gonna break my heart when she gets too old for this. I don't know how long we sat there but eventually Bella comes out of the kitchen. She kisses both of our cheeks and sits down next to us. She pulls Ness into her lap and a few minutes later she's out like a light. Bella gets up to take her to bed. I get up and too and take her from Bella. We walk to her room to lay her down. Bella grabs the covers before I lay her down. Bella pulls the covers up over to tuck Ness in. We lean down and kiss her cheek then leave quietly. We walk back to the living room hand and hand. I sit down on the couch and pull Bella onto my lap and kiss her hair.

"Thank you for being such a wonderful mother to our daughter and thank you for giving me another little one to love."

She leans back and beams down at me. Her eyes are glass with unshed tears. I give her my crooked smile. She leans forward and and kisses me then she snuggles into my neck. I wrap my arms around her and hold her there to me.