He looked at the clock, though trying desperately to hide it. So they didn't find out that he was counting the minutes she had been gone. Date. He wanted to spit out the word like foul thing. Who was this guy anyway? What kind of person would keep her, a titan, so long from the tower? What if something had happened and they needed her? He looked at the clock again. How could she be so long away from the tower? Didn't she think about what this time away was doing to him? Another 60 minutes passed. Where was she?


"Just friends?"

"Just friends."

Beast Boy rubbed the back of his head.

"And there is nothing I can do to change your mind?"

"Nope. Just friends."

"But, Rae."

"Just friends, Garfield."

He sighed when she used that name. It ment the case was closed. It wasn't that friends was so bad, he liked it. He liked being with her. But he wanted more.

"But what if I..."

"Don't push it."

He sighed.

"I should be glad you want to be friends at least."

He turned to walk away.

"I'm not saying never. It's just for now. Just friends."

"Just friend."


It was her secret. Her tiny secret that she would never tell anyone. Not because she was afraid that people would make fun of her, though it was a concern. If she told people, told him, things would change. He didn't want it, but the dynamic of the group would make him either reject her or pretend he felt the same way. That he wanted it, and she didn't want that. It was hers to give, and she would not give it knowing it would only pain him. That would defeat the purpose. It was a gift, her little secret.


It came every year at this time. He could feel his body change. His puls racing, the long looks after the purple haired girl, his body itching and shaking. His brain waking up from its slumber, planing, plotting, rejecting. It had to be perfect. That was what he thought every year, and every year he had failed. But not this time. Not now. The snow started to melt and everywhere he was reminded of the time of year. Of what was to come. Okay, it was time. Now, or never. He would not fail. He would not fail.

"Water fight."


"Rae, wait."

"I told you. I'm not interested."

Raven looked up at the sky. The rain was getting heavier and in the background thunder made the air shake. She created an umbrella, but knew they shouldn't be walking about like this. She walked over to a shack and entered. Quickly followed by Garfield.

"You don't even know what I'm going to say."

The shack shook.

"You are going to lie and say you love me. Not interested."

It shook again. Garfield pulled Raven close.

"I'm not going to lie. I love you."

The ground shook. Then thunder. Garfield kissed Raven.


All that glitters is not gold. Raven knew that saying. She knew that things could suprise you. Trick you. Make you think it was something better than what it really was. That there were a lot of substitutes for the precious metal for all the people who couldn't afford it, but wanted to pretend they did. She also knew that the man giving her the gift wasn't rich. He wasn't wealthy and therefore she should not just assume anything. At the same time she knew, without any doubt, that the gift he was offering was made from the real thing.


She looked over his shoulder and down at his cup. The black substance that stuck to the cup like it would his insides made her a little sick to her stomach. She couldn't get how he managed to drink it. Thick mudlike water that would do nothing but give a short burst of energy, which you would get just as well from sleeping. Better quality too.

"I don't tease you about the tea," the man mumbled. Like he knew her thoughts.

"What are you talking about? You tease me constantly about my tea."

He just took a sip and left.


He was a superhero. It was his job to save the people who hadn't done anything wrong. Who was caught in a mess by the work of others. Who hadn't asked for it, nor wanted it. He was a superhero, it was his job... and he failed. As he looked at her giving in to her father. She hadn't done anything wrong. She hadn't asked to be what she was, she hadn't even asked to be born. He was a superhero, it was his job to save her. To save her because she couldn't save herself. It was his job.


When he woke up with a scream on his lips she was there. Just standing with two tea cups and ready to listen if he needed it. It was one of the things the five of them shared. The ghosts. Not the same ghosts, hers were very different from his, but they all had them. More than enough of them. More than was fair, but then again life isn't fair. He took the cup as she sat down. Life wasn't fair, the ghost weren't fair, at the same time... Having ghosts and not having her, that would really be unfair.


She was laying next to him. On her stomach with her hand just inches from him. She was sleeping deeply, or so he guessed. Moonlight made her skin light up, reflecting the soft texture. The tiny hairs covering her body. He wondered how it would be to feel them under his fingers. To sense her heat, to trace a finger or hand down her back. His lips against hers. His lips against her skin. Her nails against his when he was itching. Didn't he often scratch pretending it was her doing it? Wouldn't that be the very essence of heaven?