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I really think Ness will be excited when we tell her she's having a sister along with two brothers. She kept telling us she wanted a little sister so she dress her up. I laughed because she's just like Alice.

I can't tell you how many "make-overs" I had with Alice growing up. I guess since she's the oldest by ten minutes she figured it's her right to dress me up. After all she did love to torture me. Infact she still does.

It's been about three weeks since we started building our house and the progress on the house was coming along great. It should be done in about two months. Just in time before the babies are born. I am hoping anyways.

Bella is in her seventh month of her pregnancy. Everything is good with her health thank God. We are blessed that she's not had an issue since she's carrying multiples. The only thing that is bugging Bella is the fact she can't drive. She hasn't been to drive for like a month now.

My poor Bella hasn't been able to sleep well at night since the babies have been kicking up a storm lately. I don't blaim them I'm sure they're crowded in there but they still have like two months. I wanted to do something nice so I recorded the lullaby I've been working on for the triplets and downloaded them onto Bella's Ipod it worked with Ness so I'm hoping it will work for them also.

Ness has been a huge help too. She talks to them and sings to the triplets. She was so excited when we told her not only was she getting a sister but also two brothers. She squealed so loud I think she even beat Alice in that department. We have the names picked out but we're keeping it a secert until they arrive. It's driving my mother and my sister insane. They bug us all the time to reveal the names.

Bella has another doctor's appointment. It's just routine check ups. Make sure the babies heart beats are still strong and her blood pressure isn't elevated. Everything they do the closer you get to your due date.

The house is almost finished. I can't believe it's been a month since the last time I checked on the house. I've been so busy with work I just haven't had the time to check on the house but my mom has and she's been keeping me updated along with Emmett. Bella and Ness haven't seen it yet. They want to keep it a surprise for when it's finished. I think Ness wants to see it but she's gonna wait for her momma.

Bella gave reign over to my mom and Alice on the nursery. She did tell them she wanted a few things but everything else they had free reign over but other than that it's gonna be a surprise for Bella.

Bella's doctor's appointment is today but I will not be able to make it since we are busy today. It seems like everyone in Forks is sick today. I just can't find it in my heart to leave my dad although he did say it was fine to go. So I called my mother even though Bella said it was fine and she understood and she would cancle it since she can't fit behind the wheel of her car.

"Edward is everything alright? Is Bella in labor?" My mother rushes out. Not even a hello I tell you I can feel the love.

I chuckle,"No mom, Bella isn't in labor that I know of since I haven't gotten a call. I am calling to ask you if you could take Bella to her doctor's appointment. I am not able to make we are swamped even though dad said I could leave I can't leave him alone."

"Of course I will. Why didn't she call me?"

"Because you know Bella she is stubborn and still thinks she's gonna be an inconvience to someone since she can't drive." I roll my eyes at that one.

I give mom the time of her appointment and said she will go over there and keep her company until it's time for them to leave.

It's been two weeks since Bella went to the dr. everything is alright her blood pressure is a little high but I've been keeping an eye on it. She's cut back on some of the junk food she's been eating even though she's been craving it like crazy. She said our babies are more important. Now Bella is nesting. She is cleaning everything around the house even if she just cleaned it. She also rearranged the kitchen and our closet along with Nessie's just looking for something to do.

Our new house is finally finished. Bella is so excited to see it. We are going to see it when Nessie gets home from school.

Ness told my mom exactly what she wanted her room to look like and of course she's gonna get what she wants.

Ness should be home soon. Meagan's mom is gonna be dropping her off so I don't have to leave Bella. She hasn't been feeling well so I called my dad and told him and he told me to take the day off. We've just been lounging around the house. Bella has been sleeping most of the day. I'm so glad I didn't choose to stay with the hospital and go to work for my dad.

I heard tires and the engine of a car and knew that was Meagan's mom dropping Ness off. I walk to the door so she doesn't wake Bella.

I wave to Meagan and her mom as they turn to leave. Ness runs up and is in my arms holding me tight. I hold her just as tight.

"Hi Daddy! Are we gonna go see the house now is that you're home? I don't have any homework." She says as I put her down.

"Not yet baby girl momma is sleeping so when she gets up we'll go see it. So make sure you're extra quiet."

"Is momma ok Daddy?:She never takes a nap." Her brow furried.

"I'm sure she's fine. She's just tired because she can't get comfortable and the babies are kicking momma." I explain to her but not quite sure I believe myself.

"Ok daddy."

We head into the living room and I see Bells is awake. I give her my crooked smile she smiles back but it doesn't quite reach her eyes. In three long strides I'm in front of her with her face cupped in my hands. I lean down and give her a chaste kiss.

"Are you alright love?"

"Yeah I'm just so tired. You're children are kicking up a storm and my back hurts." She pouts. I laugh because she's just so cute.

"Hi Mommy! You're up can we go see the new house now?" She bounces around on her toes while she has her famous pout she got from her mother on her face.

I chuckle because if these three come have that pout I'm in so much trouble.

