Itachi looked down at his brother before reaching out and petting his soft black locks. "Turn your head away from me slave. I have a surprise for you."

"Yes master. Anything to make you happy master." Sasuke said in a confident voice as he turned his head to face the opposite wall so he was looking at Sakura or Itachi.

Sakura knew that Sasuke was just putting on an act, a good act at that because he almost masked his unwillingness.

But she could tell right away that Sasuke was nervous, when Sasuke got nervous, she had spent enough time with him to notice that his fingers will twitch on his left hand, and sure enough they were twitching every now and then.

Itachi looked down at the items he had, he was determining whether to use the dildo or the anal beads.

Dildos in his opinions were really plain they didn't have anything fun unless they were really big this one was big but he decided to go with the anal beads because they had more character to them. Plus the fact that every bead on the string was a different size, and what was even more fun is that this particular string of beads had six beads on it.

"First things first though." Itachi said picking up the beads and the studded collar which he put around his sibling's neck.

"There...now you look even sexier. Such a pretty little whore aren't you?" Itachi said in accomplishment sly as he rung the bell with a tap of his finger tips touching it.

He hid the beads again and rolled his precious baby brother over onto his sore back, he leaned down and kissed the younger male's sexy lips.

Sasuke felt disgusting and dirty but he did what he felt like he should have done in this sort of situation because he knew what would happen if he didn't, so he lifted his head up and started to kiss his brother in return.

Itachi let out a small moan as he explored his slave's warm cavity until finely he pulled away and rubbed his nose against Sasuke's and speaking in a very soft and kind tone as if he were talking to a lover or in this case 'forced lover'.

"Alright whore, spread those beautiful long legs as wide as you can. Can you do that for your master? Spread those pretty legs of yours." Itachi breathed in Sasuke's ear. "Yes master. Slave wants you to be happy. Your whore lives to make you always happy master." came the young raven's reply as he spread his legs apart until they actually started to burn.

"Yes. And my little slave does a good job. Whose my naughty little bitch?" the sick bastard asked the boy while he roughly took the ankle braces off making his brother hiss in pain, then he bent down and picked up one of the lengths of nylon and he tied his ankles to the bed posts, even though it stretched his legs a little farther than he had been able to do without pain.

Sasuke's eyes started to water but he held the tears back as he spoke the words that Itachi wanted to hear, but made Sasuke upset even to think that he was agreeing with the man, and somewhat since he had done this before actually made him feel like a stupid worthless little toy to be used as sex slave.

"I am master. I am your whore that master can do whatever he wishes to do to. I love just to serve master and make my master happy, because I love my master and he treats his slave with his gratefulness." Sasuke replied nervously, hoping he was saying whatever the man wanted to hear though he almost started to bawl in fear and cowardice at how pitiful he sounded right now, but he still managed.

Sakura couldn't believe what she heard, she couldn't believe Sasuke was actually able to say that about his brother who had caused him so much pain.

It must of shot a hole through his heart and pride just to be able to say that aloud in front of her. And the worst and sad thing was to her, was that he didn't even know he was being filmed.

"That's right. Now my pretty whore, raise your arms so they touch the headboard." Itachi ordered.

"Yes master." the younger boy replied and did what he was told, while thoughts started running through his head.

'I...I have to do better, I have to act perfect...just the way he expects...I have to do this for her, I have to listen to him and do whatever he says...its the only way me and Sakura are going to get out of here alive...someone will find us...I hope...please someone find us...please...someone look for us here...god please help me...help us...I-I'm going to break...I can't do this much more...'

Itachi tied Sasuke's hands with the other length of nylon and smiled down at him with a lustful look in his eyes.

"Now. My naughty little bitch...you have to be very quiet. Other people are sleeping in the base. So you have to be quiet with your moans. Understand?" Itachi said stroking his brother's hair in a calming manner.

"Yes master. Slaves understands." the naked Genin replied looking up at his tormentor's face.

"But to make this more fun and to make my slut happy. I'm going to use a blindfold. Because I know how much my spoiled little whore likes surprises. Does my slave want to be prepared first?" Itachi spoke as he took his pony tail out letting his long hair down to fall upon his shirtless shoulders.

Sasuke really wanted to say 'yes' but that would make him sound like he was faking this which both he and Itachi knew he was but he didn't want to put either of them at risk so he spoke in a confident voice.

