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In the line of Fire -9

Jonas paced the ally no matter how many times he counted the wad of money in his hands he knew darn well it didn't even make a dent in the debt he owed. Three thousand? Maybe they'll see that he's still keeping his end of the deal, but it was a fool's hope. He leaned against the wall maybe if he just left it there leave a note, but that wouldn't go over well either.

"Do have it?"

Jonas straightened throwing the red head the wad of cash, earning a scoff from the man. "This is it? Really?"

"It's something." Jonas answered as he watched as the man flicked a hand over the money.

"It looks like you're about seventeen grand short. Now I told you what would happen if you didn't have the money in time."

Jonas felt his heart thud in his chest as two more men entered the back ally. "I told you that I couldn't get that kind of money in that amount of time. Take it or leave it, it's hard to earn much a on minimum wage."

The red head glared at the young man. "What you say does not matter. Boys why don't you remind Jonas whose boss."

Jonas tensed as he was confronted by the two men one pulled out a side handled baton while the other raised his fists. This was not good. Jonas waited for one of them to make his move the one with the baton rushed forward but he dodged it ducking away as the other swung his fist he landed a kick in the first man's stomach. But that was short lived as the full force of the baton hit his smack dab against his shoulder blade earning a yelp then he was sent crashing to the ground as he was kicked in the back of his left knee. A barrage of feet rained on him forcing himself to curl up in a ball hoping the torment would end.

He was hauled back to his feet panting as he was met face to face with the leader. A fist landed him hard in the stomach then another connected with his right kidney that sent him crashing back onto the ground. The man squatted down beside him.

"I was easy on you this time Quinn. Have the money ready or next time I won't be so nice." he concluded signalling to his friends that they were leaving.

Jonas lay their for a moment. Finally getting his breath he struggled to get to his feet limping over to the wall for support. He gripped his right side before heading to his temporary home. This situation was getting worse with each passing day. Now he feared for his life he'd take on a six alarm blaze for a month instead of this.

The next morning he snuck into the fire station make his way to the locker room. He gingerly removed his clothing looking down at the ugly bruises on his body the one he worried about most was his shoulder and his knee. He gingerly stepped into the shower the heat soothing on his injuries minutes later he dressed himself careful to hide the lower bruises on his arms substituting with a long sleeved shirt than a t-shirt.

He entered the recess area even though he felt sick he started preparing everything for the breakfast meal and by then it was only five-thirty in the morning. Frowning he caught his reflection in the mirror as he stepped of the room; a angry blue bruise peaked up out of the shirt along his neck. He'd have to do something about that he slumped against the wall as the room began to spin, he'd have to do something about that too. Squeezing his eyes shut he counted to ten but was startled slightly as Teal'c came into the area.

"Perfect coffee's brewing."

Jonas straightened wishing the feeling of nausea to go away. Sam entered smiling at her friends. "Good morning."

Teal'c smiled. "Good morning to you too."

Sam frowned as Jonas hadn't responded to her greeting; usually she was met with a jubilant smile from the young man but only received a half hearted wave.

"Probie are you alright?" she asked worriedly.

Jonas summoned all his strength to turn and smile but immediately regretted it as the room lurched causing him to fall back against the wall. Both fire fighters were at his side.


"I'm fine just a little dizzy." he feebly answered as both Sam and Teal'c lead him to a chair. Just then Jack came in raising an eye brow at the scene.

"What's going on kids?" he asked as he joined them as Sam filled a glass of water from the sink

"Just a dizzy spell." Jonas answered as he took a glass from Sam.

"Hate those, stand up to quickly?" Jack prodded but also became concerned when Sam shook her head.

Jonas set down his drink of water dismissing himself away from his piers standing up. "I'm fine honestly."

The trio watched as he rose from the table took an uneasy step forward smiled than headed for bay. Teal'c followed him.

"Hey Jonas are alright?"

Jonas busily set the table up. "Yeah just worn out the last couple of weeks have been brutal."

"I hear ya… Teal'c came over beside him as the rookie placed the cutlery …. "If there is anything you want to talk about I'm here for you."

Jonas gave a slight grin. "Thanks but I'm good."

Teal'c smiled clapping the young man on his injured shoulder. "Great to hear. I'll bring the coffee in and I'll tell those other probies to get their butts in gear or will have words."

Jonas nodded as Teal'c left. He let out a shaky breath hoping that he could get through the day without any more incidents.


Noon was hit when the sirens went off and like clock work everyone was on the road reporting to a four alarm blaze. An abandoned hotel was on its way to rubble when they arrived the rookies had there work cut out for them as they fought the fire long and hard. Jonas had followed Sam into the building helping her aid a trapped homeless man down the hallway.