"Of course sweet pea. Go change out of your uniform and we'll go."

"Ok momma!" Then she's off as fast as the road runner. I shake my head.

"Are you sure you feel like going? I can tell her we have to wait til you're feeling better." I ask

"Edward don't be silly I'm fine. Plus I really want to see the house too she's not the only one you know. I can't wait to see how Esme and Alice did decorating the house"

"Ok if you say so. If you start to get tired or start feeling uncomfortable please tell me and we'll go home." I plead with her.

"FINE!" She agrees with out a fight and I'm shocked.

"Good now let's get your shoes and socks on along with your jacket." I said with a kiss on her lips.

Twenty minutes later we are pulling into the driveway of the new house. Nessie is in the back bouncing in her seat.

I turn the car off and Ness out the door and running up the porch before I know what's even going on.

I look over at Bella and laugh. "That would be our crazy daughter." Bella laughs along with me.

I get out of the car and run over the passenger side to open Bella's door. I offer my hand to help her out of the car since I know she wouldn't be able to get out with out my help.

We walk hand in hand up to the front porch and she gasps. "Bella are you ok?" I stop and stare at her and she has tears in her eyes.

"Oh Edward it's beautiful! I can't believe you remembered. It looks so much better than I imagained it would be." Then she starts sobbing.

I pull her in my arms and laugh at her because she's crying over a porch. "Of course I remembered did you really think I wouldn't?"

"Well it was a long time ago." I mock shock and she giggles.

"If you're gonna act this way just from the outside you'll have a heartattack from the inside." I tease her which in return earns me a smack on the chest as she giggles.

The outside of our newhouse is painted while on the outside and has blue shutters with a huge wrap around porch.. We even had some ceiling fans installed on the porch.

"Edward I love the porch. It's so big and I can bring the triplets out here and sit in the rocking chairs."

That's right my love has always wanted a big wrap around porch on a house. The porch on our old house looks small compared to this.

"Come on love, let's go inside to check out the rest of the house and get you out of the cold."

She turned around and looked at me with a huge grin on her face. She holds her hands out for me and we walk hand in hand up the front steps.

"Where's Nessie?" Bella asks suddenly

"She's probally in the back yard on the swing set that my mom and Alice insisted getting to have in the backyard." I laugh at the look on Bella's face.

"Don't worry baby, it's been fenced in." I tell her and she relaxes.

I yell for Reneesme to come up front because we're going in the house to check it out.

I hand Bella the keys so she can be the first one to enter. "You go in first love."

She takes the keys and unlocks the door. We walk into the foyer which has a little table with a bowl to put keys in a closet on the right to hand up coats

"Edward this is beautiul." She says running her hand along the table.

"Well you will have to thank Alice she's the one who picked all the furinture out." She nods her head.

We go further into the house we make it in the living room. We bought all new furniture as it was desprately needed. We had the furniture at the old house since Bella and I got our own place when we went off to college.

Bella picked out a nice big couch it's a chocolate brown and tan. The couch is leather and the cushions are a tan color. The back of the couch was made of nothing but pillows so it made it extra comfy. The coffee table is my favorite thing, the top of it opens and you can bring up. The outfit also came with a huge chair that could sit like three people. It spins Ness already tried it out.

The first time she saw it she fell in love with it. So of course when she told my mom and sister about it they wanted to buy it for her. Not that we didn't have the money but she just wanted to keep looking in case she found something else. Which I knew better since we've been shopping for a few weeks and she didn't find one she loved as much. They said that was their house warming gift to us so Bella couldn't object. I must say my mother and sister are pretty clever.

We walk into the kitchen next since it's right off the living room. Bella wanted an open setup so when we had family over she could still be with them while being in the kitchen.

She gasps. "What's wrong Bella are you ok? Are you in labor?" I asked in a panick tone.

She turned around and look at with my nothing but love and happiness and excitment shining in her eyes.

"No Edward I just can't believe this kitchen it's so perfect. This is exactly what I've dreamed of but it's so much better in person. Thank you so much for giving this to me Edward it's beautiful." She cries and launches herself at me.

I laugh at her and hold her tight and kiss the top of her head. After a minute she calms down and is ready to see the rest of the house.


Edward takes me to see the rest of the house once I calmed down. Our bedroom a long with the nursey is on the first floor. Edward's office is also on the first floor. Nessie's room along with four other rooms are upstairs on the second floor.

When the triplets get older they'll move upstairs with their sister but for now they're stuck down stairs with us.

I can't wait to finally meet my babies. The nursery is a dark chocolate with a medium tan accicent wall. I wanted something different since I'm having both boys and a girl I decided I wanted something different. Everyone goes with yellow and green I just felt those colors are so over used so that's why I decided to do a dark chocolate and beige.

I am hoping Esme and Alice put teddy bears in the nursery since I gave them some ideas on what I would like the nursery to be.

We walk into our master bedroom and there is a huge king size four poster bed with a sheer set of curtains hanging down. The bed is a dark cherry wood and it's very romantic. I look over at Edward and he wiggles his eye brows. I laugh and smack him.