"Slave is your whore master. He will take master either way. It doesn't really matter to your slave." Sasuke spoke feeling uneasiness start to rise as he wished he had gotten prepared for whatever the hell Itachi was going to shove up his ass.

"Hn. You really are a slut." Itachi chuckled as he put the blindfold around Sasuke's head and made it stay firmly over his eyes with a tight knot in the back.

Itachi decided he wouldn't prepare him he'd check to make sure that was okay first though he spread his little brother's cheeks, he really didn't feel like killing his sibling from anal mutilation so he tested it with his thumb as he pressed it against Sasuke's puckered hole.

Almost as soon as he touched it Sasuke's body tensed up and he started to tremble a little as he struggled to calm down and put up with this intrusive touching.

Sakura watched from her spot on the other bed with a bit of worry.

Sasuke was putting on a good act she assumed but then again he had never seen two gay guys have sex or do sexual activities, or in this case one gay guy and another strait one, but he seemed to be scaling up and down as he was loosing this battle mentally.

"Is my little bitch ready?" Itachi whispered teasingly into his brother's ear.

"Yes master slave is ready." Sasuke replied getting ready for what he was assuming going to be Itachi's dick, but instead he was surprised to feel something curved touching at his entrance.

He gave a small shutter as the object started to get pushed into his ass, and get wider until it slipped inside him all the way, it felt round almost like a circle it wasn't very big either, but then he felt the next one and he gave an uncomfortable grunt as it was pushed into him all the way so it rested inside him with the other one.

The third one was even bigger and he could feel his insides start to stretch from whatever was inside him pushing against his innards starting to stretch him open, and it sort of stung but not as bad as him being ripped open when Itachi first shoved his dick inside his ass now that was torture.

Sakura watched this completely disgusted by what Itachi was doing to his own brother, she was worried for Sasuke she hoped he'd be alright, but he said they'd both be okay.

Was he trying to reassure her? Or just trying to deny the fact that they probably wouldn't be getting out of the Akatsuki base. Either way all she could do was watch.

It wasn't until he felt the sixth one circle attempting to be pushed inside him that he finely started whimper and squirm with discomfort, it seemed like each of this round spheres got bigger and wider.

Not only were these spheres now starting to hurt his hole it was starting to cause excruciating pain inside his body as he was stretched to make room for these unwanted objects.

Itachi seemed to be having trouble getting his hole to wrap around part of this particularly large sphere but he was determined to fit it inside his siblings body so he started to use his fingers a little while pushing it against his brother's tightly clenched hole to help widen it around the sphere until finely he got part of it in and started to push with a little bit more force.

It was difficult because Sasuke's rectum was trying to expel the other beads attached to the string out through the tight ring of muscles so he had to push harder than he originaly had in order to push the other beads back inside his brother's body.

Finely the teen started to try and wriggle away as his brother kept pushing it in further and further, until the round object was not even half way in, he felt that his entrance was starting to stretch and tear and he tried to move but Itachi held his hips in place with the hand that was not pushing the object inside his ass, and the ropes around his ankles did the rest of the work.

"Ah! Master! T-That one hurts! Master!" Sasuke cried.

"Shh...quiet down my little bitch. We don't want to wake everybody. Just relax...You like this don't you slut? It feels good to you doesn't it? You like your little hole being torn open don't you?" Itachi said kissing his slave' neck while he continued to push the largest bead inside his brother's ass.

"Y-Yes master! Very much master. Your slave is very grateful!" Sasuke cried with fake excitement, but really it was more pain than excitement the object was halfway in and it felt like it had stretched his hole by now at least an inch or maybe a little more.

Itachi pushed it in all the way and Sasuke could feel it enter him along with the other circular objects.

His stomach and lower half felt like it was on fire from being stretched so much from the spheres, which he now had figured out were really large anal beads, pushing all his organs and other tissues of the inside of his body out of the way so they could all fit inside him.

Itachi slid one of his slender fingers inside his brother's opening and pushed the beads down a little so they would stay inside, that caused Sasuke to arch his back and moan as one of the beads started pushing up against that certain bundle of nerves inside his body sending waves of pleasure running through him.

"Mmm my beautiful whore, you love how I treat you don't you?" Itachi said as he listened to Sasuke's sweet voice moan in pleassure.

"Y-Yes master. I-I like it very much." Sasuke moaned again.

"Good. Now we're going to play the second half of the game now my whore."

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