So, um, I'm alive. I'm also extremely sorry it's been so long. I went through a rough patch there for a while, and I kind of forgot this story even existed. I hope some of you are still with me. I'll do my best to keep this going from now on. Enjoy!


Sarah's eyelids fluttered as calloused fingertips smoothed over her collarbone before dipping dangerously low. They slowly traced the top edge of her tank top back and forth in a hypnotic dance. Her breath hitched in her chest as the fingertips grew even bolder as they glided over the space between her braless chest. The wicked fingers continued their plight down further and further until they circled her exposed bellybutton, before wandering upwards again. She nearly stopped breathing all together as a hand cupped her breast, squeezing the mound with the barest hint of pressure. Even bolder now they brushed lightly over hardened nipple. Zeroing in on exactly what she wanted, the fingertips came together to squeeze it through her tank top.

"John!" Sarah breathed out as her hips flew up off of the bed.

A low chuckle that vibrated against her neck was the only response she received. John amused himself by rolling her nipple between his fingers for a second before abandoning it to move on to the other. The lips that she had been deprived of for so long were hardly idle. His tongue leisurely perused the arched length of her neck as if he was trying to memorize ever inch. Sarah squirmed against him, her hands suddenly feeling itchy and so empty. Just as her hands came to rest against his naked shoulders, she suddenly found herself flat on her back, John's large hand caging her wrists above her head. He hovered over her so close that their chests nearly pressed together, a slow smile pulling at his lips.

"Nuh uh," he practically purred.

An embarrassing wheeze rattled her chest at the sound of his voice. The sound made him laugh lightly as he lowered his head brush his lips against hers. "I missed you so much. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think of you. Was he worth losing me Sarah?"


John was across the room now fully dressed and glaring at her with pure disdain. "I've spent every single moment of the last five years loving you. I fought with everything I had so I could come back to you, and this is how you repay me? You never really loved me at all did you? Humans are so fickle. A little time apart and you forgot all about me."

Scrambling from the bed, Sarah tried to plead with him. "That's not true! I never forgot about you! I was just so lonely and..."

"Save it. You made your choice. I hope he makes you happy."

"It's not like that!"

"Goodbye Sarah."

"No! "Come back! Please, I swear Kyle never really meant anything to me! It was always about you..."

But he was already gone. Whipping around wildly, she searched the room but John was no where to be found. Vaguely she felt her knees hit the ground, digging into the coarse carpet but the feeling barely registered.

With a small start, Sarah's eyes snapped open. The ceiling glared back down at her. John was still tucked close against her, soundly asleep, yet her heart still raced in her chest. The uncontrolled bitter laugh that tore from her throat next startled her.

"I didn't do anything wrong."

That wasn't true at all. Sarah had done plenty of things wrong in the past five years. She had completely lost hope in everything. She had completely lost hope in herself. For fucks sake, she was a dental hygienist. The last picture she had taken was an impersonally shot photo of a wedding party. The life she was living wasn't hers. There was no way. It had to be just a dream within a dream. There was no way that Sarah Hart was living in some shitty apartment on the outskirts of Paradise, Ohio working as a dental hygienist and part time wedding photographer. She was meant for much bigger things.

Only it was real. She had done this to herself. For a long time she had lied and told herself that she had done it for John. She had to practical after all. What if he came back? She had promised to be waiting. But he would have never wanted this for her. The John she knew from years ago would have wanted her to have everything she had ever wanted. It was just a lame cop out. The truth of the matter was that she was terrified of the real world outside of her little bubble. She had always been all bravado and no action.

Kyle was the very least of her sins against John Smith. He was just too out of himself to realize it. Sarah was not the girl he had known. The girl he had known, but she wanted to be desperately. She would make him better, even if it took the rest of her life, and when he was he would be greeted with an even better version of herself. John deserved much better than what she was now.

She wasn't doing it for him though. It was without a doubt part of her reasoning, but it wasn't the only. It wasn't even the most important part. Sarah was going to get herself back, because she couldn't live like she was anymore. There had been so many times she had laid in bed at night and let her self hatred overwhelm her, but she had never changed. For so many years she had chastised herself unmercifully for hours at night and then carried on picking at teeth. Not anymore. Sarah was going to be the woman John deserved. He had spent years fighting against an invisible evil while the rest of the world slept in ignorant bliss at night. He deserved much better than what she had to offer him at the moment. She deserved better too with our without him.

A peaceful smile pulled at her lips as she snuggled back against the man pressed against her.

"Get up."

Sarah groaned and tried to burrow into the incredibly warm pillow her head rested on. It felt like she had only closed her eyes five minutes ago. There was no way it was already time to get up for the day. Not to mention she was so comfortable...

"Not that this isn't adorable and all, but your freaky alien friends are here and they brought another one."

"Too early."

"It's eleven-thirty."

"I'll be out in a minute." The words came out a jumbled mess as she cuddled deeper into the covers.

"Don't make me resort to drastic measures Sarah. You won't like me very much."

"I already don't like you."

"Okay. You had your chance."