There is a night stand on each side of the bed with a dresser and a set of chester draws. It's so beautiful in here. The comforter is a dark red with black stripes.

I walk over to the double doors that's keeping me from seeing the nursery and take a shakey breath. I don't know why I'm so nervous Alice and Esme did a wonderful job with the rest of the house and I'm sure the nursery is just as beautiful.

Opening the doors I gasp and Edward is right there by myside. His eyes are sparkling since he's already seen it.

"Do you like the nursery love?" My handsome husband asks.

"Like? PSH EDWARD I LOVE IT! Edward your mom and sister did such an amazing job on the nursery. It looks just how I pictured it would be. I just can't wait for our little ones to get here to occupy the room." I sigh rubbing my belly.

Against the wall in front of us is three dark wood cribs with a matching changing table/dresser to match. There is also an armor already full of clothes for the triplets. In the corner there is a rocking chair for me to rock our babies while they eat. Alice and Esme did such a great job I can't wait to see them and thank them.

Edward comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me and rests his hands on top of mine on my belly. The babies must have known that their daddy was near because they started kicking like crazy causing both of us to laugh.

"What's so funny?" A sweet little voice rang through the turn around and see Ness standing in the door way.

I hold my arms open for my little girl and she comes running my way. I hold her tight and run my hands down her hair.

"Daddy was just feeling the babies kick. They're still kicking wanna feel?" I ask

Her eyes light up. "Can I momma? Please?" I laugh and grab her hand and placed it on the spot where I just felt them kick.

Her eyes got wide and she giggled. She moved her hand to another spot and sure enough there was another kick. She loves it when they kick her hands.

She is in hysterics by now from laughing so hard. The triplets aren't even here yet and they love their big sister already.

I look over to Edward and his eyes are sparkling with love and adoration. He's got a huge smile on his face. I can't help but smile back as the tears begin to fall. I'm just so happy and our life is almost complete.

Edward walks over to us and wraps his arms around us. He kisses the side of my head and then kisses the top of Ness'. He squeezes us just a little tighter making Ness fall into giggles again.

"Daddy you're squishing us." Ness breates out in between giggles. I love my life.


We stand in the nursery for a few minutes longer and then I drag her to go see the rest of the house upstairs.

We walk up the stairs and the first door on the right is Nessie's room. My mom and sister painted her room a light purple she also has curtains that are purple and have colorful sequins all over them. Yeah she loves purple hence the purple room but I do have to admit they did a good job not that I didn't except anything less. At least she chose purple and not pink just what we would need if for her room to look like pepo.

The room across the hall from Nessie's is is painted a light brown and has a queen sized bed a dresser and two night stands on each side of the bed. This will be a guest room.

The other three rooms are painted the same color they are also gonna be guest rooms for now.

"Edward the house is so perfect. I couldn't have done this better myself. I think we should keep Aimee one night so Alice and Jasper can have a night to themselves Plus we need to practice it's been almost ten years since we've taken care of a baby." Bella rambles on.

"Of course love, Whatever you want to do. You know I love my little niece." I smirk at her and she rolls her eyes but laughs while doing it.

"Nessie is going to be so excited when we tell her we're keeping Aimee over night. I don't who loves who more Aimee or Ness?" Bella asks and I laugh.

"I don't know love it's going to be a close one. They both love each other to death." I remark thinking about how Aimee acts around Ness even though she is six months old she loves when Ness plays with her.

"Come on love let's go find our kid and get you home. You look dead on your feet." I say a little concerened.

"Yeah I am tired but you try carring three babies around in your stomach and see if you're not tired." She laughs

Of course the Doctor side of me wants to rush and check her sugar and her blood pressure to make sure nothing is wrong but I am trying to hold back.

Bella and I round up the girl only by mentioning food. I swear that child can put Emmett to shame with as much food as she can eat. I just hope that the triplets don't have a big appetite like that or I'd go broke.

We head back home to our old house. We will be moving all the way in this weekend since there are still a few things that need to be packed and go through.

We stop on the way home and grab two large pizzas and a bunch of chinese food. My girl has had quite the appetite lately. I mean she could eat before but now it's like where does the food go. It must be the triplets because she wasn't like this with Reneesme. I'm not surprised since she only gaine like twenty-five pounds.

We get home and unload the food and then we dig in. Bella ate a little bit of everything. Even things she's never eaten beofre. I laugh at her in which she gives me a death glare.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing love, just that you don't eat anything spicey and you've eaten two spicey dishes is all."

She blushes and starts playing with her hands while sniffling. "What's wrong baby? I'm sorry I shouldn't have laughed please don't cry honey."

"Oh Edward! I'm the one who is sorry I shouldn't have snapped at you. I know you weren't being mean I know you love me. I just don't know what's wrong with me."

I put my plate down grab hers and pull her to me and hold her tight.

"SSSHHH sweetheart it's alright. I'm not upset. You know your horomones are all out of whack because of the babies. Just try and relax for me baby. Listen to my breathing and heart beat so slow your breathing down. Being upset isn't good for the babies or you." I sooth her running my hands up and down her back and whispering in her ear.

