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In the line of Fire Chapter 1

The fire engulfed the apartment building with such a vicious appetite that the fire firefighters struggled to keep the flames at bay.

Chief. Jack O'Neill and his 2IC, Captain. Samantha Carter were working on the chaotic scene outside, while, their main guy Teal'c Murray, (T man) was busy inside the blazing inferno. With aid of the newest recruit Jonas Quinn, they rescued panicked individuals from their apartment. Teal'c turned toward his new colleague as he safely led the older women down the steps and out the building.

The younger man understood the signal following the other man holding the teenage boy close to him as he made way outside.

"Alright, I want this fire out. You and you wet the roof tops I don't want to have the challenge of putting out three fires tonight! Jack ordered to the four men standing near the rig.

Meanwhile, Sam was attending to the trauma victims until the paramedics arrived. She looked up to see T come toward her removing his mask relieved to see her friend was alright.

"T man, how do you like your down time?" she said trying to make light of the situation as she bandaged a young girls arm.

"Eventful." the man replied looking at the blaze.

Same gave a slight smirk. She then saw the young man busy hooking up another hose to a hydrant. "How's probie holding up?"

The stocky man looked in the direction the short blond was staring, he shook his head in amusement.

"I've never met anyone who will work their butt off more than he has done tonight. He'll be exhausted when this is over."

Sam turned her attention back to her task. "There, that will be better before you know it." Sam gave a warm smile then let the paramedic take over.

Jonas had just finished hauling and hooking the hose up, ready to continue on to the next task. Even though his feet were killing him he still convinced himself to keep working. Don't stop. As he made his way over to the rig something caught his eye at first he thought it was his mind just playing tricks on him, but he saw a movement on the fourth level someone was banging on the small window.

"Do you see that?" he asked but know one heard him over the sirens.

If he calculated it right he would still be able to get to that person, looking back at the scene around him and then back at that hand, he placed on his mask and dashed toward the building.

Jack wouldn't have noticed the young man run back into the raging fire if it had not been for somebody calling for him in that direction.

"JONAS!" he yelled but it was too late as he disappeared into the building.

Sam and T heard their chief yell out the kids name turning their attention to the figure running into the building.

"What the heck-" Sam started she than ran toward her leader.

"Sir, what is he doing?" she asked her voice slightly panicked

"I have no idea." Jack fumed unknown to the rest that he was actually worried

Teal'c suddenly caught sight of the hand banging on the window. "I believe that is the reason." he said pointing at the victim.

Both Sam and Jack caught sight of the form in the window. "Great." Jack muttered

Jonas made his way up to the fourth floor avoiding the flames licking up the building side the heat was excruciating but he needed to save that trapped individual. The higher he got the thicker the smoke, as soon as his foot hit the fourth level he started to bang the doors open the flames traveling along the walls. This wasn't good if he didn't find this person soon he wouldn't have an exit left the next door revealed the huddled form of a teenage girl. Without hesitation he ran to her a pale hand clutching a piece of cloth to her mouth, Jonas removed his mask taking the cloth from the girl.

"Breathe!" he ordered

The girl took it thankfully as she was hauled to her feet and carefully led out into the hall way they were close to the stairs when the ceiling came down in front of them.

"We're trapped!" the girl choked out.

Jonas quickly made his way to the other rooms quickly glancing in each one the smoke irritating his throat. Suddenly he saw a window he could break, he quickly entered into the room. Keeping the teen close beside him, he smashed open the window with his arm looking out he saw a small pool below.

"Listen, we have to jump!" he said to the brown haired girl.

The girl removed the mask. "No, it's too high!" she protested.

Another bang could be heard as another chunk of the ceiling came down startling them both. Jonas grabbed hold of the girls arm, but she pulled away in fear, shaking her head her eyes wide with fright.

"Listen- to me- we have to do this." Jonas said between coughs.

"No! We'll die if we jump!" she croaked out.

"We'll die defiantly if we stay here!" he firmly said wincing as the heat intensified.

"I'm afraid of heights…I -I can't!"

Jonas took hold of the girls arm looking in her eyes. "What is your name?"


"Alright, Cassandra, you can trust me, but we can't stay here." his voice softer than before.

She looked at him for a second than allowed him to help her through the window onto the small ledge. Jonas was right beside her with a reassuring squeeze he protectively held her and leapt off the edge to the pool below.

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