Nogizaka Haruka no Kissu

Yuuto felt her lips press to his. He pondered the taste: her lips were so very slightly sweet, and he liked it. Her scent was mingled with that of the flowers she had just caught. He had finally kissed Haruka, without anybody there to interupt: no drunk older sister and teacher, no noisy maids or little sister. Just him and Haruka, and bliss.

They eventually pulled apart, and Haruka blushed violently, and looked away, "Y-Yuuto-san... that was..."

"Haruka, I love you." Yuuto blinked, he had said it at last, had blurted it out.

Haruka stared at him. "Y...Y-Yuuto-s-san, I... I..." her face was virtually steaming. Then she gulped and spoke clearly, "Yuuto-san, I love you too."

Their lips met again, and Yuuto recognised the taste now: provoking cherry.

He put his arms around her, and held her tightly to him. Their lips moved slightly against each other's. When they broke apart again, they smiled at each other, then Yuuto said "Come on, we'd better be going."

Haruka nodded, "Hai!" The couple walked off together, holding hands tightly.

From the bushes nearby, four faces smiled. "They finally kissed!" Mika exclaimed.

"Much better than expected," Nanami replied.

"Indeed, they're finally progressing," Hazuki said.

"Koku koku," was Alice's only comment.

Meanwhile, Haruka and Yuuto continued their walk. "Yuuto-san."

"Hai Haruka."

"Will you love me forever?"

Yuuto stopped, and Haruka turned to him, "Haruka, of course I will."

Haruka smiled, "I'm glad." Then she closed her eyes, and pursed her lips.

Yuuto needed no further invitation.

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