"That's a good girl see everything is fine." I pull back to look at her after she's calmed down.

She smiles at me and then leans her head on my chest. We stay like that for a little while and then her breathing evens out. I pick her up and carry her upstairs to our room and lay down on the bed. I remove her jeans and bra just leaving her in a shirt and panties. I kiss her forehead and head back down stairs to clean up our mess.

Tonight it's just Bella and me. Charlie called Bella on our way home from the new house and said he wanted Ness to stay the night with him and Sue. So we dropped her off at her Pepawl's house.

Thankfully they have tons of clothes already for her thanks to my sister so we don't have to go home and pack her a bag then come out again. I'm sure Sue and Charlie are thankful since they can't afford the clothes that are in Nessie's closet at their house.

After I clean everything up I go and lock the front door then turn the lights off. I then drag my now tired behind upstairs and go snuggle with my wife and soon to be little ones.

The next few weeks passed in a blur. Bella and the babies are still doing well but Dr. Sandy doesn't think it will be too much longer. They are agreeing to try and let Bella have a natural birth but if something starts to go wrong it's straight to an emergency c-section. We aren't gonna take any chances. Me? I don't care how they get here just as long as it's safely and all three are healthy.

We're all settled into our new house and Bella loves it. She put a few extra touches here and there that she thought would truly make it ours.

Not that my mom and Alice didn't do a great job but I thin it's just something Bella wants to keep her busy. I think it's all part of nesting. One day I came home from work Bella and Nessie were cleaning they each had aprons on with a duster in hand. I just busted out laughing because they're just so adorable.

The ladies in the family have been keeping Bella busy. They've gone shopping in Port Angele's a few times of course they come home with bags full of things for the babies and Ness. These kids are gonna be so spoiled. The triplets are gonna have more things to play with and wear then they will know what to do with.

Whatever keeps Bella from going crazy I'll support the ladies. My mom and Sue has shown Bella how to crochette and scrap book.

Today has been crazy busy and it's only ten a.m. then my cell rings I look down at the caller id and see Alice is calling.

"Alice?" I ask

"Edward! I think Bella is in labor. I picked her up and we went out for breakfast and then just got home and she was complaining with her back hurting and now I think her water broke." She says all in one breath.

"Ok Alice calm down everything is ready her bag is by the door grab it put it in your car and then get Bella to hospital. I'll meet you there. I'll call Dr. Sandy on the way too. Oh and Alice just breath everything is fine you've been through this remember." I laugh and hang up.

I take off my coat grab my things and go find my dad. I knock since his door is shut and I hear a muffled come in. "Edward what's wrong? You're white as a ghost."

"Bella is in labor dad. Alice is with her and they're on their way to the hospital now." I rudh out.

"Well go I'll be fine here it's starting to slow down I'll meet you at the hospital." Dad says ushering me out.

I walk out the back door and unlock my car. I get in start the car and I'm off before I even have my seatbelt on. I set up my phone to voice dial and call Dr. Sandy.

"This is Dr. Sandy."

"Sandy it's Edward Bella is in labor. My sister is with her on their way to the hospital and I'm on my way now I was working when my sister called."

"Alright Edward calm down I know you're nervous and excited but I'm already at the hospital so I'll go see our momma to be and I'll see in a few minutes." She says and hangs up. I laugh because she knows me too well.

I drive quickly to the hospital. Bella doesn't need me injured and in the hospital while she's giving birth to our babies.

Thankfully there is a parking spot up close and I don't have to drive around to find one. I say a little prayer asking God to be with my wife and our babies before I get out and go in.

I am impatientally waiting for the elevator and finally comes after what feels like forever. I get in and press number three for materinty. God could this elevator be anymore slower today? Ok Cullen deep breath Bella doesn't need you freaking out. I give myself a mental pep talk and step off.

I walk up to the nurse's station and see our good friend Angela. "Ang! What room is Bella in?"

"Room two zero two Edward. Oh and Congrats!" She yells at me as I walk away.

I get to her room and hear my sister trying to calm Bella down. I walk in and Alice looks relieved.

"Thank God you're here. She's been such a pain! She wasn't like that with Ness!"

"Yeah that's because I wasn't in labor with multiples ding dong." Bella grits out at my sister and I have stiffle my laugh.

"Ali go call everyone and let them know Bella is in labor. Go get some air I've got it from here."

Alice leaves and I walk over to my love and lean down to kiss her sweaty forehead.

"Hi honey, how are you holding up?" I ask as I wipe her forehead with the cool rag.

"Oh Edward are they going to be ok? It's still eary we still have a month and half before they're supposed to here. " She cries.

"Sshh love, I'm sure they're fine. Their heart beats are nice and strong your blood pressure isn't high. So far everything looks good." I tell her as I look over her chart.

"I see you're already five centimeters dilated so it won't be too much longer before they're here." I try and sooth her fears as a hug contraction comes.

