My heart will not give you up. Don't you get that? I won't let you go. I breath so I can watch you, eat so I can hear your voice, drink so I can touch you. So just get that through your thick skull. Scream if you must, Rae. Yell and call me an idiot. But do not think I won't chase you. That if you, out of anger, walk out the door I won't run after you. Even if you act like a fool, do not think I don't want you. Don't think I will ever let you go.


She saw the shovel as it dug into the earth and removed it. The hole grew, removing more dirt and dust and then finally mud. Small pools of water formed on the bottom, but the diggers continued. Raven felt her heart beat faster and faster and panic was building up in her body. She tried to pull away from the arms holding her. The only comfort was that she would drown before they could bury her alive. Raven woke up with a silent scream on her lips. The nightmare was getting worse. She understood the action, but not the location.


He looked down at the goddess sleeping next to him. Garfield had no idea how it happened, really. In a sense it had been building up for a while, and it was like things changed overnight. He didn't get how someone like her would want him, and he suddenly felt a very common wish. He wanted to be clever for her. His animal side, his human side wanted to prove to Raven that she had been wise to choose him. She stirred. This was it. Now was his chance to say something smart. Something that would really impress her.



He knew people talked about her. That they pointed and whispered, ignorant that the empath could feel their emotions. He knew that was why she preferred standing in the corner, quietly sipping her drink. Not talking to anyone. His lips were tingeling from hours earlier. His entier body burning from her kiss, her voice, her touch. Her low whisper. Confessing something that must have cost her the world. She liked him. He grabbed her protesting hand and pulled her out. Not caring about the whispers. He stuck out his chest before holding her tight and slowly moving with the music.


"Oh grow up and just take it, Gar."

"But it smells weird."

Raven rolled her eyes and kept holding the spoon in front of the closed mouth.

"It will help. Take it."

Her irritation becoming more apparent. But the green man just moved his head and kept his mouth firmly locked.


Raven placed the spoon on the table and got to her feet.

"Be sick. See if I care."

She turned to leave.


She turned and raised an eyebrow.


Her voice cold.

"Please stay."

He coughed and despite still being upset Raven melted a little.

"You help."


All he needed was to look into her eyes and he could be anywhere. He could be on the moon, in the depths of the ocean, climbing the tallest mountains, running across the planes. As a titan he had seen the world, and the world was in her eyes. He could be anywhere, everywhere. By holding her hand he could fly and he didn't even have to morph to do it. By touching her skin he could go wherever he wanted. She was all that was needed.

All she needed was to look into his eyes and she was home.


"I want to be a robot."


"I mean just look at all the cool things Vic can do."

Raven sighs.

"There are things you can do that he can't too. Like morph. No machine can make a person actually morph."

"Not yet anyway. And I bet they don't have to be green to do it either."

"What's wrong with being green, Garfield?"

"Easy. You don't have to be green."

"I much prefer green over grey. Green is nature. Green is natural. Grey is not natural."

"I like grey. You look like a robot."

"And how is that a compliment?"


Oh how he loved it. How he longed for it. How he would lie at night thinking of new ways to see it. It was the only thing he wanted at times, when he was depressed or worried. Videogames worked wonders when he was agitated, working out when he needed to let off some steam, but for anything else it was the only remedy. How could she, as an empath, not realise what she could do to him? She looked over and for a moment she would flash him his reward. For a moment everything was right in the world.


Every time after a battle Garfield would go into his room and play music as loud as the system would let him. The sound would make everything vibrate and for a few moments he could forget what had happened. What he had done. What he had experienced. It was a form of release that he couldn't compare to anything.

"Turn down the music. Now."

Raven screamed through the door. Garfield opened the door and the sound hit her like a wall.

"Can't I have just five minutes?"

Raven threw the headphones at him.

"We need to unwind too you know."


It was a secret, the book. Raven didn't tell anyone. Not even Starfire or Robin. She would sit in the common room, behind a book as usual, and without anyone knowing she would write down the story. Her story. Their story. It wasn't an autobiography, it wasn't a story about the heros Teen Titans. It was more a story inspired by the small moments. The arguing, the laughter, the fighting and making up. Her friends. She was almost done when Beast Boy fell down on the couch next to her and read over her shoulder,

"Hey, I'm not a crybaby."