"That's it Jonas we got to get out of here. Lets move." she ordered as she noted the instability above them.

Jonas nodded, as he traveled down the hallway he felt sluggish. His vision blurred his blood rushing in his ears before he realized what was happening, he felt his legs buckle, he couldn't breathe he was out cold before he even hit the ground.

Sam handed the man to the awaiting paramedics. She turned expecting to see Jonas behind her, heart racing she ran back into the building. Her blue eyes locked on the prone form collapsed in the hallway.

"Jonas!" she called.

Before she could even reach him the ceiling above them collapsed between them. Running back outside she removed her mask. Spotting Teal'c hooking up another hose to a fire hydrant.

"T! I need help. She looked at the two fire fighters close to her… "You guys come with me now!"

Teal'c immediately handed his task over to his fire buddy hurrying into the building where Sam had disappeared by the time he got in there the fire had escalated. His heart racing as he caught sight of the barrier and fire growing on the other side, he jumped in helping to remove the debris. It was just too much; he pushed Sam aside picking up his axe he chopped away through the debris enough room to get him through.

He looked down to see Jonas lying on the ground. Quickly putting away his axe he picked up Jonas and hauled him over to the opening passing him over to Sam where she continued to drag him to safety. Teal'c brushed past Sam taking Jonas by the legs they proceeded to carry him out descending the small stair case.

Paramedics rushed over pushing Sam and Teal'c out of the way. Jack rushed over to them.

"What happened?!" he asked panic in his voice.

Sam didn't have an answer still trying to figure it out herself. The trio watched as the paramedic removed hat, flame resistant suit and mask from his head, along with the tank easing him back into a lying position.

The man looked up at Sam. "Did he get hit by the debris?"

"No…at least I don't think so." Sam answered as the woman tried to coax him out of his consciousness but received no response she placed to fingers along his neck alarm on her face.

"He's not breathing!" she announced as she pulled out the portable defibrillator from her red pack while her partner quickly unzipped the top part of his fire suit.

The senior officers stood frozen in their spots as they watched as the male paramedic used his scissors to cut the rest of the clothing freezing at the bruises that splotched his chest. He looked up at Sam as he started bagging the rookie.

"Are you sure he didn't get hit." He asked as the woman placed the pads on Jonas's chest.

"He was lying face down it doesn't make sense!"

"Charging to one fifty. Clear!"

A jolt traveled through Jonas's body causing him to rise. The male pressed to fingers against the young man's throat still nothing.

"Charging to two hundred. Clear!" she said pressing the button on the console.

Jack heart was pounding so hard he was sure others could hear it. 'C'mon Jonas Breathe'

The paramedic's worked on him and just when it seemed all was lost. Jonas sucked in a breath coughing weakly he moaned. The male cupped the side of his face as Jonas winced his eyes opening a crack.

"Just relax. You'll be alright." the female soothingly said rubbing his arm gently.

Jonas winced again. Frowning, the woman raised his sleeve sharing a concerned look with her partner.

"Ok, lets get him to the hospital. Move!" the male paramedic ordered

"I'm coming with you.' Jack said.

Sam and Teal'c watched as they lifted Jonas onto the stretcher and the doors to the ambulance close. Sirens sounded as the ambulance sped down the road.


The ambulance arrived at the hospital in mere minutes but it seemed like hours to Jack as his eyes never left Jonas. Twice more he had to be brought back to life, something didn't make add up and not knowing scared him the most. The paramedic's explained their patient as to the ER doctor as they rushed into Emergency leaving Jack to stay in the triage area.

Two hours later Sam and Teal'c had arrived joining Jack. Passing the floor Jack looked at Sam.

"Tell me exactly what happened step by step."

"We entered the building checked every room. He kept up to me but I have to admit he wasn't as on it like he was before. Usually he'd take the front opening doors rushing head first with things, but this time he hung back. I just thought he was taking it easy, ugh, I should have paid closer attention." she said running a hand through her hair.

"This morning he wasn't right. We should have let him sit out this one." Teal'c added.

"That doesn't explain the bruises. Did he hurt himself during training?" Jack asked gearing the question at Teal'c

"No he was the exact opposite yesterday. He was flying through the course no problem." Teal'c replied also concerned about the state Jonas was in.

"…Something must have happened to him last night or before this morning. You did say he was homeless right?" Sam said rising from her chair.

"What like someone attacked him? Who would do that?" Teal'c asked

Just then the sliding door opened all surprised to see Janet walk in. her usually smiling face was sombre. The trio shared worried looks having a bad feeling about what was going to happen next.

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