"I am so exicted Edward. I can't wait to meet our babies." She breaths out as she gets through the contraction.

"That's it love, you're doing great. I love you so much. Thank you for blessing me with three more babies." I say and kiss her softly then rest my forehead against hers.

Someone clears their throat and I laugh as Bella blushes. "Isn't that what got you in this postion in the first place?" My father's voice fills the room. I roll my eyes and Bella giggles. I kiss her one more time before facing the old man.

"Haha old man you're funny." I said dryly.

He laughs and walk over to Bella. "Hi sweetheart, ready for these babie to come? I saw Dr. Sandy in the hall she's coming to check on you again." He says and then kisses the top of her head.

"Wow listen to those heartbeats. Everything is looking good Bella."

"See love I told you they were fine! Why didn't you believe me?" I mock pout

She rolls her eyes. "I did believe you but your dad and Dr. Sandy have been docotors way longer then you."

"Oh my baby girl! Look at you I can't believe your babies will be here soon." My mom comes out of no where and gushes over Bella.

I swear sometimes my mother loves my wife more than me. My father laughs at the expression on my face as he can read my mind.

There's a bunch of noise in the hallway then I hear my brother's bigh mouth.

"Are we late? Did my niece and nephews come yet? Can we see them?" Emmett booms.

"Ow Rosie! What'd you do that for?" He whines making us all laugh.

"You big loon this a hospitial you're supposed to keep your voice down and no if you would listen you can hear their heartbeats." Rose says.

Rose and Alice walk over to Bella and hug her. "Where's my dad and Sue? Did you call them?"

"I'm right here kiddo. Did you think I would miss being here for my grandbabies birth even if I'm in the waiting room? As for Sue she'll be here when she gets off work. She wishes she could be here now." Charlie laughs and walks over to Bella and kisses her on the forehead.

"Thanks for coming everyone this means a lot to me." Bella cries and I squeeze her hand.

"That's what family is for Bells. Plus we wouldn't miss meeting the triplets for anything." Jasper says as he walks into the room and hugging Bella.

Someone clears their throat and we all turn to see Dr. Sandy in the door way smiling.

"Well guys I hate to break up the party but I need to check Bella." Dr. Sandy says.

"Alright Bells we'll be in the waiting room we'll see you in a little while." Dad says as he ushers everyone out of the room.

"Ok Bella you know the drill put your feet here and I'll check to see how far along you are." She does as she's asked and puts her feet in the stirrups.

"Wow Bella I think it's time to get this show on the road these babies are ready to meet their family." Dr. Sandy looks up with a grin.

Wow I can't believe she's fully dialted already. I look over to Bella and grin. I'm so excited.

"Are you ready to meet our little ones love?"

She releases the breath she was holding and responds "Yes I'm ready even though I don't have a choice now."

"It's gonna be ok love. I'm gonna be here the whole time. I'm not leaving your side." I squeeze her hand.

"Ok Bella with the next contraction I need you to push for me." Dr. Sandy says.

"Here we go Bella push down."

Bella starts pushing and I count to ten with her then she stops to breath.

"That's it good job Bella you're doing great now same thing on the next contraction."

I whisper in Bella's ear how much I love her and how I'm so proud of her.

"Come on Bella just a few more pushs I can see baby a's head."

Bella pushes and has a death grip on my hand. I'm not gonna complain though she is in more pain than I am. I'll just grin and bare it.

"I can't wait to meet our babies. Who do you think is gonna come first?" I ask trying to distract Bella.

"Aiden I'm sure of it." She looks over at me and grins.

"Ok one more big push then baby a will be out." Says Dr. Sandy.

She gives one last big push and then the room is filled with cries. It's one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

"Congrats Edward and Bella it's a girl." Dr. Sandy says as she puts our little girl on Bella's stomach and starts to clean her up.

"Time to the cut the cord Edward."

I walk over to grab the scissors that the nurse is holding then walked back over and cut the cord. Then they take her to get checked out. I take back my spot by my wife.

"Ok guys let's get Baby B out here with his sister shall we?" Dr. Sandy grins.

"Bella you know what to do." She starts pushing again.

"You're doing so Bells. I love you so much. I'm so proud of you." I whisper to her.

"I love you too Edward." She cries I don't know if it's from the pain or because she's happy. I just squeeze her hand.

"Alright Bella one more big push and baby b will be here." Says Dr. Sandy.

She gives one more last big push and the room is filled with cries yet again. That's two down one more to go.

"Congrats guys it's a boy!" Dr. Sandy grins and I cut Aiden's cord just like I did with Bryleigh's.

"Ok Bella you're almost done let's get baby c out here with his brother and sister shall we?"

Bella nods and on the next contraction she starts pushing.

After a few more pushes the room is filled with cries. Again it's one of the most beautiful sound in the world.

"Congrats again ya'll it's a boy! It looks like these boys are identical." Dr. Sandy says.

I look over at Bella and just grin and I lean down and kiss her temple. I am so proud of her. She did such a wonderful job delievering our babies safely into this world.