The bedroom door closed with a soft click as Cassie left, and Sarah sighed with contentment. It usually wasn't in her nature to sleep late, but she was still so tired. She had spent half the night trying to calm down John. Every time she had moved away it had caused another panic attack. Eventually she had thrown caution to the wind and cuddled up against him. She had barely fallen asleep before he was screaming from night terrors again. Not to mention her nightmare, nor the moment of terrible and fantastic self realization that had gripped her hours. Finally as the first rays of morning light had filtered through her bedroom window he fell into a more peaceful sleep. So had she.

Reluctantly Sarah cracked an eye open to take in her surroundings. It was no wonder she was so comfortable. They were completely tangled together. The upper half of her body lay almost completely over John's, with his arm around her waist and a leg thrown over hers anchoring her to him.

It was too easy to cuddle up against John's warm body again and forget about the world for a little longer.

Cold. That was the only thing that registered at first. Then wet. Eyes snapping open, Sarah stared at Cassie in shock. The other girl smirked back, rattling the cup in her hand. "There's more ice in here."

"Okay!" Sarah snapped at her, carefully pulling away from John. He needed to sleep. "I let you sleep when you come home drunk off your ass at four in the morning."

"And you could be sleeping too right now for all I cared if there wasn't another strange alien in our living room. This is your mess, you deal with it."

Shooting Cassie a glare as cold as the that had melted down her back, Sarah pushed past her. The sooner she dealt with whatever the issue was, the sooner she could get back to sleep. Besides, dealing with aliens sounded a lot of better than dealing with some of the other things she would have to face soon.

Like Kyle.

Self consciousness hit her hard as she turned the corner into the living room. Six was all dressed up in clinging leather as usual, but that was hardly the problem. It was the woman standing next to her with a bitter scowl on her face. Despite the sour look, she was still the most beautiful woman Sarah had ever seen. The woman was tall and lean like the rest of them, except she had an willowy, delicate quality to her. She had milky porcelain skin and long, dark hair hung down clear to her waist. It was her eyes though that really caught Sarah's attention. Wide, and lazer blue, they were hard to look away from.

"Um, hi."

The woman glared back icily, looking her up and down. "So, you're Sarah."

By this disdain in the woman's voice, she was clearly not impressed by what she saw. Nervously, Sarah tried in vain to smooth her sleep tangled hair. She must have looked particularly pathetic in her attempt, but no one commented. Sam, bless him, shot her a smile and motioned for her to sit next to him on the couch.

"Five, play nice," Six scolded lightly. "Good morning princess. I take it your sweet prince is asleep."

"Oh. Yeah, he is." She was on a roll. "Um, so..." Sarah tried again as she seated herself carefully. "I take it you guys are here to check on John?"

"How was he last night?" Sam inquired.

"He freaked out in the middle of the night, a couple of times actually, but as long as I was there he calmed back down. He finally fell asleep peacefully around six."

"Of course," the woman whom she presumed to be Number Five spit out. "I'm sure he's floating on a cloud now that he has his precious Sarah."

Sarah was a little taken back at the venom. Her mouth opened to say something in return, anything, but nothing came to mind. Number Five didn't miss a beat. "Close your mouth darling, it's highly unattractive and you don't need any help with that."

"Excuse me?"

Five completely ignored her, instead turning to Six and Sam with disbelief and anger written all over her face. "This is it? This pathetic little human girl is the reason John and I can't be together? You have got to be kidding me."

Five's words hit their mark. John had been with someone else, a beautiful, powerful alien who could understand him completely, and she was holding him back. Because of some high school puppy love he had been unfortunate enough to discover, he would never be able to truly be with the woman he deserved. If Sarah hadn't been sitting, she probably would have crumbled on the spot.

"Hey!" Cassie snarled, opening her mouth to spit out a string of insults.

Sarah held up a hand to stop her. Instead she forced herself to her feet and looked and met Five head on. "This is my home and I'm not going to let you talk to me like that As long as John needs me, I'm not going anywhere. You on the other hand, unless you learn how to bite your tongue, need to get the hell out. Do you understand me?"

Five's eyes narrowed as she took a threatening step forward. "I think it's you who doesn't understand me Sarah. I could crush you without breaking a sweat."

"But you can't. Not when John needs me."

"I'm what John needs!"

"Then why is he here?"

"Because you tricked him all those years ago into thinking he was in love with you. How could he possibly love you? Look at you! You're completely insignificant. Once he's back, you're in for one hell of a surprise."

"Maybe," Sarah nodded solemnly, looking down towards her feet. "But it doesn't matter. John needs my help and he's going to get it, whether you like it or not."

"Poor pathetic Sarah. You'll see."

"Enough!" Six barked as Sarah's hands began to tremble. "It doesn't matter if you like it or not Five. You owe this to John. Now if you can't play nice..."

Sam snorted, "This coming from you..."

Six stopped to glare at Sam. "Choose your words carefully, human."

Sam glared back, rising to his feet. The heat was palpable. "Don't try to pull that shit Six. I fought as hard as the rest of you. I'm still here, and I'm sure as hell not scared of you."

"Ohhh," Six purred, "But you should be, Sammy. If you knew what was good for you, you would be terrified."

A wail from the bedroom cut their argument short. Sarah turned sharply on her heel.

Five was close behind.