Wolfie: Hello one more time. I decided, bored as I am, that I'd add the extra random fun stuff I got bored enough to create for Adventures, but have never had an appropriate opportunity to post. Also, I wanted to again say two things. First, there is a prequel in the works (AKA, it's currently fermenting in my brain).

Second, this will be made into a picture-drama type thing, but we're desperately short on VAs. (Closer to) Complete details can be found on my profile.

Now, first, the random theme song:

Writer's Paradise (To the backing music of Gansta's/Amish/Gendo's Paradise)

A Parody of a Parody of A Parody

Yes, that is Parodyception

Derrick: So you gonna tell me what this is all about?


As I walk through the fic-zone built up by me and Cal,
I take a look at my Waifu, and realise she's fictional.
But that's just perfect for an Otaku like me,
You know I shun fancy things like reality.

At 4:30 in the morning I'm writing fics.
Good old Chewy asks questions and Lumi draws chicks. Fool.
And I've been typing and writing so long that
Even Mistman_X thinks my mind is gone.

I'm a man of some class, I'm into ass-kicking,
I got Miku in my bed, and stubble on my chin,
But if Miku wins all her fights, and Derrick you lose, then
She will Save the Writer like she did in chapter ten.

Misty & Lumi & Chewy: We've been bored for most of our lives, living in a writer's paradise.

Misty: I've edited just once or twice, living in a writer's paradise.

Lumi: I've let my monsters sacrifice, living in a writer's paradise.

Chewy: I ask questions which aren't that nice, living in a writer's paradise.

Wolfie: My reflection bitch came to my story last week,
I didn't smile at her, 'cause she really ain't a geek.
I really don't care, in fact I wish her well,
'Cause living without Miku must be some kind of hell.

And she ain't ever punched Nero even if he deserved it,
A boukaloid with a 'tude? You know that's unheard of.
He has no manners, and looked quite good dead,
And he always made me get angry and red. Fool.

If you come to visit, you'll be driven to tears,
We haven't had a mental check-up in three hundred years.
But we ain't really quaint, so please don't point and stare,
We're just psychologically impaired.

Misty & Lumi & Chewy: There are Writers, 'caloids, Fic-zone fields,
And a single brilliant me.
A bunch of crazy cases for
Freud's psychopathology.

Misty & Lumi & Chewy: We've been bored for most of our lives, living in a writer's paradise.

Misty: We're just super-complex guys, living in a writer's paradise.

Lumi: There comes a time to throw the dice, living in a writer's paradise.

Chewy: So just roll that d20 twice, living in a writer's paradise.

Wolfie: Lying to the party, typing on my keyboard,
Started one year past see, soon I'll go overboard.
Think that I'm a psycho? Think I ain't got a heart?
Well I know I'm a million times a crazy as thou art.

I'm the psychotic bastard stupid Kaito wants to be like,
In my chair day and night, typing crap flowing from my mind.
So don't complain, and don't be scary,
Or else, Kaito, you may end up just like that foolish Mary.

Misty & Lumi & Chewy: We've been bored for most of our lives, living in a writer's paradise.

Misty: We've been spreading madness, right, living in a writer's paradise.

Lumi: Even though I just turn into light, living in a writer's paradise.

Chewy: But you'll probably think it's a blight, living in a writer's paradise.

Everyone: AH! AH! AH~AH AH! AH! AH! AH! AH~AH AH! AH! AH! AH! (Repeat 3 times)

Wolfie's Move Set

This is the Tale-style move set that I created for Wolfie, including some original moves, some of which he did actually use in the series. I've given a brief description for those that he didn't.

Wolf Fang
Double Wolf Fang
Lupine Chaos

Fang Rain (Stabs foes, blade shatters and strikes the enemy repeatedly)
Fang Rain: Erste (Fang Rain plus a final up slash)
Fang Rain: Zweite (Fang Rain: erste plus a downwards slash)

Black Tempest (Tempest, but inflicts dark-element damage in addition to normal damage)
Devastating Tempest (Black Tempest, but on landing a Dark-Type explosion occurs)

Temporal Blade (As Lightning Blade, but inflicts Time damage)
Eternal Blade

Lupe (Like Beast, but with a wolf)
Hunting Lupe

Icicle Rain
Frozen Embrace
Fimbulwinter (Just think lots of ice, lots of damager)

Solar Flare (Fire-type spread)
Ragnarok (Like Fimbulwinter, only fire)

Thunder Blade

Bloody Howling
Damnation (Dark-type Judgement)

Prism Swords

Dead End (Hits all foes once with Distortion)

Mystic Artes:

Lupine Rage (Think final fury)

Eternal Finality
Eternal Damnation (Basically what it says on the tin)



Deus Ex Machina

And yeah, that's the extras.

So yeah, all that remains is to thank a few people again. Basically, Lumi and Misty, who have given me huge amounts of inspiration, and in some cases whole jokes. You remember that conversation between Misty and Wolfie about Yuriston arrows (and how Misty only had five left)? Guess who had that conversation on MSN?

If you can't wait for the prequel series or the semi-animated version, I have conveniently put all my other stories in the general continuity of the 'Writer's World' in one community. It's the only one on my profile, and currently only contains stories by me, and is more for convenience than anything else. But if anyone else were to write something for it, I would take it as a compliment.

So, see-ya people soon, with Memories of the Writer. This is the last time this story's getting anything added, so, keep your eye out.

Bis Bald