Bella delievers the plancenta next and she gets all cleaned I encourage her to take a nap because soon our babies will be back in the room and they will need all of our attention.

I walk over to Bella and kiss her forehead she stirs a little. "Baby I'll be right back I'm gonna let the family know everything is fine." She grunts and her breathing evens out I just chuckle.

I leave quietly and walk down the hallway to the waiting room. When everyone notices me they stand up and I get assulted with questions from everyone.

"Calm down, she's fine all three babies are healthy and doing good so far. Bella is taking a nap right now. As you all know two boys and a girl. It seems to be the boys are identical from the dr. can tell but they're gonna check and see just to be sure."

"Our little girl weighs 3lbs 5oz. Our first little boy weighs 4lbs 2 oz and Our second little boy weighs 4lbs 6oz. "

"Come on Edward aren't you going to tell us their names? Ya'll said you were gonna wait til they were born and now there so what's their names?" Alice whines.

I shake my head at my sister. "Nope you're going have to wait until Bella is awake and they bring the babies back into our room then we'll tell you their names."

Alice pouts and tries to give me the puppy dog eyes so I'll gave. "Nice try Mary Alice Whitlock but that doesn't work on me anymore." She huffs.

"When can we see Bella?" Chief asks.

"Why don't ya'll go get something to eat by the time you get back Bella should be awake and if everything goes well the babies will be with us.

"Come on guys let's go eat I'm starving." Emmett booms.

Everyone rolls their eyes and come up and hug and congradulate me before leaving. Once they leave I walk back into the room and see Bella is still sleeping so I sit in the chair and relax myself.

I must have dozed off because I feel soft hands running through my hair. I lift my head up and see Bella smiling at me. "Hi love,"

"Hi yourself, How are you feeling?" I ask and lean up to kiss her softly on the lips.

"I feel like I've given birth to triplets." She laughs.

"That's because you did." I tease her.

She rolls her eyes but smiles. I lean forward to kiss her lips softy. We were inturputed by a knock on the door. A few seconds later the nurses come in with our three little bundle of joys.

"Are you guys ready for your babies? I think they're ready to spend some time with their mommy and daddy." One of the nurses says and then they turn to leave after that.

"Give me my babies!" Bella demands playfully and holds her arms out. I pick up Aiden and hand him over then I pick up Cody and take him over to his mommy too. I then pick up my little girl Brileigh.

"Knock Knock," I turn to the door and see Dr. Sandy.

"Come in the nurses just brought in our babies so we're bonding," Bella says

Dr. Sandy grins wide. "Congrats guys they're beautiful a little on the small side but that's to be excepted. Now I got some bad news. Since Brileigh is the smallest I want to keep her for a few days to see if she gains any weight. I at least want her to be 4lbs before she goes home."

I look over at Bella and she's got tears in her eyes. I lay Brileigh down in her hospital crib and quickly go over to Bella. "Sh love, it's gonna be alright she's gonna be just fine."

"That's right Bella there is nothing to be upset about. It's not that unusal for multiples to be on the small side. She's got a nice and strong heart beat her lungs are good she just needs to gain a little weight is all." Dr. Sandy soothes Bella.

"So I didn't do anything wrong? When I go home I can take the boys right?" Dr. Sandy nods and grins.

"Congrats again guys." She says then turns to leave.

The babies start to get fussy so Bella tries to feed the boys since she's already got them. After a few minutes she hands me Aiden and I burp him after he burps I lay him down in his crib and repeat the same with Cody and Brileigh.

I had just put the babies in their cribs and gave them their binkies when the family knocked on the door. The noise startled Aiden and he started fussing so I picked him up and went to answer the door.

I put my finger up to my mouth to let everyone know to be quiet I give Emmett and Alice a pointed look.

"You have to be quiet Bella just got done feeding the babies and now they're sleeping." I said as everyone walks in.

"Oh Edward, They are just so precious." My mom sniffles and I have to smile at that.

"Everyone I would like you to meet Aiden Michael Cullen," Then I hand him over to mom.

I pick up Brileigh and hand her to Charlie. "That is Brileigh Nycole Cullen,"

"Last but not least I'd like you to meet Cody Masen Cullen." I said and hand him over to dad.

Everyone again says their congrats as everyone fusses over the kids. I laugh because they act like there is no other grandkids or nieces and nephews. Ness is eight and then Aimee is just over a year old and now the triplets.

After about an hour or so the babies started to get fussy again and Bella starts yawning so I give everyone the clue that it's time for them to leave and they can come back tomorrow.

Bella feeds the babies again and we change their diapers then we put them back in their cribs. After we get the babies settled the nurses bring me a cot to sleep on and we all get comfortable for the night.

It was a restless night between the nurses coming in to change Bella's bandages and checking her vitals and the babies we only had maybe four hours of sleep.

Around ten Sue and Charlie stop by bringing breakfast and then it was dad and mom, Emmett then Rose, Jasper and Alice with Nessie. It's been another busy day. Thank goodness Bella is being released tomorrow morning so we all can go home excpet Brileigh who's lost a couple ounces since being born. I keep reassuring Bella that it's normal.

After another sleepless night Dr. Sandy comes in and checks Bella once again and then hands her her release papers. We gather everything up and pack the babies up in their car seats. I leave Bella to bring around the car. I help Bella get in the car then I put the boy's car seats in their bases and make sure everything is right and I get in and we drive home.

It's a bittersweet home coming with out our little girl but hopefully she'll be home by the weekend. I made sure to tell Alice nothing big just the family since Brileigh was still in the hospital. Everyone is there to greet us and the fuss over the boys. It's so cute seeing Ness and Aimee holding the boys. It will be better when Brileigh comes home.

The family only stays for a couple of hours because we're all exhausted and just want to relax. Bella gets the boys fed and burped and we lay them in their bassinet. The rest of the day is just spending time with Nessie and the boys and relaxing.

The next day we get Ness off to school and the boys ready to be dropped off at mom's since they can't come to the nicu with us. Bella pumped so there's a couple bottles each for the boys.

Bella grabs the diaper bags and I grab the boys and load them up and head over to my mom's. She's gonna watch the boys while we go visit Bryleigh.

Of course my mom is waiting outside for us and she bounces down the stairs just as I put the car in park. I look over at Bella and smirk which in return she laughs.

"There's my babies!" My mom squeals as she grabs Cody from me.

"Hi mom it's good to see you too." I tease causing her to roll her eyes at me.

"I see you guys all the time. I haven't seen my new grandbabies in a few days."

I grab Aiden from Bella and we all walk inside to get the boys settled.

"Ok they've been fed and changed right before we left they should be good for a couple hours. There is 2 bottles for each of them in the diaper bag. I need to put them in the fridge. Cody doesn't like his binky but Aiden does so if he gets fussy just hold him and rub his back."

"Everything is going to be fine love. It's not like we're leaving them for days just a couple of hours. You and I have our cell phones and if she can't get ahold of us she can call the hospital." I squeeze her hand in reasurrance.

Bella sighs "Ok we won't be gone long if you need anything please call me."

"Of course I will sweetheart. Now give the boys a kiss and go see my other grandbaby." Mom says.

Bella and I give the boys a kiss and we leave for the hospital.

"They're going to be fine, you know that right?" I ask

"Yeah I know it's just they're only two days old I shouldn't leave them."

"It's normal to feel that way that's what makes you a great mother." I bring her hand up and kiss her knuckles.

The rest of the car ride was quiet. We've both have a lot on our minds. We get to the hospital and I pull into the closet spot I could find. I park and get out and walk around to Bella's side and open her door. I help her out and we walk hand in hand into the hospital.

When we walk in everyone smiles and congrats us again on our babies. We make our way up to the NICU and we see Nurse Helen she's an older lady and has a three kids of her own.

"Hi Helen," I say as we walk up to the nurses station.

"Dr. Cullen, Mrs. Cullen," She greets with a smile. "You here to see your daughter? Oh silly me of course you are." She laughs and shakes her head.

"Bryleigh is taking from a bottle like a pro so she didn't need a feeding you know the drill so I'll come see you in a little while."

Bella and I head to the little room next to the NICU and wash up. We've gotta wear gowns over our clothes as to not spread germs. We put our gowns on and walk into the NICU. Our little princess is in an incubater to keep her temp up. I'm so glad so we can hold her and bond with her.

She's just as beautiful as she was yesterday and just as tiny.

"Omgosh she's so beautfiul Edward. I can't wait to take her home." Bella says.

"I know love me too hopefully she won't be in here long and she'll be home with her brothers and sister."

We spend the next couple hours talking to the nurses and spending time with Bryleigh. The doctor says she's still nice and healthy just still a tad bit under weight. He thinks she'll be home sometime next week if she keeps doing well. She hasn't gained any weight yet but that's to be excpeted since she's only a couple days old all babies lose weight after birth.

The rest of the week goes the same. We see Ness off to school get the boys ready to take over to my parent's house then head to the hospital. We spend a couple hours at the hospital then go home and spend the rest of the day with the boys until it's time for Ness to come home and I pick her up.

Bryleigh is doing well. She's starting to finally gain some weight she now weighs 3lbs 14 ounces. So she's gained 7ozs. Bells is so excited because that means she just needs to gain a least a few more ounces and she will be able to come home with us.

It's now Monday and the triplets are now a week old. They know their sister is missing because Aiden's been kinda fussy. I've checked him out and he's not sick and neither is Cody and it seems like he's only fussy around bed time. I just hope that Bryleigh will be home soon so our family will be complete.

Ness doesn't have school today so we're gonna go to the hospital later. Bella and I want to spend time with Ness before we go over to the hospital.

I'm sitting in the living room with the boys I told Bella to go back to bed and I'll wake her up in a little while. She's been up most of the night with the boys. They just wouldn't sleep much last night for some reason. I don't what's going on.

I hear little footsteps and know Nessie is up. She walks into the living room hair all a mess and rubbing her eyes. She's just as gorgeous as her mother. She looks up and sees me and walks over to the couch and snuggles up to my side.

"Good Morning sweet pea," I say and kiss the top of her head.

She smiles and then says it back. Poor thing isn't quite awake yet. We sit there for a little while and I hear Bella padding through the house and coming into the living room. She smiles at us and I nudge Nessie to get her attention she looks up at me and I nod my head in Bella's direction she looks that way and huge smile spreads across her face.

"Good morning Momma," Ness says her voice still a little bit sleepy.

"Good morning baby girl. How did you sleep?" Bella asks as she comes and sits on the other side of the couch.

"Good," Is all she says.

The boys start to get fussy so I'm sure they're hungry. I go over to the bassinets and grab one while Bella grabs the other one. She's pumped her milk so there are bottles full of milk so I go to the kitchen and heat up one. I'm sure Bella will breastfeed Cody since he doesn't care too much for the bottle.

Aiden is whimpering in my arms. "Sh little guy I know you're hungry I'm heating up your bottle now. Just be glad your mom has a bottle for you or you'd be waiting until after your brother is done eating."

The microwave beeps and I grab the bottle to test it to make sure it's not to hot. "Perfect temp bub here ya go." I wiggle the nipple around his mouth and he autormatically opens and starts sucking the milk down.

"Wow buddy I think you inherted your Uncle Emmett's appetite either that or your starved to death." I chuckle but I'm pretty it's the former. He eats like every 2 hours just like Emmett.

I walk back into the living room and Ness is watching tv. Just as I sit down Bella throws me a burp rag. I guess I forgot to grab one thank God for my wife remembering or I probally would have baby spit up all over me.

After we got the boys fed, burped and changed we put them in their bassinets. We want to put our attention on Ness right now so the boys will stay there.

We spend the next couple of hours watching t.v. and talking with before I know it's 10 a.m. "Ness it's time to get dressed so we can take you and the boys to Grammy's. You're going to stay for a couple hours while Mommy and I go see Bryleigh."

"Ok Daddy," She says hops down from the couch and runs upstairs. I laugh sometimes I think she'd rather be at her Grammy's than her own house.

I help Bella feed the boys again real quick once they're done we head to the nursery to get them dressed and ready to go. Bella's gotta pump before we go so I just load the boys into their carseats so we don't have to worry about it later.

Soon after that we're in the car headed over to my parent's house again. Hopefully this will be the last time we have to drop the kids off to go to the hospital. I'm praying to God that Bryleigh get's to come home today.

We drop Ness and the boys off with hugs and kisses and then we're off to the hospital. I am so glad I don't work in this place anymore I think I'd go insane. We piull into the parking lot and find a spot quickly. I park and get out and meet Bella at the end of the car. She must be just as anixous as I am to see if we can bring our baby girl home finally.

We walk into the hospital over to the elevators and they come right away. I push number 4 for the NICU. The elevator dings and then opens. I look over at Bella and she takes a deep breath and she squeezes my hand. We walk out and no one is at the nurses station so we walk over to the room and we can see our little Bryleigh. She's dressed in a little pink onesie that we picked out for her. I look over at Bella and her eyes are sparkling.

"She's dressed. I bet we will be able to take her home. I know Dr. Cameron said there was a chance she could come home today I didn't want to get my hopes up." Bella says.

"I don't know love, Let's go find out." We go into the wash room to clean up and put the gowns on.

"Angela Sarah Cheney!" Ang turns around and has a big ole grin on her face.

"Hi guys! You're early we weren't expecting for you at least another hour or so since we know Ness is home."

She's stalling and she knows it just as about to say something and grab the chart myself Bella beats me to it.

"Stop the small talk Ang. Bryleigh is dressed. Does that mean I can take her home? Please tell me we're aloud to take my babygirl home finally." Bella pleads.

"Yep! Dr. Cam should be here soon with the discharge papers. She's a little chunk now considering how tiny she was when she first got here. She weighs 4lbs 6oz." Angela beams. I think she's just as proud as we are.

"Did you hear that baby girl? You get to come home finally. I'm ao excited. You've got a whole crazy family waiting for you at home." Bella coos.

Dr Cam comes in and tells us everything what Angela already told us and what I already knew from reading Bryleigh's chart.

I am so blessed to have such four wonderful children and a sexy ass wife who I love to death. I could not ask for anything better. My newest babygirl finally gets to come home to be with her other sibblings. Life couldn't be better.

We sign the release papers and we grab our things and Bryleigh's carseat and we head home.

I called the family earlier and they'll be at the house when we get home. Of course everyone is there wanting to see the newest memeber of the family.

We get home and I grab Bryleigh's carseat and we head inside. Just inside the door I whisper "Welcome Home Bryleigh Cullen."


I just to say thank you one more time to all my readers. I am so sorry it's taken me so long to update I'm not very good with this writing thing. Thank you so much to all who has reviewed and faved my story it means a lot to me. i am so sad this story has ended but our little Bryleigh is home and healthy.